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Just any other year at hogwarts... by HorseMad99
Chapter 7 : The beginning of a downward spiral....
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 A/N: So heyy everyone, so I would like to thank everyone for 850+ reads! So here is Chapter 7. This is partially co-written by my amazing friend Bronwen (KTSelwynRavenclaw) she gave me inspiration for a new character in this chapter. You should go check her out because she is in the process of starting a story that will interlink with this one. Sorry I haven’t updated for a while, I was on holiday and didn’t have internet so I couldn’t email Bronwen to co-write with her, but anyway, it is here now and I hope you enjoy and please leave me a review,  and remember reviews= metaphorical mars bars!! Xxx

UPDATED 13/6/13


I hurried back to the dorms. I was a bit worried about what the others might think, they might think I spent the night with a guy or something. What if they were sitting in the dormitory talking about me right now? When I came to think about it though I realised that I didn’t really care, if my own brother thought I was a slut then everyone probably did by now. I sighed, I was unwilling to let myself dwell on what had happened because I would probably freak out and realise what a horrible decision I had made. Though to be honest it was too late to change my mind. I had already plotted my course and I was running on auto pilot.

Despite having taken the hangover potion, I still ached in general so much so that I had ditched my shoes or at least I had taken them off and was now carrying them. They were far too nice to simply cast them aside.

The soles of my feet were in inordinate amounts of pain but I kept up the pace, I was scared that if I didn’t get back soon then people would already be awake and would see me trying to sneak back in. Then I realised that it was already 10:30 so almost everyone that didn’t go to the party would already be up and in the common room and even the people who did go to the party would probably be waking up from their drunken slumbers soon enough.

I quickly cast a disillusionment charm on myself so that as I walked through the common room all I could see was the confused looks of the little Gryffies as the common room opened seemingly for no reason.

I crept into the dorm, I was relying on the fact that Ava was very grumpy if she was woken up when she had a hangover so that hopefully the others would wait a while before waking up in case they disturbed her.

The door creaked slightly but apart from that the room was silent. I hurriedly changed into my pyjamas and jumped into bed pulling the hangings around as I did so. I listened intently for signs of life and I heard whispers.

‘Where was she last night, you don’t think…’

‘No! Of course not, she was probably just upset because of what happened’

‘You don’t think that surely’

‘Well she was really drunk. I wouldn’t be that surprised…’

‘Rose! Don’t say that. Fliss wouldn’t’

Rose sighed in response and muttered ‘whatever’,

It sort of hurt that Rose would think of me like that. I thought that we were friends, then again, going on how I was acting last night I can’t really blame her for thinking that.

I had dug myself into a hole and I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get out, for that matter, I didn’t know whether I wanted to get out. Right now all I felt like doing was hiding from society and wallowing in self-pity.

I can hear them complaining now, by the sounds of it they were all squished onto Evie’s bed and were now trying to remove themselves from the tangle of limbs. They began to get up and dressed, moaning about hangovers as they did so. I didn’t get up, not straight away at least, I didn’t want them to know that I had overheard them.

Again I thought over what they had said, it was crazy because I hadn’t even got close to sleeping with a guy yet whereas I know for a fact that Rose has slept with Scorpius. Sometimes I really hate Rose, she always acts like she has the moral high ground and that she is better than everyone else just because she is clever and a prefect. Sometimes I really wonder whether she is actually human because she expects us to be perfect and not make any mistakes, just because she manages to survive her crazy lifestyle, everything happening to us is less important because if she can deal with all of ‘her stuff’ then we should be able to deal with every ‘little crisis’ that crops up.

I emerged from my bed about five minutes later. I tried to act as if I had just woken up but I had never exactly been the best actress.

“So, what happened last  night?” asked Ava in the most matter of fact voice she could manage. Before I could reply however, Evie joined in the conversation, “Are you okay? You know after everything that happened.

“Sure, it’s fine.” I replied, I pretended I wasn’t bothered but I just didn’t want to talk about it, not now, now ever.

“Ooohh, did you hear about Fred?” asked Evie excitedly.

“No! What happened?” I asked. I was worried; Fred did have a particular proclivity for causing accidents and had probably injured himself again. However I was set at ease when I caught sight of Rose who was grinning.

“He got off with ‘KT’ Selwyn” laughed Evie. ‘KT’ was in our year and seemed to be under the impression that by shortening her full name (which was Katherine) to ‘KT’ it made her cool. She was a member of one of the few remaining pureblood families which naturally made her think she was above everyone else. She happened to be best friends with April Long (the school slut) though Hayley seemed to be rivalling  April for that particular title or at least from what I saw last night (she had spent the night snogging multiple different boys, though I couldn’t talk) Anyway back to the subject. 

I could only laugh, Fred was never known for his choosing of the right girls, this seemed like another drunken decision. Ahh well I would let Fred have his fun, he would move on quickly enough. Fred always did, he bounced back quickly if you ask me it’s a case of no sense no feeling. Evie had spent the night somewhere and with someone. None of us knew and she certainly wasn’t telling. Ava and Saffie had apparently spent the night drunkenly debating about social hierarchy (I seriously wonder about my friends sometimes)

“So Fliss,  what were you doing last night?” asked Rose. I blushed to be honest I didn’t remember what I had done last night. I shrugged my shoulders hoping that they wouldn’t press me for any more details.

“I thought you confronted Charlie?” asked Saffie curiously breaking off her debate with Ava over who won the debate the night before.  Why does Saffie always make things difficult for me? (She should be a private investigator person so that she can interrogate people, she always seemed to ask the questions that I wanted to avoid)

“Oh…I didn’t find him” I replied feebly trying to brush her off; I am seriously pathetic at lying. 

“Yeah, what happened last night? We didn’t even see you at the party, if you weren’t at the party where were you all night?” asked Ava she seemed to convince the truth out of you without realising, she’s a super ninja that girl.

“I was at the party; I was just a bit busy…”

They giggled. I blushed. 

The remainder of the day was spent catching up on a mountain of homework that was the result of a week’s worth of procrastination, which meant that I in particular had so much homework that it would probably last me until Christmas.  Ava may be the queen of sarcasm and a super ninja but I was the queen of procrastination which I supposed was not exactly a good thing. 

I spent the whole day slaving over the many pieces of homework I had and finally at 7pm I reached the last essay. A boring history of magic essay which I had been purposely leaving till the end hoping that I wouldn’t have time to do it. History of magic must have been invented by Argus Filch as a way to torture the next generation of students. I groaned about this to everyone before being reminded by Rose that Filch didn’t invent it and she proved this by telling me that most of the stuff we learnt anyway was stuff from about 1000 years ago. (Damn her for being so clever) Anyway History of magic is the bane of my life; we don’t even learn about the relevant things, we don’t even learn about the wizarding wars. Apparently the ministry of magic thinks we are too ‘innocent’ to learn about the wars, I can tell you that most of the people in my year and above are far from innocent (if you know what I mean…) 

The following day I was sat in a dreaded history of magic lesson. It was as ever so boring that I almost started eating my hand just for something to do. I reached the point of banging my head on my desk when Al muttered my name. I looked round and he gave me a look which only I understood he then proceeded to pull out a piece of parchment and I did the same.

In our first year Al and I found a spell that when cast on two pieces of parchment at the time made each piece of parchment mirror the other. Therefore anything written on one piece would appear on the other; this meant we could still talk in lessons without having to get caught. (We would use the muffliato charm but most of the teachers could recognise it now and you would be ‘harshly punished if found to have used the spell’ as Professor Muddlepod put it.)


I looked down at the parchment which writing was appearing on. 

‘So what happened on Saturday night? Evie said that you didn’t get back till yesterday morning…’

‘Nothing…I just fell asleep in the room of requirement, I had one too many drinks that’s all! Anyway, where were you? I didn’t see you at all…’

‘Oh me? I was nowhere…’

‘Oh really now, you were nowhere were you!’


I thought it was a bit of a coincidence that both Al and Evie had both disappeared at the party and both were refusing to tell anyone where they were. I wondered why Evie hadn’t told me, we were really close then again I hadn’t told her what happened to me so how could I expect her to tell me. It’s so hard trying not to be a hypocrite (that would be a much more useful lesson than History of Magic, or at least it would be useful for me.) 

Fliss…do you like James? 

Well this was sufficiently awkward. Out of all of the questions that I had been asked so far, no one had asked me this. I hadn’t really thought about it and I didn’t really want to talk to James’ brother about it even if he was one of my best friends. 

My quill just hovered above the parchment as my brain tried to figure out what to write…

‘I don’t know Al…’

It was all that I could think up. He looked over at me, I tried to figure out what he was thinking but he seemed to be doing the same to me.

‘Messagos removos’ I scrawled hurriedly. This removed the spell and cleared the parchment of all writing.

Now that I had stopped ‘quill messaging’ with Al I began to fall back into the painful world of extreme boredom brought on by sitting in History of Magic for too long. Though having a double of History and Magic meant that I got it out of the way for the week, it also meant that I was subjected to a full two hours of extreme boredom which made me want to knock myself out just so that I could leave the lesson. 

After what seemed like years the torture finally ended and Professor Binns (yes the same ghost teacher that taught Harry Potter and was alive when most of the historic events he was teaching us about actually occurred.) lets us leave. 

As usual I started moaning about how crap history of magic was and how it was totally useless. 

“ESMIE!” squealed Rose, “you need to stop moaning about History of Magic, it’s an important part of you education for which you should be grateful for. 

“Ugghhh, shut up Rose, I am never going to use it…evvveeerrr” I grumbled, prolonging the word ‘ever’ just to impress upon Rose how much I really wasn’t going to use it. All Rose did was give me a filthy glare, I was caught by surprise at her sudden swing in emotions, I was just messing around I wasn’t being serious. I always moaned about History of Magic, Rose knew that I didn’t enjoy it, but how could she not realise that I wasn’t being serious. 

I would have gone after her, but after our little confrontation Rose stormed off. We didn’t have our next lesson together so I couldn’t follow her, I couldn’t sort things out. It was unusual, Rose didn’t normally over react in this was. She normally 'thought through the matter and considered it with an open and logical mind-set' or at least that is what she tells me. I came to the conclusion that something else must be bugging her, she wouldn’t normally have been so agitated by my moaning’s which she had gotten used to ignoring. 

Al and I had Care of Magical Creatures together next, unfortunately though we have moved on from studying thestrals to studying bowtruckles which were the most boring creatures ever to be discovered on the earth except perhaps for flobberworms (because all they did was eat lettuce all day until they died from overfeeding. Flobberworms are seriously retarded…even more so than me perhaps. 

Anyway we spent the lesson drawing bowtruckles which of course ended up with me losing my bowtruckle and just drawing a random stick. Not much different from usual to be honest. 

Lunch was almost painfully awkward; Rose was clearly still annoyed at me for some unknown and unfathomable reason. Whenever I tried to talk to her, she would start a conversation with someone else. My face fell, what had I done that merited this kind of treatment? I had only been joking but she had taken it the wrong way, why had she been so annoyed anyway? Rose took her studies seriously but why had she freaked out at me just because I had moaned a little more than usual?

Everyone else could feel the tension between us, they had all been present when Rose had freaked out at me but none were helping the situation, instead they were just keeping an eye on both of us waiting to see if anything would happen. Of course nothing did, Rose was too dead set on ignoring me. 

I hated arguing with my friends, we didn’t argue often but when we did it would either be about something silly that we all soon forgot or it would be a major argument that could last more than just a day. I hope that Rose wasn’t considering this argument one of the latter types.

Ugghh arguments are shit and pointless, who needs them?
After more awkwardness I looked at my watch, it was time for an extra lunchtime quidditch practise that James had scheduled. Al also looked at the time and in cannon Rose, Evie, Al and I each got up and after saying goodbye to Ava, Amie and Scorpious (the only ones who were not on the team) we headed down to the quidditch pitch together. 

Our brooms were still locked in the broom shed next to the pitch after the game on Saturday and our quidditch robes were freshly laundered and awaiting us in our lockers where they had been put by the house elves. 

When we arrived the rest of the team was already there and changing. I quickly grabbed my robes from my locker and found an empty bench next to Evie to change at.

“Right everyone!” James shouted, “Once you have all changed can you come out onto the pitch so we can start the practise please!”

“Are you alright Fliss?” asked Evie staring at me worriedly, she was already changed and I hadn’t even started. I just nodded, so she left with the rest of the team. I was now left alone except for James who appeared to be looking for something. When the door banged shut behind Evie, he turned around to see me still sitting at the bench doing nothing. 

He sat down next to me, still not saying anything. We hadn’t spoken since the party.

“You okay?” he mumbled. People seemed to be asking me this a lot lately, “You seem really quiet” 

I see why he was worried now; me being quiet either meant I was deep in thought (which happens quite rarely) when I was sleeping, or when I was upset. Usually it was because I was sleeping, what can I say? I like my sleep. 

“Oh nothing, just Rose is annoyed at me” I replied lightly. He just looked at me curiously.

“You know that’s not what I am talking about Snow,”

He was right; I knew he was referring to any aftermath from what had happened at the party. 

“Well, Charlie isn’t talking to me…”

“You’re not the only one”

“Look James…I’m really sorry... I” I started to explain but James cut me off.

“Snow, you don’t have to apologise, you really don’t. It wasn’t your fault that the bottle landed on us, it wasn’t your fault we were both drunk…well actually that could have been helped…”

“Nope, Fred would have got us drunk whether we wanted to or not” I laughed, it made him smile which made me smile wider. 

“I’m sure Charlie just needs time to think Snow, he’ll be talking to you soon enough”

Then he got up and left leaving me truly alone. Until I remembered that it was a quidditch practise and I was meant to be outside. 

UPDATED 13/6/13
Heyy everyone, so here is chapter seven this took me a long time because as I have already told you, I was away for the week so I couldn’t co-write the chapter, anyway it is here at last so I hope you enjoyed it. I know not much really happened in this chapter but you have to have chapters like this that make the story better in the end. I know I didn’t say much about the new character ‘KT’ but what do you think so far? Just so you know she does become more important in the later chapters (from what I have planned anyway) but you will just have to wait to find out! Anyway if you enjoyed it or even if you didn’t please leave me a review to tell me what you liked/ didn’t like and how you think it could be improved. It would be a real help to me and I just like to know what you think! 

Thank you for reading

Beth xx

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. 

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