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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 16 : Feelings unleashed
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Fred sighed for the tenth time that night as he sat next to Hermione's sleeping form on the bed.

'IT'S ALL HIS FAULT! ' Fred thought about what Hermione said

'IT'S ALL HIS FAULT! HE KILLED MY PARENTS, HE TORTURED ME ALL THOSE YEARS! HE'S THE REASON I CAN NEVER FORGET....i'm only a Mudblood.....The reason i cant smile!' Fred stared at the crying Hermione in his arms...what was he to say? there was nothing he could say that would help. he knew Hermione was in pain this extent....Fred just held Hermione closer as the rain soaked them both. all he could do was let her cry.

"Hermione...." he said after what felt like forever. when she didnt respond Fred spoke a little louder.

"Hermione?" she still didnt respond Fred pulled her away from him, she looked to be sleeping until Fred felt her forhead.

"your burning! Hermione! Hermione dont worry!" he said quickly picking her up and rushing home.

"Hermione..." Fred said a loud glancing at her pained sleeping face.  Fred leaned over and moved a piece of hair from her face then adjusted the blankets.

"How's she doing?" Fred looked up to find George holding a tray of several bowls containing water and soup.

"she hasnt waken up yet, if thats what you mean." Fred said looking back at Hermione as George made his way around to the nightstand closes to Hermione. George glanced at Fred as he sat the tray down. He could see the concern on his face as plain as the red hair on his head.

"Don't worry Gred, She'll be fine...Our Hermione's much tougher then she looks" George said patting his back in an attempt to console his brother. Fred looked at George and nodded. He knew Hermione was tough, that only made him feel worst. It was her toughness that caused her this much pain.  Keeping it all in to herself, never letting anyone else take on the pain. they all knew she was hurting they all knew something was wrong but asking Hermione what was wrong and expecting an answer was like asking the twins if they planned on taking a test...they'd look at you funny and laugh it off.

"i told Berry we'd have dinner some other time." George continued Fred nodded.

"Thanks for everything Forge..." Fred said smiling at him. George smiled sympathetically and nodded.  After George left Fred looked back at Hermione.

"MMmMMNNnnnnn" Hermione moaned as she shifted.

"Hermione!" Fred jumped up concern pulling on her arm.

"OH Sorry" He said quickly as he grabbed her very small hand and placed it back under the blankets. Hermione wasnt even paying attentnion to him.

"Fred?..." she said as the light in the room hit her like a brick directly to her brain.

"Careful." Fred said helping her sit up.

"Fred what..or are we?"

"we're back at the apartment." Fred answered sitting on the bed and taking the rag and the bowl of cold water and patting some on her forhead.

"oh...What time is it?" she asked allowing him to do so.

" its about 9:30 p.m. i believe."

"OH MY MERLIN BERRY! ow" she said sharply holding her head.

"hey calm down you've been down for about 4 hours you need to take it easy I dont care how strong you think you are. and dont worry...George cancelled the dinner." Fred said getting Hermione settled back into bed.

"Hungry?" Fred asked bringing over the bowl of soup. Hermione nodded looking up at Fred.

"Good I was gonna make you eat whether or not you were willing but compliance it so much easier." Fred said causing Hermione to smile.

"Theres a smile" she smiled too.

"Thanks Fred." she said looking up at him. Fred shook his head.

"Dont mention it now open up." he said holding out the spoon.

"I can feed myself thank you. My arms arent broken." Hermione said defiently.

"I know that but my arms gonna be moving anyway so i might as well be doing something." he said motioning to the chain.

"..." Hermione wasnt exactly sure how to respond to that.

"Ahhh" Fred said. Hermione shook her head.

"Here comes the airplane!" Fred said making airplane noises. Hermione glared at Fred.

"Haha I was just kidding" Fred smiled. Hermine smiled back and opened up a little embarrassed.

"There you go."

"Fred i will punch you"

"Again just kidding haha" He said. Teasing her was much too fun.

"I'm sorry" Hermione said after several minutes. Fred looked up at her.

"for what?" he asked truly confused.

"...earlier. I wasnt thinking right i shouldnt have acted that way." she said. Fred sat the bowl down a little angry.

"Hermione Stop it!" Hermione looked up at him in shock.

"Are we not good enough!?" he said standing up.

"What?..." now it was Hermione's turn to be confused.

"I thought we were friends!"

"Fred we are.."

"THEN WHY!?" he said interrupting her.

"Why is it you cant tell us anything...all this pain you keep bottled up all of this Hurt! you dont have to bare it alone! so why cant you tell us!? It huts us to see you like this and then you try to cover it up like you've slipped up on you Facade! just let us help you! Thats what friends are for right?" he said letting it soak up. Hermione stared up at him in shock.

"dont hide your pain from us anymore...from me..please dont hide it anymore ok?" he said kneeling back down as he gently placed a hand on the side of her face.

"Fred." she said overwhelmed by the rush of emotions. she looked down as tears filled her eyes. she didnt realise she had caused everyone to feel this way...caused Fred to feel this way. she thought it was better if everyone kept smiling rather than worrying about her.

"Im..sorry Fred" she said truly meaning it as she let the tears fall again.

"Hermione...." he said sympathetically. Fred leaned in and kissed her forehead. Hermione looked up at him in shock, then relaxed. Hermione looked up at Fred and hesitantly kissed his cheek. Fred looked back at Hermione in the same shock she had only moments ago. it wasnt shock from the act but rather the sensation they got from the action. like little sparks flying through their body. they stared at each other for several minutes. then slowly they leaned into each other right until they were only a few centimeters away.

"Hermione...." Fred began but was cut off as Hermione filled the space between them and connected their lips. It felt like Fireworks were rushing through their entire body's and souls's. It was incredible.

"Hey guys I found it!" George said rushing in the bedroom. Fred and Hermione broke apart.

"what?" they both said a little annoyed and confused.

"the key." they stared in silent shock...What now?




A/N Hey guys sorry about my absence my computer is being stupid and not cooperating with me, but i finally found some time and have done my best hope you enjoy!

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