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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 8 : How did you make such a mess of things?
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8 How did you make such a mess of things?

The Christmas holiday drew nearer every day. The days shortened, the weather grew colder. Meanwhile Hermione saw her belly growing steadily. Every day it looked a little bigger than the day before, which is considered normal during the fifth month of pregnancy. Hermione found that she still had a lot of energy. She spent most of her free time finishing the nursery. She still needed a nursery table and she couldn’t make it herself, she simply didn’t have the time for that now. What with work and everything. So for Christmas Hermione had taken a week off. Ron had done the same, so they could spend a  lovely Christmas time together. Well that was the plan.

Hermione woke up. She’d just had another of her bad dreams. It sent shivers down her spine just thinking about it. She really needed an arm around her right now. She looked next to her, but her husband was not there. She sat up slowly, feeling a little dizzy. This was a normal thing in the stage of pregnancy she was in. Hermione had read all about it in the guide. She had to be careful and let the dizziness slowly pass before getting up. If not she would fall, just like the other time. Pain and distress was the last thing she wanted to make her baby experience.

“Ron!” Hermione shouted. She got up now, walking to the door. “Ronald are you here?” This was just like her nightmare. The house was empty. Panic struck her like a bolt of lightning, making her move faster towards the living room. She opened the door forcefully, there was no one there. Hermione looked around in dread. She tried to tell herself to stay calm but she found that this was impossible.

Panic had taken over completely. Where was Ron? Why wasn’t he here? Had anything happened at work, did he have to go on an unexpected  mission? Had he left her? Where could he possibly be?

Hermione knew deep inside that it was of no use at all to be so panicked, but she had no control over it. In an attempt to calm herself she went over to the bookcase. A shaking finger ran across the backs of the books. A little information book got her attention. ‘What to do when my husband leaves me?’ A pang of terror hit Hermione in the stomach, books came flying from the shelves. Hermione ducked just in time to avoid a large spell book  hitting her around the head.

“Stop, stop it! You lay down.” Hermione yelled at the books. They kept on flying around like big birds. Still panicking Hermione fled into the kitchen. She thought that if she could calm herself with some tea she would be able to settle the books and get things strait again. She got the water boiling and with shaking hand she tried to pour herself a cup. A large gush of hot water  splashed over her hand burning her skin.

With a loud scream she let go of the cup, causing the hot water she had to pour over her leg before the cup crashed on the ground. Wailing in pain Hermione picked up a towel. She ran some cold water over it before clutching it to her thigh. A large blister was forming on her hand. The skin was violently red. Tears of pain came rolling down her face. The big burst of emotion made her head spin. Hermione sank down on the ground.

She just thought this couldn’t go any worst when she put her right hand down to sit up a little. A sliver of pain ran through her hand. She had cut it on a fragment of the broken cup.

That’s how Ron found his wife upon entering their house. A little heap in a blue nightgown, specked with drops of blood. A towel around her thigh and tears on her face. It’s useless to say that he was quite panicked himself upon this sight. He first had to dodge several books, flying around in the living room to get to her.

“Hermione, what happened?” Ron asked, beside himself with panic. Hermione looked up miserably. She put both arms around his neck whispering

“I am such an idiot.” Ron looked at her confused.

“What on earth happened?” Ron asked again. He took the towel from Hermione’s thigh and put it around her hand. Only to notice the large blisters on the leg. He sat down next to her. “Please explain.” He commanded roughly, still feeling anxious.

Hermione put her arms tightly around her belly. She breathed in a long full of air.

“That’s enough!” she said. The books in the living room stopped in midair and fell to the ground. She then looked at her husband’s worried face. Slowly she explained what had happened when she woke up. When she got to the kitchen part Ron started smiling. Hermione looked at him like he had suddenly gone crazy. “What?”

“Whenever you’re in panic to tend to forget some essential things.” He said.

“What’s that?” Hermione asked a little anxious.

“You’re a witch Hermione, you don’t have to cool a blister with a wet towel. We’ve got some perfectly good stuff for that. Wait here.” He got up to get a little bottle from one of the shelves. It contained a brownish liquid. He poured some of it over her thigh, some over her burned hand and some on the cut of her other hand. Hermione smiled weakly. She had indeed forgotten that part.

When she was all cleaned she got up. The living room was a complete chaos. The flying books had knocked vases over, smacked plants to the ground and crashed into the Christmas tree.  The golden and red glass balls and bells had been shattered on the ground. All the other Christmas decorations had been knocked from the walls to.

“Oh gosh, look at that mess,” Hermione whispered. “Ron can you help me clean it up?” She got her wand from the mantelpiece and started mending broken things and placing back those that had fallen. The books were put back in the case, the tree in the corner, plants on the side tables and the vases on the mantelpiece. She then turned around to Ron.

“Where have you been, anyway?” she asked. “I was worried sick, because you had seemingly disappeared.”

“I was out, buying a Christmas present.” Ron defended himself. “Gees, Hermione, you shouldn’t panic like this. I was gone for half an hour, at most. Please promise to stay calm next time.”

“You could have left  message for me. It’s not that hard” Hermione replied bitingly. She’d had every right to panic. Even to over react. She was the one with the hormones and the magic flowing and everything. And so she told her husband.

“Well Hermione, if you keep losing it like that every time you wake up from a bad dream there will be a chance of you losing your baby. It’s not healthy! Irresponsible even.” Ron put his arms over his chest saying this.

“Like I don’t know that, you idiot. Like I wanted to cut and burn myself. It wasn’t really a choice. You are the one being irresponsible, leaving me with no note.” Hermione screamed. “As if that was so smart of you!”

“Well I did not burn myself and trash the house, did I?” Ron shot back, his ears and face turning red.

“You-  you,” Hermione sputtered out “I don’t believe you.” She added in a soft but dangerous whisper. She promptly walked away slamming the door, hard. Anger was bubbling inside her. She knew she shouldn’t let it get to her like this. She removed her blood stained nightgown and pulled on some sweat pants and an old jumper. She then realised she was still quit covered with blood. So she took them off again and stumped to the bath room. Angry tears where spilling from her eyes. Her husband could be so tactless. Like she could do anything about these kinds of things. A panic attack hadn’t really been her idea of spending the morning. She hadn’t even had breakfast yet.

Hermione filled the bath with warm water. When she got in she really hoped Ron would realise his mistake an bake her pancakes for breakfast, or scramble eggs. But there was hardly a change of that happening.

Ron realised he ought not to have said what he had said to Hermione, but he had no clue how to make things right again. The only thing he could think of was going to his sister for help. But since he didn’t want to leave Hermione again he didn’t know how to manage that. Eventually he decided to send Pigwidgeon out with a message for her.

“So, you did it again, did you?” Ginny entered the living room with a curious little smile on her face.
“And here I thought you’d finally learned how to treat Hermione. You know she normally walks around in a balloon of happiness. I can’t imagine how you managed to burst that. Now what did you do this time?” She crossed her arms over her chest and looked him sternly in the eye. Ron told her what had happened that morning and what he, tactless as he was, had said to her. Ginny shook her head.

“Where is she now?” She asked a little worried. Hermione was known to very effectively disappear after a fight.

“I think she’s in the bathroom, I heard the door slam and the water running. She’s probably washing that blood off. Am I in a lot of trouble?”  Ron looked so nervous that Ginny had to laugh.

“Now big brother, I’m going to tell you something that you have to remember for the rest of your live! If a woman is pregnant, especially when a magical baby is concerned, you have to be careful not play up to or voice her deepest fears. Can you guess what they might be?”
Ron thought hard, he had the feeling he understood what his sister meant.

So he said: “I guess it might have something to do with the baby…”

“It has everything to do with the baby!” Ginny nodded. “A pregnant woman worries sick about the little thing inside her. So you go to Hermione, tell her you’re really sorry, that you will not leave her like that again, that you know she could not have reacted else, that you love her a lot. Oh and tell her I’m here. I have some great news I want to share with her, so hurry up!” She pushed her brother toward the door.

Ron did as he was told. Hermione got out of the bath and into her clothes and went to see Ginny. The redhead was sitting on the sofa, her husband had let himself in too, carrying James. Hermione went to sit down next to her friend.

“What’s this great news you wanted to tell me?” she asked right away. Ginny laughed secretly. She looked at her friend. Hermione was really showing now. There was quite a bump forming on her belly. Her face was glowing with curiosity.

“Well, you see… I’m pregnant again. I’m due the end of June!”

“Really?” Hermione’s face started glowing even more. “That is so awesome!” Hermione beamed with delight. “He or she will be just a few months younger than my little baby. They can go to Hogwarts together!” 



A/N: I still don't own these characters, I wish I did but I don't. They are JK's. Let's all give a big and hearthfelt thanks to my beta Mystique!


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