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This changes everything by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 12 : Attack and discover
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It was just before six in the morning when Harry appeared in his living room, so he wasn't expecting anybody to be awake, and he certainly wasn't expecting to smell sausages.

“Hello?” He called out curiously, and Ginny appeared from the kitchen. Her hair was tied up in a messy ponytail and she managed half a smile when she saw Harry.

“Hey, I didn't expect you back so soon. What's happened?” she asked, a guarded look in her eyes, almost as if she wanted to hope it was good but couldn't allow herself to think that.

“Nothing bad, well worse then it was. Where's Ron? I'll tell you both at the same time,” he explained but before she could answer Ron walked through the door that led into the passage.

“Sorry,” Ginny replied sheepishly, “he looked so sad so I took the spell off him and-”

“What's happened?” Ron interrupted her, “have you found her?” His voice sounded so hopeful and Harry was thankful that he was here with sort of good news, at least it wasn't bad.

“Not exactly but we may have an idea of where she is,” Harry started and watched Ginny and Ron's reactions. Ginny's hand flew to her mouth and her face paled slightly but Ron's eyes became harder, determined and Harry had an idea as to why.

“I'm coming,” Ron announced, proving Harry right.

“No Ron, you're not,” Harry replied bluntly before continuing on, he didn't have time to have a full-blown argument with him.. “Look, the note give one of my men some clues and he managed to narrow it down to a few places and one is not too far from here.”

“Perfect, let’s go” Ron made for the door, but Harry stopped him.

“Ron, you can't come and not just because I say so. You aren't an Auror, hell you're barely a trainee and you are too emotionally involved. Trust me, we'll find her,” Harry said.

Ron opened his mouth, presumably to argue when he was cut off by a piercing sound cutting through the air.

“The sausages,” Ginny explained and ran back into the kitchen where the sound turned off but a faint smell of burning filled the room instead.

“I only came to tell you that, so I’ll be off,” Harry told them when Ginny had come back in. she nodded before walking over and giving him a quick hug.

“Stay safe,” she whispered in his ear, and he kissed her head before waving to Ron and disapparating out of there.

Harry arrived back at the ministry and headed to his office to get started on some kind of plan. He needed something and something good to get around these people if they had managed to kidnap Hermione in the first place. Locking his office door he pulled out some parchment and started to write. He barely noticed the hands of the clock going round but when he next looked up form his work he was five minutes late.

“Shoot,” he muttered before picking up the plan and running down the hall, almost colliding with some people. Skidding around the corner he slowed down when he saw the room and walked in out of breath. “Sorry I'm late,” he told the group that was assembled there, about ten men and women who all stood in a semi circle. Danny was stood in the middle.

“Hey Sir, I've got the people,” he smiled at Harry and received a nod in return.

“Right, here's the plan. Danny, you lead three men around the back and I'm going to take three men around the front. The rest of you are going to be stationed out in different areas,” he pulled out a map of the building before continuing. “I want one here, another here and two there,” he pointed to various spots on the map and looked around at them all, “this is going to be dangerous if the men are there but hopefully they won't be but I'm taking no chances. Be alert and at the first sign of trouble notify me or Danny, understood?” Everyone nodded and Harry smiled, maybe this would work. “Danny, work out who is going where and I'll go set up some portkey, we can't disapparate in because there maybe spells set up.”

“Yes boss,” Danny nodded. Harry turned on his heel and left but not before he heard Danny issuing out orders. He was good at his job and worked hard. Walking into the office he sent instructions up asking for five portkeys to leave at exactly 7:50 for the Dungeon next to 58 Hunton avenue and while he waited Harry pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill and started to write.

If you don't reply to this and are found to be capable of replying then I'm afraid your job is going to be at risk. You've been off work for exactly five days and nobody has heard from you. If you are sick then let us know and if you haven't replied within twenty four hours I'm going to send out a search party for you.
H. Potter

“Sir, I have the portkeys you requested,” spoke up a voice and looking up to see his secretary standing there with a box of assorted items in his hand.

“Thanks Morgan, can you make sure this gets sent to Shane as soon as possible, thanks,” he handed him the letter and took the box off him. He barely heard him say he would before he was off back down the hall. Walking into the room Harry could clearly see five groups of people and he handed out a portkey to each before turning to Danny. “Who's where?”

“My group round the back,” he gestured to the three men he was standing with before pointing to the women on his left. “She is going to be on the east side while they are your group and are going round the front,” Harry nodded while he pointed to a group of three and walked over to them before gesturing for him to continue. “He is going on the west side and they are standing guard at the gate,” he finished, pointing first at the man on my left and then to a woman and man who were stood together.

“Great, well if everyone knows what they are doing hold on the portkey and when we get there go to your designated spots, either me or Danny will come and release you. Under no circumstances are you to leave your post before then unless you are attacked, understood?” Harry asked and a chorus of 'yes sir' ran around the room. Not a moment later the portkey lit up blue and then he was jerked away from the office and landed in what was unmistakably a yard.

“Go!” he called out and with his group following him, Harry ran towards the front and found a trap door awaiting them. Pulling it open he couldn't see into the bottom and he cursed under his breath, they were going to have to apparate in and he hadn't wanted to do that.

“Wait a second then apparate in after me,” he told them before turning on the spot and landing on cold concrete. Lighting up his wand he listened for the others to come and he only had to wait a minute before they all appeared in front of him. Leading them down the corridor he stopped when it turned off left and right. This was going to be impossible.

Lifting up his wand he suddenly remembered a spell that would help him work out if anyone was here. “Honeum Revelio” he breathed, before cursing out loud. There was nobody here but themselves.

“Go back to the office and stay there until I get back, “he told them and he apparated out of there and went off in search of Danny. It didn't take long to find him and to explain the situation.

“There's no one there but I'm going to keep a few people stationed here for a look out just in case they've left,” he told Danny who nodded.

“Keep the people who are already...” A crack filled the air interrupting what ever Danny had been going to say and in about half a second five wands were pointed at someone.

“Sir, it's me, Charlie,” he held up his hands and Danny was the first to lower his wand.

“It's ok, he's an Auror but why are you here?” He rounded on him as everyone else lowered the wands.

“Morgan sent me,” he turned to Harry who watched him curiously but didn't interrupt, what could his secretary want this badly? “He says you need to go now, there are two people who want to see you. I don't know who but he sounded quite scared sir,” he explained, foreseeing Harry's question.

“Ok, I'll go now. Danny, keep some people stationed here and I'll meet you back at the office,” he instructed before turning and landing outside his office to see a pale faced Morgan pacing.

“Sir, I didn't know what to do, I was...”

“Where are they?” Harry asked, interrupting his speech and he pointed at Harry's office. Walking over he pulled out his wand and pointed it at the door, what could have possibly scared his secretary this badly? Pushing open the door he made out two figures, one standing tall and the other bent over, they looked in pain.

“Who are you?” He asked, his wand pointed at the both of them.

“Harry?” Spoke the figure who was bent over and he watched as they straightened up. He recognised the voice but he didn't believe it, she couldn't be here in his office.


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