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Coping by ScoRose4eva
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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The letter was sitting on the end of the bed; it seemed to be staring at him. He knew this letter was important and that he should read it but there was a niggling in the back of his mind that maybe he didn’t want to know any more information today, it seemed that he had an overload of information just this morning, he found out her owned eleven accounts, he was slipped a love potion to fall in love with Ginny Weasley to keep him from realising that Hermione Granger was his soul mate, and that Albus Dumbledore was his Grandfather. He pulled a face thinking that his grandfather had tricked and manipulated him to fit his own plans.



“Harry what’s wrong?” Hermione asked without looking up.

“I was just thinking how my grandfather tricked me and manipulated me my whole life” Harry had sarcastically said the word grandfather, even saying felt strange.

“Harry, I know it must be a big shock to find out that Dumbledore was related to you but do you see why he did those things?”

“Hermione he wanted me to save the wizarding world by dying, he purposely gave me a love potion so I wouldn’t find out you were meant to be my soul mate then decides after he’s dead to tell me the truth.”

“Harry, if you knew he was related to you, would you have done anything different? If you had known that we were soul mates would you have acted on it and then have to decide between me and the world”

“Hermione, I don’t know but I’m just angry and hurt that he did this to me, to us. How can you be so calm about this? He screwed us both over and your just sitting there all calm while it seems I’m the only person worried that there’s something more I haven’t been told”

“Harry, I am angry at him but there is nothing we can do about it, all we can do is live with the consequences of his actions. To be honest im more worried about the contents of that letter on the bed than what that stupid old man did”

There it was the one thing Harry had been avoiding, the letter he knew contained information he didn’t want to know. Harry sighed and picked up the letter. “I don’t think I can do it Hermione, its too much information”

“Do you want me to read it first or do you want to leave it for later?”

“Well the latest we can leave it is today; apparently it’s important for tomorrow’s meeting”

“How about we do something else and come back to it this evening”




Throughout the day Harry and Hermione ventured into muggle London, they did a bit of shopping for Harry so he could stop wearing his ratty clothes; they had lunch in a cafe and wandered around the river. It was 6pm when they returned to the Leaky Cauldron. Tom had beckoned Hermione over and handed her a letter from Gringotts. She took the letter upstairs and found Harry putting his new clothes away. “Harry, Roddink sent the letter” Hermione said handing over the letter. “It says the meeting is set for midday” Harry said reading the letter. “I suppose it’s time to read the other letter” With great trepidation they both moved to sit on the bed, Harry picked up the letter and lifted the seal with his thumb.


My Dear Harry,

                        This letter is one of the hardest ones I’ve ever written; there is no easy way to break this news to you. As you know your father and I were being hunted by Voldemort and we were in hiding for the first year of your life. After you were born your father and I were so happy. You were the most amazing baby. Your eyes would light up whenever myself or your father walked into the room; you would clap whenever Remus and Sirius came into the room. You never did like Peter very much you always cried whenever he held you. It breaks my heart to think that I will never see you grow older; I am not stupid I know we won’t survive this war. I only hope we last long enough to give you some memories of us. I know that Peter will do his best to keep our secret but I’m not sure what his best will entail. I’ve never liked Peter very much I don’t trust him as much as Remus and Sirius. Your father thinks it’s a good thing to use Peter but I’m unsure.



Now for the other reason for my letter. Not long after you were born I found out that I was yet again with child. The news was wonderful and your father and Sirius and Remus for that matter were over the moon. The only downside was the timing, being pregnant during a war when your being hunted by the darkest wizard of all time. You are more than likely wondering why you have no information of a younger sibling. Your father and I decided that it would be safer if the baby wasn’t kept with us and we arranged for your little sister, Eve Lily Potter born September 28th 1981, to be sent to some of your father’s cousins in America. We named Remus her Godfather and he was to go to America after we died. He just didn’t want to leave us, not knowing how much time we had left.



I’m so sorry that we didn’t inform you of this before via your Grandfather, but Dad – Dumbledore thought it was best for Eve’s sake that you didn’t know. I think he may have seen danger for her as well as the immediate danger for us. The only three people besides myself and your father who knew about Eve were Sirius, Remus and Dad. We didn’t feel safe telling Peter. I used a camouflage charm to hide the bump and transfigured your nursery twice the size and charmed it so myself, James, Sirius, Remus, Dad, you and Eve could go into it.




I know this is a lot of information but Harry, my son we kept this secret to keep you and your sister safe. Don’t be angry with Sirius, Remus or Dad for not telling you we asked them not to. 

I love you so much and your father does too. Never forget that Harry, we will always be in your heart.


Love Forever
Your Mum

Lily xxx



P.S. Harry its dad here, in the vault when you turn 17 a pensive and a box of memories from all of us will be in there. I love you son.



Harry dropped the letter onto the floor, feeling his eyes tear up. He had a sister, a little sister called Eve. She was out there somewhere and every adult he ever trusted knew that fact and never told him. He wiped the tears off of his face as the realisation that Eve had even less time with his – their – parents than he did. He actually felt lucky and a lot of sympathy for his sister. “Oh Harry” Hermione said. He looked up to see her holding the letter, tears rolling down her face. Harry opened his arms and Hermione walked into them and cried into his chest. Harry lost track of how long they stood there. After what seemed an hour but was really five minutes Harry spoke, “I’ve got to find her Hermione; she’s all I have left of my family. I wonder if she knows about me”

“Oh Harry, she will know all about her brave big brother, who will love her more than anyone else”

“Hermione she may not want to know, maybe she doesn’t even know that those people she’s staying with are cousins and think they are her parents”

“Harry, that is impossible, I wonder what she looks like, and I wonder if she will look exactly like you or maybe a copy of your mum”

“Hermione, will you help me find her?” Harry asked suddenly

“Harry, you don’t even have to ask, of course I will. I want to meet her”

“Should we eat, I’m getting kind of hungry” Harry asked as he picked up the letter to put it back into the envelope. “Hang on there’s something else in here” Harry opened the envelope again and pulled out two rectangular pieces of parchment. He turned it over and saw a moving picture of six people. The picture was of himself, his mum, dad, Sirius, Remus and a bundle of pink blankets with a little pink face with the exact same eyes as him. “Hermione it’s a family picture, look” he handed the picture to her. As she was looking at the picture, Harry turned the other one over which was a shot Eve waving her arms and legs in the air with a huge smile on her chubby face. He passed the second picture to Hermione while he went to his backpack and pulled out the photo album Hagrid had given him many years before. He flipped to the back pages and Hermione helped him put the photos into the album. “When I get a house sorted out I think ill display some of these photos, id like that” Harry said smiling. They called for dinner Hermione had sausages and mash and again Harry had dry toast. “I hate eating just dry toast” Harry moaned as they finished eating.


“Well when you can keep it down, we will move on to richer food. One step at a time Harry” Hermione smiled at him. “I’m going to get a shower, try cleaning up in here while I’m gone” as she left Harry found himself smiling, he was happy he now had a goal and some sort of direction to go into. He was meeting Roddink tomorrow, sorting out his affairs, setting up a home and finding his sister.

That night as they both started to turn in for bed (Harry in the bed, Hermione in her sleeping bag) Harry whispered into the darkness “I think this will be good Hermione”






A/N I know that many people have written Harry with a little sister but the story came to me as I was going to sleep and it was a scene later on between Harry and Eve. I hope you stick with me and the story. I would love some reviews if you have time. Oh and the soul mate thing just happened as I was writing, it will be a prominent part of the story.

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