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Love Makes Me by MadiMalfoy
Chapter 5 : Blurring the Lines
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 As Hermione and Malfoy walked into the Great Hall laughing together, the general noise of breakfast dropped exponentially, many of the students turning away from their friends to stare unobtrusively at the two Heads. Hermione was about to turn around and walk back out when a warm hand grabbed her icy one.


“Hermione, we need to set an example. Just a minute ago you were starving! Come on, please come with me,” Malfoy pleaded in a low voice next to her ear, tugging on her hand. He started walking, not letting go of her hand until she caught up with him to be by his side. They went to sit at the seventh years’ table across from each other, with Malfoy next to Blaise and Hermione next to Harry.


After sitting down, Hermione looked over at Malfoy to find that both he and Blaise were looking at her with thoughtful expressions. She blushed and began filling her plate to avoid looking at the very curiously acting Slytherins. She heard a hushed conversation strike up between the friends, but couldn’t understand the rushed words being spoken. Hermione decided not to worry about it and instead started up a conversation with Harry.


“Good morning, Harry. Um…Harry? Earth to Harry!” Hermione said, slapping him on the arm with her just-arrived Daily Prophet. He turned around as the rest of the morning post was delivered with a sheepish look on his face.


“Sorry, ‘Mi, morning to you too. Are you all right? I saw you walk in with Malfoy…” Harry trailed off. Before Hermione could explain anything, the vacant seat next to Harry’s was filled with none other than Harry’s former crush Cho Chang, who took his attention away from Hermione towards her. Embarrassed, Hermione focused on eating her meal; she speared a piece of egg on her fork when a male student cleared his throat. She glanced up to see Blaise’s brown eyes showing something like reserved concern. Blaise opened his mouth to say something when Malfoy interrupted him.


“You okay, Granger? McGonagall needs to see us in her office in twenty minutes to discuss a few upcoming events. So if you’re going to cry about Potty, I suggest you do it now,” Malfoy uttered viciously. Hermione cringed in shock at his sudden change in behavior towards her.


“Well if that’s what you think of me, let’s just go now then so I can cry away from you!” she snapped, getting up from the table and stalking down the aisle between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables, Malfoy following angrily behind her.


He caught up to her as she turned the corner to go down a corridor and grabbed her arm, spinning her around to face him. His hand traveled down her arm and stopped at her hand; he held it and pulled her closer to him so as not to be easily overheard. Malfoy noticed a faint blush on her cheeks and thought, Bloody hell, Draco; Granger’s got a little crush on you! Better play it to your advantage. “I’m sorry, Gra-Hermione. I didn’t mean any of it, really. I don’t want you to cry over something stupid I said. I-“ Malfoy abruptly ceased speaking by Hermione placing her free hand on his arm.


“You don’t need to say it again, you know. I won’t go cry my eyes out like I used to, I promise. Your hateful words stopped affecting me after third year, whether you ever meant them or not,” Hermione replied, giggling a little in remembrance of punching Malfoy in the nose.


Malfoy felt all the tension leave his body as she brought up that rather painful and embarrassing memory. He chuckled a little with the thought of Hermione ever punching someone in the face besides him in the future. He began pulling her along the corridor so they wouldn’t be late for McGonagall, still holding her hand. This is actually kind of…nice, Malfoy thought to himself. I wonder what she’ll do if I do this…he let go of her hand to snake his arm around her waist. Surprisingly, she leaned into him; she was just close enough he could smell her hair, hair that smelled of vanilla. Vanilla…that’s what I smelled in the Amortentia in our sixth year of potions along with everything else…damn it Draco! This is bad; this is very, very bad! They chatted amiably about that day in third year for a while until they turned a blind corner and stumbled upon Blaise with his tongue down a younger Slytherin girl’s throat.


Hermione felt Malfoy’s hand on her waist squeeze a little tighter as they made their presence known with fake coughs to the previously oblivious couple. Blaise and the girl broke apart, both blushing furiously. The girl ran off, clearly embarrassed to have been caught kissing Blaise Zabini by both Heads. Blaise, however, stayed where he was, fixing his untidy clothes and giving them a cold glare, causing them both to smirk at him in return. This, coupled with Malfoy’s arm around Hermione’s waist, didn’t go unnoticed by the observant Slytherin.


Clearing his throat, Blaise tore into Malfoy. “Come off it, mate! You knew I was going to be here! You just had to ruin my morning didn’t you? Bloody prick, not a friend at all….” He trailed off as he lost steam.


“Sorry, what was that? Was that a thank you for getting that god-awful girl off of you? It was? Good, I’m always happy to help a bloke out,” Malfoy grinned impishly. “Well, I hate to leave you alone, but Granger and I have some business to attend to, se we’ll see you at dinner.” With that, the pair walked away from Blaise, not catching the curious and incredulous expression on his face at them. He assumed the ‘business’ Malfoy was talking about was something else entirely.


After they left Blaise and had turned a corner, both Hermione and Malfoy burst out laughing at what had just happened. They were still talking about it when they reached the Headmistress’s office. Malfoy squeezed Hermione’s waist a little bit in response to something funny she said. All of a sudden she realized who it was that had his arm around her waist.


Trying to play it cool, Hermione cheekily said, “Malfoy, did you forget the one thing I asked you to do this morning? I told you to remove your are from around my waist, did I not?” She smiled internally as Malfoy slowly dropped his arm down to his side. That ought to do it, she thought.


Not wanting to be beat so easily by her, Malfoy pinched her bum and put on his best poker face, which was actually quite good. Knowing he wouldn’t admit defeat because he was so stubborn, Hermione didn’t say a word, her pride not allowing her to make a fool of herself. At that moment, Malfoy spoke the password to the stone gargoyle protecting the stairs. “Severus Snape.”


Slowly the stone gargoyle rotated to reveal a spiral staircase. Malfoy and Hermione stepped on, letting the magically revolving stairs take them up to McGonagall’s office. They reached the top and stepped off in front of the door, preparing to discuss everything for a while.


Little did they know, a very rare magical even was going to occur very, very soon, and it centered on the Slytherin Prince and Gryffindor Princess.


A/N: Hey guys! Thanks for putting up with me, I was having some bad writers block and it took me a while to write this chapter. As of right now, I’m not sure where I want the next chapter to really go, so if you have ANY suggestions at all, I will consider them and quite possibly use them! Thanks for reading, please review! :) xx

Also, a S/O to my reviewers, MusicLover17, Mischief_managed18, ukulelebaby<3, dracos lover, and jane! Be like them and just drop me a line, whether it’s good or bad, just do it! The box is verrrry hungry. ;)


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Love Makes Me: Blurring the Lines


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