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We are never getting back together...or are we? by shinichi
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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A/N: this is my first story….i just hope you like it. This is the first chapter.






image by abendrot....thnxx alot :)




Huh..I had come back at last…to…to my own world....leaving behind the muggle world......after four whole years ...... that was a very long time....


 I just cant imagine that i was going start a new life , a new job, live in a new apartment,.....leaving behind all my past.....


But what about my my family?

I was all alone- no friends, no parents living with you, and the most important- a loving husband..............but no! I had my cutie-pie with Elina.....the one who made my family I didn't have to regret at all......


But how will Harry and Ron react when they see me back after so many years? What about Ginny? I didn't meet them since that day I went away.........they would pretty much get a shock from me that I came back again..........


Atlast we reach the apartment......first I got to let Elina have some sleep.....poor thing...must have got so tired.........then I'll go for work.....


I was an Auror now....that was unbelievable!


" Elina...."

" Yes mom...."

" See i have to go for my work , so.... "

" Yes mom ..understood...i will stay quietly at home and take  a nap "

" Awwwwww.....that's like my good girl ....bye mom will come home as soon as the work gets finished.."


Yeah........I was now having a new beginning in my life.......


" Hey Hermoine......"

" Hi Mrs...."

" Uh...just call me Amanda "

" Oh ya, sure...."

 We had just met yesterday and I was hoping to become good friends with her.


" Well dear as you are new here you got to meet our boss. "

" Boss? "

" Yes . He is an Auror like us but yes .....well trained than us ofcourse. "

" Well, that's fine's he like ? "

" A little strict..but he's too good looking....!!! Everybody says that his wife left him so he's depressed."

" Hmmm......" I suddenly thought about my life.I had also left my husband all alone........was he depressed too? No , this was not the right time to think about all this...

I went and knocked at the door.

" May I come in please ," I said in a very polite manner.

" Yes , come in and have your seat "


I come in and have a look at my boss- Tall, fair , sharp-pointed nose, brown hair, blue eyes....he did look nice.


"Goodmorning, have a seat."

"Hmm...goodmorning Mr..."  Ugh..I didn't even know the name of my boss.


"Arnold." He said with a smile. " I have checked all your history. You've recieved enogh Auror training and I'm happy to know that we'll have you as a new auror."



 "Well, you'll be working with Amanda Sieves, I think you've already met her."


"Yes, I have."


"Fine, that's it. She'll show you your cabin."


"Thanks alot. Hope you have a good day." I said with a smile and hurried off to find Amanda.



I soon got in my cabin and sat on my chair. Being an Auror felt nice but not that nice when you are appointed a mission the next day you've joined the office.


"'ve got a mission!"




"Go and make some coffee for me...with no sugar...I'm on a strict diet, that's why.."


"Not funny!" I cried.








"Amanda, could you call me later? I am busy right now."

"Busy? But you're sick right? Why are you doing work when you're sick?"


"It's some important work you see; now could you please.."


"Oh, don't worry, I'll come and help you with your.."


"I don't need your help!"


"But I wanted to tell you something..."




Huh, god...she's after me...


"Who's after you?" Blaise suddenly came in out of nowhere.


"What are you doing here?"


"I heard from Pansy that you're sick?"


"Yes, Amanda makes me feel sick..she.."


"Don't be so gloomy..."


"...she is a fuddy-duddy, old, weird woman...and she's behind me..."


"Hey, I think she's calling you again.."


Draco picks up the phone.


"How many times have I told you..just meave me alone.."


"But Draco, I have to tell you something.."


"Something what?"


"You know there's a new woman...she joined our office today.."


"So what should I do?"


"Come on she's working with us..."



"You should meet her.."




"Oh please do..maybe I'll come with you."


"I'll meet her tommorrow when I come..."


"No. You're coming today..and I'll give you her address.."


"Listen...." and Amanda cut the phone.


"What happened now?"


"She wants me to meet some woman, who joined the office today.."


"Great, have fun with the ladies.." Blaise smirked. Draco scowled.






Hermione's POV-



Some unknown number called me four times since I came back to my apartment. When I tried to call back, nobody picked of the phone. Well, whatever; currently I was waiting for Amanda and the unknown guest to arrive. Before that I sent Elina to sleep and cleaned the dusty apartment.

I then went to the kitchen and made some coffee.


Soon the bell rang.


"Coming!" I ran to the door and opened it.


"Hi Hermione!!"


"Hey Amanda... you were coming with a guest right?"


"Yeah, yeah he's coming.."


"Alright, come in..I'll bring some coffee.."


I went in th kitchen when i heard another voice.


"God, is this her house?"




"You call this a house? I mean, see the condition...cracked ceilings, cobwebs..."


I couldn't control my anger. I walked the living room and said- "Excuse me...this is my apartment and if you don't want to be here then kindly get out."


The man turned his face up at me and it didn't take me time to realize who he was.


"Hermione?" Draco Malfoy was in my house. Draco Malfoy was back.



“What the hell.” I muttered under my breath.


“You know Hermione?” Amanda asked having a surprise.


“Uh..I.. yeah, ummm…I mean no…”


“Then how did you get to know her name?”


“Don’t you remember you told me her name while talking to me? Now excuse me.. I have to go to do some important work…”


“But Draco… always run away!”


“Well Hermione, I think I should go to…I thought that I would introduce you to Draco but see…he’s always running out of things…god knows why he’s so busy.”   


Saying this Amanda went away…leaving me in a shock…phewwww…..was that really Draco? Or was I dreaming…? No I wasn’t…I can’t mistake any person as Draco…he has to be him..huh…but why? Why did we both have to be togther...again?



Hello readers!

This was an EDITED version of chapter 1. I hope you liked it. Well, I am soon going to update the edited version of Chapter 2…so you can read Chapter 2 later  ( I suggest you to read it later)….. :)


Thank you for reading. Kindly leave a review.


(I know I make a lot of grammar mistakes…I am sorry for that. Do let me know every mistake of mine. I will try to write my best. I am no professional writer…and have much more to learn. Hope you understand)


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