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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 25 : The Secret Admirer
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Chapter 25

James sat at the Gryffindor table, eating breakfast and secretly glancing over at the Ravenclaw table. He was waiting for the mail to arrive, and he knew that something very special was going to be delivered to Kristen. He knew it because he had been the one to send it. She would be receiving a note from a secret admirer that morning.

Last week he had talked to Kailey, Samantha, and Kim. It was kind of weird having her friends try and get them together when Kristen still had no idea what was going on, but he didn’t care. He wanted something to happen, even if it would annoy Andrew. It had been a month since New Years, and his feelings for Kristen had only grown. So James decided it was time to put a plan into action before someone else did.

It had been Kailey who suggested the idea to write secret admirer notes. He thought that was a good idea, because Kristen would know how he felt without knowing who he was. This also prevented Andrew from becoming even more pissed at him, because Kristen wouldn’t even know who was writing the notes. As for the notes themselves, they would contain love quotes from famous muggle authors. He hoped his plan would work.

Soon the owls came flying in. He recognized the one carrying his note almost immediately. He had borrowed his Uncle Charlie’s owl. The reason he had done this was because he didn’t want anyone recognizing the owl and figuring out it was his. He had decided to go with Uncle Charlie’s owl because Uncle Charlie had no kids so the owl never made the trip to Hogwarts. It had never been seen by the majority of the kids in the hall.

On the other side of the Great Hall, Kristen saw a light brown owl with black flecks come flying towards her. She didn’t recognize the owl but was quite curious to see who it was from and what it was carrying.

“Who did you get an owl from?” Samantha asked as the owl landed.

“I honestly have no idea,” Kristen replied.

“It has a note attached to its leg. Open it up and maybe it will say who it is from,” Kim replied.

Kristen carefully untied the note from the owl and read the note out loud: “’If you live to be one hundred, I want to live to be one hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you’-A.A. Milne.”

Kristen felt her heart melt at this. It was so sweet. Never before had someone sent her a secret admirer note before. She felt quite honored.

“Who is A.A. Milne? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of him? Does your admirer even go to this school?” Kailey asked.

Kristen laughed at this. She read a lot more muggle books than her friends did, so of course they wouldn’t know what the note was talking about.

“A.A. Milne was the person who said the quote. He was a muggle author who wrote a story called ‘Winnie the Pooh’ I believe. However, he is not the person who sent this note,” Kristen replied.

“So you have a secret admirer!” Kim exclaimed, causing a few heads to turn.

“I guess I do.”

Kristen blushed and smiled, happy that someone was thinking of her. It really made her happy that someone had taken the time to find this quote. Most of the people at Hogwarts wouldn’t be caught dead looking up quotes from muggle authors.

Back at the Gryffindor table, James was smiling at Kristen’s reaction. She seemed to enjoy his note. It had taken him a really long time to find the right quote. He wasn’t very accustomed to muggle books and quotes, but he knew that those were the books that Kristen liked best.

“James why are you smiling like an idiot?” Fred asked.

“I wasn’t smiling like an idiot,” James argued, turning his attention away from the Ravenclaw table.

“Yes you were,” Louis stated, “It was rather amusing I must say.”

“Was there any particular reason you were staring at my sister like that?” Andrew asked, looking at his food.

Just then, his cousin Rose came rushing over to their table.

“James, looks like someone else has an interest in Kristen,” she stated, “She received a secret admirer note this morning.”

“Actually, that was me who sent it,” James replied, “Didn’t you recognize the owl? It’s Uncle Charlie’s.”

“I thought the owl looked familiar! That’s so sweet James! Who knew you could actually be sweet sometimes?”

With that Rose skipped back to the Ravenclaw table. James turned back to his friends to see them all staring at him.

“I agree with Rose, that was really sweet,” Jessica stated.

“I thought I made it pretty damn clear I wanted you to stay away from her, James,” Andrew said, not looking too pleased.

“That’s why I sent her a secret admirer note,” James replied, “That way she has no clue who sent it.”

“This could cause the same kind of damage though,” Taylor pointed out, “You still have the power to hurt her through these notes.”

“Maybe you should just drop it,” Fred suggested.

“Then she’d realize that something was up, though,” Louis said, “You should keep sending them every so often and just never tell her who you are.”

“How did you even come up with something like this?” Jessica asked.

“I had help from Kristen’s Ravenclaw friends. They kind of figured out I fancied her before I did,” James replied, running his hand through his hair.

“How many people know you fancy her?” Andrew asked.

“Only those three, you guys, and my entire family, thanks to Fred,” James replied, glaring at his cousin.

“It was actually quite amusing,” Louis stated, “They were dueling across the Christmas dinner.”

“Just promise me you won’t tell her that you’re the one sending the notes,” Andrew said to James.

“I promise,” James promised, even though he desperately wanted to tell Kristen eventually. However, his friendship with Andrew was more important than a girl.

Soon the bell rang and everyone left to go to class. James could still see a smile on Kristen’s face, making him smile as well. It looked as if his first note had been a success.




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :). Credit for the quote that Kristen got in the secret admirer note goes to A.A. Milne, the author of Winnie the Pooh. I can't believe over 7,000 people have read this story and that 35 people have reviewed it! That makes me so happy! As always, I hope you keep reading and reviewing :D ***

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