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Grand Scheme by charm_the_stag
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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But baby there you go again, there you go again making me love you
Yeah I stopped using my head, using my head let it all go.

- One More Night, Maroon 5.

Year Five

Location: Hogwarts

No! Arwen thought fiercely. A voice in the back of her mind told her it was hopeless.  She tried to ignore it.

Scorpius could NOT leave her!

She looked at Gwen. She was crying frantically, clutching Scorpius’ hand. Gwen had managed to close his wounds. Scorpius’ blood was on both of their clothes. She felt nauseated at the sight of so much blood, grief and hopelessness.

NO! She steeled herself. There had to be a way! She felt a surge of manic energy overwhelming her.

Something odd came over her, as she remembered an ancient piece of magic. That manic energy thrummed through her veins, making her feel giddy. She took a deep breath. Gwen needed her brother more. He was related to her. Arwen had adopted Scorpius as her brother. Blood will always be thicker than water.

“Gwen move aside.”She said harshly. Gwen looked at her with a frantic expression.

“What are you going to do?”Asked Gwen, she looked alarmed at the expression on Arwen’s face. It was deadly serious. She saw a hint of recklessness in her eyes. Gryffindor’s charge headfirst.

“Something I have a feeling about! No time to explain! We need to do something and help hasn’t arrived yet! ...Somehow.” She grimaced. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and ancient words that she had no idea of a minute ago transformed that manic energy she felt.

“Arwen No! Dammit! Not you too! Bloody hell I don’t want to lose two people!” But she could not shake Arwen out of her trance. Gwen shivered, the air was cold. Her tears had stopped flowing. She felt drained of emotions. The magic Arwen was doing was not natural... it was dark magic. It was forbidden and you always paid a price for it.

 Gwen was afraid. Her inner werewolf revelled in dark delicious magic that seemed to permeate the air. Where had Arwen come across dark magic? Gwen was frustrated. She cried out and managed to send out another patronus. Why hadn’t help arrived yet?! She looked at her surroundings. No one was in sight. She yelled for help at the top of her voice. The cold wind caressed her and it was colder than before. The torches around them seemed to grow dim. She felt helpless. 

Arwen’s body began to glow and in a creepy way the scar on her palm was glowed even brighter.  Gwen was mesmerised. The light surrounding them was the only comfort she felt in the cold corridor.

She sent out another patronus.  Arwen was still murmuring in a dialect she couldn’t recognise. The air grew even colder; the life around them seemed to freeze. Gwen realised she couldn’t move. She started to panic and in the chaos that reigned in her mind, the only thing that brought warmth was the power emanating from the scar. It was the only thing that seemed to fight the darkness that was overcoming them. 

She watched helplessly as her friend’s life force was depleting. She saw a change come over Scorpius’ pale pallor. She felt a change come over the dead body.

“Arwen stop...please!”She begged in a last attempt. Her words met no reply.

She heard a faint heartbeat and Arwen collapsed on to the floor with a dull thud. Arwen was exhausted... but not dead. Gwen was glad. She felt relief wash over her body. She sensed a mild heartbeat in Scorpius.

 Loud sounds were coming from somewhere. It took some time for her to register, that she was sobbing loudly. 

Just then Madam Pomfrey, Professor Flitwick and Professor Lupin arrived.  

What in the good name of Merlin happened?”Gasped Madam Pomfrey.

“Please just help them.”Cried Gwen. “I’ll explain later.”

They were levitated and taken into the hospital wing.

Their clothes were soaked in blood. They looked like they had been out in a snow storm without the snow.

Gwen couldn’t stop crying. Madam Pomfrey was like a whirlwind. The old healer laid the two of them on the beds and hurried towards Gwen.

“Here take this and lie down.  We will talk later.”She handed Gwen a calming draught.

Gwen took the draught and felt sleepy; it must have been laced with sleep potion. She took the bed beside Arwen and passed out. Her last thoughts were about the glowing scar.


All the professors were in the hospital wing in their nightwear.

“Any guesses on what happened to them?”Asked Professor Flitwick.

“Mr.Malfoy had multiple broken bones- ribs, femur, his fingers, etc. He was attacked brutally. I had to give him skelegrow but he should be okay soon. He was so close to death.  What confuses me is Ms.Mallory. She was harder to heal; there was a dark presence around her. Like a dark shroud.  Even she was at death’s door. Poor child! “Fretted Madam Pomfrey.

“I sensed dark magic.”Professor Lupin told them in a serious tone.” I think she used her life-force to save Mr.Malfoy.  You cannot do that normally and it isn’t heard of. If it were known, Voldemort could have brought back all his fallen warriors. No doubt this was dark magic...It always has a drawback. But this is magic unheard of. With the amount of internal and external bleeding, Mr.Malfoy should be dead. It’s a miracle he survived. How Ms.Mallory came across such ancient and forbidden magic and survived it a wonder.”

“I could also sense it. Even though it’s gone now.”Murmured Professor Greene, the potions professor.

Everyone looked at the girl. They had different thoughts running through their heads.

“All of them need bed rest. Start of the term and such injuries! ”Madam Pomfrey fumed.

“I’ll ask them questions when they wake up. Send me a patronus when they do Poppy.”Suggested Neville.

Then they all left the hospital wing.  Madam Pomfrey looked at her patients one last time and turned off the lights.


Gwen woke up groggy in the morning. She was feeling very nauseous; the full moon was two days away. She looked around, she wasn’t on her bed. She suddenly gasped when she realised what had happened.  All the details of the night came rushing back to her. She fought back an urge to hurl. She felt panic rise in her chest.

“Oh, Ms.Bartlett you are awake. Good, take this. I know you are feeling giddy with the full moon and all.”Observed Madam Pomfrey and she gave her a goblet with some thick sweet smelling green liquid. “I’ll bring in the wolfsbane later.”

“How are the others?”

“Mr.Malfoy will not wake for another day or so. Ms.Mallory should be awake soon. They are healing surprisingly well. You are to stay here for another day before we release you. I have your personal effects with me. I must I say Professor Flitwick was quite alarmed by the amount of charms placed on those galleons.” Not enough to help against physical wounds, Gwen thought, she must ask Arwen to add a few more charms on them in future. “Mr. Potter stormed in an hour ago demanding to know what happened to his friends. I told him a bit of it, you can tell him when he comes to visit during lunch Ms.Bartlett. I’ll get you some breakfast now. Please lie down.”

Gwen looked at Arwen and Scorpius lying on the beds close by. She was stared at Arwen’s pale face. She had really given her life force to Scorpius. He didn’t look any better. There were bruises covering every inch of his skin but they were healing. She looked back at the moment when she almost lost her brother and sister. She snorted when she remembered Arwen always felt like she imposed herself on her friends who thought of her as family.

Madam Pomfrey brought her some light food and left her a number of potions to take after her breakfast. She waited till Gwen finished and then summoned the headmaster.

“I’ll call the headmaster now Ms.Bartlett. He wants to hear your account of the incident.”

 Professor Neville came in after a while and heard her story. He made no comment about the party and was more interested in what Arwen did. He looked at Arwen’s pale face pensively.

“Thank you Ms.Bartlett, I believe we have to wait for Ms.Mallory to explain what she did. Dark magic is illegal but I think we can excuse her.”He speculated.”Please take care Ms.Bartlett, I hope the wolfsbane works better this time.” And he left.

Albus came storming in later that day.

What the fuck happened to you guys?” His expression looked pained and his voice was horse.  His hair was in its usual state of disarray.

Gwen sighed and told him what happened. His face grew pale as he listened what happened a few hours ago.

Albus looked guilty. Gwen looked at his face properly and sighed internally. He was beating himself up for not being there for his friends.

“It’s okay Albus. We couldn’t have predicted the attack.”She tried to console him.

“Any idea who could have done this Gwen?”He asked in a tight voice. He had a murderous expression on his face.

“We have to wait for Scorpius to tell us.”Responded Gwen wearily. She was tired.

Albus sat down on her bed and stared at the floor. His handsome face was marred by his pained expression.  He looked like his father but he was taller than him. Gwen looked at his beautiful green eyes. She loved his eyes; it reminded her of the forest in spring. She might have also loved the person but she knew it would never work. He would not want a girl like her, he deserved better. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration; Gwen thought it was an endearing habit of his. His brother also had the same habit.

Albus was a good guy. Yes, he was quite and clever but he was secretive guy. You could not find out what he was thinking or feeling. Scorpius was also like him. Quite and secretive.  Maybe that’s why they were such good friends. They shared their deepest secrets and fears. Even though he was a Slytherin and Scorpius a Ravenclaw they were so alike. They had their own personal demons like everyone else.

“What are you thinking Gwenny?”

“I almost lost two of the most important people in my pathetic life Al.”She whispered, her voice laced with pain.

“Oh Gwen...”He murmured and gathered her in his arms. He smelt good, warm and spicy. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help Gwen and don’t sell yourself short. You are amazing-“



“Shut up.” Albus gave her a weak smile.

“I’ll be there during the full moon Gwenny.”Gwen didn’t meet his eyes. She was looking away. She suddenly felt angry. During these times she was more temperamental than usual.

“Why Albus? Why did you have to do this? I could kill you!”She cried out in frustration but not loud enough to draw Madam Pomfrey’s attention. “I could lose control, what if my mutation harms animals too!?”

“No if-ing Gwen. We’ll try. You are worth the risk.”He proclaimed. He was so sure that everything would be alright. It made Gwen want to fling something across the room to vent her frustration.

“I’m not...”She whispered. Albus was tearing up internally. He wanted to kiss her right then and there. He wanted to chase away her fears. He wanted to make her happy. But she wouldn’t let anyone in! It was so frustrating.

He couldn’t tell her because of the fear that she would push him away. She was like that. He settled for holding her close to him and offering his comfort. He stroked her soft golden hair. It wasn’t as pale as Malfloy’s. He looked at her. Her eyes had dark circles around them, her hair was in disarray, her face was deathly pale yet she never looked more beautiful. Her stormy grey eyes looked at him with the defiance fit for a queen. It made her all the more glorious. His little wolf.  He saw a few tears pouring down her cheeks. He wiped them off gently with his thumb.

Gwen didn’t notice Madam Pomfrey enter. She was about to admonish them for their actions when he shot her a look that told her to leave them alone. Her eyes softened and she went into her office.

“You are. No arguments. Now rest Gwen.”He murmured to her in a strong tone, that held no room for arguments. He kissed her softly on her forehead.  Gwen wanted to cry at his gesture. It was so full of love. It made her want to cry even more. She hated herself for being so weak, so vulnerable. She could not love him. He could not love her.

Their actions did not go unnoticed by Rose as she walked up meekly to Gwen’s bed.

“Gwen...”She said.

Gwen’s expression turned blank. She wanted to put the blame on Rose but she knew that would be a pathetic decision. She looked at the redhead. Her eyes were red and her face was pinched. She was tall but she looked so small right now. She was feeling guilty.

“Why are you here Rose?”Asked Albus coldly. Gwen was surprised at his tone. Albus was always kind to his cousin even when she behaved like a bitch. She looked at him. He stared coldly at his cousin. It made her shiver. One moment he was so gentle and loving and the next his mood plummeted south.

“Al...I’m sorry. I am so bloody sorry Al... If I could take it all back... I would... in a heartbeat!”Rose trembled. She was shocked at Albus’ behaviour but she felt like she deserved it. Rose saw forgiveness and a bit of hesitance in Gwen’s eyes. She knew that she would have to make it up to them. She knew it was wrong to hold a grudge. If she would have to make a change, she would make it now. She looked at her once best friend. She made her mind up to resolve her problems. Starting with her behaviour.

Albus looked at Scorpius.

“Apologise to him, not me.”

“I’m sorry Gwen. I wish I could take back what I said. I am sorry for treating you guys like shit. I am sorry for saying those things to Scorpius. He was looking out for me. I’m so fucking sorry.”She croaked. She looked like she was on the verge of a breakdown, tears were threatening to fall. Gwen felt bad for her. Both cousins were feeling guilty. They shouldn’t blame themselves for something they didn’t do.

“Hey Rose, its okay. Just don’t do it again. And it was not your fault.”Gwen muttered. Rose nodded. She wasn’t in her usual high and mighty self. She looked defeated.

Rose looked at Scorpius’ bed and paled. She walked over to his bed and knelt down at his bed side. Rose took his hand and started talking to him. She told him how sorry she was. She stared at his bruised face and felt her heart twist painfully in her chest. How many times had she wished she could punch his handsome face and disfigure it? It seemed like the universe granted her wish. She felt sickened by the very thought. No, she would never have such thoughts ever again. His face would heal, thankfully. She couldn’t run from the inevitable any longer.  She would tell him how she felt. She doubted he would ever forgive her but she hoped he would. She unearthed her buried feelings from the dark abyss she had sent them to.

She felt her mind burn all logic that was dear to her and she whispered her feelings to the unconscious boy who owned her fifteen year old heart.

“Gwen I have to go now. I’ll come back later.”He kissed Gwen’s forehead again. He stopped by Arwen’s and Scorpius’ beds, he held their hands and talked to them for a while, then he took Rose and left.

 Arwen groaned as she stretched and opened her eyes.

“Anyone got the number of the lorry who hit me?”She rasped.

“Hey Renny.” Arwen looked towards the source of the sound. Her mind felt foggy. She saw Gwen sitting on the bed beside her.  Arwen looked around; she was in the hospital wing. She remembered.

“How long was I out?”She asked, her voice hoarse.

“A day.”

“That means tomorrow is the full moon right Gwen?”

“Don’t even think about it. You are weak and we don’t need to take such risks.”Gwen reprimanded her sternly.

Just as Arwen was about to retort, Madam Pomfrey came bustling in.

“Oh good morning dear! Good to see you with the living!”Gwen snorted. “Here have this and after that you take these potions. You are still very weak from, whatever in the good name of Dumbledore, you did. Professor Longbottom will be here later to ask you a few questions.” She told her. Madam Pomfrey set the tray with the food and medicine beside her and went to check on Scorpius.

“We are talking about this later.”Arwen whispered.

“Arwen didn’t you hear what old Poppy said. You are really weak right now.”

Arwen didn’t reply, she started munching a piece of toast.

“Do you know what you did Renny?”Asked Gwen cautiously, almost like the answer would hurt her.

“Umm...No...I don’t. It just came to me...”Answered Arwen truthfully.

“It was scary Arwen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that you saved Scorpius and all, but that was seriously, extremely frightening. I wouldn’t never want to relive those moments.”She shuddered.

“None of us would. Hey, did Al visit?” And they started chatting about random things after Gwen filled her in on what happened after she passed out.


After a while Professor Neville came in.

“Good morning Ms.Mallory. I trust you are feeling better?”

“Yes, sir.”She answered.

“Okay, I’ll cut right to the chase. The faster we get over this, the better.”


“What had happened?”

Arwen told him her side of the story.

“So you don’t know what exactly you did?”Arwen shook her head.

“Well Ms.Mallory because the circumstances are different we shall not expel you for using dark magic.”And he muttered something like ‘Why does this always happen to me.’

“We shall start an investigation about the attack after Mr.Malfoy has gained consciousness.”Said Professor Longbottom. “Some people in the Ministry are curious. The Auror department will investigate more on this matter.”

“Okay sir.”Answered Arwen. Neville looked at her. He remembered the time when he first met her. The sad yet resilient eleven year old girl. Trouble invariably seemed to find her. He wished she were not so burdened by so many unnecessary problems. He sometimes talked to her. She was a bright and lively child, yet sometimes it seemed as if she carried a heavy burden on her shoulders; something that was not natural. He knew she never truly felt welcome in this new world. The scar on her palm was unique...he wondered if there were more obstacles on her path. He was fond of her and wished she had a normal childhood.

He bid them goodbye and walked back to his office.


 The Wotters had come to visit them after classes ended.  They sat around and played a few games of exploding snap.

Only James was absent from the gathering. Fred and Roxy were having a ‘Malfoy skin is whiter than ____‘contest.

“Dementor’s arse.”

“Eww. Aunt Luna’s wracksprout figurines.


”Ugh! That frauded wanker! A KICK-ASS PORCELAIN TOILET!!”

Frauded wanker? VOLDEMORT!”Exclaimed Roxy, looking pleased with herself.

“No Voldemort-Scorp comparisons, Rox. Scorpius paler than Voldemort.”Gwen shuddered.

“Okay that’s enough! Off you go! My patients need rest!”Madam Pomfrey shooed the Wotters out.

Arwen and Gwen were pretty tired, so they fell asleep quickly. Arwen’s dreams made her flit in and out of consciousness every now and then.

Arwen couldn’t sleep. She felt someone watching her.

She opened her eyes and looked around.  She groaned, as she realised who it could be.

“I know you’re there James. Come out.”She whispered and James suddenly appeared in front of her face.

“Ahh-Mhpm”Arwen screamed in terror but James hand covered her mouth with his, muffling the sound. Her eyes looked terrified.  He shot her an arrogant smirk.

“You pathetic bastard!”She whispered harshly, as he removed his hand.

“Hey my parents were married!”He cried indignantly.

“God you’re so creepy.” Arwen breathed.”Why are you here James?”

“Umm...How are you?”He asked her awkwardly.

“I’m fine James. “She snorted.”Thanks for your concern. Wait, I’m surprised you are concerned. Please don’t creep up on me like that and don’t you dare kiss me again.”

“And...Uh...Umm...Youaren’tgoingoutwithRyanareyou?”He rushed.

“Didn’t get you Potter.”Sighed Arwen. She was too tired to play one of James’ games.

“ARE.YOU.GOING.OUT.WITH.RYAN?”He pronounced each word slowly. His expression was blank somehow, which was strange because he had an expressive face. His hazel eyes tightened slightly.

“No, I am not Potter.”She saw his shoulders relax a bit.

“He seemed really interested in you.”He said. Arwen blushed as she thought about Caleb. This wasn’t missed by James. He frowned.

“He is a nice guy.”

“You don’t know that fucktard.”

“Well, I could get a chance to.”

“What if that wanker hurts you?”

“Language! Why do you care Potter? You do that on a daily basis.”She said sharply. James looked wounded for a second and then his famous arrogant face came on display.

“He’s not good. I can’t believe you would like someone like him. He’s the enemy and I don’t care Mallory. “He drawled.

“Yet you came here. “She was too tired to argue with James.

“Just wanted to annoy you. I like seeing you squirm. Annoying you is soo fun!”He smirked at her.

“Well, you succeeded. Mission accomplished. Go away James; go to some slag who wants your company. I’m tired and I can’t keep up with this. You think your arrogance is attractive, maybe to some people but not me. I don’t have the strength to argue with you anymore. I give up James! Please stop this game. Please, I beg you! “Arwen pleaded. She was so tired. She was hurt by what he said. He talked to her as if she were a traitor for liking Caleb. She had no more fight left in her.

James said nothing. He got up and walked off.  He kept walking. He had no idea where he was going. He ended up under a tree beside the Black Lake. He closed his and eyes and felt his gut wrench. He shouted out in frustration and buried his face in his hands.

He wanted to pull his hair out and beat himself. He felt reckless. He wanted to hurt someone. But he barely controlled his impulse. He was so furious. Hell, he was furious at himself.

He didn’t want to hurt her, yet he ended up hurting her so often. Her eyes, her beautiful, beautiful brown eyes which he had a hundred comparisons for, they looked so pained, so tired, so defeated. All the times he went out to bug Arwen she never looked at him like that.  But he ended up hurting her every single time.  He felt like a sadistic bastard now, for every time he took pleasure in her pain, for every time she discovered him with a different girl just after he told her he wanted her. 

Her lovely face turned red when he teased her and her eyes were so fiery and so warm. They reminded him of the comfort of melted chocolate. Hell they reminded him of a lot of things. He loved her eyes. They always looked so comical when she pleaded with him to leave her alone or when he suddenly snogged her. It was so endearing to see her so flustered.

Yet, he regretted each time he treated her like that and now he felt a thousand times worse. Like he crossed an invisible line, even if he hadn’t done much this time. He forgot the circumstances which had put her there. He felt guilty for not understanding that she didn’t want his arrogant attitude (which the other girls were so fond of). He knew he had screwed up big time.

She was an amazing person. She carried herself so gracefully and she was so strong. Her beautiful brown hair, which he wanted to run his fingers through. He wanted to caress her pretty cheeks that flushed red so easily. He wanted to look into the depths of her warm brown eyes. He wanted to kiss her extremely kissable lips. He wanted to love her... He suddenly backtracked to what just went through his head.  He groaned in frustration.

He could not love her! No, love could not happen at this age. Messing around was fun for James Sirius Potter but serious relationships was not something he ever wanted. He laughed harshly. No, he could not love her. He was sixteen!  He could not be in love.

Let her go to Ryan, he thought harshly. NO! Shouted a voice in head, contradicting that very thought. He could not let her go to Ryan. Knowing that he would receive her heart warming smiles, her kisses, and her affection.

Gah! This was so screwed up. He didn’t know what to think. He felt guilty for hurting her for so many years. What happened now that made him feel so? He never got a guilty conscience for his actions. James Potter never felt guilty but looking at her eyes looking so defeated, so meek, he wanted to drop down on his knees and repent. He knew he had pushed her too much.

He was an arrogant arse. He liked having fun and pranking. He liked snogging and having dalliances with girls that were easy. His family didn’t approve of that. They didn’t approve of a lot of things. But he was James Sirius Potter, the rule breaker. He had his dreams of becoming a professional quidditch player, he wanted to have fun. Now, he doubted every choice he made. He didn’t want his playboy image; he didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. He wanted Arwen to look lovingly at him. Not the look she had given him a while back. That made him feel like a heartless bastard, maybe he was a heartless bastard.

His emotions were in a royal mess. Jeez! He was getting hormonal like a pregnant woman. He snorted at the thought. He didn’t know what to do. He was getting frustrated.

He got up. He was going to ask Albus for advice. That Slytherin was perceptive. His brother would look out for him, right?

He headed towards the Slytherin dungeons. Fuck! He didn’t know the password. He looked around to see if any Slytherin was nearby. He spotted Kay Summer with some Hufflepuff seventh year. She noticed him and walked towards him seductively.  The other guy was pushed off quickly. She had a new target.

“Why hello Potter.”She purred.”Are you here for me again?”

“Hey Kay can you give me the Slytherin password?”James asked her, he didn’t notice her trying to push her boobs out of her already revealing shirt which had four buttons missing. The fourth button popped right in front of him, but he was too distracted to notice. In the back of his mind he was surprised at his behaviour. One hour ago, he would have pushed her against the wall and snogged her senseless. She was one of his dalliances.

“I can, if you give me a kiss.”She said in a sultry tone.  Her eyes were fluttering and she took hold of his tie.

“Please Kay. Just give me the password.”James was getting desperate, he needed that password fast.

“Just one kiss James.”

James was so torn between running away from her and crucio-ing her into giving the password. He breathed out harshly and quickly gave her a peck on her lips.

“A proper one James.”She drawled. Her tone was so annoying.

“I swear to God Kay if you don’t give me that password, I’ll Bat Bogey Hex you. “He threatened her.

“You didn’t have to be so rude. It’s Acromantula.”She looked seriously pissed.

James quickly thanked her and sped towards the fifth year boy’s dormitory. He located Albus’ bed and shook him awake.

“What happened James? It’s bloody two O’ clock!”Grumbled Albus.

“I need you advice Al. Please!”Albus looked at his brother’s desperate expression and nodded.

And then he told Albus everything. Albus was looking coldly at him by the time he finished.

“You played with her feelings long enough James. I won’t be surprised if she starts like Ryan and rejects you.”He said coldly.

“Al please! I know I screwed up. But I’m your brother. You know I can change. You know I can be better. But I don’t know what to do! Help me goddammit!”James was getting frustrated.

“Do you love her?”He asked his older brother. Albus looked at James in the dim light. James looked so vulnerable. He wasn’t the usual air-headed brother he was so used to.

“I don’t know...”James whispered.”I don’t know anything, anymore. I’m so confused.”

“Give it a few days. Leave her alone for now. Change yourself. Stop going out with girls, hexing kids unnecessarily. Go clear your head off and leave me alone.”

“Thanks Al, even though you didn’t help a shit.”James turned around to leave. He was pissed at Albus. He wanted a better answer.

“Oh and James, You may be my brother but if you hurt her again, you are seriously going to get hurt. Remember, she is doesn’t have it easy.”Albus cautioned his older brother.

James met Albus’ gaze for a moment and then nodded.  

“James! Falling in love is different in the wizarding world.”Called out Albus, as he watched his brother leave.

He put on his invisibility cloak and set off towards the hospital wing. He wanted to see her face. And this time he wouldn’t sit so close, he thought. God, he was such a creep.

 Chapter 5!!!  Scorpius is alive! I couldn't kill him off. I wouldn't!
What do you think about this chapter? Scorpius/Rose? Albus/Gwen? James struggling with his feelings?
Feel free to leave suggestions. Oh and that manic energy and weird stuff will be explained later  *When the mystery is almost solved*  ;)

Caleb comes back in the next chapter! Arwen/Caleb or Arwen/James? Oh the drama!

A big thank you to : NoxFlame172, countrymusicfan, Alex Plank, Eleanor, my_voice_rising, LoopyLemon, caoty, Orange_orange, hannahgracr, Elphaba and Boyfriends and bookworm hermione;  for your reviews! They were really helpful and fun to read. =D  Good or bad, criticism is always welcome...=P

Disclaimer: As usual, I do not own the world of Harry Potter. I do own a copy of all the Harry Potter books. Okay, that was unnecessary. =P And I do not own the lyrics of One more night by Maroon 5. 

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