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Hidden Attractions and Ill- Disguised Tricks by Brigadeiro16
Chapter 7 : Hidden Passages and Accepted Challenges
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 A/N- Hey guys! Sorry, I really mean to upload this quick. But my last chapter was rejected (I wrote boobies on the chapter summary an it was supposed to be 12+ oops), and it takes awhile to fix things and have them accepted again. I have the next chapter completely done, and if everything goes fine, It will upload soon! Kay, have fun.

James’ P.O.V.
    I was starved. I couldn’t wait to get to the Great Hall.  I was coming in through the astronomy tower; Padfoot and the rest of us had been cursing oblivious Slytherins who were out on the grounds. The lads were on an excursion to Hogsmeade, as we were planning to have a little party in our dorm to commemorate the first day of a year of shenanigans. I cut through a tapestry to get to the Great Hall faster, ignoring the rumours that Peeves was spreading mischief that way.
     It was dark, and silent. I hurried through, the growling in my midsection urging me on. As I was about to turn and get to the end tapestry, I ran into something. It was warm, and soft, and delicate. A girl, obviously, but one that I wanted to put my arms around. I didn’t get the chance, because the impact of our collision sent us hard against the wall. We crumpled to the floor, and took a few moments to regulate our breathing. We stood up, and I decided to see who it was.
    “Lumos,” I don’t know why I whispered, I guess it was just the setting of the dark. I raised my wand, and I could tell it was Lily. But it was as if I was seeing her for the first time. As if I had been blind, so I knew her, but had never seen her until now.
     Lily was beautiful. Gorgeous. Stunning. She somehow had morphed from the awkward, gangly fourteen- year-old I had first asked out into this... this woman. A hot woman, mind you. I had known she was attractive before, but something about looking at her from the light of my wand, in total silence, and darkness bordering her figure; it made her seem more real. I realised her beauty. She had soft curves, and big doe-like eyes, and full lips that were plump and inviting... I had known all this before. Why did it surprise me now? But it all came together now.  
   Then she spoke, and it jerked me out of my trance. She was still beautiful to me though. My plan hadn’t changed, I was sure. But something had. Something in the split second I looked at her. I just wasn’t sure what had changed.
    “James?”  She looked at me, her big green eyes focused on me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stumble upon you like that. I was heading to the Great Hall, for lunch.” Lunch. Oh yeah. Lunch sounded good. Maybe I could even get some flirting under way. After all, the plan was still in effect.
      “Not your fault. I was heading to the Great Hall, too. What’s wrong with that way?”
       “Peeves.” I was glad I hadn’t listened to the rumours. This was the perfect opportunity.
       “Ah. I suppose you don’t mind if we walk together then?”
       “No, I suppose not.”  We walked the way I came through in silence. My wand was lit, so we didn’t fall again. I held the tapestry aside for her like a perfect gentleman. I still had my manners, even if my other attributes had been metaphorically thrown out the window in her eyes.
       Then it hit me. I had stumbled upon Lily in a secret passageway. She was a goody two- shoes. She didn’t know about those.. right?
     “Hey, Lily I thought you got good marks and never got into trouble. How do you know about the secret passageway?” My voice seemed normal, but Lily laughed.
      “James, just because I never get into trouble doesn’t mean I never sneak out. I probably know more hidden passages than you and your posse. You may have secrets up your sleeves, but I know this castle like the back of my hand.”  
     Wait, what? But we had already reached the Hall, and Lily had wedged herself between two sixth- year girls. I sighed and sat next to Frank Longbottom, who was holding hands with Lily’s friend. I barely saw them, however. My mind was mulling over what I had just heard.
       If what Lily said was true, then she was a rule breaker. That was mind bending all on its own. But I doubted she knew the castle better than us. We had the map. That did give us some advantages though, so I supposed it wasn’t fair. and how did she know we were hiding secrets? I was even more clueless about this girl than I thought. Hurriedly, I wrote her a note.
      I seriously doubt you know this castle better than we do.
   I folded the paper and charmed it so it flew to her

You would be surprised. I know this place like no other, except maybe McGonagall or Dumbledore.
You couldn’t show me one place in these grounds I don’t already know.                        
I do, and it will shock even you, mister I’ve- seen- it- all.
Prove it. Tell me.
I’ll have to show you one day.
Saturday, midnight.
This kind of information isn’t free, you know.
I have gold. I was thinking more of a trade.
What, like chocolate frog cards?
What, then?
A Secret for a secret.
If you find a good enough place here we don’t know about, deal.
Fair enough
Saturday at midnight, with me, Wormtail, Moo- Sirius, Peter, and Remus?

     I expected her to return the note, but she kept it. She just leaned over and nodded at me. I turned back to my half- eaten meal. Saturday night was going to be interesting.

Lily’s P.O.V.
    James. He was the body that had felt so perfect against mine. He looked at me like a blind man looking at the sun for the first time. I thought this was laying it on a bit thick, considering his plan and all. I already knew he was fit, so the hard muscles underneath the soft skin didn’t surprise me. It made me nostalgic though, for something I had never had. He would have been a great boyfriend, if he had actually taken the time to know me, and not as part of some underhanded plot.  But he didn’t, and that was that.
       We talked a bit on the way to the Great Hall, and passed notes during lunch, too. He seemed amazed that I ever snuck out, and disbelieving that I knew of something around here. I was sure he knew of everything, but not the Unknowable Room. I was certain of it. And by the end of the lunch period, I had gotten myself a deal. A secret for a secret, and I would make sure the Marauders would spill their secrets. Maybe not all, but enough. Enough for me to begin to unravel their mysteries.

A/N- Dun Dun Dun Dunnnnnn! Haha. I know you have an opinion on this story, and even if you hate it, tell me. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! Please?

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Hidden Attractions and Ill- Disguised Tricks: Hidden Passages and Accepted Challenges


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