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Daughter of Earth by BBWotter
Chapter 1 : Life as we know it.
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Chapter 1


Since she was small, strange things would happen to Allia Gobbart. Trees would turn their leaves red and gold whenever she touched them; or animals followed her around wherever she went. Plants literally blossomed with her happiness and they wilted when she was sad or angry. Once, on holiday to a beach with her family when she was four a dolphin appeared, and every beach they ever went to after that. No matter where they were, in Brighton, the south of Spain, that same dolphin would come and say hello its language of clicks and squeals. Her parents chose to ignore it, being what in the magical world are called muggles – people without access to any part of the magical world hidden from ordinary people. They grew afraid of their own daughter and began to neglect her. Instead they devoted time to her older brother who was incredibly gifted at sports, and her little sisters who were practically geniuses. There was no time for Allia or the strange phenomena that seemed to surround her. The letter however was just one thing too many for her parents.

They no longer recognised that she was their daughter; they couldn’t believe they had created a witch.  Without even waiting to hear whatever the woman who had introduced herself as Professor McGonagall had to say, they had unceremoniously kicked both her and Allia out of their home, screaming out of windows that she was never to come back.  Minerva McGonagall, headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry had never received such a reaction from a family in her many many years of being a teacher, and looked at the house, at a loss for words. 

Composing herself, she took the eleven year old girl into her arms and allowed her to cry, after all, she had just been disowned by her family.  Allia however made it very clear straight away she would not miss them as they had never treated her well, but she was worried about where she would go.  Making the decision that she would allow the child to stay with her until the Hogwarts term began in three weeks time, McGonagall interrupted the girl’s tale, only to bring her by side along apparation to the small cottage she had once lived in with her husband before he died. 

She steeled herself before she entered; she had not been inside in over two decades, choosing instead to stay in her quarters at Hogwarts to avoid the loneliness that comes with being a widow.  Inside she owled Rosmerta, the landlady of the Three Broomsticks, a local tavern, asking for spare clothes she might have from her daughters, as Allia had nothing from her home, only the letter she had yet to open.

While Professor McGonagall was out collecting the clothes she had asked for, and buying food to fill the cupboards, Allia read through the parchment she was holding.  What did it mean, she needed robes? And a magic wand! How was she ever going to get these she thought, she was only 11 years old for goodness sake and had no money!  Realising again how alone she was in this new strange world she sank to the ground and wailed. This was when McGonagall came in holding a plethora of different sizes of bags, which were immediately dropped when she saw Allia. 

Again holding her while she cried, McGonagall began to wonder too about what would become of the girl.  After what seemed like hours, Allia fell asleep on her lap, and with considerable spryness she lifted her up and into the bed upstairs.  She took up the clothes she borrowed, and began to unload them into the dresser that was to become Allia’s for the next three weeks. 

Minerva McGonagall lay in bed hours later deliberating over who would be the best guardian for Allia; Harry and Ginny would make brilliant adoptive parents but they already had James,  Albus and Lily and was certainly being kept bust with them – with Albus starting school soon as well.  In fact all the students she was still in contact with already had children of their own and would be too busy to take in another.  She decided to wait until morning and ask around, but she couldn’t help seeing herself cooking breakfast for Allia in the mornings and smiling at her in corridors of Hogwarts, treating her as if she were her own daughter.

Six years later Allia is a student at Hogwarts, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, just about to begin her sixth year. For her, life at school revolves around keeping her head down and working hard, and making sure Aunt Minnie (Allia’s name for McGonagall after she had been officially adopted mere days after they met, the connection they shared was so apparent they saw no need to wait) didn’t find out if she ever got detention. Having the headmistress as her guardian does not bring her the special treatment she hoped it would, but still gives her the disadvantage of Aunt Minnie (or Professor McGonagall as she was supposed to call her in term time) hearing about anything and everything that happened to her at school.

Allia is at the cottage she has come to call home for the final two weeks of summer and she looks out of the window to see three owls coming towards the house, which is odd, you hardly ever get more than two owls at a time unless it’s a particularly large package. She squints hopefully at the sky to see if it is a large package, her mind on a new broomsticks but she realises she already has an amazing broom, the Firebolt360, the best on the market! Besides, the owls are close enough now to see they are flying separately, each holding a letter in its talons.

One is obviously a school tawny owl; Allia recognises it as Scrim before wondering how normal it is to be on first name terms with the school owls. She shrugs and thinks ‘sue me’. She hurries to open the window and quickly goes to fetch some owl treats from the cupboard. She gives them some each and relieves them of their letters. Two of them buggered off straight away, but Scrim hangs about, hooting and pecking at the left over toast that lies abandoned on the kitchen table. Allia absent-mindedly strokes the back of his head and reads the letters.  Two are addressed to her and one of them, the one sent by the Ministry owl, is for Aunt Minnie.

The first letter says on the envelope:

Miss Allia Gobbart

Nymph Cottage


United Kingdom


 Her heart stops for a moment. She thinks to herself ‘Oh MERLIN. They’re here. WHAT DO I DO’

“AUNT MINNIE!” She hollers up the stairs “THE O.W.L RESULTS ARE HERE!”

Not waiting for Aunt Minnie to join her, she tears open the letter. In the emerald green ink used for all Hogwarts letters, it reads:

Ordinary Wizarding Levels

O= Outstanding E= Exceed Expectations A= Acceptable   P= Poor D= Dreadful T= Troll

Allia Gobbart

Transfiguration= O

Charms= O

Potions= E

Care of Magical Creatures= O

Arithmancy= E

Astronomy= O

Defence Against the Dark Arts=E

Herbology= O

Muggle Studies= O

History of Magic= T

Aunt Minnie walks down the stairs, as quickly as possible considering her age! Over the past five years, they had grown closer to each other, and now Allia considers her more of a mother than the woman who gave birth to and raised her. 

“What did you get?” she asks in the Scottish lilt the Allia has appropriated. She shows her the parchment, as she is too shocked to speak. She beams in delight and kisses her cheek. “That’s my Ally!”

Ally begins to dance around the kitchen table, humming to herself, unable to contain her satisfaction and pride. She didn’t let the T in History of Magic bother her. Muggle history had always fascinated her much more anyway.

 She puts away the breakfast plates and mugs and gazes for a moment at the charmed scrubbing brush that washes the plates as soon as they’re placed in the sink and she wonders if it is because she is a muggle born that magic still amazes her, and if it will continue to surprise her forever. She grabs the other letter that was sent to her, forgotten in her excitement of her results.  She immediately recognises the handwriting as Teddy Lupin’s. He’s Ally’s best friend and he was Aunt Minnie’s best student since his father Remus. Since Aunt Minnie was so busy with work five years ago to introduce Ally properly to the wizarding world, she asked Teddy to look after her.

Something about Teddy is truly amazing. He's honest and true, kind with a jot of mischief, which certainly came from his father. He can be extraordinary when he feels like it; he can be a lot of things when he feels like it. He’s lazy, stupid; completely idiotic. Charming. Sweet. Kind. Practically adorable.  When Ally met him, she was terrified; he‘s a tall, positively frightening figure, with broad shoulders and muscular arms. A shock of bright blue hair sat messily on his head, falling across his bright green eye that clashed terribly with his hair. Teddy Lupin is a metamorphugus and he likes to experiment with his ability. Ally remembers that day and laughs to herself, as if she could be scared of him now!

He introduced himself as Teddy Lupin, trainee Auror and ‘complete dunce’ in his own words.  He and Ally went to Diagon Alley first, to get a wand, as she had all her other supplies already. Aunt Minnie had taken care of them for her. When he took Ally through The Leaky Cauldron, she was instantly charmed. The tables were made of dark red wood, polished until you could see your reflection. The bar was long, smooth and clean, the floor the same state as the tables. Apparently it used to be dark, horrible and dingy but ever since Hannah Longbottom took over, it has become as homely a place as the Three Broomsticks. Much busier though, of course. It is the entrance to Diagon Alley after all!

They went to Olivander’s, and after Teddy told Ally how long he had been working there she had to wonder how that man was still alive! He told her to try out so many wands it felt like there just wasn’t one there for her. The first wand made all the other boxes sing, and Ally smiled to herself before it was snatched away from her, with Olivander muttering ‘no, no, that’s not right’. The next wand made the counter top burst into flames. After over twenty wands, three broken windows, and a door blown off its hinges, Ally was chosen by the perfect wand. It was made from the wood of a great oak tree: the largest in Britain and it had a phoenix feather core. She still likes that the core of her wand is from the animal that can heal almost any wound and the wood is from nature’s oldest and wisest tree.

After that, the pair went to Eyelop’s Owl Emporium, and Ally was overcome with love as soon as she stepped inside as soon as she stepped inside. Two pairs of eyes met. Ally’s chocolate brown met with gold against green she was to recognise again with someone else. Now these eyes belonged to the most beautiful black cat, with dark green eyes that reminded her of forests with flecks of gold that could be the young unicorns that live there. He was instantly Ally’s. She named him Felix, for the potion she had read about to prove that however unlucky people would think he is, to her he would bring her the best luck in the world. She could just feel it. Even now she swears when anything good happens it’s due to him.

 Teddy introduced her to the magical world explained its history and even showed her some basic spells so she’d be ahead of the game at Hogwarts. He helped her so much for the three weeks he could, and he got Vic (Victoire Weasley, daughter of Bill and Fleur – nee Delacour- Weasley) to be her guide around Hogwarts when she got there.

Turning her attention back to her letter, the second one was from Teddy,

Hey Ally Bear!

I’m coming over today; I NEED TO SEE YOUR RESULTS! And I have so much to tell you! See you at the tree house in 10! Oh, and I’m bringing Rosie an Ally-Wally by the way! (He just hit me for that ugh)

See you!

She laughs and goes to tidy up the kitchen, dumping the empty mugs and in the sink where they start to be washed by the charmed brush. With that done, she runs up the stairs to her bedroom.

Apart from the bed, her room looks nothing like the bare guest room it was five years ago.  Now it mostly resembles a library. Three walls are lined with bookshelves that reach high up, right to the ceiling. The other wall has a large window that looks out onto the neighbouring forest that is mirrored in Felix’s eyes. The wallpaper is a dark red, with pale gold and cream flower vines imprinted on it. A large red cushy armchair sits in one corner, with a golden orb of light floating over it; it dims to Ally’s comfort. Right now, it is nearly completely lightless, since she has no immediate use for it.  Aunt Minnie charmed the bookshelves so that whichever book she wants, she only has to say the title and it pushes itself half out of the shelf saving her so much time looking. There is a large four-poster bed in the middle of the room, the headboard carved with flowers and wild creatures, both magical and mundane. The posts are carved to match the headboard and the bedcover is also red, with gold and green embroidery of flower vines that sparkled in the right light.

Although it seems she went overboard with all the nature references in her room but Ally has something called Earth Magic. It is an ancient form of magic that means Ally can both nurture and destroy the parts of earth as she pleases. She can make flowers grow; make weeds disappear. She is also learning and developing the power to heal animals. All this, she can perform wandless. Now she understands how she could always change the leaves on the trees to gold and red and how animals followed her wherever she went.

Professor Hagrid and Professor Longbottom had both noticed her extraordinary abilities in their classes and asked her and her adoptive mother with incredulity how she could be performing better than most NEWT students, with no training! Ally explained to them what happened to her whilst growing up, and the rest of her abilities. All together through that first year they looked deep into every crevice of the Hogwarts library, in particular the restricted section, and in the libraries of the Ministry of Magic, until finally, they believed they found the answer.

 According to several books, there exist four types of elemental magic. Earth, Air, Water and Fire. These are not official forms of magic no one was even sure they really existed. And no one had had shown signs of elemental magic since Finlay the ‘Fire Dragon’, from the early nineteenth century. The last person with Earth Magic must have been so far back in time any documents of them and the extent of their powers have been lost. Ally’s the first Earth Elemental since records began! So she has to discover her own powers and make this journey alone.

She walks over to the ottoman at the foot of the bed and taps it twice with her wand. If she had opened it normally, she would find some spare bed linen, but when it’s tapped twice, it slides to the side, revealing a staircase illuminated with glowing orbs of light like the one above the armchair. She walks down the winding stone stairs to find a room. Her storage room; her secret. Only Teddy and Aunt Minnie know about it. All her healing things are in here, both Muggle and Magic, different potions and lotions and bandages and poultices, books about nature and the earth who’s magic she uses. A few that are on elemental magic and extremely valuable are down here too. There are also the photo albums she took away from the one visit she made to her parents house when they weren’t there – her sister let her in. The ones she can never bring herself to look at.

Her Firebolt 360 is down here too, just because she is not an air elemental, doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to soar through the sky. It does feel strange for her to not be close to the earth and its magic but she loves the feeling of being like the birds, free and wild and joyful.

She pulls on her clothes, hopping on one leg up the stairs as she puts on a pair of walking boots.  ‘If Teddy is bringing Albus and Rose then I should at least wear shoes’ she thinks herself. She goes to the kitchen and packs some chocolate frogs and sugar-quills, her favourites after Teddy got her hooked.

“Aunt Minnie! Where are you?” calls Ally from the kitchen, not bothering to look around first.

“In the living-room dear” is heard her faint reply.

Ally walks in to see her looking over a letter, the one that arrived earlier, and she looks paler than usual.

“Oh! Aunt Minnie, are you alright? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost!”

“Oh don’t worry, I’m fine” she says waving it off her usual slightly strict tone returning, “Now - go and do whatever you were going to, seeing Teddy I presume? Tell the boy to come see me sometime! He doesn’t do it often enough, and if you stay over, come home early tomorrow, we’re going up to Hogwarts’

Ally blinks in surprise, “Why?”

“I just need some help with something”

“Erm...okay, I might stay at Teddy’s, or at the Tree-house. If not, I’ll see you later. Bye!” she blows a kiss as she runs off and if she had looked back, she would have seen an affectionate smile on the old woman’s face.


Hey! So, this is my new fanfic, and I hope you all enjoy it. Actually, thank you for taking time to read the Author's note! I know some people don't! Could anyone tell me how to put up a banner, 'cause I really want to, if I do I'm sure I would get more readers. 

I own nothing in this story, except for the characters you don't recognise and the plot; all rights are reserved for J K Rowling! Thank you again!

BB xoxo

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