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Slytherin Much? by NightStar
Chapter 7 : Leaving Sirius Worried
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 ‘And that isn't going to stop you is it?’, Jeremy raised an eyebrow.

‘Of course not.’

He sighed, ‘Typical of you Scarlet but be careful. Remember what Dumbledore said.’

‘I know Jay,’ I sighed inwardly. I hadn't told him about what Severus has said. I hated keeping secrets from Jeremy but if I had told him, he’d most definitely not allow me to investigate. He’s so much like my parents.

Well, maybe even I should be like one.

‘Hey Jeremy,’


‘Why don’t you join the Quidditch team?’

His head peeked out from the shelf behind.

‘Scar,’ he said slowly ‘What is wrong with you?’

‘Oh come on, you aren’t that bad at flying!’

‘Oh yeah sure, let’s forget about the time in first year when I ended up crashing against a wall. Also the time in second year when I hit 4 people in a row with my broomstick accidently. And then of course, last year again when-‘

‘I get your point!’

‘Good,’ he sighed in relief, ‘I really don’t know where you get these random ideas from.’

‘What ideas?’

I turned back to find Chase leaning against a shelf.

‘Oh hey Chase,’ I said, ‘We were just talking about how Jeremy should join the Quidditch team.’

‘That would be fun,’ said Chase, ‘To watch, that is.’

Jeremy glared at him. ‘Great friend you are.’

‘I can’t help it if you’re so pathetic at it,’ said Chase. ‘With you being Jelly-Legs Jeremy and all.’

I high-fived him for that (Sorry Jay!). Jelly-Leg-Jeremy was quite a trend 2 years ago when some sixth year hexed Jeremy with a jelly leg curse, just because he was angry. And even though the counter curse was put on him by Madam Tipple, people still thought he had jelly legs. Why? Because there was hardly any difference. Jeremy has always been awfully clumsy.

Jeremy noticed the high five and went behind the shelf again, frowning a bit.

‘Anyway, what brings you here to the library Chase?’ I asked, changing the subject.

‘Came to inform Jeremy something,’ he replied, ‘School band practice is on Wednesday evening, 6 o’ clock.’

Jay plays the guitar, you see. Whereas I have absolutely no musical talent. I sing like a banshee and I’m horrid at instruments.

‘Oh thanks,’ said Jeremy. ‘Are you coming this week Chase?’

‘Nah,’ he replied grinning. ‘I’ve got Quidditch practice.’

‘Of course.’ Jeremy looked a bit put out.

‘We got to beat Hufflepuff!’ Chase said. ‘But honestly, I think it’s going to be a piece of cake.’

‘Don’t get overconfident!’ I said , waggling my index finger at him and he laughed loudly.

I guess it was too loud because a moment later, the librarian silenced him with that miserable shriek of hers.

Then, she saw the “illegal” pack of chocolate frogs on my table and a moment later, we were all thrown out of the library.



October was coming to an end and it began getting colder. My pile of homework was increasing by the day but winter also brought out the first match of Quidditch. The Ravenclaw team worked hard and practiced four times a week, preparing to beat the Hufflepuffs.

Frank recovered soon (another one of magic’s awesome uses) and the Hufflepuff team was overjoyed. He was their best Chaser.

I decided to join Alice for the match on Saturday (except she’d be cheering for her house and I, for Ravenclaw). Besides, I felt protective towards her. What happened last week wasn’t really my fault but I felt guilty nonetheless. I don’t what would have happened if Severus wasn’t there…

Speaking of him, I tried to snoop around a little bit but that slimy git is smart. I kept an eye on him during classes (not in a creeper stalker way, mind you) but every time I got distracted, he disappeared.

But I’m Scarlet Green and I don’t ever give up.

Saturday came along and I went down for breakfast. Jeremy and others hadn't arrived yet so I took my place in the Ravenclaw table.

There weren’t many people there yet because the match was scheduled for the afternoon and it was 6 in the morning. I noticed Alice and Fiona at the Hufflepuff table and waved at them. Then at the Gryffindor table were James and Sirius. James grinned at me while Sirius didn’t even look my way.

His hair looked like a nest and he had dressed clumsily.

Obviously someone wasn’t a morning person.

‘Hey!’ said Naomi as she took a spot next to me. ‘Fancy seeing you here so early.’

I shrugged in reply.

‘Did you hear?’ said Naomi. ‘Tess and Will are dating!’

And… I zoned out.

Naomi loved gossip while I didn’t really give a damn. I mean, who cares about a 7th year breaking up with her boyfriend? Or a kissing dare?

That was when I noticed Bellatrix and Severus having an argument. The Slytherin table all the way on the other side of the Hall and I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Severus kept pointing at the Hufflepuff table and Bellatrix was probably yelling at him. She whipped out her wand and said something. Even though I couldn’t hear her, I knew it was something horrid. Severus visibly paled but he held his chin up and walked away arrogantly.

Naomi asked me something.

‘Uh-huh,’ I replied. I wasn’t listening to her. My attention went back to the Slytherin table. I saw Rabastan speaking to Bellatrix. Rabastan was in my year as well. He was.. hot. Yes, attractive. He was the most normal one out of that lot. He was tall with black, short hair and real gorgeous eyes. Bellatrix shooed him rudely and stormed away.

Could it be possible that it was them? The cloaked figures? I knew I was jumping to conclusions but I knew Severus didn’t quite tell me everything. He was pointing at the Hufflepuff table where Alice sat. Could it be..?

I shook myself. I was definitely jumping to conclusions.

‘Girl,’ said Naomi, interrupting my thoughts, ‘Are you even listening to me?’

I looked down sheepishly.

She rolled her eyes. ‘Sometimes I think you spend way too much with the boys.’

‘Hey!’ I said defensively, ‘Jeremy’s my best friend!’

‘But that doesn’t mean you always spend time with him does it? And sweetheart, when was the last time you spent some time with a bunch of your girlfriends?’ Naomi raised her eyebrow.

She’s got a point there, I thought. I just stuck out my tongue as an apology.

‘Luckily for you, we’re having an all-girls sleepover tomorrow. Do come over!’

Naomi and her dorm mates have this all-girl’s night where do they do girly stuff in general and have fun.

I looked at her warily but nodded.

‘Good,’ said Naomi. She leaned over and whispered, ‘Cause you’re going to spill the beans and confess everything.’

‘Confess? About what?’

‘Your crush, of course!’

I snorted, ‘Naomi! I don’t like anyone like that!’

‘Uh-huh,’ she said, ‘We’ll see about that.’ She winked at me and walked away.

‘Naomi! I honestly don’t!’ I yelled but she shook her head.


‘Don’t what?’

‘Oh hey Chase,’ I said.

‘Hi, hi, whatever.’ He replied hastily. ‘Anyway, answer my question.’

‘Oh, I was just telling Naomi that I don’t have a crush on anyone.’

He raised his eyebrow.

‘Urgh! What is with everyone doing that? It’s so annoying!’ I slammed my head on the table.

‘ ‘S sure nice to see a Slytherin get annoyed. You have no idea just how irritating you snakes are.’

I stuck out my tongue. ‘Shut up if you want all your limbs and arms in place for your match.’

‘Oh ho, ho,’ Chase said teasingly. ‘Scarlet’s getting feisty.’

I chose not to respond. Well, not really since I was attacking a plate of blueberry waffles.

‘Do you like anyone Chase?’ I asked between bites.

He looked up from his toast, ‘You mean apart from you?’

I nudged him hard, ‘Not me, silly. You just like irritating me.’

‘Hmmm,’ he thought. ‘No, I don’t like anyone.’

‘No? Really?’ I asked, ‘But they’re so many to choose from. I’m pretty sure they’ll love to date you.’

‘Thank you, thank you.’ He looked really pleased of himself.

‘That’s only because they don’t know just how annoying you are,’ I added, winking.

‘Sucker,’ he scowled.

‘How about Naomi?’ I nudged him again. I was loving this.

He blushed red.

Chase had a crush on Naomi since first year. They met even before Sorting and he loved her voice or something. He was ecstatic to find out that even she was in Ravenclaw. But, he never confessed that to her. Only I and Jeremy knew.

Speaking of who, I looked around the Hall again.

‘Looking for dear Jeremy, are we?’ Chase winked.

‘As a matter of fact,’ I replied, ‘Yes.’

‘He said he’s coming late. He thought you’d be coming late for breakfast; with you being a lazy, lazy slug.’ He said and I hit on his arm for that. ‘He decided to wake up late.’

‘Hmph,’ I said. ‘How is that you woke up so early then?’

‘Quidditch my darling,’ Chase ruffled my hair. ‘For which, I have to go now.’

‘Kay bye then. Good luck. Have fun!’

‘Don’t I get a kiss for good luck?’

‘Get lost,’ I said but hugged him nonetheless.

Chase was a flirty jerk sometimes but he was a good friend. And I’ve known him for a couple of years.

I decided to wait for Jeremy in the Great Hall. I looked back at the Slytherin table but there weren’t many seniors there.

Alice and Fiona had also left the Hufflepuff table.

But James and Sirius were still at the Gryffindor table. James was messing around as usual but Sirius just sulked. I could see James was trying hard to cheer him up but he stayed solemn.

‘Hey there, nice to see you here so early.’

‘I’ve been here for about an hour.’ I grinned at Jeremy’s shocked expression.

Jeremy had breakfast and I ranted to him about random things in life.

We took our books and headed to the library to finish off some homework (hey, it was his idea.)

‘So, how are things at home?’ Jeremy asked.

‘Urgh, mom wants to go shopping during the holidays for a dress.’

‘For what?’ he asked, amused.

‘The New Year’s Party.’

Jeremy’s parents always had a party at New Year’s but I used to go wearing plain trousers and a t-shirt, never a dress.

‘My mom too!’ said Jeremy.

I cracked up, ‘She wants you to wear a dress?’

The thought of Jeremy in a floral dress with heels and a wide brimmed hat was hilarious and.. scarring.

‘I didn’t mean that!’ Jeremy blushed red. ‘I meant a tuxedo.’

I cracked up even more. ‘Ahahaha Jeremy! I can’t imagine you wearing a tuxedo!’

‘And I can’t imagine you wearing a dress.’ He stuck out his tongue.

‘Touché.’ I tried to stop giggling but I failed miserably.

Both of us laughed.


‘And…. Lightwood scores!’ yelled Diggory from the announcer’s end.

Chase flew around and punched his fist in the air. I grinned.

Ravenclaw was doing well. But Hufflepuff weren’t that far behind.

‘Oh no, Davies drops the Quaffle!’ shrieked Amos. ‘It is now in Longbottom’s possession!’

Alice was hopping up and down, cheering for Frank.

‘Lightwood’s chasing Longbottom, and.. He passes it the gorgeous Higgs!’

I could hear the load groans of people all around. Amos was a good commentator but got easily distracted.

‘Higgs passes it back to Longbottom, gracefully as always.’

Monica Higgs swore at Amos mid-air and people cheered. I shook my head, talk about immaturity! Everyone forgets their manners and ethics in Quidditch. The only important thing is the game, and only the game.

‘And… Longbottom scores!’ yelled Diggory, ‘Well done, man! It’s now a tie!’

Alice turned and hugged me tightly, completely overwhelmed.

‘The Quaffle is back in Lightwood’s hands!’

Chase held the Quaffle close to his chest and shot towards the hoops.

‘Looks like Thorne has spotted the Snitch! He’s heading fast!’

I looked towards the Slytherin stands and there it was; the Golden Snitch fluttering. Hufflepuff’s seeker Throne shot towards it but Ravenclaw’s Brown wasn’t too far away. My eyes shifted for a second and I saw Bellatrix standing in the corner of the Slytherin stands, with her wand out. She muttered something, looking up with concentration.


He was still shooting towards the hoops but he slowed down, looking at the Quaffle weirdly. It was shaking violently on its own, threatening to fly out of his hands.

I realized what was going to happen just a moment later. I ran for the Slytherin stands. I crashed into many people but I didn’t care.

I ran, with my eyes set on Bellatrix.

‘The Snitch has been caught! To Ravenclaw is it!’ yelled Amos suddenly and people erupted in cheers.

‘What the..?’ said Amos, a moment later.

I looked towards Chase. He had let go of the Quaffle but it shot back towards him. He flew upwards and the Quaffle followed swiftly. I could see Chase was panicking.

I swore and picked up someone’s bag on the ground. Hoping my aim was right, I flung it at Bellatrix. Her gaze dropped from the Quaffle and she clutched her arm where the bag had impacted her. I tried to back away and merge into the crowd but she stared at me and for one horrible second, we made eye contact. Her dark, black eyes were blazing. She picked up her wand and she looked like she was going to curse me but decided against it. Instead, she ran behind the stands.

I stood there shell-shocked.

Looking back at the pitch, I saw the Quaffle lying still on the hard ground and Chase was safe at the end of the pitch.

I made a split second decision.

I bolted after Bellatrix.

On the outside of the stadium were the Slytherin changing rooms. I opened the door tentatively, a little nervous. There were deep green lockers and long benches everywhere. Bellatrix didn’t seem to be there though. It was empty. Damn, I had missed her.

I was just about to turn and leave but someone stormed into the changing room. I instinctively hid behind a few lockers since technically; I wasn't supposed to be there.

‘Regulus!’ snapped a familiar voice. ‘Don’t tell me you believe Mum and Dad!’

Sirius. My eyes widened in shock. I should be listening in this conversation.

‘I do,’ said a small, deep voice. ‘I’m sorry Sirius but at least I didn't betray them like you did.’

‘Betray?! I didn't do anything! They’re the ones obsessed with blood purity!’

‘And that’s right!’ snapped Regulus. ‘Muggleborns don’t deserve to be in this school Sirius.’

‘So I’m a blood traitor now?’ said Sirius angrily, ‘Just because I’m in Gryffindor?’

Silence. I couldn't see Regulus’s reaction but somehow, I knew he agreed.

‘I can’t believe this Reg!’ yelled Sirius. ‘How could you.. how could you even think that? You’re still my brother Reg.’ Sirius’s voice cracked.

‘I can’t say the same.’ Regulus replied coldly. Sirius didn't say anything.

‘You’re the most selfish person I know Sirius! You think it’s easy being me? You betrayed our family but I have to face the consequences! Mum and Dad have been burdening me  for the past 3 years! They have such high expectations Sirius. And it’s not even my fault!’ yelled Regulus. ‘It’s your fault, I lost my elder brother because of you.’

There was a loud bang as someone stormed out. I’m guessing it was Regulus.

‘Sirius?’ I asked, delicately as I stepped away from my hiding place.

His head was in his hands and he was sitting on a bench. He raised his eyes and was surprised to see me.

‘I guess you heard everything?’ he said quietly. It seemed more like a statement rather than a question.

I flushed. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.’

He didn’t reply. I stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

‘I really am a horrible person, aren’t I?’ Sirius began laughing mirthlessly.

‘You aren’t.’ I said quickly. Too quickly.

God, I felt so awkward. I didn’t even now Sirius so much but I certainly couldn’t see him like this.

‘Look, I’m sorry I eavesdropped. I shouldn’t have done that.’

Sirius just nodded.

I got up to leave but I stopped at the door. ‘Sirius listen,’ I said, ‘Don’t blame yourself alright? I don’t know much about your family or you for that matter but I believe you’re a good person, so should you.’

He looked up and we locked eyes. His were a deep chocolate brown but there was so much worry in them.

Maybe this whole Regulus thing was a lot more serious that I thought it was.

Sirius didn't move. It felt like a staring contest, trying to read each other’s eyes.

After a long moment of silence (and staring), I pushed opened the door and left.


A/N: I'm so sorry it took so long to get this up! I'm kinda stuck in the next chapter but I decided to put this up for you all:) Hope you liked it. Please review!


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