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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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It's been three weeks since I bumped into Al, three weeks since he saw the twins for the first time. Three weeks and I'm still trying to come up with ways of telling him. Three weeks and I've had countless letters off him, Dom, Rose and Scorp once again.

As I made my way down the stairs carrying both Bentley and Aubri, something I had perfected.  I thought of how they might react when they're older if they didn't know who their father is. I thought back to what Ria said, 'At least we knew mum before she left.' I have to tell him, I have to tell him before seventh year is over and that is a promise to myself. When I entered the kitchen dad came over and took Aubri from me making her squeal in delight as he ticked her before placing her in her highchair.

"Thanks dad."

"No problem kiddo," he said as I strapped Bentley into his own highchair. "There's a letter from mum."

Those words made me freeze.

"You okay, Fliss?"

I turned around, forcing a smile on my face and went over to the twins cupboard. "I'm fine, just trying to decide what to feed them," I lied.

Great, that's all I need, a letter off mum to add to my stress. I set about making Bentley and Aubri their porridge and milk before settling down on one of the bars stools to feed them.

Why does she have to send letters? It was her choice to leave. If she cares that much to write letters to tell us stuff, then why the hell didn't she stay? Before you get the wrong impression and think my mum's in jail, well she's not. In fact I have no idea where she is.

You see the month after Oscar turned one, mum just vanished. All she left was a note explaining why and that was it, I haven't seen my mother since I was eleven years old, that was six years ago now. The only contact us lot have with her is her monthly letter that she sends as well as birthday and Christmas cards.

I guess I should explain more, I remember the day as clear as if it was yesterday. The day had been pretty good, it was July and the sun was shining. Ria was home from her third year at Hogwarts, I was eleven, Tessa was five and Oscar was just thirteen months. We had gone to the beach as the weather was so nice and that night when we got home mum made spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread, which happens to be my favourite.

We were all sat at the table like one big happy family, which we were at the time and then spent the night playing board games. It was picture perfect I guess, maybe a little too perfect. When wewoke up the next morning mum was gone, dad had found this really long letter on the dressing table in their room. It said that she was sorry and she felt it was the best time for her to go what with me and Ria being older enough to look after our selves, Tessa was a daddy's girl and Oscar didn't need her as much as he did when he was just a baby.

After she rambled on about that she went on to say that because she and dad were young when they had Ria (no older than me, I might add), she wasn't able to do what she really wanted to: travel the world, visit other wizarding cities and to be a muggle air hostess. I remember after dad found the letter Nana Marge (Mum's mum) sat myself and Ria down and explained she had gone away for a while and that she loved us all lots.

Things changed after she left, I started Hogwarts in the September meaning that myself and Ria who started her fourth year were not around much to help dad. He took three years off work (he works in the misuse of muggle artefacts office at the Ministry)to stay home and look after Tessa and Oscar, this was when nana Marge and bampa David moved to the apartment across the park. Once the three years were up dad went back to work, Ria graduated from Hogwarts and Oscar started muggle Primary School, what with Ria being home then to help, dad started doing longer shifts to keep the money coming in.

Like I said she sends letters each month but she never ever mentions an address or even a phone number so we don't have a way to reply to her. We once tried owl post but the owl just came back with the letter we sent, it's like she's untraceable. Six months after mum left bampa David became really ill, he had cancer. He fought it but nearly a year later he passed away, and since we had no number or address for mum she still doesn't know her father is dead.

It really pisses me off, I could never ever leave Bentley and Aubri. I hate her for it, it's like she was saying that she regretted getting pregnant young and now was a good time to leave us and live her life. To be honest I don't even care about her any more, I know I shouldn't say that about my own mother but as far as I'm concerned she's no mother of mine.

Once they were both fed I took Aubri out and handed her to dad who was sat at the dining room table reading a paper. "Can you give her, her bottle please?" I asked.

"Course I will, how's my little princess," Dad cooed to Aubri.

I went back to Bentley and took him out to feed him his bottle, picking the letter up as I sat down. I let my eyes wander over it and a few things stuck out, things like 'missing you all', 'wish I could see how much you've grown' and 'it's great out here'. If she misses us and wishes she could see us then why the fuck doesn't she come home, oh yeah I know because it's so bloody brilliant.

"You're quiet this morning, Fliss, you okay?"

"Yeah," I yawned. "Just tired and worried about going back to school."

He smiled. "You'll be fine, Fliss, stop stressing so much and enjoy today."

"I know, I just can't help but worry," I admitted as I burped Bentley.

I heard footstep and a cheerful voice called, "Morning," even before she had entered the kitchen I knew it was Ria.

"Hey, Ri, good night last night was it?"

"Yeah, it was. Are you or Tessa doing anything today? I want to spend some quality time with my darling sisters before you go off to Hogwarts."

I shrugged. "Don't think so."

She smiled. "Great, I'll go wake Tessa now." Ria skipped off out the room, yes she actually skipped like a little child not a twenty year old woman.

"Looks like I'm busy today then."

"I'll look after them, Fliss," Dad offered.

I smiled. "Thanks dad, but what about work?"

"Don't worry, I'm off today and I've took a week's holiday starting Monday."

I hugged him and gave him a kiss. "You're the best daddy ever!" I squealed.

"Just go have fun," he told me.

"Thanks," I called over my shoulder as I left the room to go get dressed.


It wasn't until we got home that I noticed there was a copy of today's Daily Prophet on my bed. Ria had taken myself and Tessa into London shopping, to a nail salon and then treated us to lunch in a nice restaurant. It was pretty fun and I did manage to buy myself some new clothes after much persuasion from Ria. I wasn't going to buy anything for myself but Ri twisted my arm and said I would probably new some new clothes to go back to Hogwarts.

I started to protest but I realised she had a point, my pyjamas aren't exactly the best and neither is the rest of my wardrobe: I pretty much live in joggers or leggings and colourful tops. Standard mum outfit for me really.

I placed my shopping bags on the old sofa bed that lives in the corner of my room, kicked my shoes off and chucked my hoodie on the side. Standing in front of my Hogwarts trunk that I had recently packed, I couldn't quite believe that in two days I'd actually be back at Hogwarts. I ran a finger over the love heart in the top right corner inside, tracing the initials; AP + FS the memory of when Albus had done it coming back to me.

Shaking my head as I shut the lid, I made a mental note to pack my new clothes from today as I crossed my room and flung myself on my bed. Picking up the Prophet, my mouth dropped open as soon as I saw the picture on the cover. I looked down and read today's headline:

Albus Potter new girlfriend? Again??

Middle child of Harry and Ginny Potter: Albus Potter was seen outside Carol's coffee shop in Diagon Alley. He was seen talking to a blonde, they looked pretty close and there was a lot of hugging going on. After much speculation, we have found out that the blonde in question also happens to be his ex.

Then not even a week later the same Albus Potter was spotted again, this time inside the shop. He was sat at a table near the back but instead of being with a blonde, this one had black hair. From one of our sources we can reveal the dark haired girl was in fact Hattie Nott, daughter of Theodore and Allison Nott.

Our reporter Jeff, managed to get a quick conversation with her, Hattie told us "I love Albus. We were together in our second year but broke up for personal reasons, I mean we were just so young then, of course it wouldn't have worked. I'm just so glad we're together again, now we're so much older and wiser. It was new years eve when he asked me. We've kept it pretty quiet but we decided it was time to tell people outside of Hogwarts."

Has the youngest Potter son finally gotten over the girl who broke his heart last June? More on pages five and six.

"Arghh!!" I screamed as I threw the paper across my room, so that it was as far away from me as possible before yelling again in frustration. So he's got a girlfriend who hates me, just brilliant. There is no way in hell that I'm going back now.

"Oi!" Came a voice. "What's all the yelling for, Flick? I thought you were packing your new stuff in your trunk."

"Correction, I was."

Ria looked me up and down, her eyes lingering on my stomach."Care to explain why."

I said nothing but rolled my eyes at her,as I pointed in the direction I had thrown the paper.

She shrugged. "So? It's just the Prophet."

"And have you seen the front cover today?" I snapped.

Her face dropped when she read it. "Oh, I don't see the problem apart from the fact he still doesn't know about two certain little people. Unless you still love him that is."

I scowled. "The problem is Hattie hates me. I was the reason they broke up in second year, because Al realised he didn't even like her like that, they were so young. And he started to realise that maybe he wanted to be more than my friend. Hattie was nothing but a bitch to me when I was dating Al, she bullied me, Ria. I had to share a dorm with her and she made my life hell every day for three months until I finally told McGonagall. And look when they got together, two days after I fucking gave birth to his kids. Two fucking days!" I yelled at her.

Ria muttered, "Muffliato," and before she could say or do anything I got up and crossed my room to my trunk.

"I'm not going back," I yelled at her as I flung the lid open and  pulled my stuff out for the sixth time since I packed it yesterday.

I heard her sigh. "Flick, we've been through this, you are going back whether you like it or not. Just remember the two small reasons why you're doing it."

I stopped throwing clothes and books out of my trunk and sighed, feeling stupid about my mini meltdown. Ria was right, I have to go back. Not just so I can finish my education but because I'm doing it for the two most important people in my life. I'm doing it for Bentley and Aubri, I want to make them proud.

My floor creaked and I felt Ria pull me into a hug. "It's okay, Fliss, it's okay really. I know you don't want to leave them but trust me you need to finish seventh year."

I nodded. "Thank sis."

"Need some help packing then?" she asked when we eventually broke apart.

I laughed. "Yes please and make sure that you lock it with magic just in case I change my mind again and try to unpack for the seventh time."

She laughed. "Okay, let's get packing."

A/N Little context since this probably won't make it into the main story: Flick's parents were together at Hogwarts and were 16&17 when they found out they were expecting her sister Ria. Whilst her dad finished his 7th year, her mum dropped out at the very start of her 6th year and never went back. They were married when Ria was 2 months old at 17&18.

Edited - 16.02.2018

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