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Evans and Potter by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 8 : Evans and Potter on their First Date
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*fangirls over another squee-worthy chapter image by easterlies @tda*


‘Get up!’ someone shrieked in my ear.

‘Back off!’ I cried, waving my arms around until they connected with something solid. ‘Oops. Sorry. Whoever you are.’

‘Open your eyes.’


‘Do it.’

‘But I’m tired, Mummy,’


‘Yes, Mummy?’

‘Open your eyes.’


‘Open them now.’


‘Tell me, Lily. How aware are you of the whole male/female thing?’

‘Quite aware, I’m sure.’

‘I’m not so sure. Open your eyes.’

I obeyed. ‘Oh. You’re not my mummy?’

‘Get up, lazy.’

‘Wow, I never thought I’d hear James Potter saying that to me.’

‘Ha ha. Breakfast finishes soon and then the carriages leave in an hour.’

‘Yeah, yeah, I’m getting up. Leave me now, Mummy.’

‘What have we discussed?’ James said.


‘Get out of bed before I get in.’

‘Ew, no. We’ve only been going out for a week.’

‘Yes. Now get out.’

‘Whatever.’ I pushed the duvet off and crawled out of bed. ‘Get out of my room now, please.’ I grabbed my toothbrush off my bedside table and staggered into the bathroom as James left.

I brushed my teeth and took off my clothes. Quickly, I looked around.

Phew. No James.

I hurried into the shower and switched on the hot water.

‘OOWWWIIEEE!’ I screamed.

‘Lily? Are you alright?’ said James, hurrying into the bathroom. Thankfully, the shower cubicle had a door, so I slammed it shut and locked it.

‘Hot. Water. Burns.’ I gasped. ‘Get out of the bathroom, you perv.’

‘’Kay. Bye.’


I was so tired that I hardly noticed what I was doing as I lathered orange and lavender body wash on my hair. I rubbed my shampoo and conditioner over my body.


I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself. I picked up my pyjamas and my toothbrush and bustled back into my room.

I put on my underwear and pulled on a pair of jeans. I rummaged around for a T-shirt and found a purple one with the Hairy Elf on it. Quickly, I applied a hasty layer of mascara, a little bit of lipgloss and a bit of eye shadow. I zipped up my jacket, put on my sneakers and went down to the Common Room where James was waiting. He’d put a piece of toast and a cup of coffee on the table, which I ate as he ran his wand down my hair, drying it.

We walked down the Entrance Hall where I met Lisa and Ella. I looked over and saw Mary drifting out of the front doors hand-in-hand with Remus.

‘Shall we?’ Lisa said. We pushed our way through the crowd and climbed into one of the empty carriages. I tied up my hair as the carriages trundled out of the school.

‘I need to go to Zonko’s,’ Ella said when we arrived in Hogsmede. ‘Come on, Lisa,’

‘But I don’t –’

‘Shut up,’ Ella hissed as she dragged Lisa away.

‘Don’t look now,’ I muttered to James. As I expected, he looked over to our left. Courtney and Sirius were walking together. They were holding each others’ hands so tight I was worried they’d fall off. No, of course I didn’t care.

‘They’re going into Madam Puddifoot’s,’ I remarked. ‘That place makes me sick, especially on Valentine’s day.’

‘You’ve been in there?’

‘No, but Lisa has. She said she’d never go there again. So let’s not go there.’

‘Come on.’

‘What part of “let’s not go there” do you not understand?!’ I cried as James dragged me towards the coffee shop. We sat down at a table near Courtney and Sirius.

‘What can I get you, dearies?’ asked Madam Puddifoot.

‘Two coffees, please,’ James said.

Sirius and Courtney were too busy snogging over their table to notice us. In fact, most of the couples in the shop seemed to be doing just that.

‘Hey look, it’s Mary and Remus. Aw, don’t they look sweet together,’ I mused.

‘Yeah, whatever.’

‘Shall we?’ I said. ‘Just so we don’t raise suspicion,’ I added, leaning in close as our lips met. It was a bit awkward kissing over a table. The edge dug into my stomach as I leant towards him. It wasn’t nearly as romantic as it looked. He stroked my face and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

‘Ahem,’ Madam Puddifoot cleared her throat. We broke apart. She was holding two pink cups of coffee on little fuchsia saucers. She set them down on the table and I noticed there was a swirly heart in the coffee.

‘Beware,’ I muttered, ‘it is rumoured that the coffee here is laced with Love Potion.’

‘So people fall in love with Madam Puddifoot? That’s sick, what kind of woman is she?’ James demanded, looking warily at his coffee.

‘No, silly. Apparently it’s so you fall in love with the first person you look at after you swallow it.’ I said, rolling my eyes.

‘That’s stupid,’ James said. ‘As if the couples here aren’t in love already. And what if you’re not looking at whoever you’re with? Eew.’ James shuddered. ‘What if I look at Courtney?’

‘So don’t,’ I said. ‘Why would you look at her anyway?’

‘Because she’s fit, duh!’


‘Joking!’ James said.

‘Remind me again why we’re spying on them in the first place?’

‘Because it’s fun. Gee, Lily, don’t you ever have fun?’ James said, smiling.

‘Hmm, maybe once every few years.’ I joked. ‘Now drink. They might leave soon.’

James and I gulped down our coffee, being careful to look at nothing but each other, in case the Love Potion rumours were true. I didn’t feel a single difference – I didn’t know if it was because I already loved James or because there was no Love Potion in it. Either of those seemed reasonable. Sirius and Courtney sat there for a while, kissing and staring at each other lovingly. They didn’t see us.

Deciding to do the same so we didn’t look weird, James and I kept one eye on Courtney and Sirius. After about ten minutes, they got up. So did we. James threw a couple of Galleons on the table as we shuffled through the cramped shop towards the door.

The fresh air smelt lovely after the stifling, heavily-perfumed shop. Courtney and Sirius made their way into Honeydukes next.

‘Now this is a place I can relate to.’ James grinned as we stepped into the shop. It was even more crowded than Madam Puddifoot’s, but the air smelt sweet and sugary and the whole place had a happy feeling about it.

I picked up a pot of blood lollipops.

‘Vampires, I’m guessing?’

‘Yeah, I came in here last year and there was a whole group of them. Everyone was terrified, but they bought the whole stand of blood lollipops, so the owners were pretty happy.’ James told me, examining a deluxe-sized box of Chocolate Frogs.

‘Have you ever tried Cockroach Clusters?’ I asked, my eyes straying to the pot.

‘Nah. I always stayed clear of there. Have you?’

I grinned. ‘Once, in fifth year. I came in here with Ella and she dared me to buy it. We had a sort of competition before bed – who could eat the most Clusters without throwing up.’

‘Who won?’

‘I did,’ I said. ‘Ugh, I was ill for a week.’

‘I remember that. Miss Evans didn’t turn up to classes. The professors were most displeased.’

I shuddered. ‘Worst week of my life. I bet I missed out on loads, and it was just before the OWLs as well.’

‘I bet you still got eleven “Outstandings”.’ James remarked, picking up a box of Levitating Gumballs. ‘I think I’ll buy this.’

‘I didn’t get eleven “Outstandings”. I only got eight, for your information.’

‘I only got that many OWLs. Well … I bet you passed everything.’

I blushed. I did pass everything, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. He’d only tease me.

‘Look, there they are,’ I said, pointing. They were among the heart-and-love-themed sweets with a few other couples. Sirius had bought pink candyfloss on a stick in the shape of a heart and they were both eating it. As I passed them, I loudly said,

‘You know, if you want to try that, spaghetti works better.’

Courtney whipped round, but I had my back to her. I could feel her steely glare on the back of my neck, but I didn’t say anything.

‘Yuck, something smells,’ she announced to the shop, looking pointedly at me. ‘Come on, Sirius, let’s go.’ Together, they stalked out of Honeydukes.

Kelly Howards, a Hufflepuff I was good friends with, sidled up to us and said,

‘Lily doesn’t smell. What the hell was the talking about?’

‘Ah, don’t worry, Kelly, Courtney’s just being a prat. She’ll get over it.’


I found out a shocking discovery the next day. I was by myself, on my way back to the Head’s Common Room from the library when I passed a classroom with the door ajar. I peeked inside. Courtney was in there having a make-out session with Sirius.

When they came up for air, she took a compact mirror out of her shirt pocket (most likely she’d hidden it in her bra) and checked her reflection. She ran her fingers through her hair, picked a tiny clump of mascara off her eyelashes and put the mirror away.

‘You know what,’ she said as she wrapped her arms around Sirius’s neck, ‘you’re a much better kisser than James.’

I don’t know if it’s just me being biased, but I did not agree.

‘Thanks,’ Sirius grinned, leaning in again.

‘But,’ Courtney continued, ‘I think, and I know you agree, that you still fancy Lily and I still fancy James.’

‘What are you going to do about it?’ Sirius asked. ‘They’re together and they love each other and all that crap.’

‘I don’t know just yet …’

‘You could charm them? Or make a Love Potion. They’re really easy to brew.’

‘Yeah … we made them … I wonder if Slughorn’s destroyed it all yet?’ Courtney mused.

‘He hasn’t,’ Sirius said. ‘I went down to his office to ask him something, and I heard him saying something about Amortentia. But you couldn’t use that – he’s probably locked it away somewhere.’

‘Then we’ll have to steal it.’


‘Oh, OK. We’ll use Amortentia as a last resort. I have an idea first.’

‘Tell me. Then I could get Lily back.’

‘Kill two Bowtruckles with one shot. That sounds good.’ Courtney leaned down to kiss him, then whispered her plan in his ear.

Judging from the expression on Sirius’s face, it must have been a really good plan. ‘That’s a really good plan, Court!’

What did I tell you?

Courtney smiled seductively. ‘Oh, I know it is. By Merlin, if it’s the last thing I do, I will have you back, James Potter!’

A/N Hey guys *sexy wave* Sorry for the wait, school has been HECTIC and, man, those art teachers are brutal (Shh, don't tell Miss Heritage or she might throw her fake nails at you!!) I hope you like the chapter and, as always, reviews are welcome. Any critisizm you might have, please feel free to add because I want to improve my writing and you know I only aim to please you guys (by the way, I like compliments too ;])xx

Lots of love, 

-LilyLuna xx

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