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Made For Each Other by VeeKAY
Chapter 23 : Graduation
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 Draco pulled on his Hogwarts school robes for the last time. He adjusted his green and silver Slytherin tie for the last time. He packed his trunk for the last time, before lugging it down the steps to join Hermione’s.

He heaved his black trunk down the last step, and he found Hermione in hysterics on the red chintz armchair. He hurried to her and put a comforting arm around his girlfriend.


“I-It-we-we’re lea-leaving and no-not com- coming back!” She wailed, burying her face into his robes. “I’ll-mi-miss this pla- place so much!”


“Shh, I know. But it’ll be a good change when we leave won’t it? We’ll be able to finally start our lives, and have a job…maybe one day start a family” Draco soothed her. “And on the plus side…no homework and tests! No more stress…” Hermione gave a small sniffle.


“But…I liked homework!”


Draco burst out laughing. “Of course you do, but we can’t brood over graduating, the future could be so much more interesting! Don’t be sad love, let’s go to breakfast.”


Hermione wiped her tears away and nodded, “you’re right, let’s go eat.”


The pair held hands and walked down into the great hall and Draco walked with Hermione to the Gryffindor table, where Blaise was already sitting, ill at ease with being the only Slytherin. Ginny, who was sitting beside Harry a couple seats away, caught sight of Hermione and promptly burst into tears.


“I’LL BE ALL ALONE! YOU GUYS ARE ALL LEAVING AND I’LL BE A LONER” she shrieked through her tears. Hermione giggled and sat down on her other side.


“Ginny you won’t be a loner, we’ll visit you at Hogsmeade and we’ll write you a million letters”


Ginny stopped crying after a few minutes, and she leaned into Harry while he soothed her with a brotherly hug. Hermione noticed Blaise’s teeth grind together and suppressed a smirk. She leaned across the table and hissed, “Last chance Blaise; you won’t see her again after today…”


Blaise turned pale.




All through Hermione’s final lesson (charms), she could not think about anything else than never going to sit in this chair again, never going to listen to professor Flitwick teach again, never going to take down any notes again, never going to find Seamus’s gum stuck under the table again. Hermione was having a hard time concentrating, but still managed to take in what Flitwick was waffling about.


“Since it is your last lesson in charms and Hogwarts, I figured we could have a little fun! We’ll go around the class and everyone can perform their favourite charm that they have learnt over these years at Hogwarts, or have read about. Let’s start with you Ms Parkinson.” Flitwick squeaked cheerfully, motioning for Pansy to start.


Pansy stuttered for a few minutes (much to Hermione’s amusement) and finally settled on the simplest charm of all, learnt in first year- the hover charm.


“Wingardium Leviosa” she muttered, hovering her quill a few centimetres above the table. Professor Flitwick smiled at her and asked her why it was her favourite charm. She shrugged and scowled.


“Alright, Mr Zabini, your turn”


Blaise sighed and snapped his own expensive feather quill, before pulling out his wand and announcing, “reparo” and watching the quill fly back together, good as new. “It’s useful.” The professor nodded in approval and turned to Ron.


Hermione waited patiently in her seat for the professor to call on her, but after Ron was Lavender, then Seamus, then Harry.


“Uhm, Expelliarmus” he said, pointing his wand at Pansy, who shrieked as her wand whisked out of her hand. Harry caught it, grinning, and winked at Hermione, who was laughing at Pansy’s expression.


“Thank you Mr Potter, I understand why the disarming charm is your favourite…Mr Malfoy! Why don’t you show us what your favourite charm is” Beamed the professor.


Draco pointed his wand at Hermione’s bag and summoned it with an ‘Accio’. Hermione squeaked as her bag went whizzing towards Draco, and she glared at him, before he returned it to her with a wicked smile. Muttering under her breath, Hermione cursed Draco for nearly making her bag to knock her over, and she knew exactly how to get him back.


After Parvaiti, Goyle (who attempted at least ten times before he could perform a simple silencing charm), Dean, Nott, and Terence Higgs had performed their favourite spells, the giddy professor Flitwick turned to Hermione.


“Miss Granger! Why don’t you show us your favourite charm?”


“Yes sir” Hermione closed her eyes and concentrated on the day after the war, “Expecto Patronum” A silvery white otter burst from the tip of Hermione’s wand and swam playfully around the room. Draco watched it in awe and amazement but yelped and almost fell off his chair when Hermione made the otter dive straight at him. Draco ducked as the silvery creature swam over his head and glided on to harass the other Slytherins. Draco swore under his breath as he righted himself, and looked up to find Hermione giggling at him, laughing along with the rest of Gryffindors…and Blaise.


Glaring at his girlfriend, he stuck his tongue out at her, which made her laugh even harder. Rolling his eyes, he demanded, “what was that for!” to which she replied,


“You almost made my bag punch me in the head!”


“Yes, almost” he complained, to which Hermione rolled her eyes.


“Fine, sorry. Here, let the otter apologise” Hermione cast the charm again and the small silver otter somersaulted in mid-air in front of Draco. It’s eyes were looking pleadingly at him and he gave in and smiled at defeat. The otter disappeared in a wisp of silver smoke as the professor called for the class.


“Well, seventh years, it has been a pleasure teaching you this year in charms. Hopefully, you will apply your knowledge in this subject in your future careers and everyday life. Class dismissed!” he squeaked, and Hermione almost burst into tears again. (It also looked like a lot of other girls were close to crying as well).


Suddenly, Professor McGonagall’s voice echoed from the walls of the castle. “Will all seventh years please return to their dormitories to prepare for the graduation ceremony that will take place tonight at seven. Family members will arrive after dinner and will stay in the Great hall until the ceremony begins.”


Hermione and Draco were getting ready in the bathroom of the heads’ common room. The pair had just stuffed themselves with a final dinner at Hogwarts, and were now preparing for the graduation ceremony in half an hour.


Hermione had just finished showering and had pulled on clean school robes when Draco strutted in (without knocking mind) and held out a black, Hogwarts graduation cap. Hermione took it and thanked him, expecting him to leave, but instead, he stayed and started washing his face. Sighing, Hermione let him stay, and began pulling a brush through her honey curls. She decided to pull her hair into a ponytail tonight, so she grabbed a rubber band and gathered her hair into a nice height.


When both were ready, they hurried down to the entrance hall and milled around with their friends until seven. Ginny was hugging Hermione and crying about how her best friend was leaving and she wouldn’t see them for another year. Hermione tried to calm her down by teasing her that she was crying more than the students actually graduation. Ginny seemed to laugh a little at that and turned off to hug Harry and Ron.


“GINNY!” A boy with Italian colouring came skidding in front of her. Ginny turned in shock; as did the rest of the students. “Ginny,” he panted, “I think I love you, and I’m sorry I've been a wuss and haven’t told you. I’m going to miss you so much.” And without further ado, Blaise pressed his mouth onto Ginny’s in a long, intense kiss. Hermione smiled; it was about time, but Draco just rolled his eyes at his friend.


When Blaise and Ginny broke apart (finally), Ginny looked dazed but very, very happy, while Blaise was looking extremely triumphant. Hermione opened her mouth to congratulate them both when the door to the great hall opened and Professor McGonagall stepped out.


“Seventh years, your education here at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry is coming to an end. Your graduation ceremony is about to begin. This is a formal event, so there will be no cheering, screaming, or extravagant sobbing. We are ready for you.”


The students filed into the hall, nervous and dreading the time when they would have to leave this magical castle.  Draco clasped Hermione’s hand tightly, and they took their seats in the first row.


The headmaster had given a very heartfelt and personal speech, addressing each of the seventh years in turn, and the heads of house had also commended the students for their work and dedication to the castle. Draco, as head boy, was required to make a speech, and was currently standing up at the podium.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, my time here at Hogwarts has been, enjoyable. Though I admit that my first four years have not been as enjoyable as my last, but this is mainly because I spent those four being turned into a ferret, punched in the face by your head girl, and making life miserable for those who I thought were inferior. Hermione Granger has taught me this year that blood means nothing, as those who come from muggle families can be just as strong, smart, pretty and so damn stubborn.” He smirked at Hermione, who rolled her eyes back at him through a small smile, while crying profusely. “This year has been the best, because my girlfriend has helped me through all the bad memories of my past. I know now that I was not right in my beliefs that my family has raised be to believe. This castle has taught me everything I need to know to make the right choices in life, whether it be the quidditch games, which helped me discover my passion for the sport, or the Herbology classes, which taught me that I’m not perfect, since I received my only ‘E’ in that subject.”


Everyone laughed.


Draco continued his speech, making constant references to Hermione, and she felt herself tear up before the second sentence. She knew that he was, in his way, apologising again for the way he had treated her for the past few years, but Hermione no longer cared. She was deeply and irrevocably in love with Draco Malfoy. When he had concluded (to a large amount of applause) she threw her arms around him and pulled him into a deep and passionate kiss. He smiled at her and whispered “I love you” in her ear.


All too soon, it was over. McGonagall had announced (a little teary eyed) that the ceremony has concluded, and that the seventh year students were no longer students at Hogwarts. Most people burst into tears (Hermione was in total waterworks, while Draco soothed her).


The students and families filed slowly out of the castle, down the where the carriages where waiting to take them home. Draco and Hermione hung back to say goodbye to the teachers and take a good, final glance around the hall. Hermione was upset that it was all over, but she couldn’t wait to begin a new chapter of her life…with Draco.


Smiling, she took his hand and the walked out of the castle, into their unknown future.

A/N: And that’s the end! (There may, or may not be an epilogue). If you want one, leave me a review! xD

 Thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, or lurked silently on this story xD This was the first every story I had written, and I am proud to be a shipper of such a wonderful pairing <3

If you read next generation humour, go check out my story ‘Chasing Albus Potter’, which follows a ridiculously crazy Andy through her journey to Al’s heart xP


I’m also planning to start a James/Lily marauder fic. Any thoughts?


Thanks for sticking with me, and I apologise once again for the terribly long wait for this chapter.






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