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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten: Explaining
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Harry glanced down at his hands, not wanting to meet anyone's eyes as he told his tragic story.


"It all started with a Prophecy that Trelawney made eighteen years ago in front of Dumbledore. The Prophecy said 'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. Born to the ones that have defied him thrice, born as the seventh month dies. The Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he shall have power the Dark Lord knows not. Neither can live while the other survives."


Harry stopped so everyone could absorb what he just told them, then continued on.


"As she had made this Prophecy, a Death Eater was standing outside the door, and heard half of what she spoke. Snape informed his master of the Prophecy, but did not know it would be my family he would seek to kill. When he would this out, he turned spy for Dumbledore, because he loved my mother since they were children."


Harry paused again and looked over at Hermione and Ron, who were both showing shock on their faces.




"On the night Voldemort came to kill me, he had killed my dad, and then my mum. But, my mother sacrificed herself for me, so I could continue to live. Doing this, she put a protection up for me against Voldemort. So when Voldemort hit me with the Killing Curse, it rebounded and hit him. When that happened, Dumbledore believed that Voldemort accidently made another Horcrux. Doing that, the Horcrux latched itself onto the only living thing it would find inside the room."


Harry heard the intake of gasps around the room, and heard a sniffle come from Molly. Wiping his eyes and trying to clear the memory of watching his parents death's, Harry drew in a deep breath.


"You?" Charlie asked.




Harry nodded and heard Charlie mutter "Bloody hell."


Harry registered Ginny putting a arm around him and wiping a tear off his face. Harry felt as Ron and Hermione pulled him onto their couch, followed by Ginny. Harry felt the pain of loss hit him, but he didn't show it. Hermione was rubbing his shoulder while Ginny clasped his hand, holding it with all her might.




"You don't have to continue, son. We can wait." Arthur told him, his voice full of concern.


"No, I won't be able to tell it later." Harry answered, keeping his voice steady.


Arthur nodded and leaned back into his chair.


"I was Voldemort's seventh and final Horcrux. Its why I could speak to snakes, why I could see into Voldemort's mind, and feel his strong emotions. Voldemort's soul was inside me, for seventeen full years."


"How did you know you were a Horcrux?" Bill asked, a look of interest on his face.


"When I looked at Snape's memories during the break in the Battle. It showed me everything I needed to know. I finally figured out what the Prophecy fully meant, not just one of us had to die at the others hand, but we both had to die. By dying, the Horcrux would be destroyed."


"That's what the Prophecy meant?!?" Ron blurted, a look of outrage masked into his face.


Harry nodded. Neither can live while the other survives, echoed inside his head.


"So, knowing the Horcrux would be destroyed and lives would be saved, I walked into the forest. I knew that Ron, Hermione, and also Neville knew that the snake needed to be killed, after that Voldemort was anyone's game. I entered the forest clearing, and gave myself up to Voldemort."


Harry took in a shuddering breath as he recalled his journey to meet his death. Harry finally looked up at everyone and saw not a dry eye in sight. Ron was supporting Hermione as she cried silently, Molly and Arthur doing the same. Bill, Charlie, Percy, and George were unsuccessfully trying to hold back their tears. Ginny curled herself against Harry, and was crying on his shoulder.


"I waited, and hoped for a quick death. I got my wish, Voldemort shot the Killing Curse at me, and everything was gone."


"So, you died?" George asked him.


"Yes." Harry whispered.


Hearing this, Molly broke into a sob. Arthur hurriedly rubbed his wife's back, trying to calm her down.


"How was it?" George questioned on.


Harry didn't have to ask him why he wanted to know.


"It was light, warm, and peaceful. I awoke to a clean and train less version on King's Cross Station. I wasn't suffering, I felt relieved. Dumbledore showed up after a few minutes, and we talked, he gave me the answers I needed. I then had the choice to stay, or go back to living. I chose to live, and found myself on the forest floor."


Harry could hear Ginny sobbing on his shoulder, and put his arms around her, trying to soothe her. Ginny clutched onto him, afraid he would leave if she let go. Harry pulled her closer and hid his face in her hair, letting tears soak into it. Sniffling sightly, Harry mustered his strength and pulled himself away from Ginny, to finish his story.


"The Horcrux was destroyed, and Narcissa Malfoy lied to Voldemort and told him I was dead after I told her Draco was alive in the Castle. Then Neville killed the snake, and I finally killed Voldemort. Killing him, it left a wound on me, where the Horcrux was destroyed. It was killing me because his body was still whole, but Hermione and Ron fixed that. With the body gone, I could finally heal."


Harry hung his head back down and sighed. He heard more sniffles throughout the room, and coughs. The room was silent for a while, everyone was trying to digest everything they just heard. 




"Any questions?" Harry asked, instantly regretting asking them.


"Why did you choose to come back?" Percy asked.


"I knew that Voldemort needed to be destroyed, and I didn't want to leave that for any of you to do. Plus, I had things that were worth living for." Harry answered.


Percy nodded.


"Why did you tell Neville about the snake?" Hermione asked.


"Well, I thought I was going to die, and I thought that you guys might of needed more help killing Nagini." Harry told her.


Silence broke out in the room.


"Any more questions?" Harry asked.


Molly looked around at her family and saw they were still making sense of the story Harry had finally revealed to everyone, and she could see the look of tiredness on his face.


"No, dear. I think that's quite enough. If we do have anymore though, we'll be sure to tell you." Molly told Harry.






More silence.


"Okay," Molly said, moving onto another subject, "Sleeping arrangements. Bill, you're going back home to Shell Cottage with Fleur. Charlie, Percy, George, you all know where you sleep. Off to bed. As for you four, your father and I talked about it, and agreed that Ron and Hermione can sleep together in his room. Harry and Ginny, you can sleep together in her room. Only if you you follow the one and only rule, you-"


"We know the rule, mum!" Ron cut in, blushing.


Molly and Arthur chuckled quietly as they saw Hermione, Harry, and Ginny blush as they figured out the rule.




"Okay, fine. Off to bed then, you lot." Molly told them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Weasley," Hermione started, "Why are you letting us sleep together?"

"Hermione, dear. I see that you've all grown up so fast in such little time. I think you lot deserve this bit of happiness together." Molly answered with a agreeing nod from Arthur.

"Goodnight, kids." Arthur said, getting off the couch.

Ginny grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him off the couch. Ron and Hermione followed them as they climbed the stairs. As they reached the second landing, Ginny had to tug on Harry's hand, because he tried to continue up the stairs.


"My room." She told him.


Harry glanced over at Ron, who gave him a forced smile, and left. Harry looked back at Ginny as she led him into her room. It had changed since the last time he was in there. There was a double bed inside instead of a single, the closet was expanded, and the room itself was larger. Ginny giggled and went into her closet to find pajama's, leaving Harry standing in the middle of the room.


"I'll be right back." Ginny told him, giving him a lingering kiss before she left the room.


Harry went over into the closet and grabbed his pajama's, and hurriedly put them on. He didn't know how long Ginny would take.When he was done, Harry crawled into bed and pulled the covers over him, shivering slightly. Harry turned off the lamp on his bedside table, and took his glasses off, watching the room become blurry in a second. As he set them down, his hand nudged his wand, then remembered something.


Harry grabbed his wand and cast a Silencing Charm on himself, like he had been doing ever since the night after the Battle, so no one would hear him if and when he screamed out in his nightmares. When he finished, Harry set his wand down and got comfortable in the bed, feeling his emotions rush up to the surface at last. He drew in a shaky breath and sighed.


As he heard the door open and Ginny re-enter, Harry quickly shut his eyes, pretending to be sleeping. He heard the click of the lights turning off, and felt Ginny crawl into bed next to him. Harry felt her reach over towards him and kiss the end of his jaw, missing his cheek. Harry bit back a chuckle.


Goodnight, love." Ginny whispered, ruffling his hair slightly.


Harry let a small smile grow on his face, and fell into a deep sleep.




Ginny's eyes slowly opened as she felt a movement in her bed. Who the hell is in my bed? I sleep alone. Ginny thought, her mind still full of sleep. Then she remembered. Harry. Her blood ran cold. Ginny sat up in the bed and flicked her light on, and looked over towards Harry. She felt her heart skip a beat. His face was pale, and glistening with sweat. He continued to thrash, still trapped inside his nightmare.


"Harry," Ginny whispered, shaking his arm.


But he wouldn't wake. Ginny became more impatient as she continued to shake his arm, and then finally his shoulders. As she looked closer, she saw his lips moving, but no words escaping them. A Silencing Charm? Ginny thought. Just then, Harry bolted up in bed, frantically searching the room for any signs of danger. Seeing nothing, Harry closed his eyes as he wiped some of the sweat off his face.


"Harry?" Ginny asked, putting a hand on his arm.


Harry opened his eyes, and looked at her with sadness and fear inside them. He went to say something, but he still couldn't speak. It confirmed her suspicion on him using a Silencing Charm. He quickly grabbed his wand off the nightstand, along with his glasses, and undid the charm and put his glasses on.


"I'm fine," He lied, seeing the concern in her eyes while setting the wand back down.


Ginny glared at him, making him cower under her stare.


"No, you aren't." Ginny corrected him.


Harry sighed, and ran his finger through his slightly damp hair.




"They're just nightmares, they'll go away after a while." Harry explained.


"When did they start?" Ginny questioned.


"After the Battle." Harry told her, knowing he wouldn't be able to hid anything from her.


"Why didn't you tell anyone? Why didn't you tell me?" She asked him.


"It's my problem, not anyone else's."


"Harry," Ginny started, "You can tell me anything. I can help you. The sooner we can deal with it, the sooner it can go away. Do you understand?"


"I know, Gin. I'm just used to keeping things to myself." Harry told her.


"I'll tell you what, I'll have mum make a Dreamless Sleep potion tomorrow for you, does that sound okay?"


Harry nodded. "Just please don't tell her anything about the nightmares."


"I won't." Ginny promised, noticing Harry's color come back to him.


Harry sighed and went to lay back down. Ginny snuggled into his side and felt him wrap one of his arms around her waist. Harry used his other hand to turn the light back off and take his glasses off.


"Harry, what are your nightmares about?" Ginny asked.


"Can I tell you tomorrow? I'm dead tired." Harry answered.




Ginny laughed quietly, and rested her head on his chest, closing her eyes.




"I'll hold you to that." Ginny told him.


Ginny lifted her head on kiss the top of his chin, hearing him chuckle. They both rested their heads, and fell asleep in each others arms.










Harry awoke early in the morning, yawning and reaching over for his glasses. Putting them on, he found Ginny's arms spread on his chest. Harry carefully pulled them off and set them on his side, then got up out of bed. He stretched his arms out, and went into the closet and grabbed out a blue t-shirt, and jeans. He quickly and quietly made his way to the bathroom, being careful not to wake anyone.


His shut the door and made his way to the mirror on the wall, checking his reflection. His face was still pale and slightly gaunt from the Battle, with a bruise on his cheek and a small scar next to his lightening bolt one. Harry saw that his eyes returned to their bright green, and that he needed a shave. Harry rubbed his stubbly chin and grabbed the razor Fleur's parents gave him for his 17th birthday.


When his face was smooth, he brushed his teeth quickly and tried to make his hair lay flat. He stripped down after and walked into the shower, turning the water on. The hot water ran down his body, relaxing his muscles, and slightly burning his healing wounds on his body.




Harry walked out of the bathroom, and smelt food coming from downstairs. Harry felt his stomach rumble, and hurried down the stairs. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw that only Molly, Arthur, Hermione, and Ron were awake.


"Good morning, dear." Molly called over.


"Good morning." Harry replied, sitting down next to Hermione.


As they waited for breakfast to be ready, Harry and Hermione started a conversation about the Ministry, while Ron and Arthur talked about Quidditch. The smell of cooking became more and more overwhelming inside the house, making more of the Weasley's appear, most still in their pajama's. Molly was setting the food down as Ginny walked in, her hair still wet from her shower.


"Morning." Ginny announced herself.


Charlie, Percy, George, and Ron muttered a "Hello," as they filled their plates of food. Ginny rolled her eyes, that fell on Harry, and gave him her glare. Harry gulped, knowing she would start to question him about his nightmares after breakfast. Ginny walked over and sat next to him, and reached for the eggs.




How long will it take me to fully recover from the war? Harry thought to himself as he grabbed the bacon out of Ron's reach, receiving a glare from him. Harry laughed quietly and shook his head. As everyone ate, conversation ran throughout the room, and Harry was thankful that nobody mentioned anything about the story he told yesterday. Harry was surprised to hear that Percy was quitting the Ministry, and was going to help out at Georges' shop. Charlie hinted that he might be going back to Romania soon, and George mentioned a few joke items he had thought of, but usually remained quiet.


Arthur was being promoted to the Magical Law Enforcement by Kingsley, who told him they could use his help. Hermione and Ginny talked about some article Ginny found in Witch Weekly, and Ron tried to keep up a conversation with Harry about something he saw in the Daily Prophet.


"-they're still looking for Malfoy's though, they haven't been seen ever since the day after the Battle." Ron was telling Harry.


"The Malfoy's?" Harry asked him, remembering seeing Lucius and his family over at the Slytherin table shortly after the Battle.




"Yeah, mate. Look's like they snuck out during Kingsley speech. I can't wait for them to find Malfoy, I hope they sent to Azkaban for life, they deserve it."


Harry knew right away what Ron was thinking about; the night Hermione was tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry shuddered and kept his thoughts away from that.


"Yeah, they do."


Harry looked around and noticed that everyone had finished breakfast, and Ginny was motioning for him to join her at the front door.


"This should be fun." Harry muttered sarcastically under his breath.

Ginny opened the door for him, and he followed her out, wishing more than anything he could be in Ron's room playing Wizards' Chess right now, other than re-calling his nightmares to Ginny. He knew he should tell her, but he didn't want her to know that it made him feel vulnerable, weak. Harry sighed, she had seen his weakest moments, this should be no different. Harry stepped under the shadow of the Orchard tree, and sat down, Ginny right by his side.



Most of the lines for the Prophecy were out of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 37- The Lost Prophecy, Page-841 

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