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Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys by Akussa
Chapter 5 : Killian Earhart Vs Louis Weasley
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A.N. Well, this has taken a while... While I'm pretty sure I don't have any followers anymore, I do hope the couple people that will read this will enjoy it! Sorry about the delay, my muse had taken a long, long holiday... I still own nothing that you might recognize!

Wednesday morning. I volontarily wake up late so I won’t give Lily and Eliana too much time to question me about today’s challenge. Turns out that it wasn’t necessary after all because as soon as I enter the corridor down the Ravenclaw tower, the first coat of armor shouts at me.

“At seven tonight, step up to the Great Hall. Your next challenge will warm up the whole crowd.”

In fact, every single armor shout this little speach when someone walks in front of them; it gets unerving quite fast I must say. In the Great hall though, my Gryffie cousins are having a great time and it’s clear that they enjoy this new method of publicity. I wonder who did it; James and Louis have a very similar style so it could really be either one of them. Although Louis is a bit more poetic so I’m tempted to believe this is his work.

Lily spots me entering the Great Hall and she waves happily in my direction. Since she stays in her spot, I imagine she has reached the same conclusion as I have and doesn’t need more information as to whom the dueler will be tonight. Clearly, it won’t be me because I would never do anything so loud and obnoxious.

Or would I? I wonder, suddenly hit with an idea. If everybody already knows what I’ll challenge Killian with, I might as well surprise them with a Weasley-styled convocation.

Barely a second later, I burst out laughing like a complete idiot when I get the most brilliant idea as to how I should play this. My fellow stiff and pompous house-mates give me exagerated haughty looks, clearly disaprooving my attitude while the more easy-going Ravenclaws seem to worry about my sanity. I don’t mind them, they’ve been questionning it since the day I was Sorted anyway.

When lunchtime arrives, a plan is fully formed in my mind and I decide to skip lunch altogether and get to Hagrid’s as fast as possible. Alright, truth is, I really want to get this over with so I can go back to the Great Hall and eat when I’m done. I’m definitly not skipping lunch, I would most likely die during the course of the afternoon.

As I step outside, I realise I’m not the only one that had this idea but even more importantly, I identify Molly and Killian walking just in front of me. I know it’s rude but I can’t help and listen in on their conversation. Especially after I hear my name being said.

“I can tell you for sure that it’s not Hugo tonight; he’ll make a more discret invitation,” Molly is telling Killian and I fight hard not to chuckle madly like an old witch. “Anyway, it’s a good thing that it’s not his turn yet.”

“Why is that? You don’t think I can take on a twelve years old?” Killian asks sounding a bit stung. And really, who wouldn’t be angry when your girlfriend thinks a boy that is five years younger than yourself is better than you. I’m starting to like this conversation.

“Not this one,” Molly simply shrugs.

“What’s so special about him?”

“He’ll play chess, that’s a given.” You’ve got that right Molly.

“You should know that I’m a fairly good chess player,” Killian puffs his chest proudly. I wonder if he’s just being modest. At least it could turn out to be a real challenge, that’d be nice.

“Maybe, but Hugo is a God when it comes to chess.”

Wait. What? I’m a God?

I’m a God!

I’m not listening anymore. Actually, I’m not walking anymore either. I’m a God.

As my head gets progressively bigger, I feel like I’m floating toward Hagrid’s hut. Gods do fly right?

By the time I reach the hut though, pride has been replaced by worry. Molly just put a whole lot of pressure on me, without even knowing it. What if I’m not up to it and I make a huge mistake and actually lose? What kind of God would I be then? A fallen God, such as the Titans, maybe. People will mock me and point in the corridors. I’ll have to leave school in shame and begin my life as an outcast. I won’t even be able to show my face to my dad anymore, he’ll shun me rather than live with the shame I will put on him as well. My teacher, my mentor.

“Hugo!” Hagrid’s voice suddently pierces my wall of depression. “I knew I’d heard someone; why didn’t ye knock?”

“I was just thinking, I, I didn’t realize I’d been stalling,” I answer a bit unconfortable.

“Well it’s always good to see ye, wanna come in?”

“Actually, I had something I wanted to ask you; a favor of sort.”

“Really? Does it have anything to do with the war ye guys are having against Mr Earhart?”

“You know about that then?”

“Even old Binns knows about it, Hugo. Ye guys aren’t exactly being discrete,” Hagrid chuckles loudly.

“Alright, well yeah, it has to do with that. My turn is coming up in a couple days and I wanted to know if you could help me out a bit?” I ask him.

“Go on,” Hagrid nods, his heavy grey beard twitching into an unmistakable smile.

Thirty minutes later, I am feeling a lot happier as I walk into the Great Hall. Hagrid has accepted my request and so, even if I fail at my chess challenge – which I have now convinced myself will happen - at least the way I’ll invite Killian to the challenge will leave a lasting impression. Unless either James or Louis beat him at whatever they challenge him with. That would smash my plan to pieces. Is it wrong that I find myself rooting for Killian more and more? It probably is, especially considering this is such an egocentrical reason. I’m a bad person and I probably deserve to get killed by Teddy right about now. That would spare me the shame of a loss though.

“God, I feel like my head is about to burst open, I can’t take those coats of armor’s shouts anmore!” Eliana complains as she sits next to me for dinner.

“Look on the bright side, At seven tonight, step up to the Great Hall. Your next challenge will warm up the whole crowd,” I say, repeating the little poem I must have heard 300 times today. Eliana grunts and shoves some meat pie into her mouth in what is obviously a way to not shout at me.

As we eat in silence, I notice that everybody is talking about the challenge, once again. Killian sits at the Hufflepuff table and tries to eat but every minute or so, a fellow student claps him on the shoulder or shouts encouraging words to him. He looks confident enough although I notice that when he is alone, he has a slight frown on his face. At the Gryffindor table, the loudest of the entire hall, as usual, people encourage both Louis and James and my two cousins accept it, still conceiling the identity of the challenger.

After we finish eating, Eliana and I decide to go to the library to wait for the challenge to begin. A large number of students simply wait outside the Great Hall, discussing among themselves what is about to happen but this time, no one seems to think that it might be my turn to challenge Killian. I wonder how they are going to react when it is, in fact, my turn.

At seven sharp, the large doors of the Great Hall slowly open, revealing the lone figure of Louis Weasley. Dressed in a white muggle suit but with a deep Gryffindor red shirt, I have to admit he is looking quite dashing. Apparently, the entire female population seems to be thinking the same as I hear girls all around me talking in hushed voices or squealing excitedly. Girls… Most of them have already dated Louis anyway; he might only be 15 but I think Louis has dated every single girl between the fourth and sixth year.

“Killian Earhart,” Louis calls, instantly stopping all the whispers of the crowd. As it did last night, the crowd parts to let an equally good looking Killian walk through. Him too is wearing a muggle suit although his is black and his shirt is Hufflepuff yellow. Clearly, Louis gave him some indication as to what to wear for this challenge.

“I’m here, Weasley boy,” Killian smirks.

“For tonight’s challenge I ask you, can you shake your booty like a Weasley?” Louis asks, making the crowd laugh. He waits for them to get silent again and continues. “All Weasleys either have rhythm in their blood or absolutly no shame and dance like crazy maniacs without caring what the rest of the world thinks. Is that your case or are you going to leave Molly alone on the dance floor when dancing time comes? To prove your valor, I challenge you to a Dancing Evolution match!”

Louis points to the teacher’s table at the end of the Great Hall where a large magical screen as been set. The crowd whispers excitedly once again; not many of them have had the chance to see or play this brand new wizarding game. It’s pretty similar to the muggle video game my mum’s parents bought for us when we were kids but for some reason, the wizarding world only begun making their own version a year ago and they’re pretty expensive to get.

Louis and Killian walk side by side to the teachers’ table and the rest of the student body press themselves to get good spots in order to watch this dancing duel. I manage to squeeze myself near Louis, right next to Al and Lily. Both of them smile widely and are practically bouncing with excitement. I have to admit that, once again, it’s a brilliant choice. Every family gathering that have happened since the game has been released, we have had a competition and Louis is always the champion, hands down. Nobody can get anywhere near as many points has he does, he really has rhythm in his blood.

Then again, I remember Molly telling us that Killian is muggle born so there is a fair chance that he has been playing the muggle version of this game for years and, therefore, he could give Louis a run for his money. Unless he’s shy and afraid to show his moves in plublic like I would. I’m a really bad representative of the Weasley family…

“All right, the rules are simple,” Louis begins when everyone has found a spot, whether on the floor or on the House tables. “We will do a regular three dances match and the one that gets the most points total wins this challenge. I’ll let you chose the first song we will dance to.”

“Good,” Killian nods, looking at the screen that suddently brightens and a list of songs appear. After a minute of silence, Killian smiles, “Let’s go with an old classic; ‘Do the Hippogriff’ by The Weird Sisters.”

“Good choice,” Louis nods, “for the second song, I chose another classic, ‘Time Warp’ by the Hobgoblins.”

“I know the band but not this particular song, should be interesting,” Killian nods before saying, “our final dance will be to the very recent ‘Dance of fire’ by the Blue Salamanders.”

“Excellent,” Louis smiles confidently. Pointing his wand at the screen, Louis mutters the password to unlock the game and instantly, a beam of light comes out of the screen and scans the two young men. A moving picture of them appears in their respective corners as well as the number zero underneath them. Louis shakes his shoulders and the picture of him does the same.

When the count down appears on the screen, the crowd goes so silent, it’s almost creepy. The clock reaches zero and the first notes of ‘Do the Hippogriff’ begin to play as a dark skined young man in muggle clothes appear on the screen. The young man touches his nose and Louis imitates him, earning himself 1 point whereas Killian stays at zero for standing still. Maybe he doesn’t know how to play the game after all.

Killian catches on quickly though and after this first missed move, he follows exactly what the young man does may it be a shake of the leg or a fancy hand movement until the dance really picks up.

It is clear from the start that Louis is the best dancer. He moves fluidly and gracefully whereas Killian is more stiff in his movements. His abillity to copy the moves though, is perfect and both guys are earning the same amount of points, following the dance routine perfectly.

“Oh Merlin, have you ever seen a guy sway his hips like that?” A girl swoons over Louis.

“I know, this is the most unbelievably sexy thing I’ve ever seen,” another one giggles.

“I’d let him teach me how to dance that’s for sure.”

“Next dance, he’ll be THE guy to invite.”

As the comments get progressively naughtier, I find myself wishing I didn’t have ears. I honestly would have never imagines girls to be so bad and inapropriate in their comments. I thought only boys were like that! Older boys I mean, much older than me that’s for sure. The kind of boys that make me really unconfortable. Who knew?

When the song ends, the crowd claps madly at the two slightly out of breath competitors. The scoreboard appears.

Louis has earned 2106 points.

Killian 2098 points.

No matter how different their styles are, these two are clearly on a similar level. When the count down appears for the second dance, Louis quickly throws of his white coat, revealing his tight red shirt and earning some whistling and cat calls. Killian imitates him but in the process, misses three dance moves that Louis completes. Another very close match begins between the two guys but this time, Killian falls behind a little. Clearly, his lack of knowledge of the song is a disadvantage in this round and when the song ends, his scores suffers a bit.

Louis now has a total of 4423 points.

Killian falls some 300 points behind at 4102 points.

When the count down appears for the last time and the crowd shout some encouraging words at the two guys, I start to wonder if this is actually going to be the last match and if Louis might actually win this challenge and put an end to Killian’s torture. I find myself a little sad that I might not get my chance but on the other hand, I’m kind of glad that I won’t have to make a fool of myself against Killian. After all, I am the youngest competitor and the least likely to win against him and therefore, the most likely to make a fool of myself. Simple logic.

Oh but wait. While I was feeling sorry for myself, I failed to notice that things have changed on the dancefloor. Clearly, Killian knows this song and has done this dance before. His rigid moves flow effortlessly this time around and although he looks a bit like those things muggles call ‘robots’ or something while doing them, he still looks in control of this dance. Louis on the other hand, is still doing great but he frowns nervously at the screen like he’s never done this dance before. When the music stops, the crowd draws in their breath. Could Killian have made a come back from his less than good second dance? Have Louis’ efforts been enough to keep him on top? The suspense is killing me and I don’t even know who I’m rooting for anymore!

Then the final score appears.

Louis totals 6514 points.

Killian totals 6520 points.

By a hair! A 6 points difference keeps Killian in the race, I can’t believe it!! The crowd cheers happily for Killian although I notice a bunch of girls pushing each other, trying to get near Louis to comfort him but he raises a hand to silence the crowd.

“Killian Earhart,” Louis calls in a strong yet breathless voice, “you have managed a score of 6520 points which is 6 points more than I did. You may not have the style but you clearly have the Weasley’s lack of shame on a dancefloor. You win this round.”

“Thanks mate, I was really scared for a second there; you’ve got some nice moves,” Killian shakes Louis’ hand. “Too bad we don’t like the same kind of music.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your reaction to my first choice and the fact that you chose a song in the same style told me that it must have been your favorite style. That’s why I chose a more pop song for the third round,” Killian explains. “It’s my sister’s favorite song and dance on this game; I must have done it a hundred times and could probably do it with my eyes closed whereas you, if you dislike the style of music, probably didn’t do this routine so many times.”

“Are you sure you aren’t a closeted Slytherin?” Louis asks him but Killian only laughs. “Well played, that was a really smart move mate.”

Indeed it was. But I’m not surprised; Killian has proven time and time again that he is a far better competitor than what my cousins seem to perceive. Gryffindor’s cockiness have been their weakness from the beginning. Will my Ravenclaw side save me from making the same mistake or am I doomed because, in reality, the cockiness is a Weasley trait rather than just a Gryffie one?

Second A.N. The Weird Sisters song "Do the Hippogriff" is the property of J.K Rowling and is the band "The Hobgoblins". Their song though, is one of my creation as is the third band and their song. Please let me know what you thought of this long awaited chapter in the review box!!

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