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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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Gorgeous chapter image by charlottetrips @ TDA.


It was lunch time when I heard the tapping at the window as I fed Bentley and Aubri. In the end it annoyed me so much and as it was distracting Bentley from eating, I went over and opened the kitchen window. In hopped a light grey owl which I recognised the straight away. It was Pippy, as she belongs to my best friend Dominique Weasley.

"Hey there, Pippy," I muttered as I undid the letter tied around her leg as the twins shouted at me as I had stopped feeding them. "You're a good owl," I left the letter on the side and I gave her some water as well as a few owl treats. I watched as she flew out the window and picked up the letter as I walked back to the twins.

After finishing feeding them and cleaning them up, my thoughts distracted by the letter, I unstrapped each of them before picking them up our of their highchairs and made my way to the living room. I propped Aubri up in the corner of the sofa surrounded by pillows, after grabbing a couple of toys from the toy box I sat down next to her, placing Bentley on her other side. I gave them the toys and pulled the letter out of my pocket.

I looked at it, the front was addressed to 'Flick 'my bestie' Saunders', I smiled and felt a pang of guilt. Dom, I haven't seen her in just over a year, I've really missed her and her ways. I really miss having a best friend, someone to talk too other than my family. Dom's one of the four people who knows the truth about my mum, the other three people are Albus, Rose and Scorpius. Rory and Bridget think that my parents are divorced and I've never told them any different. I don't see why they should know, I mean me and Rory grew apart years ago and I don't exactly see eye to eye with Bridget.

Bentley grabbed the letter from my hand and tried putting it in his mouth, I managed to get it back just in time and took a deep breath before opening it. It's the only letter I've actually opened apart from the odd few that first came when I left. I closed my eyes and then opened them again before reading:


Al said he saw you in Diagon Alley on Friday, I saw him yesterday at Nana's and he told me, Rose and Scorpius. It's SOOOOO great that you're coming back, maybe we'll finally get an explanation 'bout why you left. I really doubt Minnie would have said that she was going to kick you out just for having bad grades. I have bad-ish grades and I'm still here.

Anywho I really hope you do read this and REPLY!! Because the past year I've not had one reply. Where's my bestie gone, I still need my Flick. Who else would I gossip to and I've got surprising news. (actually it might not be so much of surprise but y'know). I best be seeing you tomorrow girl or THERE WILL be TROUBLE!!  You and your skinny little arse best get yourself on that train, I have to see you.

Love you lots,

Love your bestest friend ever, Dom xxxxx

I laughed, trust Dom and nowadays I really don't think I have a skinny arse any more. Because of the lovely weather and the fact Dom's letter had put me in a good mood, I decided to go to the park. I also took Oscar with me as he wanted to feed the ducks, in other words he wanted go to the playground.

When I got back I put Bentley and Aubri down for a nap before opening my wardrobe and pulling out the cardboard box. All the letter were in order from where I had piled them on top of each other, so I pulled the first lot out and started opening them, reading each one carefully. Maybe I need to stop trying to isolate myself and actually let them back into my life.


Three hours, that's how long it took me to go through and read each letter which varies in length. I do feel bad that I never replied because there were things like Al asking if it was something he done, Rose asking for girly advice. Scorpius asking advice on girls (mainly Rose) and Dom rambling on about guys, lessons, teachers, and that she really needed her best friend back at Hogwarts.

I have to go back and I have to give them the truth, especially Al. He deserves to know and if I don't tell him then he'll never know. That's a promise to myself, to tell Al he's a daddy and to tell Dom, Rose, Scorp, Rory and Bridget that I'm a mum.

There was a knock on my door and Tessa walked in, "Heya."

"Hey, Tess, you okay?" I asked as she sat on the old sofa bed.

She shrugged. "Worried about school and what house I'll be in."

"Why?" I questioned as I put down a letter off Dom.

"I just don't won't to be a Slytherin," Tess complained.

"Hey, I'll have you know Slytherin isn't so bad, it's got me in it."

She laughed. "No offence, Flick, but somehow I don't think I'm cunning or sly."

"And I am?" I asked trying my best to look innocent. "And if you are, then you know where you got it from. Just don't worry about it, the hat will put you in the house where you best belong. I'm no Gryffindor, I mean I couldn't even tell Al I was pregnant. Slytherin suits me just fine."

Tessa smiled. "Thanks, Flick. I guess I shouldn't worry so much."

"Now, do you wanna help me open some letters or play with your niece and nephew."

"I'll go with the second option," she said as she got up and crossed my room to where I was sat, along with Bentley and Aubri who were in the nest of pillows, that I had made for them to sit and play in.

"Guess I'm in for another long hour," I muttered as I picked up another letter from the pile that was slowly getting smaller and smaller.

Edited - 16.11.2016

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Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Five


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