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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 26 : Christmas With the Weasleys
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As it happened, no one mentioned that Dominique was in fact carrying baby, for the best part of the holiday, Victoire had found Dom and apologized and said they would find a way through it together, Fleur was still furious with her daughter, but Bill was all forgiving. Dom planned to only tell the rest of the family after Christmas, because she was worried it would ruin the festivities and also because she could put it off for a while claiming that her beginning to gain weight was the Christmas treats Nana Molly kept feeding us.

Sisi and Holly visited us the day before Christmas, spending a couple of hours at the Burrow, where Holly was thrilled to finally meet my family. Turns out she was in fact Half Blood, but ended up Squib for some reason unknown, her brother was also non magical, and her sister was quite a bit older than us, and would have left Hogwarts before we had even arrived there.

Sisi enjoyed being in our presence almost as much as her cousin, particularly the time she spent with Fred (wink wink, though I’m not sure I want to know what they got up to when they went on that “walk”). She ate treats like the rest of us and laughed with us, we asked her and her sister to stay, seeing as she would be spending Christmas alone while her parents were off in Greece, and with Charla (who was a lot less jealous than the first time the topic of Holly had aroused between us) we dropped Holly home. Charla and Aurora’s dad was expecting them for the rest of the Holiday, and I was chucking my parents out of Godric’s Hollow after Christmas so it was likely that we would spend much more time together then.

Not that we hadn’t made the most of moments when all other family members were busy in the rather extensive forest behind the Burrow.

‘I’ll see you soon ok, Owl Me!’ Char grinned, pushing up on her toes to brush my lips one last time.

‘It’s not forever Charlie!’ I reminded her, kissing her forehead and shutting her front door so I couldn’t delay any longer, wouldn’t want Sisi feeling awkward would I.

I wrapped an arm around Roisia’s skinny waist and turned back, Char was still standing in the window, watching me go. As a joke, I pressed a kiss against Sisi’s head and then turned back to Charla, who rolled her eyes and laughed visibly, before waving one last time.

‘Doesn’t that irritate her?’ Sisi giggled, wriggling free.

‘Nah,’ I assured her, ‘Charlie knows you, just like now she knows Holly she doesn’t mind her so much, they actually get along... I still can’t believe you guys are cousins!’

‘I can’t believe she was the Holly you met!’ Sisi countered.

‘Well I can’t believe she’s a squib...’

‘Well she is I can guarantee that, but you know, I don’t think she minds!’ Roisia looked thoughtful.

‘Oh really?’ we turned down the next road and headed down the familiar street where my house was.

‘Nope, she says she quite likes having both lives, you know, she still sees magic but is basically a Muggle!’ the she added, ‘and where are we going?’

‘Mum just asked me to check in Godric’s Hollow, my house.’ I said smugly.

‘You look so proud saying those words,’ Sisi teased.

‘I am proud, I have my own house!’ I pulled out the key and pushed open the door, raising my eyebrows at the sight.

I expected a lot more mess.

A few boxes were piled neatly, labelled; G + H stuff, Lily’s stuff, and Albus’s stuff. The rest of the house was still pretty normal. I had expected to be taking mum and dad’s things because otherwise this place would feel rubbish but actually, they left almost everything useful to me anyway.

‘This is a nice house!’ Sisi smiled politely. ‘I wish I lived in something this cosy.’

‘A big house gets lonely huh?’ I said sympathetically.

‘With just me and Soph, yeah it does!’ she sighed, ‘James,’ she turned to me, ‘thank you so much for letting us stay over Christmas, I know this is supposed to be a family time but-’

I silence her by wrapping my arms around her tight, ‘Si, you’re every bit as much family as any one of those bloody red heads.’

‘That isn’t true,’ she laughed, ‘but I’ll take your word for it and thank you anyways.’

‘Listen, I don’t want you getting upset again and not eating, you’re one of my best friends... ever! None of those people at the Burrow mind if one extra person pitches up, especially to my grandparents, the more the merrier!’ I told her. She beamed so I whispered quietly, ‘let’s go home!’

~ ~ ~

I woke up the next morning and the world was oddly silent... and very white! Snow blanketed everything, setting off the Christmas scene beautifully. I sat up in bed (aka, the mattress on the floor) and felt the covers slip off me. Albus was lying awkwardly in the bed beside me, arms thrown out as wide as they could get. Fred was curled up on a sofa, snoring softly. And Louis was on a mattress on the floor beside the bed occupied by Teddy (who had been told he was not allowed to sleep with his wife and given many apologies.) the other bed was occupied by Andre, Molly’s husband, and Hugo was lying on the floor towards that end of the room. There was one other figure that shouldn’t have been there.

I got to my feet and tiptoed from the room, peering into the next door room to check if the girls were awake.

Victoire and Molly both occupied the beds, I knew Micaela was supposed to be sleeping with Molly but she never behaved, and Sofia was in Vic’s arms.

Lily, Roxy, Lucy and Sophie were all squished together on two mattresses pushed together, while Dom and Rosie were beside them. I spotted Sisi, lying peacefully, a little smile etched on her cheeks.

Not wanting to disturb any of them, I trotted back to my room where the boys were still dead to the world.

I knew the moment little Micaela, who had been sleeping beside me all night, woke up, there would be no more sleep for anyone. And why deprive these special people of their beauty sleep?

...Oh yeah, because they’re family!

‘Hey Caela!’ I coaxed softly reached her and shaking her gently. Her almond shaped eyes fluttered open and sudden realisation hit her.

‘Is Christmas!’ she whispered very quietly in her baby lisp, and very excitedly.

‘Yes!’ I nodded, pressing a finger to my cheeks. She got up very quietly and ran to the window.

‘Is snowing!’ she squealed, a little louder, but not by much.

‘Daddy!’ she ran over to her father, and began to raise her voice, ‘its Christmas snowing!’

I left the room, waiting for her to do the rest of the damage, I gave it ten minutes before everyone would be up and downstairs for presents. That gave me time to find an Owl, scribble a note to Char, who would no doubt be waiting for one.

Hey Charlie,

I know you’re missing me already ;) but I hope you’re having a good time with your dad! And Rory. Merry Christmas! And just so you don’t forget, I know we agreed to gifts but I will have something for you ready in a couple of days time. Don’t be angry, I know you’ll love it... and I still don’t want anything!

I love you!

James xxx

I hope she was satisfied, and I knew she would probably get me a gift, even after we agreed no gifts, so Roisia was going to help me arrange something!

And as I had predicted, it took no less than ten minutes for everyone to arrive downstairs and they began ripping open prezzies.

Roisia appeared out of the gang, bleary eyed and tired looking but grinning and holding a small parcel.

‘It’s not much,’ she hugged me, ‘but it’s something!’

I looked at her curiously and opened the little package, so in the palm of my hand was something I had only ever seen before in a Quidditch stadium. And even then it was Albus who saw them most of the time.

‘Here,’ Sisi took the golden snitch that didn’t fly, out of my hands and tapped it with her want, it twisted and out stepped fourteen miniature players (seven in red, seven in blue) each about half the size of my pinkie. There were bludgers and a Quaffle and an itsy bitsy snitch that I could barely see.

‘Professionals are getting them in to plan Quidditch games, but knowing you you’ll end up using it as a toy too!’ she teased, then began giving the players orders and they flew around the table.

‘Sisi!’ I grinned, tackling her into a hug again, ‘thank you so much!’ I grinned and pulled out an equally small gift. It wasn’t wrapped so I unclasped the clasp and fastened the necklace around her neck. The charm was a broom with the words Stay Strong etched into the side, she grinned reading them and threw her arms around me again.

‘Thank you!’ she squealed.

‘No problem sweetie,’ I mumbled! ‘That’s what friends are for!’

~ ~ ~

Three days later I had Charla’s gift prepared, and apparently she had mine.

As gifts go, I had pretty amazing ones, besides the Quidditch game from Sisi and her sister. I had gotten much chocolate from various other family members, yet another broom servicing kit from Dom, which she got me every year, a Weasley sweater which I would probably give to Char since she loved them, the keys to Godric’s Hollow from my parents and various other things, the list is too extensive to name.

I arrived on Charlie’s doorstep two days before New Years, leaving Roisia to help Dominique out, who was panicking because apparently she was beginning to get a baby bump.

‘Good morning beautiful!’

‘You know it’s sweet and all that you do that but try not to make us throw up in our own house!’ Rory teased passing the doorway with her dad.

‘Hey, Rora, Oliver!’ I waved to the pair of them then bent over Charla and kissed her.

‘Hello,’ she giggled.

‘Come on, I have a gift to give!’ I tugged her along, pulling her all the way to Godric’s Hollow.

‘It’s your house?’ she looked a little confused, surveying the outside of the house from the little front garden.

‘Our house,’ I reminded, pulling out the keys and unlocking the door, it was pretty tidy inside, and everything was still pretty much the way it had been when my parents had lived in here, except now all their boxes had been moved to Grimmauld Place. The kitchen and living room were fully equip but it was the upstairs I was more interested in.

I had decided to keep my room, much less hassle trying to move all my mess around. Lily had also asked me to keep her room for her, in case she decided she couldn’t stand life without me and came to stay here for a bit. My mum and Dad had left there room completely empty as had Albus... and Albus always had the room Charla loved the most. Apparently it had the best view.

‘In there,’ I nodded towards the door. She pushed it open and squealed.

It wasn’t much to squeal about, there was a bed with blue duvet covers, matching the countless Tornadoes pictures on the walls. Atop the chest of drawers were tons of photographs, of everyone I could find.

There was her and Aurora, hugging, laughing, sticking their tongues out, there was her with every other female Weasley/Potter, there was her with Fred, her with Sisi, her with Dom... and mostly importantly, her with me.  Countless pictures of us together, flying, laughing, there were more of us than there were of her with anyone else.

‘James!’ she squealed again and threw her arms round me, ‘I love it... I love you!’

‘It’s to make sure you won’t leave me... now that you know you have a room here ok,’ I grinned, a little shyly I guess... wow, new sighting, James Potter actually shy?

‘I’m not gonna leave,’ she promised.

‘In that case,’ I kissed her again, ‘I love you too!’



Aww, isn’t that sweet, I hope you think so. So this is a verrrry early Christmas present dedicated to ALL of you who’ve read and especially those who have reviewed! Thank you so much! As per usual I own nothing, please, please, leave a review, they are very much appreciated and very encouraging!


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