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Royal Patience by heartjily4ever
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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by Marauders_MWPP @ TDA


 "This food is better than my mum's, and she learned from the best!" groans Albus, his mouth full of mashed potatoes. Okay so the sight of him like that is a bit off putting, but it's only for a second and then when he swallows it, he is back to the normal, sexy, drool worthy fit Al.

"I have missed the cooking here," Chelsea agrees, nodding wildly, her hair going over the place, and I think a bit gets caught in her food. Ewww. Not the best look. Rose is nodding her head, and spooning steak pie into her mouth whilst I'm just sitting there in, not confusion exactly, but just I don't get it.  Hell yeah, the Hogwarts House Elfs are some pretty incredible cookers, and the food is perfect for the first lunch back, if a little less exciting than last night. But growing up I had the privilege of, in my opinion, the best cook ever. Tess Herondale was our cook. Yes cook. She was the best ever. We still do actually have her, but she get's the summer off so I hardly ever get to taste her amazingness. But when I was younger, she was like a friendly, cosy little auntie  that I never actually had. She was not fat, but I suppose you could say plump. I mean, she tasted her food and loved food, so you can blame her. I would probably have grown up fat from eating too much of her food when I was younger if my mum hadn't been obsessed with personal image, and made me do lots of healthy things like tennis, to keep me thin and "pretty". I think she only liked tennis because a lot of our "Royal Family" went and played tennis. Anyway, after tasting Mrs Herondale's fabulous and tastetacular food, nothing can quite compare. If I hadn't had a cook then I think would have probably acted like this around the House Elf's food. But sometimes they do go a bit overboard.

"Look guys I know you like this," I unconsciously start, not realising what a buzz kill I am, " But seriously, I've had better. My cook's food was brilliant!"

I clatter my fork onto my plate in a panic as I realise what I just admitted. Albus, Scorpius, Mia, Belle, James, Fred and the other various Gryffindors don't know about my little Royal situation. I only told Chelsea and Rose. Damn. How the hell am I gonna get out of this.

Rose and Chelsea are sending me confused looks. This probably wasn't the best time to admit this to everyone. Everyone else is staring at me, except Scorpius who is staring at his food, looking like he was thinking hard.

"A cook?" asks James, running his hands through his hair. The others are all raising their eyebrows, they didn't even realise I was rich. Imagine what they would say if they saw my house. I never told them what the labels on my clothes said, although they probably wouldn't have even known what they were if they saw them. Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and Chanel wouldn't mean anything to them.  Probably would think they were girls names.

"Oh... oops. All the food is getting to my brain. It was really just my mum. Sorry bout that," I stammer out, keeping my gaze up, because if I look at my hands the others will know something's up. They all mostly, thankfully, accept this excuse, all going back to their scrummy lunches, but Scorpius finally looks up and scrutinises me, narrowing his eyes as if he doesn't believe me. Admittedly it's not one of my better lies ( Although my best ones are pretty crummy as well) but no-one who knew me would necessarily think I was a snob. Or a nice, but filthy rich like Scorpius. Oh Scorpius probably had a cook when he was younger, maybe that's why he doesn't believe me. Maybe he can smell the money on other rich students.

Though I've never seen him sniffing.

The rest of lunch passes is a manageable silence as the others stuff food into their gob and don't have room to talk. Scorpius stops frowning at me eventually and Chelsea stops whispering, "What was that about Cord?" in my ear every five seconds.

We head up to the dorm to drop off books and things and almost all of the Gryffindor 6th years head down to Charms. There is only Henry Gray who doesn't but he had a nervous breakdown in his Charms exam and made consequential mistakes.  Little Professor Flitwick is balancing on his books. It's kind of amazing that he managed to stay doing Charms as well as Head Duties.

"Settle and sit down class," he chirped, his high voice resonating around the room. I get mauled over to the middle by Rose, slap bang in the middle of the room. With an increasing thrill I watch as Scorpius and Albus sit in front of us, to my delight and Rose's horror. Chelsea plonks down with a pretty Hufflepuff girl, who giggles too much for my liking. I think it's the pitch of it.

Rose gets out a brilliant new quill. It's white and pink, with speckles of black raining down on it in different places. It's really actually quite beautiful, for a quill. Rose is very proud of it, after she saved up for it in the summer. It was the pride and joy of Scrivenshafts and personally I think that the owners were sad to see it go. It attracted more customers.

"Right class, are you all settled?" came Flitwick's squeaky voice, as he got of his books and disappeared behind his desk. He then begins the lesson by explaining all about how much harder NEWT's were than OWL's and how we should all be prepared to work harder than ever. Albus is sitting taking notes, the cute little geek. Rose is too but she isn't so cute when she does it. Maybe it has something to do with how she breathes heavily when she writes and that she spills ink over a lot of things. Rose is not a graceful and definitely not a neat person.

We then finally start the lesson. Turning vinegar into wine. Rose starts quickly, already trying to turn the icky stuff into basically grape juice. Because I'm really going to need to know how to do this in later life. When am I ever going to have a bottle of vinegar and think, Oh damn how I wish this were wine! Oh wait I can change it!.  But I guess the world if full of strange surprises. I could be stuck on an island with nothing but a bottle of vinegar one day and if I hadn't learned this I would have died of dehydration. Instead I will die of liver poisoning from drinking constant wine.


What if I don't have my wand?

However will I survive now?

"Rose", I suddenly blurt out, causing her to jump and swear quietly as her vinegar bottle explodes.

She repairs it and turns to me, her gaze icy. "What!" Her voice is very clipped and angry sounding. What? I just made her jump.

"If you were stuck on an island with only your wand, what would you do?"

She stares at me like I was crazy for a few seconds, hardly believing I interrupted her precious work for this question. It was annoying me.

"Err," she begins, opening her mouth as if to continue but deciding that she has nothing to say, she snaps it shut again, a confused look on her face.

"I would transfigure some driftwood into a boat," says a voice from in front of us, startling us into a little jump. Al and Scorpius had turned around, leaning back onto the back legs of their chairs and it was Al who had spoken. I stare into Al's beautiful green eyes, getting slightly lost in the different flecks of colour. I shake myself, mentally, and bring up a small smirk onto my lips.

"Oh but there's no driftwood of this particular island, Al, sorry," I say, playfully tilting my head.  He sighs thoughtfully and taps his pen on my desk, leaving a little droplet of ink on my desk. I push off his quill.

He smiles before asking, " Transfigure coconuts?"

"Where the hell did you get the bloody coconuts from?" I exclaim, leaning back, " There aren't any trees!"

"Anything I can transfigure?"

I slowly shake my head, laughing as his smile drops. Suddenly he gets an idea and he sits up straighter.

"I will Accio fish from the sea and eat them," he says decidedly, nodding his head as if to say Ha!

Pursing my lips I lean forward and frown. "But there aren't any fish in the sea Al."

He throws up his hands and scrunches his face up in annoyance.            

"God woman, are you trying to kill me?"

We all laugh as he puts his hands on his hips, the perfect image of indignation.

"Course not, I wouldn't try to kill you."

"But you would like to do other things," Rose mutters under her breath, shutting up when I give her a violent kick under the table. Scorpius looks for a moment as if he heard, but I shrug it off when he grins and pushes Al in a mock, playful way.

"You guys look like you obviously have the hang of it, if you can afford to laugh and chat eh?" says a squeaky voice and Flitwick steps into view, his chin level with the top of my desk.

Oh no.

"Give me a demonstration then," he says, " starting with Rose there."

Rose of course does it perfectly, and it doesn't explode this time. Turns right into a perfect red wine, like the little Mrs.-know-it-all she is.  Flitwick turns to me next and I gulp silently. I hold up my wand, clearly say the incantation and give a short jab at the bottle. To my surprise it runs into red liquid, maybe not as noticeably red as Rose's but definitely recognisable as some sort of wine.

Scorpius and Albus are not so lucky. Scorpius's just ripples and bubbles when he jabs at it and Albus's turns to freezing ice, stuck inside the bottle.

Flitwick gives us a small essay on the motions and pronunciation of the spell and tells us all to practise. We all head out the door, laughing as Fletcher, a particularly how to describe it, unfortunate Slytherin, trips over his too long robes and crashes into a group of 3rd year Ravenclaws who are waiting outside the door.  I have a free period with everyone else so we head up to the common room. On the stairs however, I get pulled aside by Scorpius.

"What are you hiding," he asks bluntly, releasing his grip on my elbow. I shift uncomfortably, gripping my books closer to my chest.

"I.. d-don't know what you me," I stutter, stepping back slightly. He just rolls his eyes and pulls me into a little indentation in the wall where a statue of armour stands, solemnly.

"You do. At lunch? A cook? Ring any bells?"

I avoid his gaze, glancing at my fingernails and notice with horror that they are incredibly short.

"Cordelia. You're rich aren't you? You're a seriously rubbish liar. I could tell the moment you said it, you panicked."

I look up into his grey eyes as they cloud over in either annoyance or impatience, I can't tell.

"Fine," I start, biting back the torrent of things I want to tell him, where to go and what to do, " You win. I'm filthy rich, and part of Britain's Royal Family. Happy?"

I fold my arms and avoid looking up into his pale face. He was seriously bugging me and that was just because he figured it out. Suddenly I hear laughing and look up to see Scorpius laughing hard, clutching his chest.

"You're - actually - seri-ous," He chokes out, bending over.

"Course I am, what's the point in lying. you've already figured out what a bloody horrible liar I am!" I burst at him, hitting him on the back several times.  He finally splutters to a slow stop, straightening up and taking some meaningful deep breaths.

"Wow, I wasn't expecting that," he smile at me, before pulling me into a slightly awkward hug.

"I won't tell if you don't want me to," he murmurs from above me, being the freakishly tall 16 year old boy he is. It's actually surprising but Scorpius is the youngest of us all. He doesn't turn 17 until next May.  

I slowly nod, whispering a quiet thanks. We suddenly hear a loud cough from the direction of the hall and pull apart to notice Albus standing there awkwardly, not looking at either of us.

"Sorry, it's just we noticed you'd gone missing, and I said I would check for you. Sorry if I interrupted anything."

He hurries away, the sound of his feet growing quieter and quieter.

What the actual hell?

Does he think...... me and Scorp......... Nooooooo!

Damn, why him. Why not Chelsea or Belle or even Rose. Why did Karma have to be a right cow and decide that he needed to think that something was happening between me and Scorpius.

Is it payback for my life when I was younger, because really you be blaming my mum.

I blink slowly, trying not to let the tears fall.

"You know, I heard Rose in Charms," Scorpius says slyly, looking at me from the side.

"What," I moan, not even realising what he is going to say. I'm not on the ball at the moment.

"About Al. You like him don't you."

I look up, the tears threatening to fall. "Don't tell," I whisper, pushing away from the wall.

"I won't Cord, I promise."

"Why are you to clever for your own good?" I ask as we exit the alcove.  Scorpius pretends to think about it, striking the hand on chin pose.

"Well when God was creating me, he was trying to get an even measure of smartness and sexiness, but lost his footing and poured out almost all of both into the mixture. That's how I got like this now."

I laugh hard, leaning against Scorpius for support.

"Sure it is," I eventually manage, " Although it took a long time for it to kick in. Weren't you a scrawny little fellow in 1st and 2nd year. I'm sure I have a picture somewhere. I can show Rose if you like, she'd find it.... interesting to say the least."

He points his finger in my face, frowning. "Don't you dare. Remember I have blackmail material!"

I gasp in horror, shocked he would ever do something like that.  The little jerk. Upon seeing my horrified expression he laughs and pokes me in my stomach. It actually hurt a little, that boy doesn't know his strength.

"Take a joke Cord, chill. I would never do that. "

I pull him into another squeezing hug, as people stream past us.

"Come on," I say and pull him along to catch up with the others and precious Al. 




Hey guys. So a bit of a filler but oh well, it's just to try and continue Cord and Al's relationship. Scorpius finds out though! Also next time there will be some scandals and rumours !

Please review because I love to know what people think and would love helpfull comments. 


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