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Missing by Courtney Dark
Chapter 6 : Me
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I’m curled up in my bed with Bernard snuggled beside me and a large book in my hands, when the dormitory door opens.

I look up immediately, praying that it won’t be Rebecca.

I’ve been avoiding her since her little speech at assembly, and she seems to be avoiding me as well, which works well for both of us.

Thankfully it’s Aine, and she’s alone, looking a little pink in the cheeks. I put my book down and look at her suspiciously.

She notices.

“What?” she asks self-consciously, trying to flatten her tangled hair.

“Where have you been?” I ask.

She flushes bright pink. “Nowhere,” she says. “I was…I…I went for a walk.”

Pfft. Does she really expect me to believe that? I think I have a pretty good idea of where she was, and it involves a certain hunky Quidditch player whose name starts with the letter M.

I’m talking about Mickey, for all those people out there who can’t solve riddles. Incidentally, I am a pro-riddles solver. Mum once brought me this book called ‘100 Fun Riddles for Witches’. Shut up, I was like, thirteen, okay? And I didn’t have a social life.

Aine goes into the bathroom to change into her pyjamas, and I pick up my book again, with no intention of actually reading it. It’s a very good book, but I’ve read it about fifty times - I can actually recite very long passages out of it.

Which isn’t weird at all…

Ever since Rebecca gave her speech at the assembly I’ve been thinking…thinking about what happened to Tori. McGonagall said she went missing, but that’s obviously not the whole story. How can someone just ‘go missing’? Maybe she ran away, or maybe she was kidnapped.

Maybe she decided to join the travelling circus and become a seal trainer or a trapeze artist.

The bathroom door opens, and Aine comes back out, so I quickly pretend to be reading my book.


Wow, she said my name. I wasn’t even aware she knew it.

I don’t reply. I’m trying to look like I’m so hooked on this book, I’m not even aware of the world around me.

“Charlie, I know you’re not really reading. Your eyes aren’t moving, they’re fixed on a single spot.”


I sigh, and put the book down. Aine’s perched on the edge of her bed, looking at me seriously.

“You want to talk to me about something, don’t you?” she says.

Yes, I do actually.

“No,” I say.

She rolls her eyes. “I can see the question right behind your eyes. There’s something on your mind.”

I shrug. “You know me. I’m perfectly happy not talking.”

But she fixes me with a stern look so I sigh, and sit up in my bed. “I’ve been thinking,” I say slowly. “Thinking about Tori.”

I wait for her expression to harden, or for her eyes to fill with tears, like everyone else’s seems to whenever Tori’s name is mentioned. To my relief, she just smiles at me gently. “I’ve been wondering when you were going to ask about Tori,” she says.

I gape at her. “You have?”

She nods. “I’ve noticed how…how some people have been treating you.”

By this she means Rebecca, our charming roommate.

“I think they all see you as Tori’s replacement, and that’s now how you see yourself. But you have no idea who she is…what she was like.”

Wow. She’s pretty damn insightful.

Ooh! Maybe she’s a seer! Wouldn’t that be awesome if I could say I had a seer for a friend? Actually, it would just be awesome if I could say I had ‘a friend’ but whatever. I’m not picky.

“What was she like?” I ask, and I realise I’m eager to find out more about the mysterious Tori Heron. I mean, half her pictures are still up on her - ahem, my wall. I really need to remember that I sleep in this dormitory now, not Tori.

Aine bites her lip, and leans back on her bed. “I’m sure if you asked someone different, they’d give you a completely different description,” she says. “Tori and I weren’t really close. I got the impression she didn’t like me very much.”

“She and Rebecca were really good friends, weren’t they?”

Aine nods. “I think so. I think Rebecca looked up to her. Tori was…different. Different to any other girl than I’d met before. She was definitely more grown up than all the rest of us. But she also liked to have fun - that’s how the party down by the lake started. It was her idea.”

“She sounds kind of…nice,” I say, surprising myself.

Aine laughs. “She was usually only nice if she wanted something,” she says. “The one thing I remember the most clearly about Tori is that she liked to be the centre of attention.”

I find myself glancing up at all Tori’s photos on the wall. I don’t know why I haven’t taken them down yet.  For some reason, every time I decide to, I find myself putting it off and procrastinating. Yes, Tori certainly seems like she enjoys being the centre of attention. In every single photo, she’s always in the middle of the group, and everyone’s always looking at her in admiration, or laughing at something she’s just said.

I bite my lip. “If you don’t mind me asking…what happened to her?” I ask anxiously. “I mean, I know she went missing, but why?”

Aine sighs. “That’s just the thing. No one really knows. Like Rebecca said in her speech, one minute she was there the next…poof! No one had any idea where she’d disappeared to.”

“Not even Rebecca? Or James?”

Aine gives me a knowing smile. It’s quite disconcerting actually. “So you found out about Tori and James?” she grins. “They were quite the couple.”

What does she mean by that, I wonder?

“But she’s not…dead?”

Aine’s smile fades. Even though it’s clear she and Tori didn’t like each other very much, she still knew her, and would obviously be upset if she was dead.

“I honestly don’t know,” she says quietly. “Rebecca insists that she’s not but…I just don’t know.”

She trails off uncertainly, and I decide I’ve asked enough questions for one night. I don’t want to use up my talking quota all in one go now, do I?

I soon realise life at Hogwarts isn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be.

Everyday I eat breakfast in the Great Hall with Aine and Mickey, usually joined by James and Fred.

I enjoy every moment I spend with James.

Even though his good moods can disappear as quickly as Fred’s sausages, (seriously, he eats like twenty each morning) he is usually smiling and cheerful, only dropping into a sullen silence when he doesn’t think anyone is watching.

At lunchtimes, the group of us sit out under a shaded tree by the lake. Aine always lies with her head in Mickey’s lap and James and Fred seem to enjoy playing pranks on poor little first years who are passing. I’m usually quite content to sit there and watch them, maybe read a book in the sun, but sometimes James or Fred will pick me up (which is an extremely uncomfortable experience) and threaten to throw me in the lake if I don’t socialise.

I also grow used to my classes, which are all very different, both from each other, and the lessons I took at home.

Potions are almost unbearable. We have this ancient teacher called Professor Slughorn, whom, as Fred tells me, was there when his grandpa went to school. I have no idea how he isn’t dead. He has the most gigantic belly I have ever and often forgets what he’s saying mid-sentence, and then has to repeat himself several times before he remembers. It also doesn’t help that the dungeons are bitterly cold and miserable, and that’s where we take potions.

Almost as bad, if that’s possible, is Transfiguration.

We have a horrible teacher called Professor Smith, who seems to dislike everyone, except the students in his own house, Hufflepuff, and is always unfairly taking points away from Gryffindor. In this class, I sit up the front with Aine, who constantly chatters away, and doesn’t seem to mind when I don’t respond, which is always good.

Herbology soon becomes one of my favourite classes. None of the boys are in this class, so Aine instantly pairs up with me. We’re currently working in Greenhouse Three, which houses some very dangerous plants. I don’t mind. I’ve always liked hands on magic, rather than waving wands and uttering spells I always forget the names of. Our Herbology teacher, Professor Longbottom, is really cool, and also happens to be the head of Gryffindor. He seems to like Aine a lot, and is always awarding her points for answering the simplest of questions. When I ask her why he likes her so much, she tells me her dad was in the same year as him at school. Apparently both Mr Finnigan and Professor Longbottom shared a dorm with Harry Potter, which weirds me out a bit.

I’ve always seen Harry Potter as some sort of super hero who whips around saving the day. It’s strange to think he was once a teenager, just like us.

Even though I love Herbology, my favourite class, strangely enough, is Divination.

Don’t you dare look at me like that!

Obviously I don’t like Divination the subject - or the teacher, Professor Moon, who is beginning to annoy me with her dreamy voice and sudden mood swings.

What I like about Divination, is that it’s the only class I really have to spend alone with James. Ever since my first day, when Professor Moon told us to get into pairs, and James came to sit with me, we’ve been Divination buddies. We sit at the same table, and everyone is always staring at us.

Well, they’re probably staring at James as he was - sorry, is the boyfriend of the missing girl.

But I like to think they’re staring at me as well. It gives me a much needed boost of confidence.

I find out a lot about James in our Divination classes, as neither of us really do much work.

What? I work super hard in my other classes, I deserve I break! It’s not like my future career is going to have anything to do with reading tea leaves and tarot cards, so it doesn’t really matter if I flunk it.

Anyway, James and I generally talk for most of the lesson - I find out all about the many jokes and pranks he, Fred and Mickey have played on the staff and students over the years. Most of these pranks involve dungbombs, the ancient caretaker, Filch, and a broom handle. Don’t ask me what the broom handle is for. Trust me, you don’t want to know.

I also find out what it was like to grow up with a super famous father, I learn all about why James’ favourite Quidditch team (Puddlemere United) should win the league this year and hear about all the spectacular wins James (who is the Quidditch team Captain) has made for Gryffindor.

The one thing he never talks about is Tori. And I’m glad. Because I don’t want to know anything more about her, or hear about what a perfect couple they were.

I don’t get it, personally - Tori and James. They seem…very different to each other.

Then again, opposites attract, so what would I know.

Sometimes, usually when I’m alone, I see Albus around the school. He’s either by himself in the library, which is a place I like to go for a bit of quiet time, or walking along with his cousin, Rose (the red-haired girl I originally thought was his girlfriend) and another girl who I don’t know the name of.  I realise he always looks so miserable, and I can’t help but wonder why this is - has it got something to do with James? Obviously the brothers have had a fight about something. Whatever the ‘something’ is though, I’m too afraid to ask James. Whenever he sees Albus around school, his jaw goes all tight and his eyes harden.

A couple of times (not when I’m with James, obviously) I see Albus wave at me, and come over to talk. Whenever this happens, I remember James’ warning in divination, and quickly walk the opposite way. This doesn’t seem to offend Albus though, or if it does, he doesn’t show it. Every time he sees me, he still says hello, even though I never respond.

Is that rude of me?

Should I respond?

It’s not like he’s ever done anything to offend me. In fact, every time I’ve met him, he’s always been perfectly nice. Even a little shy, which is completely opposite from James.

After I’ve been hanging around with James and the others for a few weeks, people begin to notice that James and I have become quite good friends. And a lot of people don’t like it. Most people still see me as Tori’s replacement, the girl whose name they don’t know (it’s Charlie Parker, thank you very much) and who spends a lot of time with Tori’s boyfriend.

I think James knows that people talk about him a lot behind his back, but he doesn’t seem to care.

Of course, Clementine and Lavender approach me a couple of times, to give me repetitive warnings about James.

“You like him, don’t you?” they say.

I always decline, but they just look at me with these infuriating ‘all-knowing’ expressions on their faces.

“Maybe he likes you too,” they say. “But he loves Tori. He’ll always be in love with Tori. And when she comes back, they’ll go off, get married and start a family together.”

I try not to let their words rattle me. But, for some reason, they do. I can’t help picturing James and the blonde haired girl whose pictures are still on my wall sitting in a big house with a whole lot of mini James’ and Tori’s.

Merlin, they’d have adorable kids.

Though I have always thought I’m not a people-person, I soon realise that was just because I’ve never been around people.

Apart from my parents. And they don’t really count, because they’re probably aliens from a strange planet.

I actually come to realise that I need these people, and that I enjoy having friends. Though Aine and Fred do most of the talking when I’m with them, and all Mickey goes on about is Quidditch, I’ve really come to rely on them. It also starts to become a little depressing that the rest of the school population is ignoring me.

I’m serious.

In Herbology the other day, we were tending to our venomous tentacula plants, and I asked the Ravenclaw guy standing across from me to pass the watering can. I think his name is Robert Davies, and I’ve seen him and Clementine together, holding hands. Anyway, I asked this Robert to pass me the watering can and he completely ignored me - just pretended I wasn’t there!

I was super offended, especially because I heard him mutter ‘her replacement’ to his friend.

Well, I didn’t need a translator to tell me who he had been referring to when he said ‘her replacement.’

Anyway, Aine was quite annoyed that the guy - Robert - had ignored me, so she threw some dragon dung at him and demanded he give me the watering can. She actually looked quite terrifying standing there with her dirt-smeared face and dragon-hide protection gloves, so I wasn’t surprised when Robert started stammering out his apologies and handed the watering can over.

Aine is a good friend.

The one person I’m very glad is ignoring me is Rebecca.

I mean, obviously we see each other occasionally - we have to share the same dormitory, and she’s had a few mini freak outs at me, where her eyes go all crazed and manic, but usually Aine, or someone else who is nearby is able to calm her down. Apart from these pleasant encounters we never speak, and I’m happy to keep it that way. I don’t need constant reminders that Tori will be coming back soon to replace me.

I should have known it was all too good to last.

The bell rings signalling the end of Divination, and I can’t help but sigh in relief.

I look at James and roll my eyes.

His head is slumped on top of his arms, which are crossed on the little table. His eyes are closed and he’s snoring slightly.

I roughly shake him, and he jerks awake, looking around frantically.

“Where’s the knife?” he asks stupidly, then notices me sitting in front of him.

I give him a look.

Since being here at Hogwarts, I’ve actually realised I give very meaningful looks. There’s the ‘don’t lie to me, I know what you’ve been doing with that gorgeous hunk of a boyfriend’ look (this is usually applied to Aine.)

Then there’s the ‘please chew with your mouth closed, I’m going to vomit look’ (Fred.)

There’s also the ‘what the hell are you talking about, you sound like a crazy person look’ which is the one I’m currently giving James.

“Sorry,” he says, rubbing at his eyes. “Once I fell asleep in Charms and Fred prodded me in the back with a knife.”

I stare at him. Yes, Fred is a little…insane, to put it nicely, but I can’t imagine him stabbing someone.

James laughs at the expression on my face. “Don’t worry, it was made of rubber,” he says. “But boy did it give me nightmares.”

I laugh, and we begin packing up our books.

“Remember to complete your homework essays!” Professor Moon calls out happily.

Humph. It’s all very well for her to be happy. She’s not the one that has to do the stupid essay on deciphering the messages in burning logs.

Which, by the way, is the most pointless thing I’ve ever done. The only message I’ve got out of it is not to stare into fires for too long, because your eyes will start to hurt.

James and I climb out of the trapdoor and down the ladder, and begin walking towards the Great Hall, where we are meeting the others for lunch. I hope they’ve got something good. I’m so hungry I could eat a Giant Panda.

Of course, I’d never eat a Giant Panda, because they’re an endangered species, and I don’t want to contribute to their extinction.


Shut up. I realise I’m a little strange.

James suddenly groans loudly, and grabs my arm.

Damn him.

He knows I don’t like too much physical contact. Though his arm feels pretty damn good around mine - I can feel his muscles bulging slightly.

Which I should not be thinking about, as James is not my boyfriend.

“Would you care to explain that involuntary groan?” I ask James, trying to keep the squeak out of my voice.

He grins at me. “I’m starving,” he said. “And you’re dawdling along at the speed of a tortoise. I think my grandma Molly actually passed you, on her walker.”

I roll my eyes, and hit him playfully on the shoulder. He laughs loudly at me, and then freezes suddenly, looking straight ahead. I sigh slightly, expecting to see Albus. Instead I see Rebecca, coming late out of her Ancient Runes class, and staring at James and I with an angry expression on her face.


Whatever she’s thinking, it can’t be good.

James tightens his grip on my arm slightly. “Hey, Becky,” he says, with a strained grin. I notice several people around us have stopped to watch.  People will do anything for a bit of gossip. And why does James have a nickname for Rebecca? Did they used to be friends or something? I realise this is probably likely, considering James and Tori used to - sorry, go out and Tori and Rebecca are best friends.

What are you doing with her?” Rebecca asks, and I’m surprised to hear that her voice comes out as a whisper.

I look around, wondering who James is with. Then I realise Rebecca’s talking about me.

Oops. I’m so intelligent.

WHY ARE YOU WITH TORI’S REPLACEMENT?” Rebecca suddenly screams, out of nowhere, and I can’t believe the venom in her voice.

James looks momentarily startled. “Rebecca, you need to calm down…”

“CALM DOWN!” she screams, and I realise there are tears in her eyes. The people around us are muttering amongst each other. I can only imagine what they’re saying. That I, the new girl, am taking Tori’s spot. Replacing her.


James lets go of my arm, and takes a slow step towards Rebecca, his arms held out in front of him protectively. Rebecca flinches away. “Rebecca, I…”

“You’re disrespecting Tori!” Rebecca says, wiping tears from her eyes, and her voice has suddenly changed to a sort of gurgling hiss. “How can you do this to her? How can you…how can you cheat on her like that? And with her of all people.”

Woah. She has totally gone too far. It’s not like James and I are even dating!

“James and I are just friends!” I tell her forcefully, and I am horrified to see Rebecca spin towards me, pulling out her wand from inside her robes.


I shake my head, my heart pounding like a drum. “Rebecca, that’s not true!” I say. “I don’t want to be Tori…”

But Rebecca has stopped listening. She shakes her head in despair. “YOU’LL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS HER! YOU’RE JUST A FAKE, A COPY. YOU BITCH!”

I am shocked. I never liked Rebecca, but I didn’t realise she was this emotionally unstable. I realise James has also pulled his wand out of his robes.

“Becky,” he says softly, because the crazy girl still looks like she’s about to attack me. “Please calm down. You don’t need to say those things…”

Expelliarmus!” chokes Rebecca, and James’ wand goes flying from his hand.

I am beginning to feel very angry. This girl has serious issues. “Look,” I say. “I don’t see what your problem with me is - there’s nothing wrong with me! I am a perfectly nice person. Just because Tori…”

Don’t you speak her name!” Rebecca growls, and then, before I can react, she’s shot straight at me, and pushed me against the wall, her hand clenching my neck. My head hits the stone with a resounding crack, and I feel my vision beginning to go foggy. Everything is a blur.

I’m starting to lose air in my lungs, and I hear shouting all around me, but it seems like it’s coming from several miles away. I can feel Rebecca’s warm, sticky breath in my ear…

Dark spots are appearing in front of my eyes…

Then suddenly, she’s gone.

I sink to the floor, choking, and massaging my sore neck, blinking as the dots slowly fade. I look up to see Albus Potter holding a struggling and crying Rebecca from behind, a grim look on his face.

James had regained hold of his wand, and is pointing it directly at her - or maybe he’s pointing it at Albus, I can’t tell.

“What is going on here?!”

Though I can’t seem to find the energy to get up off the ground, I look to my left to see McGonagall striding through the small crowd of terrified students with a stern look on her face. Her gaze sweeps across the corridor, lingering on me last of all. There is a sudden babble of voices, and I close my eyes, the noise giving me a headache.

Before I close my eyes, I see James looking over at me in concern.

“One at a time please,” McGonagall snaps irritably. “Potter, what just happened?”

I can’t tell whether she’s looking at James or Albus, but it is James who speaks. “Charlie and I were walking back from Divination Headmistress,” he says slowly, sounding as though he’s struggling to find words. “Rebecca…she got upset when she saw us together. She attacked Charlie.”

Though I still have my eyes closed, and can’t see her, I imagine McGonagall nodding briskly. “Very well,” she says. “Mr Potter, I suggest you take Miss Parker to the hospital wing - she looks in need of a pick-me-up. Miss Kale, you will be coming with me.”

There is a stampede of feet as the lingering students scamper away, and then I feel James’ warm arms scooping me up from the ground. I open my eyes, feeling oddly sleepy, and gaze at him through half-lids. He smiles at me gently. “You okay?”

I nod. “I don’t think Rebecca likes me much.”

I feel him vibrating slightly, and realise he’s laughing, even though I wasn’t trying to be funny. “I can’t imagine how you got that impression,” he says.

Thanks. That makes me feel loads better.

“I’m sorry,” I say suddenly.

He frowns at me. “For what?”

“For making you miss lunch. You were starving, remember?”

He chuckles again. “It’s alright,” he says. “I’d rather spend time with you.”

Madam Pomfrey, the school nurse, spends ages fussing over me, even though I feel better the moment I drink a special Strengthening Solution, the colour of Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

Don’t look at me like that.

Muggle childrens television shows are much more entertaining than the wizarding stories mum used to read me, out of the Tales of Beedle the Bard. What? Those stories always scared me. After I heard ‘The Warlock’s Hairy Heart’ I had nightmares for weeks.


After Madam Pomfrey finally agrees to let me leave the hospital wing, classes are over, so I head back to the Gryffindor Tower. The Common Room is still buzzing with people. I see Aine and Mickey canoodling on the love seat, and I don’t really want to interrupt them, I can’t see James or Fred anywhere and all the squashy armchairs by the fire have been taken, so I decide I’ll just go up to the dorm, maybe make a start on Professor Moon’s ridiculous essay.

Most people complain about the amount of Homework we get set, especially Fred who always seems to have endless amounts of it, and is constantly getting detentions for not completing work to the due date. I, however, find it very easy to keep up, probably because I enjoy writing essays.

I can see that look on your face.

And for the record I don’t actually enjoy the actual writing of the essay. I just like them because I seem to be super good at them. When I was home schooled, I used to write them in my spare time, and then give myself a mark.

Again, I can see that look on your face.

It is completely normal to write essays for fun!

Anyway, I go upstairs to see that the twins are already up there, both sitting on Clementine’s bed, giving each other manicures.  I’ve personally never seen why girls insist on having such perfect nails. It all seems a waste of time to me. My own nails are always bitten and chewed, and usually have compost under them from Herbology. The twins and I aren’t exactly friends, but unlike me and Rebecca, we are on speaking terms, so I say a quick hello before pulling my Divination text book, a quill and some ink out of my bag. Bernard’s nowhere in sight, so I guess he’s snuck down to the kitchens to nick some extra food. Greedy cat, no wonder he’s so fat.

It doesn’t help that he’s taken a liking to Fred, who always feeds him pieces of éclair and lamingtons, which he sneaks from the kitchens. No wonder Bernard and Fred get along so well. They both eat like they’ll never see food again.

I’ve only written a couple of sentences of my essay when I realise I have no idea what I’m writing - there are just too many thoughts crowding my mind. 

Why did Rebecca suddenly spaz out at me today, just because she saw James and I together? I mean, I know James and Tori were in a relationship, but what business is that of Rebecca’s, really?

I glance up at the photos on the wall, as I often find myself doing when I’m trying to put the pieces of Tori’s life together. My gaze goes instantly to the one where James has his arms wrapped around Tori’s waist. She’s looking in the other direction, laughing. Unlike in most of her other photos, where her smile is obviously fake, this one is clearly real. She actually looks a lot prettier for it.

“Why does James hate Albus so much?”

The question comes out of my mouth out of nowhere, and both Clementine and Lavender turn to stare at me. I feel myself blushing. Why did I just say that?

I regret my question even more when I see the twins looking at each other in that secretive way that annoys me so much.

I sigh. “Don’t worry,” I say. “Forget I asked.”

“No, it’s okay.” Clementine says, surprising me. “I would’ve though James had told you by now, what with all the time you two have been spending together.

“There are only two boys in this school who are forbidden,” Lavender says seriously, and I frown, confused. Two boys who are forbidden? I gather than James is one of these boys, but who would the other be?

“James and Albus,” Clementine informs me, and I gape at her.

“Why is Albus forbidden?” I ask her, against my better judgement.

Clementine sighs dreamily. “Because he was in love with Tori too,” she says, and I feel my jaw drop. Albus was in love with Tori? Albus Potter? No. That can’t be right. Albus does not seem the type to fall for a girl like…for a girl like Tori.

“She didn’t love him back, of course,” Clementine continues. “Because she and James were totally in love. They loved each other,” she repeats, making it clear that it’s important for me to know this.

“But Albus had the biggest crush on her,” Lavender says, nodding.

“Is that why James and Albus are fighting?” I ask in a quiet voice, and the twins both nod.  I can’t help but feel a growing resentment towards Tori. Even though she’s not here right now, even though she’s still missing, she’s still on everyone’s mind. James and Albus hate each other, can’t be in the same room together, because of her. She caused a rift between them, and she’s not even here anymore.

I just don’t see what was so fantastic about Tori freaking Heron.

I mean, I think I’m pretty damn good, too.

Not to sound arrogant or anything.

Because non arrogant is my middle name.

Well, middle names really, considering ‘non arrogant’ is two words.

“You won’t tell James we told you this, will you?” Clementine asks anxiously, and I look over at her. “She made us promise not to tell anyone and James would be very upset if he knew.”

I wasn’t planning on telling James anyway, as he would probably just get mad if he found out I was prying into his own personal problems.

“Of course I won’t tell him,” I say, and the twins breathe identical sighs of relief. “Your secret is safe with me.”

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