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Rose and Thorn by MoaningTonks
Chapter 1 : Every rose has its thorn
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Rose looked around the train for Albus, her best friend and cousin. It was their first year at Hogwarts, and they were both excited to finally meet the friends of their parents. Rose's mother, Hermione, had warned her about professor longbottom, who would be teaching DADA instead of herbology as he was used to. As Rose was remembering the clumsy professor, she ran head first into Scorpius Malfoy. He took one look at her and smirked.

"Hello sister. How are you?" Scorpius spat before shoving her out of the way. Behind him, Albus looked ready to hex someone. Rose shook her head and pushed past Scorpius, ignoring the obviously wrong jab.

"What's wrong with you Al? We need to find Fred and James. They'll be worried if we don't show up," Rose reminded him.

"Oh yes, you have to take care of little Potter. Its too bad you're related; you'd be perfect together if it weren't for your Malfoy blood," Scorpius taunted.

"Look Scorp, I don't know what you're going on about, but learn to hold your tongue. I'm not a Malfoy, I'm a Weasley. Do you mind leaving me alone for a while?" Rose hissed angrily.

"What, your mum never told you? Why do you think you have to charm your hair red every month?" Scorpius asked.

"What do you know about that?" Rose demanded.

"Only that your hair is the same color as mine. Oh, and you are most definitely not a Weasley. But don't bother taking my word for it. Go ahead and ask," Scorpiys smirked, walking away.

"Ignore him Rose. You're right, we need to find the others," Albus whispered. He took her hand and pulled her after him down the narrow corridor, just as they did years ago.


Fred and James were waiting for them when they made it to the end of the train. Teddy was with the prefects already, and would join them later. Rose and Albus told them about what Scorpius had claimed. James was silent the whole time. The look in his eyes was one they all knew: he knew something important about this.

"Its just odd that a Malfoy would claim a Weasley as a sibling. Especially the daughter of Ron and Hermione. They hate each other, remember?" James mumbled. He avoided Rose's eyes the rest of the ride.

Once they arrived at the school, Rose was seperated from her friends and found herself once again facing Scorpius Malfoy. He smirked at her and pulled her away from the crowd.

"My father and your mother met up a few times after the war. He had always loved her. At one point, she loved him too. At their last meeting, you happened. Your mum got scared and refused to even let father see you. Did you know that my father was the one who named you? It was the only way he'd agree to leave you alone. He was never sworn to secrecy, so he told me and my mum. Haven't you wondered why you are so different from your family?" He told her.

"I just can't believe you. Not after what I know about your father. He can't be my father. I'm a Weasley. I have to be," Rose snapped. She turned and ran back into the crowd, but the damage was done. Was Rose Weadley really Rose Malfoy?

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