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My Darling Princess by mary_ducks
Chapter 4 : The Show (Well most of it anyways)
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 Hermione rolled over in her sleep and her face was crushed against something hard, yet soft. Not wanting to open her eyes, she slid her hand against the object that she had rolled into, after a while she realized she was touching an extremely muscular body. Her fingertips gently grazed the warm body next to hers completely unaware that he had woken up when she had touched him, her fingers continued to trail down to what she believed to be his chest and stopped once they reached the elastic waistband of his sweatpants. She kept her eyes closed.

“So do you always molest the men you sleep in the same bed with?” he teased.

“Only when they sleep partially naked.” she replied still very sleepy, her eyes remained closed.

“Makes sense.” he replied looking down at the beautiful vixen that was curled up to his side her fingers still tracing the hard contours of his torso making him go crazy.

Alright Draco you have three options, option one shag her senseless, option two kiss her then shag her senseless, option three refer to options one and two. He groaned as her fingers toyed with the waistband of his cookie monster pajama pants that Hermione had bought him for his birthday last year.

“Why wont you open your eyes?” he asked his arm that was still wrapped around her slid down to her waist and he began to draw circles on her skin with his thumb.

“Because then it would mean that all of last night's events were real.” she whispered.

“Hermione, its alright if he ever even tries to touch you I will break his neck.” he growled hugging her closer to him. Hermione let out a soft chuckle and kicked off the blankets that were wrapped around her legs and intertwined one of her legs with his. Draco groaned aloud, “Oh Hermione you will be the death of me.” and he swung himself over her and began to plant kisses all over her neck as she giggled softly.

She arched her neck in happiness and nearly purred with satisfaction as his hands ran up and down her leg and her back. Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist wanting to feel every bit of him against her, she moaned in delight as Draco gently sucked at the side of her neck.

He began to trail kisses from her neck all the way up to her temple and back down to the edge of her mouth. She needed to feel his lips upon hers, she needed to feel him against her and yet he continued to tease her kissing her forehead instead. Flipping him over Hermione began to kiss the area around his mouth feverently and just as she was about to finally kiss him on his plump delicious red lips, the door flew open to reveal a smirking Ginny and a very confused Harry Potter.



“What are you two doing?” Harry demanded glaring at the two of them. Hermione jumped off Draco and pulled down her skirt which had ridden up very high during her peaceful slumber.

“Um, um we we.”

“What does it look like Harry? They were going to have sex and we just ruined it, I’m so sorry Hermione and Draco, if we had known we could have waited.” Ginny replied still smirking.

“Oh um, um no its its fine, I’m just gonna go shower.” Hermione stammered running into the bathroom as her face burned tomato red with embarrassment.

As the door slammed shut behind her, Ginny aimed her smirk at Draco, “So what was it like to finally have your wildest dream come true?”

“That was not my wildest dream, my wildest dream involved a unicorn, a hippogriff, a Naked Hermione and the lake.” he replied giving Ginny his own smirk as her jaw dropped.

“And anyways I doubt it would have coalesced into anything more, so why are you guys here?” he drawled missing the feel of Hermione against him.

“Because of this.” Ginny replied throwing the daily prophet at him, on the cover was a picture of Viktor slapping Hermione and another picture of him punching Viktor, the headline read, “Date Night Fright for Hermione Granger.” by Rita Skeeter.

“Merlin! When will that women die?!” Draco growled to angry to read the article.

“Read it, for once its kind of good.” Harry prompted.

Draco gave a dramatic sigh before adverting his eyes to the article.

Last night was supposed to be a night filled with romance and candlesticks for Hermione Granger and Viktor Krum, but alas as most doomed fairytales it ended in chaos.

This reporter had been advised of the dinner Viktor Krum Bulgarian Seeker and Hermione Granger former Gryffindor and war hero at the french restaurant Maison DE Bouffe or House of Food. It was at this dinner that it was revealed the true intentions of Viktor Krum. The dinner started off without a hitch with the couple flirting and laughing as any ordinary date would go.

But an inside source told me of how controlling Viktor Krum truly was, ordering for Hermione and not letting her speak. It was also revealed that he had completely drank all of the contents of SEVEN bottles of the finest wine that the restaurant had to offer, but Hermione had not taken one sip. Eventually, Viktor was so drunk he vomited everything he had eaten onto Hermione, and Hermione being the sweetheart that she is said that it would be best if they paid and left, but Viktor wouldn’t have it and an elderly couple sitting by them revealed that Viktor had told her to “Sit her ass down.” in a perfect American accent. The audacity of it all and to continue Viktor slapped Hermione right across her face for no apparent reason, but the damsel in distress was rescued by none other than Draco Malfoy.
Hermione's knight in shining armor took a blow for her and then returned one to Viktor telling him that if he ever hurt her, he and Harry Potter would see to it that he never touched another girl again. But where is Hermione Granger now? After aparating away with the Malfoy's (who had been at the restaurant to discuss the status of the Malfoy Company and Fashion Industry in France with an old friend) it was revealed that Hermione Granger had not returned to her room in the Leaky Cauldron.

Hermione where are you now the world is waiting for you.

Draco’s eyebrows shot up, it was surprisingly a very accurate portrayal of the night, but he knew the full story would be revealed once he or Hermione or the both of them spoke to Luna.

“Well it is mostly true from my part at least.” he said throwing the prophet onto his desk and laying back down onto his bed wishing Hermione would get out of the shower and into his bed again.

“Alright, well you and Harry got a call to the office this morning and Hermione and I have to start working for fashion week which is exactly one day away.” Ginny said traipsing out of the room to find which shower Hermione had chosen to drown herself in.




“so how good was she?” Harry asked with a grin once his wife was out of the room.

“Better than every girl I’ve ever been with times two, and we didn’t even get close to a shag.” Draco sighed remembering the feel of her small and voluptuous body against his.

“Hm, that is completely different from what Ron told me after their first time.” Harry simply replied sitting on the edge of Draco’s bed.

“And what did Weaslebee say?” he asked intrigued.

“He said that, let me see if I can remember correctly, I’ve never been with a girl that flexible before.”

“She's flexible huh?” Draco said with a dreamy half smile.

“Yes, now onto a different topic, I got an owl this morning saying that we were going to be briefed about our next mission.” Harry said not wanting to think about a naked Hermione, which he had seen about three times in his life time.

“Oh alright, what time do we gotta be there?” he asked raking his hand through his knotted hair.

“At one you have a couple of hours to get ready.” he replied looking at a picture of Hermione Draco had on his night stand, “Hey when did you get this?” Harry asked pointing to the picture it was one of Hermione as a bridesmaid at his and Ginny’s wedding two years ago.

“I uh took it while she wasn’t looking.” Draco managed and actually blushed, a bright red that would make any Weasley jealous.

“Wow, I think Hermione has more than just one person to get a restraining order from now.” Harry joked as Draco punched him lightly on the shoulder.

“Alright get out mate so I can take a shower unless you wanna see me naked and be totally emasculated by how manly my body is.” Draco boasted flexing his muscles.

“In your dreams Malfoy.” Harry said walking out.



“So Hermione, Draco huh?” Ginny asked raising an eyebrow as Hermione pulled on a purple summer dress that Narcissa had sent up for her while she was in the shower.

“So Ginny, Harry huh?” Hermione asked raising her right eyebrow and then her left just to annoy Ginny.

“Oh you know what I mean Hermione! What was it like! Did you guys you know? Um um like shake the bed??” she questioned desperately.

“Shaking the bed? What the hell Ginny?! I swear you come up with the weirdest ways to say sex.” Hermione growled lightly.

“Hermione!” Ginny gasped slapping her hand around Hermione's mouth. “Dont say that word!”

“Oj Mon Niny!” Hermione tried to speak but Ginny still had her hand firmly wrapped around her mouth. With a sprinkle of fire in her eyes Hermione licked Ginny’s hand who let go yelling out about that being unsanitary.

“Oh come on Ginny you're a married woman and you cant say sex? SEX SEX SEX SEEEEX!!!” Hermione screamed out as Ginny threw multiple towels and pillows at her, both of the girls collapsed onto the floor laughing and tears of mirth scrambled out of their eyes as they tried to stop laughing only to be attacked by another fit of giggles.

“Oh Merlin!” Ginny cried as she finally managed to get a hold of herself. “Now tell me what happened! I want the details! And make them juicy!”she begged practically on her hands and knees.

“Oh Gin your making a big deal out of nothing, honestly I just woke up this morning with my face smashed against his chest and I didn’t know it was his chest because my eyes were closed and I didn’t want to open my eyes so I touched his chest and I eventually got so fascinated with his body I woke him up and he asked if I always molested the men I sleep with.” Hermione burst out laughing at the last part.

“oh and then I started to rub my leg against his and he got on top of me and began to kiss my neck in such a tender way and I just felt like I was on fire.” she sighed happily.

“Oh my Merlin! You're in love with him aren’t you!” Ginny cried throwing her arms around Hermione, but at the prospect of being in love with Draco Malfoy Hermione cringed, she would not and could not fall in love with him, because he, he would break her heart worse than Ron had.

“No I don’t love him.” Hermione stated all of the teasing and happiness out of her tone.

Ginny stared at her best friend not quite sure if she was lying or not, “Are you serious you just told me you had the most incredible morning with Draco and yet you don’t love him?”

“No I do not, yes he is attractive, but not my type.” Hermione said stiffly.

“Hermione did you get hit on the head?” Ginny asked trying to see if Hermione was hurt.

“Yes you bloody idiot in case you haven’t read the prophet yet.” Hermione growled angrily ready to slap the ginger in front of her.

“Hermione! What has gotten into you!?” Ginny cried astounded by her best friend's anger.

“Nothing I don’t want to talk about and we have to go today is the last day of rehearsal before the show so you better be ready.” Hermione said leaving the room in a huff.



“No No No! Lavender what the hell did you do my dress!” Hermione screamed angrily as “Lav Lav” strutted down the catwalk.

“I made it shorter, you know I have killer legs and that they have to be showed off so I cut off a couple of inches of fabric from the top and bottom isn’t it gorgeous?” she said spinning around in what should have been a floor length gown made of the purest most expensive silk Asia had to offer. The raincloud looming above Hermione's head began to spew lightning as she yelled at the girl.


“Bloody hell you cant fire me! I’m the best you've got Granger!” she defiantly yelled back.

“Excuse me! If anything you're not even close to the best!” Hermione yelled back “Get out of my studio, and you are obliged under contract to not sell any of my designs or speak of my designs to anyone else besides myself or Narcissa, and its a five year contract that you renewed last month, and it clearly states that you are still obliged under contract to keep your dirty trampy mouth shut even if you get fired which you are now leave!” she ordered picking up her clipboard from the ground.

“i-eh-ugh!” lavender scowled as she snatched her pursed and flew out of the theater

“Alright, um I owe you guys an apology for that outburst and I am sorry that I have been an in incredibly bad mood lately.” Hermione said turning back to her models who were all still in shock, “And I wont be firing anyone else any time soon, I hope you understand.” she whispered as all of her models surrounded her and hugged her in her rare moment of weakness.



~ Fashion Week Begins~
“Alright ladies, gorgeous, stunning and am-a-zing!” Hermione shouted out giving her girls the same pep talk she gave to them before every show, “now go kick some ass!” she had a thing for keeping them short and changing the last line.

She watched on the sidelines as her models strutted down the catwalk one by one in their “casual” clothing to the beat of the song We R Who We R by a muggle artist. She grinned as Ginny sashayed onto the catwalk a smile plastered on her face, Harry would surely die to see Ginny in such a revealing outfit. Because for her casual wear Ginny was wearing skin tight skinny jeans with gold embroidery along the sides and a matching figure hugging gold blouse that only had two buttons done showing off her toned stomach. The crowd went wild and cameras flashed erratically as the wind machines blew her hair away from her face and the shirt revealed more of her perfectly toned body.

Soon Ginny was joined by Luna who was in a light pink long sleeved shirt with white washed blue boot cut jeans and cowboy boots, adorning her head a matching cowboy hat and radish earrings were pinned onto her small ears.

The last to join them and it was a surprise to everyone who wasn’t a part of the show, Pansy Parkinson adorned in a red v-neck shirt with a soft orange sweater over the shirt, and black leggings and boots, perfect for the fall weather. The colors actually looked great on Pansy since she had long black hair, dazzling blue eyes and skin so pale it could rival Draco’s. Now all Hermione needed to do was find a Hufflepuff who could match the beauties from the other houses, but all of the brunette Hufflepuffs she had gone to had been to shy to even think about wearing an ensemble made and put together by Hermione. Then she would have all the four houses united but alas that wasn’t happening any time soon.


As the show dragged on (Hermione was never really fond of watching models flaunt her clothing) the models stomped up and down the catwalk with insurmountable amounts of flair and confidence. Ginny was in her final outfit, a floor length emerald green dress made of the purest gossamer that shimmered in the light and brought out her fiery hair and blazing blue eyes. The dress had a single slit from her mid thigh all the way to the ground showing off her tan leg and silver strap-y high heels. She strutted down the catwalk her eyes on Harry who was sitting in the front row conversing lightly with Draco, but as he saw his wife walking towards him, his jaw dropped and his glasses slid down his nose. Ginny smirked struck a pose that showed off her leg and upon turning around and shimmying down the catwalk, stopped in the middle turned her body partly around and sent a kiss to Harry as well as a wink that only Merlin knew the papers would make sense of.


Once the final song finished playing, Hermione walked down the catwalk waving and smiling towards everyone and giving a bow or curtsy every once in while. As the music died down she did a simple spell to make her voice louder as she thanked everyone for coming and asking a few questions and finished by saying that she would only be in town one more week before going off on vacation and if anyone wished to sell her line in a store she would be happy to make arrangements. With one final bow she walked back stage to make sure everything was put where it was supposed to go and to meet with anyone interested in buying her line.




“Why didn’t you tell us you were going on vacation?!” Ginny growled once they had escaped prying ears.

“Because, I knew you would worry and overreact as always anyways I’m just going out of town for a while to try and wrap my head around everything that has been happening.” Hermione replied stiffly not wanting to reveal to Ginny she wanted to get away specifically from her, Harry, Draco and herself.

“Hermione you are the world's worst liar ever what's troubling you?” Ginny asked worried for her friend.

“Nothing of importance.” Hermione stated an apparated away.




Soooo omg how was this chapter awesome or what?!? rate and review love you tons

oh by the way i do not own any songs by Kesha or any other songs mentioned in the story nor do i own hp or anything associated with it

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