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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 20 : Falling
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 A/N: Hello my lovely readers! Enjoy this chapter!

Disclamier: I own nothing

By the time I was let out of the hospital wing, it was common knowledge that I had duelled the Tweedle Twins and been knocked unconscious.

Allie-Bitch and Just-Evil (yes, I am still calling them that) received detentions for the month to my absolute pleasure as well as getting twenty five points docked from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

That wasn’t the most interesting thing going around though.

The stories circulating about how I was knocked unconscious were.

Most of them were utter bull shit but some were close.

“I heard that Alessandria used the cruciatius curse and then she tried to do Avada Kevada, but she didn’t have enough power so it only knocked Mae unconscious,” I heard a first year say.


“I heard they got in a fight over James,” a seventh year whispered to her friends as I passed on my way to charms.

Half- true.

We got in a fight over Mini James, not James.

God people, get it right!

Well, they didn’t know about Mini James, yet.

The one story going round was that people had seen me half dead in James’ arms being carried through the castle. Apparently when James had run down the charms corridor, we had caused so much noise that the two classes on the floor plus seniors studying had come out and caught a glimpse of a bloody and out-of-her-mind Mae.

They had happily told other people who passed it along and by the end of the next day everyone knew.

That’s not the worst of it. 

Some kid had managed to take a picture and put it on Parchment and given a hard copy to Hogwarts Weekly editor Nancy Line.

If I ever find that kid, they are going to look worse than I had.

Somehow, a couple of days after I had been released, the photos had made their way to the Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly.

That was a bad day.

It turns out that Nancy Line had sold it to both magazines as she got offered a really good price for them.

I didn’t like her now.

Though, if I was in her place and been offered a lot of money for pictures of a dying girl, I probably would have sold them too.

Still, I hate her.

Somehow through all of this though, I wasn’t embarrassed or upset about the photos and articles and I was keeping my head high. Maybe it was because I was getting so many letters from the Wotter family for support and even one from Mitch (rare!) or maybe it was because James and Lily were helping me. Or even maybe it was because I had the baby to worry about.

But I didn’t think so.

I was mainly worried about Dom.

It was surprising that no magazine had picked up on Dom and my fall out. Sure, they were more into my near death experience but I still thought that one of the most well-known friendships would be reported on because of a fall out.

No one had seemed to notice besides James, Lily, Rose, Carolyn, Robyn, Freddie and Ryan.

Carolyn and Robyn had come to talk to me over this while I was in the hospital wing, without Dom.

“I have no idea what’s happened between you two, but we’re not getting in the middle of it,” Carolyn said, sitting on my bed.

“I know, you shouldn’t have to take sides,” I mumbled.

“It would help if we knew what you’re fighting about,” Robyn asked.

“I know, but I can’t tell you… just yet,” I whispered, “I promise I’ll tell you soon,”

They looked a little hurt, but continued on with another conversation.

Dom had begun to hang out with Carolyn and Robyn night and day, sometimes she even stayed in their dorm overnight. She obviously didn’t want to be near me at any costs, when we had classes together she had begun to sit at the other side of the room and then leave as soon as the bell went.

Obviously she hated me.

And obviously, there was no possible way I could hang out with my best friends now she had ‘taken’ them.

So I had begun to hang out with the Wotter clan.

I know, I know… why wouldn’t Dom go for her family? I had thought about this too but the answer had come to me one night when I was studying my baby bump (non-existent). When they found about my pregnancy (which James and I had decided to tell them soon before the Tweedle Twins did) they would be angry at Dom for getting angry about this.

Well, that’s what I thought.

So I had begun to hang out with Lily, Rose and Roxanne for girl time while I also was with James, Freddie, Oliver and Ian (when he wasn’t sucking Carolyn’s face off).

James and my relationship had begun to change from more of a fun, physical ‘based’ relationship to a serious, emotions relationship. We only held hands, kissed on the cheek or very lightly on the lips in public compared to other couples who were seen full-on snogging, touching in very private places or stumbling out of broom closets with skirts very short and shirts open.

We were civilized I liked to say.

Well, you had to be civilized when you’re going to be parents in seven and a bit months’ time. 

It had become too serious too quickly for my likely.

If Dom was in the dorm, I was worried she would yell at me so I would go camp in James’ bed. Fucking Freddie didn’t shut up about it either, telling anyone that listened that I slept in James’ bed more than my own.

Other than Dom ignoring me, the Tweedle Twins knowing about my pregnancy, my relationship hitting the serious scales extremely quickly, a picture of me half dead flying around the Wizarding world and my only friends being either my boyfriend, his friends or his family, my life was great.


* * * * *


“Should I paint my toe nails baby blue or pink?” Roxanne asked, wiggling her toes as we sat in her and Lily’s dorm – Rose was in sixth year like me.

“Pink,” Rose smiled.

“Pink,” I seconded.

“Definitely pink,” Lily agreed.

Roxanne grinned and pulled a bottle of nail polish from her box on her bedside table, “Good. I was going to do them pink anyway.”

“What colour should I do mine?” I asked.

“MAE! You need to finish that Ancient Runes translation first!” Rose shrieked from behind her book.

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” I sighed, grabbing Roxie’s box of everlasting nail polish.

“It’s due tomorrow,” Rose exclaimed, “What’s wrong Mae? Normally you’re all on top of all this homework,”

I swallowed. I was normally all on top of my homework, but when you have a baby on the way…it sort of slips your mind.

I guess when everyone finds out that could be my excuse! I would never have to do my homework again!


“Yeah, you’ve been acting a little weird lately, what’s wrong?” Rose asked closing her book.

Oh my Merlin.

Rose just closed her book to talk to me.

This is serious.

I shot Lily a quick glance, what the hell was I meant to do?

Spill the beans or cover it up?

I began to open my mouth to speak, but I felt bile rise in my throat as it began to make it’s reappearance I clamped my hand over my mouth and rushed into the bathroom, abandoning my high heels.

“MAE?!” I heard them all yell as I reached a toilet and removed my hand letting it all out.

 “I’ll take care of it,” I heard Lily say as the sound of heels clicking on the floor filled the room.

I felt hands gather my hair behind me as I continued to present goods to the Porcelain gods and comforting pat on my back. Lily stayed with me the whole time, and when I finished, she conjured a glass of water.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, swirling some in my mouth and spitting it into the toilet.

“Morning sickness?” Lily asked quietly.

“Well, yeah, even though it’s not in the morning,” I spluttered.

Shit, had my morning sickness really started?

“Apparently there’s a potion that helps with that,” Lily smiled, “You can get some tomorrow at the scan,”

I spluttered out the water I was drinking,

“That’s tomorrow?”

“Yeah, right after school. We are flooing to St. Mungo’s from McGonagall’s office. We are meeting Mum and Teddy there,”

“Shit… I’m seeing my baby tomorrow,”

“How exciting!”

 “Yeah… exciting,” I stood up and paced around the bathroom, my hand pressed to my belly.

“Are you ok?”

I took a minute to take respond.

“Yeah… just didn’t think that the scan was this close…”

“You’ll be fine,”

“Oh, I hope so…”


* * * * *


“James, I’m fucking scared,” I muttered as we sat in the waiting room of the maternity ward in St Mungo’s.

“Me too,” James whispered, squeezing my hand.

“Shit! Why are we doing this?”

“I have no idea,”

“I hope there’s no paparazzi here, I don’t know what I’d do if this was printed,” I shuddered.

“I’d kill them all,”

“Who would you kill dear brother?” a voice said happily from above.

Lily Potter was standing next to me with a tray coffee in her hand, steam pouring out of each cup. Her red hair was artfully in a messy pony tail (it wasn’t a rush job, she had spent at least ten minutes on it this morning) and her perfectly fitting school uniform was still on. She was also somehow glowing with a tan in the middle of bloody winter. Most annoying part, it wasn’t fake.

I wish I looked that bloody good.

I was pale, my blonde hair hadn’t been re-dyed in a long time and you could see my chocolate brown hair coming back at my roots. I hadn’t really been bothered with my makeup, only putting on foundation and a dab of mascara nor had I been bothered with my hair as it was a real messy pony tail (I had done it in seconds).

The joys of being pregnant at seventeen.

“The paparazzi if they’re here,” James said, reaching for the coffee in Lily’s hand. I grabbed one too and sipped the scalding hot drink which instantly soothed me.

Ahhh coffee, if I could marry you I would.

“They won’t be,” Lily grinned, “Mum threatened to sue Witch Weekly and the Daily Prophet if they printed one more thing without your permission or hers. Apparently she went crazy at them all after the one of you unconscious,”

An angry Ginny Potter is not someone you want to cross, so pretty much you should just agree to what she says.

“Don’t remind me,” I sighed.

Lily giggled and plonked herself down on the chair next to me gossiping about Luke Holloway and how hot his abs were, which received her a threatening stare from James.

He’s a little too overprotective sometimes. He acts like she’s still four and piggy tails and buckle up shoes, not the sexy, sarcastic Lily that is now sitting next to me. 

Mitch did the same thing to me while I was at school. In fourth year, a boy named Trent Cooper had asked me out and I had said yes. Later that night I found myself in a broom closet with him, his hand up my shirt. We had been in there for ages when suddenly the door flung open and my very own brother and girlfriend at the time, Candice Walker, were watching me get snogged in a broom closet. Mitch had gone white to red, to purple to blue then he had grabbed Trent by the collar, pulling him up to his eye level. Mitch screamed at him and then punch him in the face. He broke poor Trent’s nose, knocked out two teeth and gave him a black eye plus a week in the Hospital Wing for serious internal bruising.

Trent broke up with me as soon as he was let out of the hospital wing and while Mitch was eyeing us down from down the table in the Great Hall.

Another reason why I hate my older brother.

Mitch had then received a beating from me in front of all his friends, it was quite funny. Mitch sitting in the middle of the Great Hall with a vacant expression and me standing over him screaming at him and hitting him while his friends laughed at him and the rest of the school watched him get beaten up by his fourteen year old sister.

Anyways, back to the present time.

I gulped down more coffee to try to calm my nerves, my foot was jiggling and I was tugging at my bracelet which was giving me a raw wrist.

“Mae! Why are you drinking that?” a fiery, red-haired female screeched yanking my beloved coffee from my grasp.


“Because I was thirsty?” I explained to Ginny.

“Coffee is bad for the baby,” Ginny stated in a matter-of-fact tone.


Does that mean I have to survive seven months without coffee?

I’m not going to make it.

“Great,” I mumbled, as Ginny walked over to the bin and emptied the contents of the coffee cup into the black bin.


I played with the bracelet more to try and distract myself.

“Mae, stop,”

I kept yanking.

“STOP,” I firm hand grabbed mine and stopped my fingers.

“Where’s Dom?” a voice asked.


“TEDDY!” I cried, jumping up and flying into his arms.

“Hey Mae, how are you?” Teddy grinned.

“Ok for someone who was knocked unconscious for three days,” I grinned.

“Fantastic,” Teddy smiled, greeting James, Lily and Ginny.

“So where’s Dom?” he asked again.

I gulped and excused myself for a glass of water. I practically ran to the water tap and gulped down the icy liquid, I hadn’t noticed how thirsty I was.

I couldn’t talk about Dom. Just thinking about why she wasn’t here and why she ignoring me annoyed me and hurt me. Grrrrrrrrrr, just thinking about it know made me angry.

I walked back to the group, just hearing the last of their conversation.

“…. So Dom and her haven’t spoken since last week?” Ginny asked.

“Yeah,” James answered.

“She didn’t even visit her in the hospital wing,” Lily sighed.

“How is she really coping James?” Ginny asked again.

“She’s dealing with it, but she misses her best friend and then two girls have threatened to tell everyone about the baby so she’s stressed about that and school,” James said.

“Poor girl,” Teddy muttered, “James, next time just use a bloody condom,”

“Ted!” Ginny and Lily shrieked.

“Don’t worry Ted, I will,” James laughed.

“You’re going to do it again?” Lily asked, “I thought this would be enough to make you stop!”

James winked.

“Miss Flick?” a new sickly, sweet female voice called.

A tall black haired woman was standing in the waiting room in a Healer’s uniform and a clipboard in her hands. Her hair was in a messy bun with her wand stuck in it.

“Yes?” I whispered, finally re-joining the group.

“Would you like to come through? We are ready for you now,” she said, pointing down the hall.

Everyone stood up and I grabbed James’ hand as we followed her. We walked for a minute before the Healer opened a door and let us file in, her eyes wide at how many people were coming to see one person’s seven week baby scan.

“Big group we’ve got here!” she said in a very bubbly voice.

“Can they all stay?” I asked quietly.

“For sure!” she smiled, “I’m Maggie Falcon and I’m your assistant Healer!”

“Where’s our actual Healer?” Ginny asked.

“Coming soon! He is just finishing up with another patient,” Maggie explained, flicking through my paperwork that I had filled out minutes ago.

“Oh!” she exclaimed happily.

“What?” we all shrieked.

“You’re that girl who’s been in the newspapers recently!” Maggie’s eyes widened gazing on me.

“You’ve seen it?” I mumbled.

“Everyone’s seen it!” Maggie giggled, “There’s a few copies in the staff room! I read them in my breaks,”

Plan of action for after the scan: Break into staff room and destroy all copies of magazine.

“Is it true that you two are engaged?” Maggie asked eagerly, looking at James and my linked hands.

“No!” we all yelled.

“Oh, but is it true that you were knocked unconscious in a duel and in the Hospital wing for five days?”

“Yes,” I mumbled.

“Ooooh!” Maggie squealed, “And now you’re pregnant! I can’t wait to tell my friends!”

“You won’t be telling your friends!” Ginny thundered.

“What? Why?”

Really Maggie?

As a Healer, I expected more of you.

“Because this isn’t getting out yet,” Ginny ordered, “You can tell your friends after it’s been shared with the public via Mae and James. If you say one word before, you’ll have to face the whole Weasley – Potter family and a law suit from me,”

Maggie paled and nodded her head quickly,

“Sure thing Mrs Potter! Sure thing!”

“Sit down and be quiet Maggie,” a voice called.

Standing in the doorway was a main in a white Healer’s coat over smart grey suit pants and a white shirt with a green tie. His pale, blonde- white hair was gelled back and his wand was sticking out of his pocket.

“Draco,” Ginny breathed.


* * * * *

James Potter’s P.O.V


Draco Malfoy is our Healer?

Perfect, just perfect.

Don’t hate me!

I like his son and all, his great with Rose and is Al’s best mate, but I still don’t trust after hearing the stories I hear from Dad.

“Hello Ginny,” Draco greeted.

“Hello Draco, how are you?” Mum asked.

“Fine, and you?” Draco replied.

“Coping with this lot,” Mum sighed, pointing towards Mae, Lily and I.

“So, you must be the famous Mae Flick,” Draco greeted, putting his hand out which Mae took.

“Nice to meet you Healer Malfoy,”

“Please call me Draco,” he grinned.


“Ok,” Mae smiled weakly.

“Well Mae,” Draco began as he flicked through the paperwork that Maggie had given him, “Here for your seven week scan?”

“Yes,” Mae whispered.

“Well, hop up on the bed, now!” Draco smiled, aimlessly flicking his wand and the bed moved into a slightly upright position.

Mae slowly climbed onto the bed, her hand still tightly in mine, and I stood next to her with Lily, Mum and Teddy behind me.

“How long have you known that you’re pregnant Mae?” Draco asked.

“About two weeks?” Mae answered, looking at me for conformation.

“Since we went back to school,” I replied.

“Perfect! So today we will be doing a scan and a regular check-up for the health of both yourself and the baby,” Draco said, gathering some stuff from a very excited Maggie.


“First we will do the check-up,” Draco continued.

“Ok, go ahead,” Mae stuttered.

My poor girl, she was worried sick about this.

She had been really worried about the baby, or as she called him ‘Mini James’ since she got knocked over by Alessandria.

She may think that the baby is a Mini James, but I know it’s going to be a Mini Mae.

My little girl.

Draco checked her normal health, like temperature, vitamin levels etc, etc. Everything was fine besides some bruising from last week.

“These will go away in a couple of days,” Draco said, peering at them.

Mae grinned at me, she hated those bruises.

“Well, now let’s get started on this scan!” Draco smiled.

Mae went a little white and I felt myself pale too. We held onto each other’s hand tighter as Mae pulled her shirt up to show her tiny-baby-bump belly.

“This,” Draco explained, showing us a bottle of sparkly blue gel, “Is a potion that helps us see the baby better,”

I nodded and Draco smoothed it over her belly, till the whole thing was blue.

She shivered.

“What?” I asked.

“The gel’s cold!” Mae whispered.

“Tell me about it!” Mum whined.

Mae laughed.

Draco now had his wand out and was muttering a few spells.

“In a second if you look at the board, you’ll be able to see the baby,” Draco murmured pointing to the white screen at the end of the bed.

I was wondering what that was for, my questions have been answered.

Suddenly, there it was.

On the screen was an image of a tiny, tiny lump. If I didn’t actually know what it was, I wouldn’t have known.

“That’s it?” Lily asked.

“Yes,” Draco answered, continuing to mutter spells.

“It doesn’t look like one,” Lily muttered.

“Yes it does!” Mae shrieked.

Everyone looked at her with wide eyes.

“Look, that’s the head!” Mae squealed pointing to a blob.

I could see it now. The more I looked at it the more I could see my baby. I saw the body shape and the head, but there wasn’t much more. I was grinning like mad and I didn’t even notice.

“Hey James!” Lily exclaimed, excitedly.

“Yes Lil?” I asked, squeezing Mae’s hand.

“You and your baby share something already! You both have massive heads!”

“LILY!” mum and I yelled.

Teddy and Mae just laughed.


“Ginny, Lily and Teddy, if you could please follow me outside, I think it’s time we left these two to look by themselves,” Draco smiled at me and Mae gently, “Ginny, you remember how special this moment was to you.”

Mum smiled to herself and said, “We’ll meet you two outside. Come on you lot!”

Everyone said good bye and then left the room, leaving me and Mae. My hand was still over hers and now my other was placed on the side of her stomach, avoiding the gooey gel lingering on her skin.

“We made that,” I whispered, pointing to the baby.

“I know,’’ Mae smiled, “I’m so happy,”

“Same here, I’m over the moon,” I grinned.

“I just didn’t think he would be that small,” Mae giggled.

“Me too, she’s tiny!” I agreed.

“She?” Mae asked, raising her eyebrow.

“It’s going to be a girl!”

“It’s mini James, he will be a boy!”



“We’ll find out soon enough,” I sighed. Getting into a fight with her now, being pregnant and all, her hormones are kicking into overdrive and she can become quite nasty.

“I love you James,” Mae smiled.

“I love you too Mae,” I grinned, cupping her cheeks in my hands.

“No matter what,” she whispered against my lips.

“No matter what,” I agreed, lightly kissing her.

I felt her grin as she reached into my hair and pulled me closer as she quickly tried to escalate our kiss. Her hands were in my hair and her tongue was in my mouth, while one of my hands was still on her cheek and the other on her waist. I felt her shift so she was facing me instead of facing the board and I could still feel her moving closer, I had a feeling she would soon be on my lap. I was about to pick her up and plonk her on my lap when there was a massive bang on the door. We both jumped and broke apart listening to the fiery person outside.


My lovely sister Lily always seems to ruin moments like these, she’s too much like Dom.

“Coming Lils!” I cried.

“WELL HURRY UP!” she yelled before we heard her march off down the hall.

“Come on, let’s go,” I sighed, kissing Mae’s cheek.

“Aww, can’t we stay a little longer?” Mae whispered, wrapped a piece of her hair round her finger.

“One more minute I guess…” I sighed.

She giggled and leaned in just before the door banged open.

“EW!  GET A ROOM YOU TWO!” Lily shrieked, covering her eyes.

“We did until you came in…” I sighed as Mae stood up.

“Who cares? Mum wanted me to come get you, we’re leaving in five,” Lily explained, handing Mae her wand and a bag, “I asked Healer Malfoy for some morning-sickness control potion for you and he gave me another one for keeping you and the baby healthy because he had to run off to surgery or something. There are also pamphlets on adoption and then help,” Lily snorted.

“Thanks Lils,” Mae smiled, peering inside the bag.

“Come on, Mum and Teddy have to go back to work,” Lily said leading us out the door.

Mae and I followed Lily out and we said a quick goodbye to Mum and Teddy before they rushed back to work, then we began to walk towards the general entrance so we could apparate (I could apparate and so could Mae for a little while, but Lily couldn’t so she’ll side-along) back to Hogsmeade.

As we walked into the general waiting area, I felt Mae stiffen next to me.

“What?” I asked, looking her in the eyes.

 “Mae?” a voice called from across the room.

“Shit,” I whispered.

“Mum?” Mae asked.


* * * * *

Mae’s P.O.V


“Mum?” I asked.

“Darling, what’s wrong? Why are you here?” my mother asked, rushing over and looking at me.

“Nothing! Nothing’s wrong!” I shrieked as I felt James’ hand tighten round mine.

“Then why are you here? You can’t just leave school!” my mother asked, raising her eyebrow perfectly.

“Um…” I said.

Shit, this was it. The day my mother found out I was pregnant.

I was about to open my mouth and confess (what the else was I meant to do?!) but then Lily cut me off.

“She was here with me, Mrs Flick,”

“What?” mum exclaimed.

What. The. Fuck?!

“Sorry, I’m so rude!” Lily smiled, and offered her hand, “I’m Lily Potter, Mae’s friend,”

My mother slowly smiled and shook Lily’s hand, I could see the famous Lily Potter charm slowly started to creep up on her and win her over.

“Nice to meet you Lily, but why were you here exactly?” Mum smiled.

“I was – er – hexed really badly and had to come here?” Lily suggested.

“Yeah, it was something Madam Pomphrey couldn’t cure and we had to quickly apparate here,” I agreed.

“But why did you have to come Mae? Did you miss any classes?” mum asked.

“No Mum, I had a free last!” I called.

“I knew Mae had a free last and Albus, my brother, didn’t so I asked if Mae could come with me in Al’s place,” Lily smiled.

“She also found her with me, I was helping her study,” James said, finally speaking, “Hello Mrs Flick,”

“Hello James, how are you?” mum asked, smiling.

My mother had fallen under James’ charm, SHE DIDN’T HATE HIM!


“I’m good thank you, and yourself?” James asked.

“I’m fantastic thank you!” Mum grinned, “Now where’s that lovely girl Dominique? I haven’t seen her in a while!”

I stiffened automatically at the sound of Dom’s name, and I probably would have started yelling at the top of my lungs or crying dramatically (whichever one suited my current hormones need) instead of handling it like James.

“She was in a class,” James said coolly.

“Oh! Lovely!” Mum smiled.

“Why are you here mum?” I blurted out.

“Oh! I was just here visiting Leah! We are going out for a cup of tea when she finishes her shift in ten minutes!” Mum grinned.

Leah was my mother’s childhood best friend, they had known each other since they were eleven when they started at Hogwarts together, they were both in Ravenclaw.

“Awesome, tell her I say hi,” I smiled.

“Why don’t you stay round and say hi?” Mum asked.

“I’d love to but we can’t!” I sighed, “We have so much homework mum!”

I nudged James and Lily and the both muttered some, “Oh yes, tons” and “I hate O.W.L’s”.

“Well, nice to see you all! And I’ll owl you soon darling!” Mum kissed my cheek and wandered off.

“That was…” Lily began.

“SHHHHH!” I shut her up flapping my hands as my mum rounded the corner and left the room, “You can continue now,”

“That was close, why aren’t you telling her yet again?” Lily asked.

“I just don’t feel comfortable telling her, I was never very close with my family. Mitch was the star child to them,” I sighed.

“Riiiiiiight,” Lily mumbled, “Come on, we’re due back in ten minutes!”

“Hurry up prego,” James grinned, tugging me outside after Lily.

I laughed, “Shut up,”


* * * * *


We apparated straight to the Hogsmeade gate, so we only had to walk a little bit up to school. Lily ran off to meet some of her Hufflepuff friends and James had to go check on something in the Quidditch captains office, so that left me to wander up to Gryffindor tower alone.

I felt like I was gliding up the stairs in my good mood. I smiled and waved at random people that said hello while grinning, I didn’t even notice that I had given the password and was in my dorm room. I wandered over to my bed and lay down, emptying my paper bag and studying the potions inside. I automatically threw the adoption pamphlet out but read the one on the facts of pregnancy. When I pulled out the morning-sickness control potion and healthy pregnancy potion, I saw Healer Malfoy had written instructions.


Please take one serve of the morning-sickness control potion once a day immediately after breakfast.

Please take half a serve of the pregnancy health potion twice a day, once after breakfast and once after dinner.

If you have any more questions, Madam Pomphrey will be able to help and do not hesitate to owl me as well.

Healer D Malfoy.

PS. If you need any help at all or are struggling with your pregnancy, do not hesitate to owl me, I am here to help.

I smiled to myself, Draco Malfoy was extremely nice, it’s funny to think that he used to be a death eater.

I began to scrunch up the paper bag, but my hand stopped half way when I felt something pointy inside. Inside the bag was three copies of the scan. I pulled them and studied them closer. I could see his head and his body, I snorted when I remembered Lily’s comment about James’ head size.

Suddenly, I could feel the familiar feeling of sickness wash over me and I only had enough time to stuff the pictures and half of the potions into the bag before sprinting to the toilet.

I began to throw up I heard someone walk in the room and then call out my name, and then run into the bathroom. I was hoping it was Rose, I could explain to her, what I wasn’t expecting was it to be Dom.

She didn’t say anything, she just gathered my hair as she stood behind me.

After I’d finished, she conjured a glass of water and then left the room.

I washed my mouth and then gulped down the rest, leaving the glass on the bench and following Dom into the dorm.

I grabbed one of the morning-sickness control potions and tore off the lid, it was almost at my lips when I released I had to eat something before. I yanked open my bedside cupboard and pulled out a bag of Honeydukes lollies from when James and I had snuck out in our free earlier this week. I grabbed a few pieces of chocolate and threw them in my mouth. As soon as I had swallowed, I was draining the potion container dry.

Stuff breakfast.

I threw the container in the bin and then realised that Dom was still here and watching me.

“Pregnancy sickness?” she asked.

“Yeah, what’s it to you?” I grunted.

Dom’s eyes left me and I saw her cheeks turn red as she pulled her books out of her bag.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

“It’s ok,” she mumbled, starting to read a book.

I silently pulled out a copy of the scan and looked at it, I walked over to Dom’s bed and placed it in front of her.

“We went to the baby doctor today,” I whispered.

Dom closed her book and carefully reached out and picked up the photo. She studied it carefully, her eyes wide in shock.

“Everything is fine, both me and the baby are healthy,”

Dom looked up and I could tell she was going to give me the scan back.

“No you can keep it, it’s your copy. James, Lily, Ginny, Teddy and I all have one, and there’s a spare copy so you can have it,” I explained.

Dom put it in her lap and then quietly said,


“Because we may not be on the best terms right now, but I still consider you as my best friend Dom,” I sighed.

Before she could speak I said goodbye and walked from the room, happy tears in my eyes.


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Chasing Him: Falling


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