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The Only One by theofficialundecided
Chapter 1 : The Only One
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"Albus Potter, I swear you will never get ear me again!" My beautiful girlfriend cried out.

Yes, I said girlfriend.

Albus Potter, the son of Harry Potter, isn't married, but he got his girlfriend pregnant. To my credit (even my father agrees with me on this one) we are deeply in love, and in more than just the mushy teenagery way that is over in less than a month. We do plan to get married, and I have asked her. However, it was a mutual decision to wait until the baby was born to plan anything.

Stress doesnt work well with either of us.

"It's alright love, just relax." I tried to be of help, but I was informed by Teddy that acting normal was a lost cause and that you are never in the winning position.


And I thought to her credit, it has to hurt. Based on how Victorie actually broke Teddy's wrist when Caroline, their daughter was born.

"You know I would take your place if I could, but it's not that easy." I said as rationally as I could, with a classic line. Dont get me wrong, I meant it, but it sounds like to me that she needs classic lines. "Do you want to cuddle?" I asked. She wasnt supposed to actually give birth for another 8 centimeters. I assume we have plenty of time.

"That sounds nice." She scooted over a bit and I let her snuggle up against me. I whispered to her that she migh want a little bit of sleep and that I would wake her if a healer came in.

I watched her peaceful figure lay against me and wondered how I got this lucky. If her father had it his way, she would be going to a muggle school in America and living a more boring life than my dad's aunt and uncle.

Her mother and father kicked her out the second they were told she was a witch, her dad told her that she was hell bound for this and her anted no part in raising her. It is a shame really, her parents are very religous and wouldnt even let her talk to anybody on Sunday. It was a strange rule, apparently it is not ethical to speak to anybody but god for that time.

In first year, she befriended my cousins, Rose and Dom, and stayed with them over holidays. They became close and still are. We all made Gryffindor and are proud of it. Not that any of the other houses are a bad thing, but we all wanted to be Gryffindors.

In second year, we all made quiddich, and Ash and I became a real couple at the end of that year. (It would of put us at thirteen, my birthday is 17 November and her's is 26 March.) Our annivirsry is on 17 April and I am 18, while she is still 17.

Third year was hard. My dad had some minor stress issues and it affected my family. At the same time, Ash was getting muggle surgries (she had a rare isuue that has never been seen in the wizard world), and Rose and my best friend got together. There was drama that never ended, while dad was in St Mungos and I cared for Ash. I did not mind caring for her at all, it was just that everything hit at once. Dad got out of Mungos by Christmas and Ash finished all of the surgries two years later.

In fourth year, I became half of 'Hogwarts' Greatest Power Couple'. Apparantly, we were the model of a perfect couple and were treated lovely.

Fifth year, nothing really happened. I barely remember it.

At the end of sixth year, I found out that I was going to be a father. It was overwhelming. I never had felt the kind of love I had felt for my girlfriend that I did until that day, until today that is.

And this year: this year was interesting, or at least the half of it we have had. We did get a bunch of shit for being intimate, and our celebraty stand points on all of this. We told mum and dad over the summer, they were dissapointed that it was so soon, but at the same time, they had told us that they knew we were in love, and that they knew this wouldnt affect us too badly if we gave the baby up for adoption.

In August, my family got sued by a minestry worker for stealing money that we didnt steal. His argument was that all of our money was aquired from thievery and that we needed to be locked up. Anybody with the last name Potter was sent to trial and given no representitive. At that time, we were supposed to be married, but I refused fo a little while so we could keep the baby a bigger secret for a little while longer. I was originally upset when Ash came into the court room and said that she was pregnant, but that ended up being why they dropped the case.

After all that was over, Ash called her parents. When I asked why, she told me that they have a right to know that we are having a child. I half agreed and rubbed her hand as she talked. They were outraged, telling her that she had long crossed the line and that she was a "street sleeping whore". Ash said she saw this coming, and not to worry, but she was in the middle of her second trimester by then and very emotional. I stayed by her side the whole time, and the Prophet released our story the day after her phone call.

Going back to school was hard, we were both treated like dirt because we love each other enough to share ourselves. People told me I turned an angle to a a whore, and I told them it was her idea to have sex. Which was the truth. The bullies got her worse than me though.

Its December now, in the middle of a night. I can't remember the date right now but I do know whats going on. In just a few hours, I would have a family of my own. I saw Ash's eyes flutter as I brushed her hair out of her face with my thumb.

"How long was I out?"

"About an hour. You look absolutely gorgeous." It was true, I had never seen her more beautiful than now. She sighed and gave me an annoyed look.

"That's a lie I can actually feel." she grabbed the air and laughed as I shook my head.

"Too bad youre beautiful." I said and kissed her forehead. She made a pained noise as I did that.

"Looks like Aiden has another plan for us right now." Ash said as I smirked.

"His name's Aiden now?" I asked amused. She claims we are having a boy, but I think it's going to be a girl. I have this feeling.

"At least I dont want to name him Emma, that is a girl's name." She playfully punched my arm and cried out a little again. I rubbed her back, and her head fell into my chest.

"Make it stop" She complained.

With that, I called the healer to our room to check on her.

"Looks like you called me at the right time Mr. Potter, shes fully dialated and needs to push." I held my hand to her and she took it and squeezed it tightly. It hurt but I said nothing.

They asked her to push and she did, it sounded painful. Tears and sweat streamed down her face and she looked at me.

"I am going to kill you with your own fingernails." She hissed. I gave a small ok and mentally thought to myself about how these mood swings would be hilarious if there was no pain involved. She pushed again and squeezed my fingers even tighter. Soon, I heard the sound of a small child crying. My heart swelled out of my chest as I looked over to my wife and whispered, "you did it babe."

"Congradulations, it's a healthy baby girl. Would daddy like to cut the chord and clean her?" I teared up. A baby girl, we had a baby girl. I felt Ashton's fingers squeeze mine lightly with encouragement.

"I would love to." I said as Ash giggled at my emotion. She had tears down her face too, and I kissed her and got up. I cut my daughter free of her mother and cleaned her gently and wrapped her in a clean pink blanket and brought the sleeping baby back over to Ash. She was beautiful, with a tuft of dark brown hair with Ash's nose and my lips. SO small and fragile. The figure in my arms opened her eyes and stared at me. I saw a mirror of my own eyes staring back at me and smiled.

"Your Granddaddy is going to love this." I said to my baby.

"Love what?" Ash asked. She looked amused at me, most likely because
I don't cry or show emotion. Her tired eyes met my wet ones and I smiled, for I couldnt think of words to describe it.

I handed her the baby and she smiled.

"The most beautiful eyes in the world. Ive only ever seen these on two people." She whispered. The healer came back in with papers and asked us what we should name her. Ash smiled and said the name that I had loved for a long time.

I eventually found out today's date and time, we became a family on 19 December 2024 at 2:02 am. Everything is perfect.


Authors note: looks like I wrote my first story! Please R and R.

I actually cried while writing this, it touched my heart

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The Only One: The Only One


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