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Lions, Snitches and Strives With Insanity by LittleLionGirl
Chapter 2 : My second Strive
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“This is a bloody big wardrobe….” I muttered as the snow crunched under my feet.

It took a while to grasp even the concept, I am use to magic of course- just not this kind of magic. In the distance I found a small comfortable looking house; it was small enough to be considered a shack but it looked to nice and old fashioned. I figured why not have a look around while I waited for peeves to go find a new source of entertainment.

I felt the snow tickle my face and hit my Weasley orange hair. That’s the only major bummer about being the savior of the Wizarding Wolds daughter besides the fact everyone is bloody insane; your cursed with orange hair. The only Weasley’s without orange hair is my two older prat brothers and my aunt Flur’s kids; which is even less fair since they are gorgeous veela snobs.

The chimney didn’t seem to be smoking and there was no light in the windows I knocked anyways though. The door opened and I about screamed. I was face to face with a half goat. I’ve only ever seen centaurs before- even then it was quite weird for me. The satyr- well I guess that’s what they call half human half goat peoples, pulled me inside quickly shutting the door behind himself.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you know its not safe to be in the woods? Who are you?” The man asked fixing his dark hair out of his eyes to look at me, I could see the tiny horns sticking up out of his hair.

“I came in through the wardrobe not the woods- what do you mean its not safe?” I asked genuinely curious, another horrible Weasley trait.

“I mean its exactly that- it’s been that way for nearly a thousand years now…”

“But why?” I asked confused, I know we humans are arrogant with the superior act but a thousand years of banishment was a harsh thing for a race here.

“Tell me who you are first.” The fawn said nervously.

“Lily Luna Potter..” I responded simply. There was no way that anyone here would know who I was here- or the nutters I am related to.

“Daughter of Eve?” He asked looking quite nervous.

“Daughter of Ginevra…” I said stating the truth, I knew none of my grand mothers were an Eve either.

The satyr sighed and nearly face-palmed, “I mean are you human?”

“Yes..” I answered the obvious answer, I mean I looked more human then he did after all

“Oh for the love of Aslan..” The fawn muttered.

I looked confused only hearing that name once before. I was sure of it.

Where I didn't know.

Televison; no.

Places; no.

Books; yes.

I paused for a minute thinking I read about it somewhere.

“Wait. Where am I?”

“You’re in Narnia.”

I let my colorful Weasley vocabulary escape at the insanity around me.

I was in Narnia. Of all places I could have went to prove my point I end up there. I decided then and there I was offically insane. I knew that insanity wasn't contagious- but it could be hereditary. I saw a deer of flames jumping in and out of the embers, a wolf following it closely. Yep. I was insane.


Offical score; 

Insanity: 38 

Wotter family:0




Hey guys- Any CC and ideas are wellcome and accepted! I check often and respond to all reviews... Have to go write ideas for Ch3... See you all soon!



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