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The Wolf With The Yellow Eyes by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 1 : The Lone Wolf
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Credits to Winterfell_Is_Coming@ TDA

A shot in the dark
A past lost in space
And where do I start?
The past and the chase...

~ She Wolf, David Guetta

"You can't hide in there forever, Wolfie," Ciara Green mutters darkly, once again rattling the bathroom doorknob. At least I know she can't come in: I've charmed the door so no amount of spells could ever open it. I notice my hands are shaking, so I take the few steps towards the only sink in the Hogwarts Express.

 Carefully splashing water upon my face, I stare into the mirror, hardly recognizing the reflection. How have my brown hair, which was once immaculately trimmed, now be stuffed into a messy bun? How could my yellow eyes, which some could say is just a trick of the light, look this scared and alone?  My thin lips are trembling as salty tears fall down my cheeks. My arched eyebrows are lowered and narrowing as I attempt to conceal my rage for Ciara Green, the Slytherin bully who's tormented me daily for the last six years.

A great weight is suddenly pushed against the door, and I instantly react, pulling out my wand and waiting for an attack. But I hear Professor Prince's - the Head of Slytherin - voice, "Ciara, what are you doing?"

"Nothing Miss, just waiting to go to the Bathroom." Trust Ciara, the most vicious Beater in the history of Hogwarts, to act innocent in front of her Head of House. Professor Prince mutters something that I can't hear, then her footsteps become distant.

Ciara's voice is sending more threats through the door, "we're almost here Wolfie, then I can get you, you've got to come out some time!" She's right, I've got to come out. I'm not even in my robes: I am wearing a Gryffindor hoodie, black leggings and grey trainers: the perfect sprinting uniform. I'm small, and skinny enough to get past her - if she's distracted.  Everything I own is in my battered old trunk - locked away in an empty compartment. I can't get it now, so I'll have to summon it later. I can't escape out of the window - I'd fall to my death. My only hope of escape is to remove the spells when the train has stopped, and run. 

The train comes to a halt, and I can hear the compartments filling with students desperate to make it to the feast. I quickly remove the spells, so the door flips open. Ciara is waiting. I go through her legs, and sprint to the exit. She grabs me by my hood, and pulls me back, "you can't escape that easy..." I guess falling to my death would be less painful than this.



As I make my way towards Hogwarts, I'm surrounded by thestrals, smelling the blood on me. I stroke my favorite, a female about a year old. She's my only friend in the world. The sun is beginning to set as I limp through the school, trying to conceal my injuries. Pulling up my hoodie up to hide the nose bleed, I'm almost at the Great Hall when I run into Fred Weasley and James Potter. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you!" I say hastily, ducking my head to not reveal my identity. James laughs and says, "nope, It was Freddie's fault, he bumped into you, the clumsy squib!" Fred starts laughing along, and I join in too. My hood fall down in the progress. Fred and James gasp, and I start to walk away. "Please, don't say anything, you didn't see me. She'll kill me if she knew you'd seen me." I put my hood back up, and walk into the Great Hall.


A plate of chicken legs, mashed potatoes and vegetable waits in the middle of the Gryffindor table. I sit down, and start eating. At the front of the hall, the house hourglasses stand almost empty, with Ravenclaw having a few more sapphires then the rest. After I finish eating, I stand up and attempt to leave the Great Hall. "Jessia Greyback why are you not in school uniform?!" Calls a voice from near the door. Professor Longbottom - headmaster of Hogwarts - grabs me by the back of my hoodie into the Entrance Hall. He pulls down my hood and gasps. I roll my eyes, seriously? Am I that hideous that everyone had to gasp when they see my face?


"What in Merlin beard has happened to your face? Who did it?"






"A reason."


He lets out a frustrated breath before replying, "look Jessia, if you need anything - "


"-Yeah I know what you'll do. Pretend you care like everyone else. But I don't need you, I don't need anyone."




"So if you need me, I'll be in the library, and while you'll at it - get a house elf to bring some more food up - that dinner just wasn't enough. That's a good boy."




The next day, as I head down towards breakfast, everyone points and stares. I sit down at the edge of the Gryffindor table, on my own, and start eating my breakfast. Even though they are sitting in the center of the table, I can still hear the conversation between the Wotter family members. "Did you hear about Greyback?" Fred, his brown eyes glancing around towards me, asks James.

"Yeah, someone beat her up. Big deal, she deserved it." Ouch, that hurts, I mean I know James hates me, but no one deserves to get beaten up.

"Apparently, it was Ciara Green - you know the Slytherin Beater in the fifth year. Beaters are always the violent ones." Oliver Wood Junior adds. News travels fast in Hogwarts, apparently.

"We're in the fifth year too dumbass, and beaters are not violent: Fred and I are beaters and we're not violent." James shakes his head at Oliver, his infamous smirk threatening to show.

"Anyway, no-one deserves to get beaten up by Ciara Green. Do you remember the fight Roxie had with her in the Third Year? That was ugly." Dominique points out. That fight was nothing compared to my daily torment

James rolls his eyes, "That Jessia girl was asking for it. She walks around like she owns the place, which is a little sad, 'cause she doesn't have any friends." Is that how they see it? I avoid looking at people so I can't hear them whispering about me.


"So.... James when is Quidditch practice?" Fred asks, smiling brightly. Dominique walks off, and I reluctantly smile at this: most girls hate it when boys talk about Quidditch.


Shortly after the Sorting, Ciara and her friends approach me, an menacing aura about them, although they're only first years. "Oi Greyback!" Ciara calls, the definite ringleader in their group. Her dark brown hair swings from side to side as she walks cockily towards me, a confident smile on her face.  I'm shocked that she is even talking to me, no one had talked to me since Dominique and James. "Me?" I reply, pointing to myself.        

 "No, your identical twin." Her gang laugh and she smirks. "So, you're Dad was a Death Eater?" I nod, expecting them to start tormenting me like everyone else. They don't, simply saying,"cool!"  

"My Dad was a Death Eater too!" Georgia Goyle says eagerly.

"So, Jessia, what to come bully some Hufflepuff with us?"

 Shocked at what Ciara just said, I stay silent for a moment before replying, "no. It's wrong to bully."  Her smile turns into a look of rage.

"If you're not with us, that means you're against us." Georgia and Veronica Zabini hold me back as Ciara punches me, again and again, the manic look on her face becoming more prominent with every blow...

 The fifth year Ciara is even more violent "You DARE tell anyone about this - and I'll kill you - and I'm not joking. Run along Wolfie." Ciara snarls. I sprint away from here as fast as I can, and end up in the Girls Bathroom.


"Are you okay?" Says a voice behind me.


I turn round, and are met with ginger, frizzy hair. Rose Weasley, of course. The fourth year is in Ravenclaw, and is taking her OWLS a year early. She takes a step back when she realizes who I am. The wolf inside of me wants to hurt her, punish her for being afraid. I push it deep inside, and finally whisper in a small voice, "yeah, I'm fine."

She leaves, not before making sure she stays as far away from me as possible. As soon the door closes and I'm alone, I start to cry silent tears. Before long, I'm starting to howl, and the exhaustion of trying to fight off my transformation is too much, and I make my way towards the Room of Requirement.


"She deserved it.." James' voice echoes round as he grabs hold of Ciara, and together they watch as Rose, Dominique, Fred and Professor Longbottom take turns beating me. James and Ciara watch on, laughing hysterically as I call out in pain...

My alarm wakes me up with a start. I can still hear their laughter ringing in my ears, still feel the marks from the bruises the others inflicted upon me. I take a second to slow my breathing, remind myself it was just a dream.


With just a week until Full Moon, I start to have the symptoms that will eventually turn me into a Werewolf. Every breath I take, is forcing down the un-tamable wolf inside. Last night's dinner and bile are rising at the back of my throat, and I have to summon a bucket for me to throw up into. I head down to the Great Hall, my headache amplifying with the noise of the Hogwarts students. I start to feel dizzy, and have to sit down in the center of the Gryffindor Table, where James and his friends usually sit. 

Students stare, and the wolf growls at them, and this time I don't try and stop it. "What are you looking at?!" The first years go back to chatting about charm club, and I have to dig my nails into the palms of my hands, just to try and control my anger.  


The Wotters laughing reaches the Hall long before they appear there. I could get up, yet, I'm too exhausted even to stand. This makes no sense: I fell asleep at eight pm, woke up at eight am, but still, I'm more tired than before I fell asleep.


Roxanne coughs, staring at me with disgust, "what are you doing in our seats?" Her voice is full of disbelief. I don't know why, but the tone of her voice irritates me more than anything.

"Does these seats have your name on it?" I ask her, knowing that the answer would be 'no.'

"No but-"

I interrupt her, "- no buts, first come, first serve. So run along now." She doesn't move, and the wolf explodes out of me. "I'M FED UP OF YOU WEASLEY'S THINKING YOU OWN THE PLACE! JUST BECAUSE YOUR UNCLE SAVED THE WIZARDING WORLD DOESN'T MEAN YOU GET THE PERMISSION TO ACT LIKE PRICKS!"

With that, I storm out of the Great Hall.




All through Potions, people stare and point, whispering nasty things about the girl who shouted at Hogwarts favorite family. I'm so self conscious of this, I mess up the advanced potion that Professor Prince had set us, "Jessia, this is below your standard. For your homework, you must do double the required length of parchment so you can catch up for tomorrows lesson. You may go to your next lesson."


"Mr Potter are you listening?" Professor Longbottom asks. Even though he's the head teacher, he still teaches herbology.

"Course Neville!" James reply, sarcastically and everyone laughs except me. He smirks at Neville and imitates him whilst his back is turned. This irritates me, and I feel sorry for Professor Longbottom, so I raise my hand.

"Sir, Flitterbloom is a magical plant that has long, swaying tentacles. It bears a superficial resemblance to the deadly plant Devil's Snare, but it is harmless, so much so that wizards and witches keep it as an indoor plant or grow it in their gardens. Since Miriam Strout, a Healer at St Mungo's, mistook the potted cutting of Devil's Snare sent to a patient, detecting spells have been placed in every home and building of the wizarding world." I recite from the Herbology book I have been reading for revision.

"That is right!" He replies, unsure of himself. "Ten points to Gryffindor!"

The class look at each other in doubt: I usually never talked in class. Ciara Green coughs, "Teachers Pet!"

I smile and  turns round, of course Ciara would have something to say.  "At least I'm not the one expected to get twelve T's in her OWLS."

She turns red, and mutters something along the lines of 'actually its ten T's two D's"


Author Notes:
So hello kind readers! I have edited this chapter again, and plan to edit the others. I will also change it all to Jessia POV, as I think It would be easier to understand. So, first impressions of the characters? Who did you like, dis like, etc.. I'd really appreciate it if you reviewed a chapter, even if you hate it, I can improve!

~ Macy x

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The Wolf With The Yellow Eyes: The Lone Wolf


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