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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 20 : Admissions & Inappropriate Lusting
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 Chapter Twenty

The next Saturday night found Abi and I doing what we normally did on a Saturday night; kissing on my bed whilst everyone else attempted to be served alcohol in Hogsmeade with varying success. We’d been kissing for a few minutes and I was very aware that it was leading towards a dangerous territory and I wasn’t so sure I was ready to enter into that kind of relationship yet. Suddenly, Abi stopped kissing me and looked dead at me with a slightly worried look

“Look” she began with a sigh “You shared something with me last week that was so, so private and I thought you were really brave for doing it. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to be 100% honest with you and tell you a secret”

For a second I was concerned she was going to tell me she was a man or something but what she came out with did surprise me “I’m not a virgin Oliver” she blurted out, squeaked, looked shocked and pressed her hands to her mouth. A few different feelings entered my mind; first was a kind of anger that I literally seemed to be the only kid in my year with their V card intact and secondly I felt embarrassed that I was the virgin in the relationship. It didn’t change how I felt about Abi, I still loved her, but it did shock me a bit

“It was with Charles Green, you know the seventh year, I think he’s like deputy head boy or something” began Abi “He and I dated for a short time last year, he was great and so kind and one night we kind of did it. I’ve never told anyone this, but I trust and love you enough to know you won’t say anything”

I smiled at her. She looked concerned

“Well say something then you muppet” she said pushing me slightly “Come on Ollie; this is a good thing it means neither of us has to be scared when it comes to it”. I felt my cheeks go red and the galleon seemed to drop for Abi who stroked my arm

“Why didn’t you tell me” she asked, I wasn’t sure but it felt as if she was slightly annoyed “I feel like a right cow now”. Ignoring my pleasure that she ended her sentence in a rhyme, I took her hands

“I haven’t done it” I said “I think everyone just assumes I have because I associate with some of the biggest manwhore’s in the school. Truth is, I’ve never done it with anyone. I’ve never even come close; I just didn’t feel it was something to be in a rush about. Hugo, Ben, Ryan all the guys think I’ve done it, Lily thinks I’ve done it”

“I thought you’d done it” confessed Abi “I don’t know, you were always so confident around girls I just assumed you were experienced enough not to be shy. Now I see why you were so cagey about us doing it”

“Never even had a proper girlfriend before you” I chuckled; Abi smiled and her nose did a cute little twitch “I mean I have had girlfriends, but it was those third year relationships were you don’t talk you just kind of snog”

Abi snorted and then looked embarrassed “You’re so cute” she said pinching my cheeks and snuggling up to me. I put my arm around her and she rested on my shoulder. We soon resumed kissing until Hugo, Ryan and Ben walked in slightly drunk and worse for wear. Abi soon left and I spent the rest of the night half-awake so I could stop my friends vomiting all over the place

I wasn’t successful but as I finally began to drift off to sleep I was smiling. Abi had been great, about both secrets I’d shared with her, and Lily was keeping well out of my way now. I think we’d both accepted what had happened a few weeks ago as a mistake though I could tell she was upset we weren’t friends anymore. I was too as well but I had much more to focus on


“Now students” began Professor Castle, Charms teacher and complete bitch by the way “it has come to my attention that some of you are excelling very well in this subject. Some aren’t”. She directed that at Hugo, whom she’d been at war with since his first lesson in first year where he somehow managed to blast her beloved pet cat Lucky out of the window. Lucky wasn’t so lucky that day but he was fine in the end

“But for those who are excelling I have a very exciting opportunity for you” Castle continued “On a Tuesday evening, you can come back and help me tutor some first and second years who are falling behind on their studies”. I groaned as Castle looked at me with a dash of hope; yeah I was kind of awesome at charms but I didn’t want to spend my Tuesday evenings looking after snotty 12-year olds who were getting excited because puberty had just kicked in. As the class got to work, Castle came over to the table where I was sitting with Hugo and Melissa

“Miss Parker and Mr. Bennet” she said “I would be very pleased if the two of you take up this opportunity; it will look very good on personal recommendations when it comes to applying for jobs once you have graduated” Her voice was so posh and exaggerated like something out of Pride & Prejudice

“Professor, can I not come back and tutor kids” asked Hugo with a cheeky grin. He, and indeed everybody, knew what the reply would be

“Mr. Weasley” sighed Castle “You are barely working at a second year level let alone be able to tutor them, you make no effort with your appearance today your hair just looks like you’ve actively rolled in leaves and you’re always late. Do you seem like a worthy tutor?”

“I think I sound fantastic” replied Hugo straightening his tie; Melissa and I laughed

“That was a rhetorical questions” snarled Castle “Mr. Bennet, Miss Parker I trust I can count on your for Tuesday night”

I was desperately trying to think of an excuse about why I couldn’t come but I stalled and upon realising that You-Know-Who had a more active social life than I did, I caved and accepted. Melissa ran a Wizards Chess club on a Tuesday evening so politely declined though you could tell from her tone that she was more than delighted

“Professor” I asked tentatively at the end of the lesson “I’m not the only person coming back to Tutor the weeds am I?”

“Please don’t call them weeds Mr. Bennet, they are second years” was her condescending reply accompanied by a snarl “And no you are not, Lily Potter has agreed to help as well. Two students is sufficient though I would rather have had Melissa Parker, Lily was simply the next best person for the job. She jumped at the chance actually, especially after I mentioned your name, I think you may have an admirer there Oliver”

Get with the programme lady where have you been? And my second name is Benson not Bennet. Idiot

“Of course I can see the attraction” Castle began. I froze, I really hoped this wasn’t going where I thought it was “You’ve grown into a very handsome boy Mr. Bennet, it’s kind of why I wanted you to take these classes. The second year girl’s brains are mush unless there being talked to by a pretty face. The grades for Defence against the Dark Arts have shot up since Ted Lupin began, much to my chagrin of course, but I can’t deny what a pretty face can do. I’m hoping you’ll have a similar impact”

Damn my good looks. I didn’t know what was worse the fact I’d have second years lusting after me or the fact Professor Castle had noticed “how handsome” I’d become. Then it hit me who I’d be taking the sessions with and how she “jumped at the chance”. This could not end well

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