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Behind Enemy Lines by LilyLunaWolf
Chapter 1 : Betrayal
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                 Ron had never been more tired and frustrated in all of his life.  During the summer, he had lost all communication with Harry and Hermione.  It was right before they had been planning to find the horcruxes, and being the concerned friend he was, he went on a search to find out what had happened to them. 

                First he asked Ginny if she had gotten any word from Harry, but she said she hadn’t.  Then, he attempted to call the Dursley’s house and, receiving no response, decided to see if Harry was still living there.  It was hard to find the house at first, but eventually he found it.  It was abandoned, leaving no signs of any presence ever living there. 

                Panic rushed through him, but he suppressed it and moved on to find Hermione’s house.  He found Hermione’s house just as empty and abandoned as the Dursley’s house.    The last place Ron thought of looking was at Harry’s house, previously owned by Sirius Black.  There was no Harry or Hermione there, but there was Kreacher, unwilling to talk claiming he had no information.  In frustration, Ron left the house and disapparated to The Leaky Cauldron.  He sat down on a chair next to two wizards.

                “I’ll have a butterbeer, please,” Ron requested to Tom.  Tom nodded and headed to get a butterbeer.

                “Did you see what was in the Daily Prophet today?” asked one of the wizards next to Ron.

                “No, I don’t trust the Daily Prophet.  Bunch of crazies and twisted liars who write the articles,” replied the second wizard.

                Tom came back with Ron’s butterbeer as Ron began to listen to the two wizards.

                “But this one’s true.  They wouldn’t write something this big about Harry Potter if it wasn’t true,” the first wizard continued.

                “What was the article about?” Ron asked, interrupting the conversation.

                “Yeah, what was the article about?” the second one asked, now on the edge of is seat.

                “Harry Potter joined the Death Eaters,” replied the first one.

                A sharp pain punched Ron in the gut.  “He couldn’t have.  He wouldn’t have.”

                “Ah, but it is here.  Just take a look for yourself,” the first wizard handed Ron the paper.

                There on the front cover was Harry, kneeling before Voldemort.  Hermione was also there, kneeling as well.  Ron felt disbelief at Harry’s and Hermione’s actions.  They couldn’t do such a thing, especially to him.

                “It was in the article that they even willingly joined the Death Eaters.  Didn’t put up so much as a fight.  Voldemort accepted them with open arms, which was even more shocking since he originally wanted to kill him.  More death eaters have started to join thanks to Harry Potter,” the first wizard explained.

                “Unbelievable.  There won’t be any more rebellions against Voldemort now.  Wonder what changed Harry Potter’s mind into joining him,” the second wizard pondered.

                Ron felt betrayal slap him across the face.  His friends had betrayed him.  Of all the people in the fight against Voldemort, the two most unlikely people to betray him did.  His gut wrenched at the thought and suddenly he felt the world dissolve around him as his own thoughts took over.  Without taking a single drink of his butterbeer, he got up and left The Leaky Cauldron. 

                “Hey, where’re you going?” one of the wizards called out.

                Ron didn’t reply as he disapparated out of The Leaky Cauldron and back to the Burrow.  He walked into the house and went to his room without saying a single word.  As he closed the door he sat on his bed and the tears started to fall.


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Behind Enemy Lines: Betrayal


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