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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 21 : Wedding Crasher
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 Wedding Crasher

The applause filled the ballroom, congratulating still, even as we walked back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy. We turned into a small parlor where we had a couple of minutes to ourselves, where we exchanged loving words in between stolen kisses. Eventually though the photographer did arrive and with him the noise that was our wedding parties.

After what felt like a year of posing for pictures, and two Advil later, we were greeting our guests before the reception at dinner.

I was awed by the amount of people who were so genuinely happy for me. Every wedding I had ever been to in my life, the guests were fake, not really wanting to be at the reception, not really happy for the bride or groom, just there to make a selfish appearance. My wedding was not at all like that, every guest had a smile that reached their eyes, and Draco, had  a twinkle in his. A twinkle meant only for me.

There was a soft chime of a bell announcing to the guests that dinner was being served and encouraged them all to take their seats. Draco grabbed my hand, squeezing it ever so gently and smiled at me. I smiled right back up at him. We ourselves finally took our seats and a house elf filled our flutes with champagne.

“There is nobody more happy than me right now” I whispered to him.

“Except maybe me” he replied.

Plates were brought first to the wedding table, and then to the wedding families tables, tehn to the remaing guests. It was a meal of roasted turkey with a chestnut roast, stuffed with a spinach filling and served with mash potatoes, and green beans.

There was a muffled gasp of excitement from the guests as they lifted the lids on their platters. I ate slowly, savoring the rich flavors.

After the guests had finished, people began to chime on their flutes in an ancient tradition signaling the bride and groom to kiss. I smiled knowingly as Draco leaned in close to me. Blaise stood up and cut us off, clearing his throat.

“I um, I have a toast to make.” He said.

I sat up a little straighter and looked at him.

“I have known Draco literally my entire life, he’s my best man, and I’m his and in all the time I have known him, I never expected him to fall in such a short time, to fall in love, with none other than my baby sister, and be marrying her today. But even as this was nothing I had expected, he makes Serena happy and she brings an expression to him I had never seen before and I know that they are deeply in love and extremely happy and I wish them both all the best.”

I took a sip of my champagne as all the other guests did. A few more toasts rang out in the ballroom and then the air shifted, seeming colder and there was a loud pop.

“I’m so glad that I didn’t miss the toasts to the happy couple.” I cold voice hissed through the entire hall and the pure terror in everybody’s eyes, confirmed my worst fear.

“I have one of my own.”

“You have no business here.” A voice rang out and Voldermort snapped his wand and the speaker flew across the ballroom.

“Silence, I am speaking. Draco, my faithful loyal Draco, congratulations on your new bride. Although It seems a bit rushed, don’t you think? However your wedding brings me great joy because now my plan is in action. We will be talking, very soon.”

He vanished having disapparated after his toast and then the room was filled with a flurry of action. Mom and Dad cleared the room, we were rushed upstairs and the guests were sent away.

“What was That? Mum Dad, please tell me what is going on?”

“I don’t know.” The replied to my question.

“Well what are we going to do?” Draco asked.

“You are both returning to school effective immediately.” Lucius drawled out.

I knew better than to protest, and Mum and Dad apparated us to the school, with Ginny and Blaise and we were rushed by the Headmistress back to our respective dorms, which we now would no longer share in the way we had. 

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