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Free by wee_ginge
Chapter 1 : With Letters And Homelessness
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With Letters And Homelessness

August 31st 1976

It's clear that the start of this school year is going to be vastly different from my previous ones. Lonelier is the word I would use to describe it. I won't have the traditional father/daughter chat about keeping in touch as often as possible, and keeping my head down to study and of course the conversation would veer into how boys are off the table unless my father approves first. I won't have the usual goodies that my mother packs in a brown satchel for me every year, or her kisses goodbye on each cheek. I won't have the awkward silence between myself and Petunia because that only ever occurred when my mother asked her to come and say goodbye. This year there's no one there to make sure she see's me off, there's no one there to wave from the doorway as I drive off to Kings Cross Station, there's not even someone to drive me to King's Cross. So yes, lonely is a word I would most definitely use in this situation.

If this year has taught me anything, it's to expect nothing so that when you get nothing you don't care. So I don't expect to say goodbye to Petunia, nor do I expect a letter from her on my birthday this year, or a present. I don't expect to be invited home for Christmas, not that I was going to anyway, it's already too hard being here without the added thoughts of a lonely holiday. I don't expect anything other than my sixth year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Because that's all that is secure in my life at the moment, the only thing that I can count on, and it's a pathetic thing to say that the only thing I can count on is going to school for the year.

I've received a number of letters again today, some from owls which of course caused Petunia's outburst of how she hates me and my "freak school" nothing I'm not used to. I haven't opened any of them though one of them has James Potter's return address on it… that one was the first to get side stepped. He's wrote to me a few times, some before the incident and a few after… I can't bring myself to read his words of sympathy because I know that's what's there… that's what is in all of them and I can't bring myself to even think of their death let alone read about it over and over again.

They put it in the paper today, "House Fire Kills Two", that's what the muggles think happened, the real cause was of course Voldemort… it's like he revels in the fact that he's destroying humanity as we know it, he's enjoying the hurt and pain people feel from the loss of their loved ones, and that's why I haven't cried over it… I haven't allowed myself to get upset over it because if he's watching, if he has people with eyes on me then I want him to know that I'm coming for him, whether I die in the process or not, I'll kill him. One way or the other.

I'm having dinner tonight with Petunia and her pig of a fiancé Vernon… his name sounds like Vermin… Vernon Dursley, how unfortunate. It sounds dirty and boring all at the same time. I pity Petunia for not seeing that she deserves someone much better than that fat lump, she deserves a fireman, or someone as equally amazing and life changing as a fireman could be. She should be marrying someone who can save her from her sorrow, save her from anything that may harm her. Not Vernon who works at a drill firm, a boring job for a boring name and would probably hide behind her if he saw a spider though he would never admit that… how ironic. It's not ironic at all actually, I think the world works in ways like that all the time. That is why I believe that my parents died for the greater good, they died so I could find the strength to beat him, for once and for all. They won't die in vain, I promise them that.

Petunia hasn't set a date for the wedding yet, is it bad that I'm secretly praying she'll change her mind before the big day? I also have a feeling my invitation is going to get "lost in the mail", the only reason she agreed to have me at the wedding before was because mum insisted… now mums not here to tell her I've to be there, so I doubt I'll even know when the wedding actually is. Part of me's fine with it and the other part is dying a little inside. She's the only family I have left and she hates me, she blames me for everything that happened, and so do I to be honest. If I hadn't have been a witch maybe they would have avoided this, if I hadn't went to Hogwarts then Voldemort wouldn't have gotten my name off of the registry and found my parents, if I hadn't have be born a witch life would be so much easier. I'd have a sister who loved me at least.

I wouldn't give up magic if I had to though, it's who I am and I wouldn't change who I am, I'm just going to make my parents proud, they always loved that I was a witch, I'm not going to dishonour their memory now by wishing I wasn't, it's the one thing that makes me unique and that's what I love. Even if it means that Petunia won't speak to me. Even if it means that I'm now an orphan seeing as how my sister isn't going to take responsibility for me. Anyway, I must go Petunia's screaming at me to come and eat dinner. I'll not hear the end of this now.

Lily Evans made her way down the stairs to the kitchen, small but brisk footsteps. Her red hair had grown a lot since she had left Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the end of her fifth year just months ago, while before it hit the top of her shoulder blades it had managed to grow to the bottom of her ribcage, spiralling down in soft waves and standing out against the cream top she had on at the moment. There were shorter tendrils around her face to frame it, making her bright green eyes pop behind her dark lashes.

Lily Evans was the more strikingly beautiful of the two Evans' sisters. Petunia Evans was the more conventional kind of beautiful with her shoulder length, blonde curls and bright blue eyes, her tall frame and slim figure made her the envy of a lot of girls, she was beautiful but not in the same way her younger sister was. Lily was more womanly than Petunia, and always had been. Where Petunia was slim, Lily has curves, where Petunia had small, round eyes, Lily had big, almond shaped eyes much like a doe. Everything about Lily was more womanly, her body, her facial features, her smile. Petunia was always much more child like in her appearance.

And while they obviously differed in appearance, their differences didn't stop there, their personalities were almost the complete opposite again. Petunia was nosy, bossy and more mature than she would ever need to be, while Lily didn't mind if you never told her a secret, she was happy to take a step back and follow (though she knew when he way was better) and while Lily was mature she was much more open to having fun and acting like the child she knew she still was.

"You're so disrespectful, Lily." Petunia's shrill voice greeted Lily as she enter into the kitchen.

"Do you need any help?" Lily asked ignoring the comment for fear that an argument would ensue, leaving her more broken than she was at the moment.

"No, I don't need help from you," Petunia sneered as she served the soup into three bowls.

"Is Vernon joining us tonight?" Lily asked, taking not of the third place setting.

"Yes, so don't say anything abnormal to him, he doesn't like it," Petunia said, placing the bowl of soup in front of Lily without making eye contact. Petunia hadn't looked at Lily since the funeral two months ago, Lily was becoming used to the treatment now but something still stung a little inside each time.

"Yes maam, no abnormal talk," Lily droned, it was becoming such a habit to just sit in silence when Vernon came to dinner. Lily would have happily ate her dinner elsewhere but Petunia saw it rude to eat anywhere other than at the kitchen table, she was just like her mother in that way. Lily was much more like her father who liked to sit on the sofa and watch football with a sandwich.

The doorbell rang and Petunia straightened herself before making a move to answer it, another thing Lily would never have done. Petunia was fussy over every little detail, Lily knew life was much too short for that. Lily takes a spoonful of her soup and brings it to her mouth, before she can attempt to eat it Vernon enters and speaks.

"Well isn't that a tad rude, not even waiting for your guest before you eat."

"You're not a guest," was Lily's quick reply before eating the spoonful of soup.

"Lily! Don't be so rude! Vernon is a guest in this house!" Petunia said, outraged.

"You're not a guest anymore, if you've exceeded four visits… it's the rules. You don't ask where the bathroom is, you get your own glass of water and you clean up after yourself. That's the rules." Lily said matter-of-factly.

"There is no such rule Lily! Now be quiet, you're insulting our guest," Petunia said as her and Vernon took a seat.

"He's not my guest. I don't like him."

"Lily! How dare you!"

"Hey, you're the one marrying him, not me. You're the one that has to like him, not me." Lily replied with a shrug of her shoulders, speaking as if Vernon wasn't directly facing her at the dinner table.

"Lily, you're being so rude. Finish you're dinner and leave the table, please."

"You're not my mother, Petunia. I'll leave when I'm ready." these words alone brought tears to Petunia's eyes and Lily knew she had crossed a line, a very big line. "Petunia I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, look I'll just go." Petunia only sniffed in response. "The soup was lovely." with that Lily got up and put her dishes in the sink before turning and heading straight for her bedroom. Her safe haven. Before Lily's foot had hit the first step Petunia has emerged from the kitchen and called Lily back down.

"Lily, I'd like you to make sure all of your things are packed for tomorrow."

"Don't worry, I've all the stuff I need for Hogwarts packed, I wont write and ask for you to send me anything over." Lily replied, turning to go up the stairs once more.

"I mean everything." Petunia said softly. Lily turned around slowly, looking into Petunia's eyes for the first time in two months and seeing the cold look she was being given.

"Excuse me?"

"I want you out of the house tomorrow. I'll ship to you what you received in the will and you're furniture when you write to tell me you've found a place to stay." that was all Petunia had to say clearly for she was turning away and heading back to the kitchen.

"You're kicking me out?"

"Yes. Vernon and I are getting married soon and we don't need you hanging around. Mum and dad left the house to me in the will, it's mine to do what I like with it and I don't want to living here anymore."

"They didn't mean for you to kick me out, Petunia!" Lily's voice was starting to rise but Petunia kept calm and collected, just as she always did.

"Well, they're not here to disclose what they meant are they?" Lily could hear the accusation and blame in her sisters voice and knew then and there that she would need to find a place of her own. She also knew that it would probably be better that way anyway.

"Fine, I'll make sure I've got everything except my furniture. I'll write when I've got a place." Lily said, defeated. She entered her bedroom to find a huge snowy owl pecking at her window. She opened the window and untied the letter from the birds leg before it flew away again and she closed the window. Another letter from James Potter. She had memorised the home address from the letters her had sent her earlier in the summer. The handwriting was neater on this envelope, he had clearly been trying to be careful while writing this one. She tossed it into her suitcase alone with the other stack of letters that she was now shrinking to put in her trunk. She began to lift all of her childhood books, clothes, shoes, and anything else that was lying loose about her room and shrank it all to fit in her trunk. The cast a feather light charm on her trunk to ensure that no one would know of the amount of things she was bringing with her this year. She didn't want people to know she was practically homeless this summer.

She sat on her bed when she had finished. She looked around her now empty bedroom, memories of her childhood hitting her like a tonne of bricks, so hard that she had to lie down before her breathing became erratic. For the first time since her parents died, she acknowledged that they were no longer there with just three words.

"I miss you." she breathed out, so softly that she wasn't sure she even said them out loud. She let her eyes drift closed slowly and fell asleep on top of her covers in her clothes.

"Oi! James! Where the hell's my mirror?!" Sirius Black called from his bedroom in the Potter mansion. Sirius Black had moved into the Potter mansion that summer, having run away from his home. Sirius and his mother had a rocky relationship… and that was putting it politely. It became too much for him one night, and he packed his things and headed straight for James' house. Of course there was the awkward dilemma of getting caught by the security fence, screaming out for James to save him and the added bonus of being electrified by the water that then fell on his due to the noise sensors.

The Potter's had been aurors for their entire life outside of Hogwarts, and like most of the aurors that had been on the job for more than twenty year, they took major security measures to protect themselves and their family. Paranoia was almost like a symptom, telling you when you'd been in the business too long, most people retired when the paranoia set in, but the Potter's were a right age when that happened, almost fifty years into their jobs.

Mr and Mrs Potter hasn't been young when they had James, and they had passed away early that year, the beginning of February. The ordeal had been tough on James but after a week of depression and their funeral he snapped back to his normal self, knowing that's what they would have wanted. He had been living in the mansion alone with only the houselves to keep him company until Sirius arrived asking to move in. James was more than thrilled to have the company, he was especially excited about the prospects of telling the story of Sirius's arrival. The electrified fence was a new addition, so the look on Sirius's face was priceless.

"Dunno mate! Check your trunk!" a deep voice called into Sirius. James had hit puberty when he was fourteen, though his voice had somehow managed to get deeper and huskier over the summer. It was deeper than Sirius', though Sirius beat him by two inches in height. They had agreed that they were even at the moment. His deep voice making up for those two inches.

"Where do you think I'm looking! I'm not going unless I have the mirror!" Sirius shouted out to James. James stood in the doorway, towering at six foot one and leaning up against the door frame.

"Why don't you try summoning it." James said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. James didn't care that he was using underage magic, his name allowed a lot of leeway when it came to breaking the law. Small misdemeanours were silently overlooked, especially since his parents died leaving him the only Potter in the wizarding world. The only Potter that held the Potter fortune.

The mirror came whizzing into James' hands and her chucked it at Sirius with a chuckle before leaving and going back into his own room and closing the trunk on his bed.

"Dippy!" James called out, with a pop a small, dainty house-elf appeared and bowed low to the floor.

"Yes master?"

"Will you take my trunk and Sirius' when he's done down to the front door for me please?"

"Yes master Potter."

"Dippy, what have I told you, call me James."

"Yes Master James." and with that the elf was gone. James shook his head with a chuckle, the little elf was always so polite, though that was in their nature so he assumed that if he ever came across another one that it'd be just as polite as Dippy, who had served his family since before he was born.

"Food?" James asked Sirius who was coming out of his bedroom, the pair of them heading for the grand staircase and making their way down to the kitchen to have a cooked breakfast. Over their bacon and eggs, the conversation turned to a more serious note, something that the pair didn't normally delve into.

"Do you wish they were here?" Sirius mumbled as he shovelled eggs into his mouth, James paused, his fork hovering near his mouth before he ate the eggs on the fork and taking a long gulp of orange juice. After what seemed like a week, James answered the question.

"They were never here to see me off anyway." he shrugged, Sirius knew that this was just James' way of hiding how much he was still hurting. "They were always out with work, Dippy saw me off, and this year's no different." that swiftly ended the conversation. The doorbell rang loud throughout the mansion and Remus Lupin walked into the kitchen moments later accompanied by Dippy, who bowed and then popped out of sight.

"Remus!" Sirius and James called out at the same time.

"Hey guys, how've you been?" Remus asked as he took a seat at the table and James pulled a plate out for him. Remus took some eggs and bacon and began to eat.

"Alright, we went to France for a month and travelled a little. It was pretty amazing." James said with a smile.

"I think the girls were more amazing than the country itself." Sirius replied with a raise of his eyebrows. The boys all laughed at Sirius' actions.

"How was the full moon without us?" Sirius asked Remus, the tension became suddenly heightened as they awaited the answer they knew none of them wanted to hear.

"Fine. It was pretty much the same as before. I've gotten used to it really." Remus said solemnly.

Remus was often at home when the full moon occurred, whether over Christmas and Easter break or the summer. During the school year he was taken to the Shrieking Shack, which was believed to be haunted, Madam Pomfrey would bring him down, lock him in and then return in the morning after his transformation and heal his injuries. He was covered in light bruises for a few days afterwards though very few people took notice. During their fifth year, James, Sirius and Peter Pettigrew all worked hard to learn to become animagi, illegally of course, so that they could transform with Remus and help him through his transformation. They would enter the shack right after Madam Pomfrey left and transform into their animagi forms and run around with Remus so that he didn't cut himself up too much.

When Remus was at home and

"Well, we're back together now so next month you'll get to run free a bit."

"Yeah," and with that Remus changed the subject. "Where's Peter?"

"He's always late… why would today be any different." Sirius droned. Sirius never had much patience for Peter, he knew that it wasn't always Peter's fault and he was somewhat lenient with his annoyance.

Sirius was a very impatient person, if he disliked you then you were most likely disliked for life. Peter wasn't disliked by Sirius but he was on a very thin string that could tilt either way. Peter knew he wasn't in a strong friendship with Sirius and he talked very little when he was around, when he did speak it was more of a squeak that no one understood. Remus was the most patient with Peter, even though James was the one that brought Peter into their circle.

The doorbell rang and with a pop from Dippy and a few moments later Peter showed up breathless. The boys all nodded at him as their mouths full and Peter took a seat and a plate.

"What's happening Peter?" James asked, clearing his plate and putting it in the sink for Dippy to wash when they left.

"Not much, did you have a good summer?" he asked quietly, inhaling his food like he usually did.

"We went to France, Sirius hooked up with a few girls, Remus had a rough full moon and we don't know what you did so enlighten us." James replied.

"Oh, mum and I went to Albania… there was a really creepy forest." that was all he said though it was enough for the other boys. Peter was always shy, and there was always a little something off about him but today he seemed much more withdrawn and scared of his own shadow… the forest in Albania clearly scared him more than he was going to admit.

"Cool, sounds like you had an interesting holiday to say the least."

"Yeah, it was more of a lesson though. I felt like I was in history of magic all over again." the boys all chuckled at this causing Peter to blush slightly and bow his head to finish his breakfast.

The boys all cleared up and said their goodbye's to Dippy before they took their trunks and got in the ministry send car. None of the boys had ever seen a car before so it was a loud and very productive trip to Kings Cross station and all of the boys arriving without parents they boarded the train quickly and found their favourite compartment, settling in and waiting for the journey to begin.

"Oh, Jamesie boy! Tell Remus and Peter your news."

"Oh right yeah, I got recruited by Red Herrings." James said with a grin.

"As in the Quidditch team?" Peter asked, his voice getting higher with excitement.

"No as in the birds, obviously the Quidditch team you numpty!" Sirius said, rolling his eyes.

"They gave me a conditional spot, as long as I finish school. They're going to keep a watch out for me at games and if they like what they see I've got a chaser spot on the team. Of course it'll be a reserve spot at first but it's a spot!" James said excitedly.

"That's awesome Prongs!" Remus said, clapping him on the back weakly. The train began to rumble, and the boys slid down in their seats to get more comfortable for the journey. Only five minutes into the journey there was a tap on the window causing the chatting boys to look up from their game of exploding snap and see the three girls waving from the outside. Without an invitation in they opened the compartment door and entered, taking seats next to Sirius and James.

"Hey Sirius," the smallest of the girls said, batting her eyelashes and leaning close to him. Sirius leaned back a little.

"Hi." Sirius said with a bored expression. The small girl leaned closer and ran her hands up his thigh, he pushed her hand away and shifted slightly further away from them, though it was becoming quite impossible in the small compartment. The girl was relentless and moved closer again, almost sitting on his lap. "Can you move?" he said snappily.

"Why boo?" she whined, not moving.

"I don't like you."

"That's not true…"

"Yeah it is. And my girlfriend will tell you that herself." he lied, though she immediately backed off upon seeing the look in his eyes. Sirius had never had a girlfriend in his life, he liked to date girls and leave them. Never getting too attached. "I've got a letter to send. I'm heading out. Remus, you've a got prefect meeting right?" Remus nodded. "You coming."

"Yeah that's perfect actually." Remus stood and headed out of the compartment behind Sirius. "That was a close call… fan clubs gotten a little more gutsy this year."

"Merlin save me." Sirius said, clapping Remus on the back and heading off down the train. Remus took his steps towards the prefect compartment where for the first time he would see the new Head's of the year. Opening the compartment door he spotted Lily Evans sitting in place already alongside a few other prefects that he assumed were the newer ones.

"Hey Lily," Remus said, taking his seat beside her.

"Hi Remus, how was your summer?" she asked cheerfully.

"It was pretty great, just a quiet one."

"You had a quiet summer with Potter and Black around?" she asked sceptically. Remus chuckled a little.

"The guys weren't around, they were off on holidays." Remus explained and Lily nodded in clear understanding. Moments later their conversation came to a halt as the new head's entered the compartment.

"Right guys, I just want to say that this year we've been told to up the amount of people on rounds so everyone is going to be doing two rounds a week instead of the usual one." the new head girl said, taking her seat at the head of the compartment alongside the head boy.

Jeremy Meadows and Marlene McKinnon were two of the best prefects last year, so it was obvious that they were going to become the Head's.

"We've got a table of what your patrols are, so you can check when you are every week on a Sunday night. If there's any plans to work around we need at least 2 weeks notice so we can work the table out, and if it's an emergency then we'll try and work around it. Also if you're partner for some reason can't make it due to an emergency you must come to the head's dorm and find one of us if we're not on patrol already, we've been told that no one will do patrols by themselves." Jeremy said. Everyone in the compartment listened and nodded, the girls drooling and the guys scowling.

Jeremy Meadows was a good looking guy, he had short brown hair and bright blue eyes. His jaw line was very strong and his smile was something that could make girls melt, though he didn't pay much attention to the girls that hovered around him.

When the meeting was over Lily and Remus were on the early round. Lily and Remus walked around checking the compartment and chatting idly about their summer. Both avoiding certain subjects.

"So, how've you been since…"

"Oh look. Patrols over so I gotta go! Later Remus!" Lily walked off quickly, avoiding the very obvious 'how are you after your parents died' question. She entered her compartment, there was a small girl sitting by the window.

"You're in first year, right?" Lily asked sweetly.

"Yeah." the small girl said quietly.

"Why aren't you off making new friends?"

"The girls I was sitting with don't want to talk to me." she said, twisting her hands in her lap.

"Why not?" Lily said, sitting forward slightly, a little concerned.

"…. I," the girl hesitated, clearly worrying whether Lily would not talk to her after hearing it.

"I'm a prefect darling, you can always come to me or one of the other prefects if there's bullying going on."

"Oh I don't think it's bullying, I assume its just the way the wizarding world works." and with that particular answer Lily understood that she was of Muggle background by at least half.

"Are you a Muggleborn?" Lily asked, a smile gracing her face.

"…y-yes." the little girl stuttered.

"My names Lily, I'm also a Muggle born and I have plenty of people in my life who accept that, there's the odd few that don't in the wizarding world, but its easier to ignore them rather than listen." Lily said.

"I'm Amelia." the small girl said, finally cracking a smile.

"Well, Amelia, it's lovely to meet you but I suggest finding some friends would be a good start, and trust me there's people out there just like you and people who don't care that you're a Muggleborn, because they know that blood status is merely nothing."

"Thanks Miss Lily, I'm going to go now." Amelia said with a smile, jumping down off the seat and taking her trunk with her, closing the compartment door behind her. Lily settled into her seat and took her diary out of her trunk when her compartment door opened and closed suddenly causing her to turn around. She saw Sirius black pulling the blinds down and breathing heavily as if he had been running.

After a few moments of heavy breathing and peeking out of the blinds he turned around and yelped at the sight of Lily in the corner.

"I don't know why you're so shocked, it's the compartment I've been in for over an hour." Lily said, smirking a little, something she only did in the presence of Sirius Black and James Potter.

"I didn't know anyone was in here, you're very quiet."

"Well I'm hardly going to talk to myself, Black." Lily said, rolling her eyes and putting her diary away again. She refused to let the marauders know of her daily writing habits.

"Well I'm hiding out here."


"Because girls in this school think it's okay to start a club that's rejoicing in me and I'm trying to hide."

"Interesting… I always thought you would enjoy that. A bunch of girls running around after you asking for dates. You don't even have to try. Frankly the whole "put the move on you" thing was getting old anyway." Lily said

"Not when they're thirteen years old… that's just nasty." Sirius said, planting his feet upon Lily's lap, ignoring the look she was giving him.

"I didn't think it mattered to you."

"You don't think that low of me, do you Evans?" Sirius asked, placing his hand over his heart in mock hurt.

"You know I do." he chuckled lightly and nodded. Lily smiled slightly, a genuine smile rather than a smirk, something Sirius had never seen up close from Lily.

"What's got you smiling?" Sirius asked, his voice soft and friendly, something Lily had never heard from Sirius Black… ever.

"You have a nice laugh." Lily said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Did I just receive a compliment from Evans?"

"Sorry, let me rephrase that. You have a nice laugh when you're not mocking people. There, now it's a compliment laced with a jibe." Lily remarked softly.

"Still a compliment. I'll take that."

"Why, you get many a compliments for willing fan girls everyday. Mine is merely another one that's not exactly a compliment at all."

"Because, that's the first compliment I've got that didn't involve my hair."

"Oh, well take it as you may."

"So I heard about your parents… I se-"

"I should get my robes on, you should probably do that too." with that Lily got up and left, avoiding yet another question about her parents.

Sirius entered his own compartment to find James sitting alone.

"Where's Remus?"

"Went to change. Peter too… though you didn't ask."

"Like I care." Sirius replied.

"Padfoot, you need to stop being so hard on him, he's one of us too you know." James said exasperatedly.

"Yes, but not by my choice, he's a terrible excuse for a Gryffindor."

"Even so, it upsets him when you talk like that."

"I'm sorry I hurt your little boys feelings Mrs Pettigrew." Sirius mocked.

"Whatever Padfoot, just be nicer to him in person."

"You sound like Remus… it doesn't suit you, Remus is the nice one. I'm the good looking one and you're the Quidditch one…"

"Yeah, yeah alright." James laughed loudly with his best friend.

The train slowed to a stop an hour or so later, the marauders took their trunks and headed outside to the carriages. The boys saw Lily pulling her trunk behind her, causing Remus to bring up her weird behaviour. Sirius also recounted the conversation he had with her (leaving out the compliments, knowing that part of the conversation would only cause James to get angry that he hadn't received one compliment from Lily Evans ever) telling the guys how weird it was.

"She obviously doesn't want the pity from people. While she may not receive it from us, seeing how you learned your lesson with me and my parents, she doesn't know that at all. She's probably been swamped with people wishing her well, and so forth. You've got to understand. Merlin knows I do."

"You'd understand anything do to with Evans. You're in love with her."

"I'm not in love with her." James said through his teeth.

"Sureee.." the boys all said at the same time. "She's heading straight for Snivillus." Sirius replied, anger lacing his voice for the mere fact that Snape was in general proximity.

Lily dragged her trunk along behind her, everything from her life in it. She took the steps down and ran into Severus Snape, someone she was definitely not looking forward to seeing.

"Hey Lils."

"Snape." she replied curtly, trying to move past him but he followed her steps and blocked her once again.

"Can we talk?"

"No. I'm trying to get to the school. I'm a prefect unless you didn't remember." she stepped to the left once again, with no avail from Snape.

"Look, I've said sorry a million times I didn't mean to call you a … you know what."

"I don't care. You're still hanging about with those death eaters."

"They aren't death eaters." Snape defended.

"Yet. Now move."

"No, Lily we're going to talk. You need a friend after everything that's happened."

"Everything that's happened because of the man you show loyalty to. And I have friends. Real ones who accept me for my blood status unlike you."

"Then why are you alone right now?" Snape said snidely. Lily paused slightly but the conversation was picked up again by a third voice.

"Because we were getting a book Lily left behind." Lily turned to see the marauders all standing behind her, Sirius having spoke.

"I think she asked you to move, Snivillus. A little more nicely than she is entitled to but then that's Lily for you." James said, advancing just enough to make Snape step back.

"So you're friends with these losers?"

"Its none of your business who I'm friends with anymore. Now please move."

"The lady said move. Now get out of the way before we make you move in a not so nice way." Snape walked away with one last look at Lily.

Lily turned to the guys and said thank you politely before walking off and getting into a carriage and taking off for the school in which she could literally call home.

A/N: Hey guys! So this is the first instalment of "Free" and this fan fiction is hopefully going to be the first of three parts, Im super excited about this and i hope you all like it. Let me know what you think of it, reviews motivate me to write my lovelies! For now! 3

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Free : With Letters And Homelessness


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