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I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good by SlytherinSweetie
Chapter 14 : A Tough Year
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 Two months later in September Lily got a phone call from her mother. 

"Hey flower." 

"Hey Mum, what's going on?" Lily asked not use to getting phone calls from her mother. 

"Petunias wedding is tomorrow." Mrs. Evans announced. 

"Oh..." Lily said caught off guard, " I didn't get an invite." 

"I know and I'm so sorry Lily. I tried I really did." Mrs. Evans said. 

"I'll owl you a wedding gift from James and I tonight, you'll give it to her?" Lily asked. 

"Of course I will. You're such a good girl Lily." Mrs. Evans said. 

"Love you Mum." Lily said as she hung up the phone. 

That was the last time Lily ever talked to her parents. They died in a bridge collapse caused by escaped giants, they were on their way home from Petunias country wedding. Petunia tried to keep Lily and James from the funeral but after a fierce show of accidental emotional magic Petunia backed down. Lily did have to hand it to her sister though, it was a very tasteful double funeral with a beautiful ceremony. 

"It was beautiful Petunia." Lily said to her crying sister as her and James left the cemetery. 

"Thank you." Petunia said with a sniff. 

" I love you Petunia." Lily said before Petunia walked away. 

"That wasnt as bad as it could have been." James hugged Lily when they got back to the McKinnons. 

"It was still pretty awful." Lily said. 

"I'm sorry sweetheart, why dont you go take a bubble bath." James suggested. 

Lily took the suggestion and tried to wash away the awful day. Lily didnt know what else to do with her life now, she'd always lived to make her parents proud and now she had no one. There was so much left in her life that they were suppose to be there for; her marriage, children, all of it. 

The next morning James cooked Lily breakfast in bed and tried to make her smile but to no avail. She just said thank you and told him to be careful. 

"Marlene what am I suppose to do?" James asked as he ate lunch one day with Sirius and Marlene. 

"I dont know, Sirius got me out of my funk by yelling at me." Marlene said. 

"Yeah, I dont think Lily is dysfunctional enough for that to actually work." James said. 

"True, I dont know maybe Lily just needs to work it out herself." Marlene suggested. 

"Hopefully she wont be like this long, I hate seeing her like this." James said. 

A month went by and Lily missed it. She stayed in her room depressed and didnt want for anything but her parents. She missed Remus moving into the Manor, his break up with Doe when she came too close to finding out about his werewolf side,  and the Potters move to a small home in Scotland. One Wednesday afternoon Lily walked downstairs into the living room to find all her friends talking and sat on James' lap. 

"Hello Remus." Lily said. 

"Hello Lily." Remus said, and Lily was back. 

A day followed that was reminiscent of their Hogwarts days. The boys pranked the girls by pouring purple paint on them and the girls cooked them a large dinner. Everyone laughed and they ended the night telling stories no one had heard before. That night Lily started getting better but the world was getting worse. 

"Lily!" Marlene ran into the Manor yelling. 

"What?" Lily asked walking into the entry way. 

"Death Eaters in the muggle village, we've got to go!" Marlene said. 

The small town near the Potters and McKinnons was nearly all muggles and at the moment many of them were running away in fear. Lily and Marlene immediatley started throing spells at every death eater they saw. Lily had taken down four death eaters before she happened upon James and Sirius fighting two death eaters. A few yeards away Mary was fighting another death eater and before Lily could get over to her a green light illuminated the entire street and Mary fell to the street. Lily could hear screaming, she didnt know if it was hers or someone elses, the only thing that mattered was her friend laying on the pavement. Nothing except the fact that Mary was not breathing registered and that the death eater that did it was standing ten yards away. Lily started firing away until the death eater hit the ground also. The battle lasted all night long and left the small town in devastation. Oblivators came and wiped the muggles mind, and Lily wished she could have hers wiped as well. 

Mary McDonald was pronounced dead on the scene and short private service was held by her parents the next day. At the next Order meeting Dumbledore warned about safety in numbers and to stay safe. Three weeks after the attack Mr. and Mrs. Potter were found in their Scotland home with a dark mark above. James couldnt understand and when Lily tried to comfort him he took off with Sirius for two weeks. 

"Why does the month of November have to suck so bad?" Lily asked as she sat with Marlene in her room. 

"I dont know but it doesnt seem real." Marlene said. 

"I agree. This Christmas has to be amazing." Lily said. 

"I know I feel like James and Sirius havent smiled in weeks." Marlene said. 

The girls went into full Christmas mood. They hung charmed fresh wreaths on every door of the house. They dragged James and Sirius to pick out a Christmas tree and decorated it with maroon and gold ornaments, tinsel, ribbon, and fairy lights. The girls began Christmas shopping and wrapped presents to put under the tree. On Christmas Eve they invited everyone to McKinnon Manor for a large turkey dinner and to unwrap presents. As they sat down to eat Sirius stood and raised his glass; 

"I know we've had a tough year but here's to another one." 


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