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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 9 : Apologies
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Hermione plumped herself on the sofa. She was exhausted.

“Hey ‘Mione.” A quiet voice said from behind her. She looked at who it was – Ron. She looked away; she still hadn’t forgiven him yet for breaking her heart.






“No! I never meant for this to happen! How can you be pregnant?! This is too early. I’m sorry, Hermione, I can’t handle this. I’m not ready for all this. We’re not even married.” The ginger head exclaimed. Hermione’s vision was blurred, as she tried to keep her tears back, but it was no use, they easily trickled down her tanned cheeks. Ron exited out of her apartment, slamming the door shut. He walked into the bloody rain, pouring over his ginger head.

“Ron!” Hermione bawled; she was far away from her, far away from reach. He had left her and her baby. Her perfect world had completely shattered like a mirror. She slid down the wall, pouring her heart out.

Suddenly, Hermione heard a honking sound up ahead. It seemed to be driving towards the taxi. Hermione screamed at the driver to go the other way, the driver obeyed, and made a sharp turn to the left, causing the cab to collide...into another cab.

I’m sorry, Hermione, but, your baby…it didn’t survive the crash. You’ve had a miscarriage.” Jenna hugged Hermione again, crying on her shoulder, while Hermione looked utterly shocked. She placed her hand on her abdomen, clutching onto to it tightly.

“No! You’re lying! Dad, please tell me mum is lying!” she demanded, tears flooding and impairing her vision. Her dad couldn’t bear to make eye contact with his daughter, knowing what was to come.







Tears were streaking down her face, remembering the accident that took away her precious life, her unborn baby. Every time she thought about Ron leaving her, she thought about that accident, though it was not his fault in any way. She was about to escape to her bedroom before Ron’s hand stopped her.

“Hermione, please. Just hear me out. If you don’t want to forgive me then, then I won’t say anything.” Ron said. Hermione turned to look into Ron’s eyes and waited for him to speak.

“Look, I know I'm not worthy of your forgiveness but I just want to say that I'm sorry, for the hurt I’ve caused you, for leaving you when you were pregnant, for leaving you when you needed me the most. I never meant to hurt you this much that you would have miscarriage. That was my entire fault, if I hadn’t left you, our baby would still be alive. I'm very sorry, ‘Mione.” Ron apologised.

Hermione looked into those blue eyes and felt teary eyed. “Ron, my miscarriage was not your fault, okay. If anything, it was mine for taking Muggle transport to my parents’ house.”

“You were only thinking about the baby. You knew you could apparate without someone by your side so that the baby wouldn’t be harmed in anyway.” Ron reasoned.

Hermione embraced the red head tightly. Ron hugged her back lovingly, knowing that she needed comforting. She let go and gave a watery smile. “I forgive you, Ron.” She simply said.

“Oh, Hermione, really, because it’s totally fine if you still don’t want to.” Ron added quickly.

“Are you trying to change my decision? –Ron, really, I forgive you.” Hermione chuckled. She received a massive hug from Ron and happily hugged him back. She was happy she had her best friend back.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Ron beamed.

“Okay, okay, now can you let me go? I need to take a shower.” Hermione chuckled.

“Oh, I thought so I smelled something weird in here.” Ron joked, causing Hermione to playfully hit him on the arm.

Hermione made her way the shower. She rinsed herself thoroughly before stepping out in her pyjamas. That was when she heard a tap on the window. She walked towards it and opened it, allowing the majestic eagle owl to enter. She detached the note on its foot after giving it treat. The cursive writing said:



I'm sorry.



Hermione smiled at the sight of those two words. Draco Malfoy was apologising, to her, who he had considered dirt on his shoe. She never thought she would see the day when he would apologise, to especially her. She decided she would write him back and so, she got out a piece of parchment and wrote:



Apology not accepted.



She smirked as she watched the owl fly away. She had forgiven him, but she just wanted to have a little fun. She enjoyed annoying him and she did that quite often. She was going to make him say sorry to her face to face or she would not accept it – well, that’s what he will believe. She smirked in satisfaction at her little plan, when the door opened, revealing her best friend, Ginny.

“What are you smirking about?” Ginny asked, knowing that her friend was scheming.

Hermione showed Ginny the note. Ginny’s eyes widened, then looked at Hermione for an explanation.

“He was being rude to me the whole day, and you know what’s even worse? I have to share an office with him now, Shacklebolt believing it to be a good idea to keep the department joined.” Hermione said. She then smirked again, intimidating Ginny’s. “So, I wrote a reply, saying I didn’t accept his apology. Well, I did, but I just want to see if he will say it to me, face to face. Then only will I accept his apology.” Hermione explained.

“Well, damn right, he deserves it!” Ginny concluded. Hermione chuckled at that statement.

“Hey, if you need anything for revenge, just ask me. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.” Ginny winked.

“Sure will, Gin.” Hermione smiled. She yawned extending her arms out and walked slowly to her bed. She slipped into bed with a smirk on her face, worthy of Malfoy - if I may say so. She can just imagine the look of annoyance on his face right now.


What Hermione didn’t know, was that she was doing more than just imagining...


“What?! How can she not accept my apology?!” Draco cried in disbelief.

“Um, let see...because you don’t deserve it.” Blaise smirked, resulting in Draco smacking him on the back of his head to shut him up.

“What does she want me to do? To say it in front of the whole ministry?! What is her problem? She should just accept it, knowing that I don’t say sorry to people often.” Draco complained.

“That is true. You didn’t even ever say sorry to me when you got me into trouble so many times, especially in Hogwarts. There’s still time, you know.” Blaise hinted.

“Why are you after her forgiveness so much, Draco?” a voice sounded from the door. Draco and Blaise turned around and looked towards the door where Narcissa was standing.

“Because I just want it. There does not need to be reason.” Draco lied.

“Don’t lie to me, Draco. You know you can’t lie to me. Spit it out.” Narcissa said.

“I had promised myself that I would stop being cruel to He- Granger, but instead, I did the opposite. We were put in the same office because the Minister believed that it would be a good idea to keep the department joined together. But instead of being civil towards her, I was off being rude. I saw how hurt she was by my words, mother. I saw her cry because of me! I had no intention of doing that, but I did it anyways...I...I don’t like to see her cry, mother. I-I don’t know why, but it hurts me to see her hurt.” Draco explained.

Narcissa and Blaise looked at Draco and then at each other. They were in disbelief, he had never wanted anyone’s forgiveness so badly before. Hermione must have really affected him. Narcissa placed her hand on her son’s shoulder.

“Just apologise to her, dear. She needs to know that you are genuinely sorry. She probably thinks that you are a coward, sending her a note like that.” Narcissa reasoned, and she was right, Draco knew that.

“Alright, mother. I will do that tomorrow.” Draco sighed.

“Okay, dear. Now get to bed, you need to wake up early again tomorrow for work. Goodnight.” She kissed her son on his forehead and exited the bedroom, with a hint of a smirk on her face, though Draco had not noticed it.

It was Blaise’s turn to speak.

“Dude, you like her!” he sang.

“What?! No! How the hell did you come with that conclusion?!” Draco cried, suddenly feeling heat rise up to his cheeks, it’s probably due to the heat, he thought. He couldn’t believe his best friend was thinking of something that stupid as this.

“You like her! You like her!” he chimed again. Draco pointed his wand at Blaise secretly so he wouldn’t see and muttered the silencing spell. Blaise’s voice was not to be heard anymore.

Ah, how peaceful it was when he was not talking, Draco thought smiling. He smirked at the raven haired wizard, who still hadn’t noticed that Draco had silenced him. He was still singing the words again and again. Draco chuckled and went straight to bed.

Blaise continued to sing, but suddenly stopped. He glared daggers at the platinum blonde, who had his back turned to him. Oh, he was going to pay for this, Blaise thought. He pointed his wand at him to remove the spell and then pointed it at Draco, who seemed to be sound asleep. He muttered a spell at his sleeping form and smirked in satisfaction. He then went straight to bed after looking back at his best friend.

“Goodnight, Draco.”

I hope you liked this chapter. I'm sorry that it was short, but I promise I will try have longer longer chapter. Before I go, I would just like to thank these lovely people for reviewing my chapters so far. Love you guys:

dracos lover





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Connection With A Mudblood: Apologies


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