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The Path of Two Souls by superhealer
Chapter 10 : Coming to America
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Damon stood outside on the corner waiting for his school bus. It was his first day of school and he was extremely excited. He loved an adventure and this was a new one he had been looking forward to for a while now. The rest of the kids eventually showed up but ignored him for the most part. He was thankful for his ability to blend into the environment; it was particularly convenient when he was trying to feel his way through a new situation.

Damon had laid his entire uniform out the night before, and once he had taken his bath he went back to make sure his clothes were perfect. His foster mom had reluctantly taken him down to the church donation box earlier in the week. He searched through box after box while she schmoozed with the parish women on the local gossip. Finally he had found four shirts and five pair of pants that fit; it had taken a while because most of the clothes had holes or stains on them. He felt particularly lucky since he found a shirt with a Polo label on it, and he knew they were good because most of the rich tourists wore that kind. He was very proud of all his new clothes but they were nothing compared to his book bag. He had begged his foster parents to let him get one, Damon knew all the kids needed one because of all the books and papers he would carry. Of course they had refused and told him that they were only responsible for food and a roof over his head, if he wanted nicer things then maybe he should get some parents. Sometimes they said mean things like that and Damon acted like it didn’t bother him at all, but no one saw him crying into his pillow knowing that all the other kids would laugh at him for being poor, and not having a back pack.

Luckily Damon’s social worker paid a visit two days before the start of school. She wanted to check on things and make sure Damon wasn’t being a nuisance. He repeated his plea to her about a book bag and obviously she felt sorry for him. She loaded him up and took him down to the local discount store and told him to pick out whichever one he wanted. Damon could barely hide his glee as he tore around the new book bags looking for the perfect one. Finally he decided on a blue one that had a picture of an ancient looking wizard with long white hair and matching beard, he was swooshing his wand around and light was coming out of it.

“This is awesome, can I please have this one” Damon pleaded.

“Yes, you can have that one. Let me have it so I can pay for it.” The social worker replied

They went to the register and she pulled a twenty dollar bill out and the cashier handed her six dollars back. She took the bag and Damon back home and then handed the bag to the boy. With tears in his eyes he looked up at her and thanked her.

“Damon I thought you would be happy, people don’t cry when they are happy” she said

“This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I have never had anything new before and well just thank you” Damon stuttered out as he ran back toward the house swinging the bag.

She went home that night and looked at her two twin boys playing their expensive video games on their personal flat screen television, as usual. Her husband was there to complain something stupid that happened at work, as usual. She had never realized how much a fourteen dollar gift could mean to one person, and she wondered if any of her family members would feel so fortunate to be given the same.

Damon got on the bus with the rest of the kids and took a seat just behind the driver. He knew the big kids would usually sit in the back, so he didn’t want that kind of trouble. The ride to school was uneventful and he even made a new friend on the bus. The boy’s name was Jacob and he liked to build forts in his back yard with his dad. Damon and Jacob ran from the bus into the schoolhouse. He said he wasn’t ever scared but he did feel a little shocked at how electric the atmosphere felt. He was quickly herded with the other first graders and led into the cafeteria to be placed with their new teachers. Unfortunately he did not get to go to the same class with Jacob, but Damon was sure he would meet other people in his class that would be nice. His teacher was a big colorful woman named Mrs. Peterson; she made everyone get into a single file line and follow her to the classroom. Every one of the students had an assigned seat so Damon quickly found his and began to place his school supplies away. Once he sat down he took a moment to look around at the nearest desks. There was a fat little black girl to his right, and a tall skinny black boy to his left. Just in front of him he saw the flaming red hair of another girl only this one was white. Damon didn’t like girls, they were icky. All they ever wanted to do was play with dolls and have tea parties. A few of his foster parents had girls, either as natural children or as foster kids and Damon had learned that girls were no fun. Damon turned around to see who was sitting behind him when he felt a poke in his forehead.

“Keep your eyes to the front, dung head” was the huge fat white kid’s response. “Next time it will be your eye that gets the poke” he continued

‘Three out of four ain’t bad’ figured Damon as he listened to Ms. Peterson drone on about lessons and lunches and free periods. They spent the next hour getting to know one another, each person would give their name and where in the city they lived. Some people said what their parents did but to Damon’s relief not everyone gave that information. He learned that the boy sitting to his left was called Daniel, and the fat kid behind him was Warren. Damon introduced himself to Daniel and they began talking about how happy they were to be in first grade. Warren decided to interject himself into the conversation by explaining that first grade was stupid and this was his second time to come here. He failed last year because of “behavioral issues” his dad had told him.

“And if ya know what’s good for ya, you’ll do as I say or I’ll will beat ya like I did that kid last year” Warren told both Damon and Daniel.

They gave each other a wary look and attempted to ignore the beast of a boy until eventually Ms. Peterson said it was time to work on their math assignment. The rest of the day went by rather quickly; they would work on a lesson then take a break. Eventually they went to lunch and that afternoon they had recess. Damon and Daniel met a few more of the boys in the class and all of them were just hanging around by the school swing set when Warren made another appearance. He walked right over to Damon and said

“Move, you’re in my spot”

Then pushed Damon to the ground when he didn’t move fast enough.

“You little kids are gonna learn soon enough that this is my playground and you do what I say”

Damon got up slowly, attempting to shake the fog away from his head. He did not like the foggy times as he called them, he could never remember what happened when his head went foggy. He just smirked towards Daniel and shrugged his shoulders. Then without thinking his mouth opened

“What am I supposed to do, if he sits on me I die” He blurted out and then took off running because fat Warren was chasing after him.

Amber had owled Harry a few nights after their meeting at Hogwarts. She would meet him at the English ministry and escort him through the floo network to America. Clotille and Kreacher had already left for Cathedral House the night before taking Harry’s luggage with them. He took a long hot shower that morning and checked himself in the mirror a few times.

‘Not bad’ Harry thought, but then felt immediately stupid. ‘Real cool Romeo’ he said aloud as he took the floo to the ministry.

Amber had been waiting by the floo grates for about ten minutes. She couldn’t wait for Harry to get there, not because she was excited to see him. She was tired of all the lustful stares she received from the wizards and jealous ones from the witches. Then when she saw the messy long hair of the famous wizard step out of the floo farthest from her she had to admit maybe she was a little excited to see him.

“Harry, over here” Amber yelled with a bit too much enthusiasm.

She had never met a really famous person before and was overwhelmed when her path to Harry was obstructed by the various witches and wizards wishing to shake hands and give thanks to him. In consideration for his guest Harry quickly shook a few hands and then made his way through the congregating thrall.

“Wow” was all Amber could say.

“It gets this way sometimes; I try to let it slide though. Hell it was either me or Voldermort wasn’t it” Harry replied.

Amber just shook her head as Harry placed his hand on the small of her back.

“Let’s go this way, less of a crowd” He said as Amber struggled to reign in her emotions from his touch.

They made their way down to the international travel department and handed all the relevant documents over to the witch working the departure desk. She questioned Harry about modes of transport in the future and he simply replied personal floo. She made the necessary checks on her paperwork and bid them a safe day. Once they arrived in America everything seemed exactly the same, checked documents, marked papers and then Harry and Amber were on their way.

“President Canton would like to see you for a few moments, if that’s alright. I also need to stop by my office for a second” Amber said as she walked with Harry.

They entered the lift and Harry noticed a wizard sitting on a stool next to the floor call numbers.

“Where to Ms. Daugherty” the wizard asked and she replied the Presidential floor

Amber noticed Harry’s smirk and told him that it was always called the fifth floor until Canton took office. "He is so consumed with the importance of his office; he doesn’t realize how stupid it makes him look" Amber offered as an explaination.

It was Harry’s turn to just nod and it further increased his dislike of the American President. The lift doors opened on the president’s outer office, there sat a very lovely witch with bleach blonde hair. When Amber announced their visit, the receptionist instructed them to take a seat in an extremely nasally voice. Moments later she announced the President was ready to see them.

“Mr. Potter, I appreciate you visiting me straight away. I trust there were no issues with your travel.” President Canton stated and Harry shook his head.

The look Harry gave John unnerved the man, John could feel disdain flowing out of Harry’s essence.

“Yes, well I am glad you are here safely. If you will allow me a few seconds of your time, I will have him back to you in a jiffy Amber” John said as he dismissed his department head.

The look she shared with Harry said everything, and caught him off guard. He could feel her saying ‘stay calm, do not back down, but under no circumstances threaten or offend him’ and then she returned to the outer office.

“Harry, if I may call you that” Harry nodded in affirmation

“You seem to share a special relationship with your current Minister. I would love nothing more than for the two of us to have a similar bond. I want you to understand that I am here to help you while you are here. I have obtained diplomatic immunity for you while you reside here in the states and don’t think I need to remind you that while you are here, you must obey the laws of this land. Does that all seem on the up and up” The president asked and Harry responded

“I must admit that I am not sure what diplomatic immunity is, but thanks. Also you need to know that the Ministry of Magic has attempted to use me most of my life. For both political and personal reasons and because of that I am distrustful at best of most governing bodies. My relationship with Kingsley is a personal one that well pre-dates his appointment as current minister.” Harry replied stonily

“Diplomatic Immunity simply gives you clearance for travel and lets the public know you are here at the behest of the standing government.” John began but then drew closer to the desk and added “Well surely you can see the benefit of having friends in high places can’t you young man? I was told you were an extremely intelligent individual; please do not prove my sources wrong.” John stated

“My intelligence has brought me through many trials and guided my many actions through the years. You must understand that I mean no disrespect, but if you attempt to use me as a pawn or if you think you are doing me any favors here.” Harry paused with a steely gaze in the president’s direction,

“Then maybe I need to rethink my previous acceptance to help you and return to England post haste” Harry finished.

Harry knew and fully understood that with that sentence now said there was no turning back, he had officially been placed on this presidents bad side.

“Well now, there is no reason to be so dramatic Mr. Potter. You can’t blame an old politician for attempting to align himself with powerful people.” John stated with all niceties lost in his voice. “Your diplomatic immunity still stands and I thank you for any assistance you can provide.” John said with finality and rose to escort Harry out.

Amber took Harry’s hand and escorted him back through the lift down to the law enforcement department. She walked silently for a moment, then turned and told Harry he handled it properly.

“How do you know that and what the hell was that before you left the office” Harry stated and Amber knew he was agitated

“I have a very subtle skill known as empathy. Tell me what you felt with my stare in the office” she inquired.

Harry closed his eyes and thought back for a moment “stay calm, do not back down, but under no circumstances threaten or offend him” he said.

“Holy Shit, you got all of that. I mean for you to feel alarm or even some mild understanding is one thing but you understood every word of what I was projecting. Amazing” Amber stated in astonishment.

Amber led Harry into her department and walked with him through the hallway past some cubicles filled with onlookers. She unlocked her office door and Harry entered a very messy and tightly cramped office. Harry glanced around in amusement until Amber caught his gaze and told him to stuff it and take a seat.

“First off, I have known about my empathy for years. Usually in extremely stressful situations people can feel what I am feeling, whether it be fear, anger, sadness, or excitement. The key thing is that it needs to be an extreme emotion coming from me to be able to project it. On the flip side, I have a better feeling of everyone else’s emotions. Knowing your enemies feelings is the same as being able to react to his thoughts rather than his actions, in other words it gives me an edge in battle. Now this is the first time I have projected through my emotions and the receiver understood so completely that they recited the words back to me. What do you think about that” Amber finished with a question.

“Well to me I felt it was obvious what you were thinking, or trying to relay to me in that look you gave me. I mean duh, don’t offend the guy but then I realized that I heard you saying it in my head. I heard your exact sentence and……….” Harry stopped talking, he actually felt something peak in his mind, heart, and other areas when he felt her talk in his head. He was not about to let her know that though.

“Alrighty then, well on to other matters then. It seems as if some of my co-workers are less accepting of your talents as I am. I learned that they plan to test you, possibly even on your way out today. Please do not hurt any of them but leave them with a healthy respect for your powers” She finished with a gleam in her eyes.

Amber always loved a duel and the thought of a battle brought spasms of pleasure to her wand hand causing it to flex involuntarily. For his part Harry just grimaced and hoped he wouldn’t let her down.

They continued talking about the differences in their respective governing bodies when Amber decided it was time to head for New Orleans. She had a private floo in the DMD office lounge and since Harry was there they would be able to floo straight to his house. They entered the empty hallway and proceeded toward the lounge when Harry noticed a flash out of the corner of his eye. He threw Amber to the ground and instantly deflected the spell headed in his direction. When the spell made contact with his shield Harry had the ability to detect the essence of the spell, and something felt wrong. He remembered that Amber had warned him about an attack, but something still felt strange about the magic being used even if the DMD force were limiting their power.

Harry quickly spun and incapacitated his first attacker when he felt a powerful shove move him into a more open area; he looked down and saw that Amber pushed him into the fray of the fight with a gleeful glint in her eye.

She joined the gathered fighters and commenced to throwing everything they had at Harry. Harry had faced worst odds before, but six on one didn’t seem very fair. Fortunately his time with Ron studying in Gisgon had taught him a few reliable and powerful spells for the current situation. He threw up an immensely strong protega class spell, giving him the moment he needed to pull off the doppelganger spell he wanted to use. That narrowed the odds dramatically because no one knew which Harry was real; the spell was powerful enough to cause the replica Harry’s to cast ineffective spell’s further throwing off the attackers.

With the distraction Harry had time to evaluate and eliminate each opponent individually. He sensed their magic was bridled for some reason, he could tell from their firm concentration that they were putting everything into this fight. Harry put Amber in manacles and playfully cast rictusempra at her causing her to laugh uncontrollably at all the tickling. He was having fun and enjoying this exhibit, way more than the defeated DMD squad members. Harry banished his doppelgangers and removed the bindings holding everyone down. They all emerged shell shocked and amazed at how powerful this supposed kid was. Amber stepped forward and goaded Harry in the ribs for his tickling spell and then announced to everyone that this was Harry Potter.

“He has put on quite a show for us this afternoon; I daresay I will not hear anymore naysayers as to his ability to perform at a higher level than we are accustomed to. I assume most of you probably put all of your effort into the fight” Amber said as her eyes cut in the direction of one of the older squad members. “Mr. Thompson I think you might owe Harry an apology for some of the curses you threw in his direction.” She finished

“How come nothing we threw even touched him” a few of the squad members stated and all wanted to know how he multiplied himself.

Several of them walked up to shake his hand and introduce themselves, when a grizzled man that reminded Harry of Moody a bit walked up with a limp Harry assumed this was Mr. Thompson.

“Miles Thompson is my name son, damn good to meet ya. Thankfully you’re on our side.”

Proper introduction were made around the room before Amber took Harry away to the fireplace and brought them to Cathedral House. Once there she told him to settle in

“I will be back first thing in the morning, I am interested in hearing what you think of my group. I am sure you have a few questions yourself.” She said as Harry watched her beautiful backside leave through the floo.

A/N Sorry, I had to split the chapters. I wanted to keep my chapters under 3500 words. I couldn't think of a title for this chapter until I heard Neil Diamonds song "Coming to America" I thought it fitting.

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