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Ivy Lee Collins Series: Passion by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 3 : Chapter Two: Ivy
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A/N: Hello all! Here's the next chapter! Bigger AN at the end of the chapter so you can get reader ^.^

Disclaimer: I own nothing. 



My hand slammed down on the clock next to my bedside table, pressing down on the snooze button. My eyes peaked open to the clock facing me back saying 6:30. I groaned, but picked myself out of bed, where I could see that the sun had almost broken free of the horizon and the air was a little cold.

I grabbed my wand and lit it to help me search for my clothes. After I had found all of my gear, I tiptoed into the bathroom and closed the door.

As quiet as I possibly could, I slid on my black three- quarter running leggings, violet crop top, socks, runners and gathered my hair into a quick high pony tail before I slid out the door.

Only a few people were in the common room, there was few early rises on the first day, let only any that are out and about at 6:40.

As soon as I was out of the portrait hole, I was off and running.

 Ever since my mother died, I had begun to run every morning. Every morning I would run on a track around the Black lake and then back to my room and got ready for school, it was a way that I could clear my head.

Today though, my head was unbelievably clear, I guess it was the first day of school and not much had happened. The only thing I thought about was Liam’s funny behaviour, which I dismissed as first day school woes, James’ stupid Quidditch weights plan and Lily’s worries about having to do Head boy and girl duties with him for the year.

I quickly dismissed it all quickly and went to thinking about my breathing so I could run harder. I was almost back and my legs were burning and as I saw the castle picked it up, ignoring my complaining muscles. I was almost back when suddenly I was knocked sideways onto the ground.

I groaned as my side ached against the ground and as I picked myself, the grass tickled my side. I grunted again as my watch passed my best time and I felt my teeth grit in annoyance, ready to kill the person who had mucked me up.

“You ok?” a familiar voice asked, offering their hand out to me.

“Black?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Sirius laughed, as I ignored his hand and pulled myself up.

“What are you doing out here at this time?” I asked, my hands on my hips.

“I was just at the owlery,” Sirius grinned, “And you?”

“What does it look like?” I grunted, throwing my hands in the air.

“You run?” Sirius asked, staring at down my body.

He was checking me out?

What was wrong with the bloody world?!

I felt a hot flush start to cover myself that wasn’t from my run.

When I noticed, I realised that Black had begun to as well, so I decided to cover it up with snark.

“See something you like?” I asked.

Sirius went a little pink but then replied,


I growled and I turned away, arms crossed over my chest and stomping towards the castle.

“IVY! WAIT UP!” Sirius yelled, running after me and as I heard him catch up to me I heard him breathe a ‘wow’.

“STOP PERVING YOU FREAK!” I yelled in his face, just before we entered the Entrance Hall and I began to stomp away from him but then saw people were watching me and pointing.


Sirius laughed outright as everyone turned away embarrassed and he swaggered forwarded.

“It’s not that everyone can see you stomach and belly piercing you know,” Sirius laughed, “Even though that is a really nice stomach,”

“Shut up! What is it then?” I growled.

“Tattoo,” Sirius explained.

“Aw, fuck!” I cried, placing my hands over my lower back.

Earlier in the holidays, I had grabbed my Muggle savings that I received in the holidays and raced down to the Muggle tattoo store near my home. I had wanted one for a while but my dad wouldn’t allow it, I had got into a fight with him earlier and wanted to do something reckless. I had climbed out of my window and ran down to the store and paid for a tattoo. My tattoo stretched across my lower back, from my hip to hip. The tattoo was fairly basic, but I thought it suited me. The majority of the tattoo was the plant ivy, with its leaves and thorns. I knew it was tacky, but I like it. There wasn’t just ivy though, there were also violets. The violets were also symbolic to me as both me and my mother’s eyes were violet. The tattoo sounded tacky but I really liked it and it looked good.

My dad was furious when he found out. He had tried every potion and spell but nothing had removed it, I was stuck with it. I had grinned in triumphant when this had happened, but it didn’t stop my dad from giving me a month of grounding.

“TURN AROUND!” I roared to the kids still looking who quickly scampered off.

“Aww, fuck! I’m doomed!” I shrieked, hands still over my back.

“Why?” Sirius asked, “If you got a tattoo don’t you want people to see?”

“I do! But my dad said if he found out if I had shown one person I was dead!” I cried.

“Who cares? Whose actually going to tell you dad?” Sirius snorted.

Good point.

“I don’t care! I don’t need people seeing it on the first day back,” I whined.

How the fuck was I going to get all the way to Gryffindor tower without anyone seeing it?


“Take off your jumper Black,” I ordered, sticking out my hand.

“What?” Sirius asked.

“Give me your jumper you twat!” I cried.

Sirius shrugged and pulled his jumper off, his shirt raising the slightest, baring part of his stomach which I quickly turned away from.

As soon as the jumper was in my hand, I pulled it over my head and started to race up to the tower.

“I’ll give it back soon Black!” I called over my shoulder.

I raced up the stairs as fast as I could, but Sirius’ stupid jumper wasn’t helping, it was the size of bloody Jupiter on me. Its arms went all the way past my hands and the bottom of the jumper was almost touching my knees.

When I reached the dorm, Mary was yawning and just awakening while Alice was doing her hair, it seemed that Charlie and Elle had already left and Lily wasn’t in their dorm anymore as she was Head Girl.

“Morning!”  Alice greeted with a smile.

“Morning,” I grunted back.

“What’s got your knickers in a twist this morning?” Mary yawned.

“Stupid Black – bloody tattoo, UGH!” I cried, searching for my school uniform.

“What’s Sirius done now? And what’s this about a tattoo?” Alice asked, standing up and moving over to my bed.

I grinned and pulled the Sirius’ jumper over my head and turned around revealing to my friends my new tattoo.

“WHAT?!” they all shrieked, coming in close to look at it.

“When did you get it?” Mary cried.

“Where did you get it?” Alice asked, “WHY?”

I turned around and said, “First month of the holidays, in a Muggle place near my home and I wanted one so I got it. What do you think of it?”

“It’s brilliant!” Mary squealed.

“It suits you Ivy, I like it!” Alice grinned.

I grinned even more.

“So what’s Sirius done now?” Mary asked, moving the topic away from my tattoo.

My expression fell, “He made me stuff up my run and I missed my best time, he checked me out PLUS he forgot to warn me about my tattoo so now the whole school’s seen it!”

“How could he not check you out in that? You’re showing everything!” Mary giggled.

“So what? He could have kept his eyes in his head,” I grunted.

“Don’t blame him,” Alice laughed, “You look hot, I hope Liam saw you,”

I laughed along with them and then walked into the shower.


* * * * *

Half an hour later, me and the girls were walking into the Great Hall with Sirius’ jumper over my arms.

I had quickly had a shower and now my hair was in a neater high pony tail, my school uniform was on, minus my robe, and I was wearing make-up.

My make-up was just foundation, mascara, eyeliner and a neutral lip gloss.

I had also traded my runners in for a sensible pair of my favourite black combat boots which where half undone. I still don’t understand why people wear high heels at school, especially when you have to walk a mile to get to class.

When we reached the table where the Marauders were sitting, I threw the jumper over the table into Black’s face.

“There you are Black,” I grunted, before sitting down and grabbing a donut.

“That’s where you jumper went Paddie!” James asked, slapping him on the back, “Nice one,”

“Ew!” I cried, “I just borrowed it this morning so I could wear it from the Entrance Hall to the common room without being perved at again,”

“Perved?” James asked.

“I went for a run this morning,” I explained.

“Ahh, that it explains it then,” James said happily.

“Explains what?” Remus asked, confused.

“He went for a run with me a couple of times last year, I owned him!” I grinned.

It’s was true though, I had smashed James by over a whole minute.

“Doesn’t matter, that’s not the point!” James cried, “The point is about what you wear,” James turned to face the other Marauders, “She wears three quarter leggings and this tiny, tiny crop top!”

“Nice,” Remus laughed, while Peter was staring wide eyed.

“Eyes back in your head Peter,” I laughed as Peter blushed and looked down at his breakfast.

“Why do you wear something as tiny as that?” James asked, “You can see everything! Not that I was looking or anything…”

“I knew you were looking James, you weren’t looking at my face half the time,” I explained as everyone laughed, “It’s not my fault I only feel comfortable in a crop top! The singlets tickle me!”

“It’s hot, especially with that tattoo of yours,” Sirius winked.


“Tattoo?” the rest of the Marauders and Lily asked.

“Yes, I have a tattoo and probably half the school saw it this morning,” I whined, starting on another donut.

“What is it?” Remus asked, eagerly.

“The plants Ivy and violet flowers,” I explained.

“Right, to represent your name and eyes,” Lily explained.

“Right you are there Lily,” I grinned.

“Timetables!” Professor McGonagall announced, as she stood behind us, “Miss Collins, how many times do I have to remind you about your unnecessary amount of jewellery?”

I grinned. McGonagall and I have a special relationship, she is always reminding me about how I wear too much jewellery and I just said it was special in some way and I just had to wear it.

I didn’t wear much anyway.

Ok, I lied. 

I wear a lot.

One my right wrist I wear one delicate silver chain bracelet with one charm, three silver beaded bracelets and one ancient, heavy, family heirloom bracelet. On the other wrist I wore my mother’s watch and another old family bracelet, this time made of diamonds and crystals. Around my neck I wore, two necklaces, one long necklace with an ‘I’ on the end and the other was short with a love heart, Liam had given me this last year. I also had three rings, two on my left hand and one on my right. My right hand ring was my favourite, my most important.

It was my mother’s engagement ring. It had one massive diamond in my middle and then three small ones either side. My ears both had first and second piercings, but I also had my left cuff done, there was a small chain going from my second piercing to the cuff on my left ear. I also had a belly piercing, but McGonagall didn’t know that and she also didn’t know about my tattoo.

“It’s all family heirlooms or special value Professor, I need to wear it!” I replied coolly.

She just grunted and handed over my timetable and everyone else before stalking off to hand out other timetables.

“Do you really have to wear those earrings Ivy?” Lily asked, “They’re a bit over the top…”

“Hey! I like my earrings!” I cried, “It’s not my fault Micky G hates them!”

Today my earrings were long fluro pink and blue feathers dangling down, while my right second was a diamond stud and my left was a silver to match my cuff.

“It’s original!” I protested.

“Definitely,” Lily laughed, “I was just stirring you up!”

“Good,” I laughed, standing up and grabbing another donut to go, “I’m heading off don’t want to get on Kettleburn’s bad side already,”

“Alright! Wait up,” Sirius agreed, rising after me and pulling Remus as well.

Did I mention that in Care of Magical Creatures, the only friend I had was Remus? Well, Sirius was in the class too, but he was not my friend.

Not good.

I nibbled on my donut as we walked down to the edge of the Forbidden Forest where we took most of our COMC (Care of Magical Creatures) classes.

“We’re so early!” Sirius whined, “Why did you drag us out here?”

“I didn’t drag you out here! You came on your own accord!” I cried.

“Ok, ok! Calm down!”

“Shut up Black.”


“You might want to before I hex you into obliviation.”

“Like you’d win against me.”

“It’s not like I haven’t done it before.”

Sirius went bright red and I grinned.

Last year in Defence Against the Dark Arts, our Professor had ran a duelling competition in class and you guessed it, Sirius and I were the last contestants. Sirius had beaten James in the ‘qualifier’ and I had beaten his god awful cousin Bellatrix, both matches had lasted a whole lesson with James and Sirius’ being the best ‘seen’ duel everyone had ever seen due to the fact that they both knew each other’s tactics inside out. Bellatrix and my duel was pretty good I guess, well it would have been better if she hadn’t been sending illegal curses at me that our Professor didn’t recognise so let it go the daft twat. I still won anyway.

Sirius and I had battled it out in the next period, which happened to be a period before lunch. I had used every single legal jinx, hex, curse that I knew against Sirius that day. I used every single form of hatred towards him in the duel. Our duel had somehow lasted the whole lesson and into lunch, no one moved from their seats but they stayed and continued to watch. I ignored the grumbling in my stomach and continued on. Then, finally, my spell slipped past Sirius’ guard and hit him on the arm. He flinched only slightly, but it was all I needed to send the disarming spell at him and then his wand was in my hand. Cheers erupted, I was grinning, Sirius was frowning, my friends had consumed me in a hug and the Marauders were congratulating Sirius on losing to a girl.

“That was in class! I was holding back,” Sirius whined.

“Then it would have been easy to deflect my curse and win,” I sighed, “Get over it Sirius, I bet you fair and square.”

“Only thing you’ll ever be good at,” Sirius mumbled, kicking rocks with the toe of his shoe.

“That’s why I’ve been on the Quidditch team since second year, been told I’m one of the best beaters ever seen, passed last year pretty well and I can play two - ”




I almost let it slip!

“What?” Remus and Sirius asked.

“I – I can draw!” I blubbered.

“I didn’t know that,” Remus said, eyes raised.

“Yeah, I’m actually pretty good!” I admitted, regaining my calm.

“Can we see some of these amazing drawings then?” Sirius asked.  

“Sure,” I answered, opening my bag and searching through it for my sketch book.

Thank Merlin I actually do draw, otherwise I would have been positively screwed.

“Here,” I shoved the book into Remus’ hands and then sat down on a rock where we meet for class. I tilted my head back and let my body drink in the sun, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as my muscles relaxed.

Sirius and Remus opened thee book and slowly flicked through the pages, studying every single line, shade and detail on the age before turning it over. This was my newest sketch book, so there weren’t many drawings in this one, I had four more books all full in my trunk.

“What do you think?” I asked, opening my eyes.

“Brilliant,” Remus said, “Why didn’t you tell us that you could draw?”

I shrugged, “Never came up.”

“Who’s this?” Sirius asked, turning my sketch book around to show me the sketch of a woman.

It was a sketch of my mother that I had done during the holidays. The drawing had come from a memory of her, her hair was neatly in a bun, her make up perfect and she was in a suit.

“My mum,” I replied bluntly.

“Oh,” Sirius mumbled, pushing the book back into my hands.

“COME ON CLASS! TIME TO GET STARTED!” Professor Kettleburn yelled from the middle of the paddock.

“Ugh, school,” I grumbled, stuffing the book in my bag and making my way down to COMC with the boys following.

“I miss summer already,” Sirius moaned, “If you weren’t here Moony, I would have been long gone.”

“Same here,” I agreed.

Oh my Merlin.

I know, I just agreed with Sirius Black.

How weird.

“We’ve got to go to th first lesson for every subject, at least!” Remus rolled his eyes.

“Whatever you say Remus,” I laughed, “Whatever you say.”


* * * * *


The rest of the mornings classes were boring – charms, Arthimancy and transfiguration.  Thank Godric I had Lily, Mary and Alice to sit with, I had had enough of Sirius for the whole day with just Care of Magical Creatures and running him into him on my run today.

In Transfiguration, Mickey G had given me another rant about my jewellery and even hinted my makeup was too much (babe, look at Savannah Mitchell, you would have to use a chisel to get that off her face) but also given a twenty minute long speech on the important of N.E.W.T’s. Worst twenty minutes of my life. Thankfully, I was sitting next to Mary and we played noughts and crosses.

On the way to lunch, we were passing a corridor when suddenly I was grabbed by the wrist and yanked sideways.

“Whaaaaat?” I shrieked.

“Shhhh!” my kidnapper shushed me.

I quickly turned around, both my fists and wand at the ready, but stopped in my tracks to see…

“LIAM!” I cried, throwing my arms around him.

“Hey,” Liam smiled giving me a quick peck on the lips, “Come on, let’s talk.”

I waved at Mary, Alice and Lily to shoo them off and show them that I was fine before following Liam to the end of the corridor and into a spare classroom. He opened the door for me, as gentlemen should, and I smiled at him walking inside. I pulled off my robe and threw my bag with it to the floor, turning around to hopefully take place in some heated snogging, but was faced with a bright red face.


“Wha- what?” I stammered out, completely shocked by his outburst.


“Seriously?” I asked, “Fuck.”


“NO! Of course not! I have morals you know!” I yelled back, “I’ll be wearing more when I go for a run next time.”


“The rumors would have come from this morning when I walked through the Great Hall in my running gear,” I sighed, “I realised everyone was looking at me because of my tattoo, well, boys were looking elsewhere I think.”

“You have a TATTOO?” Liam yelled.

“Yeah, on the bottom of my back.”

Before I could lift up my top to show Liam, he had grabbed the bottom of my shirt and yanked it up. He studied the patterns, the fingers lightly grazing my skin. I shivered at his touch, a sigh escaping my lips.

“It’s beautiful,” he whispered into my ear, arms encircling my waist from behind, “Just tell me next time. I want to be the first to see it.”

I giggled very girlishly (not like me at all) and leaned back into his embrace, “Sure thing.”

Liam then began to kiss my collarbone and made his way up my neck. His grip tightened on my waist and I slowly spun around so I could face him, I grinned sneakily as my arms wrapped around his neck and my head slowly tilted up. My eyes fluttered closed as his lips were less than an inch away…


The door of the classroom shot apart from its frame and so did Liam and I.

“Oops! This classroom has someone in it already guys!” a too- familiar voice stated.

I felt the blood rush to my face in anger, my hands were curling into fists. I walked away from Liam towards my robes and bag abandoned on the floor, my eyes never leaving the people in the door.

“RUN BOYS, RUN! SHE’S GONNA BLOW!” one yelled as they took off down the corridor.

With no hesitation, I ran out the door after them, scooping up my wand but abandoning my bag and robes. I turned the corner and saw the figures of four boys running away and I screamed,



* * * *


After successfully catching up to the Marauders and giving them a big punch/ hit/ slap each, I was walking into the Great Hall, huffing with anger. I found the girls at the Gryffindor table chatting and nibbling on food so I walked towards them and plonked down on a chair.

“What took you so long?” Alice asked, raising her eye brow.

“Actually, don’t tell us. I don’t want to know about your romantic adventures with Matthews,” Mary said.

“I actually didn’t stay with him for long,” I grumbled, filling up my plate, “I spent most of lunch chasing the bloody Marauders around the castle.”

“WHY?” Lily asked.

“Deliberately came into the room Liam and I were in when we were about to snog.” I viciously stabbed my pie of chicken pie.

“What did you do to them this time?” Lily asked.

“A series of punches/ slaps/ hits to the facial area,” I replied smugly.

The girl erupted into laughter and I grinned, I was actually quite proud of myself.

“What’s so funny?” a voice asked from behind.

“Hey Liam!” I smiled at him.

“Hey Liam!” the girls chorused.

“Hey girls. Just wanted to give you this, you forgot it when you ran out of the room,” Liam grinned, handing me my bag.

I grabbed it and saw that my robes were neatly folded inside.

“Thank you! You are actually the best!” I smiled again, getting up and giving him a peck on the lips, “See you later?”

“Yeah, tonight at eight, same place?” Liam whispered in my ear.

“Sure!” I grinned, kissing him on the lips.



Liam grinned and wandered over to the Ravenclaw table as I sat down again and just as the Marauders came into the Hall. Both James and Remus were supporting Sirius – who looked like he was in severe pain – and Peter was carrying their books. They spotted us and dragged themselves over here, James and Sirius next to Lily and Mary and Peter and Remus next to me and Alice.

“You must have hit Black hard Ivy,” Mary commented at Sirius’ moaning form, who was now curled into a ball on the seat.

“Oh – did I forget?” I asked, “I kicked him –“ I pointed to Black, “in the family jewels once, no, twice, no, three times.”

Sirius moaned more as the girls laughed and the rest of the Marauders sniggered.

“That’s the second time a girl has beat you up Padfoot,” James sniggered.

“And it’s the same girl every time,” Peter squeaked.

 “Miss Ivy – what’s your middle name?” Remus asked.

“Why should I tell you?” I asked.

“Because you love us?” James suggested.

“Believe what you want boys,” I sighed.

“Just tell us your full name!” Remus whined.

“Please!” Peter, James and Remus gave me puppy dog eyes.

“Let’s see, um, no,” I replied.

“Why?” James moaned.



“NO – “

“It’s Ivy-Lee Olivia Collins,” Alice said, not looking up from her bag.

“ALICE!” I yelled.

“Ivy-Lee?” Sirius asked, a grin breaking out on his face as he sat up.

“Watch it or your family jewels won’t work ever again,” I threatened.

“But seriously, your full name is Ivy-Lee Olivia?” James asked.

“Hey! You can’t use the ‘seriously’ line! That’s my line!” Sirius yelled.

“Who cares?” Remus asked.

“I do Moony!” Sirius whined.

“Get over it Paddie, remember about Ivy-Lee over there?” Remus said, jerking his head in my direction.

“Ahh yes! Miss Ivy-Lee!” Sirius said, his eyes glistening mysteriously.

“Don’t. You. Dare,” I growled.

But it was too late.

“HELLO STUDENTS OF HOGWARTS!” Sirius yelled, sanding on his chair.

“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “



“SHUT UP PRONGS!” Sirius yelled.

“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“Sit down, sit down, sit down – “


“THAT’S IT!” I yelled, lunging over the table.

I hit Sirius with a thump and he let out a girlish squeal as he fell from high up on the stool to the hard ground.

I threw my arm back and hit him in the face hard (again) as Sirius scratched my arms, the stupid prat. I was about to bring me knee back to kill his family jewels for the fourth time that day, when arms grabbed me from behind and pulled my arms back.


And James.

“GET OFF ME!” I yelled.



“MISS COLLINS AND MR BLACK BOTH IN THE HEADMASTERS OFFICE NOW!” Mickey G yelled, pointing to the Great Hall door.

I grumbled, shook free of Remus and James, grabbed my bag and stalked out of the hall, pushing through the crowd that had gathered around us.

“MOVE IT!” I yelled.

Kids jumped out of the way from me, the scary seventh year who had just attacked Sirius Black. I could see a group of Sirius’ fan girls crying on the edge of the group.

What the hell?

I pushed him to the ground and hit him a couple of times.

A kicked his sensitive spot three times, but no one had seen it besides the Marauders.

I walked out of the Hall and up the stairs towards Professor Dumbledore’s office. I’d been there so many times, it was almost a second nature to walk there. I even knew that his passwords wwere always lollies for Merlins sake!

When I reached the famous Gargoyle, I crossed my arms and leant onto one leg.

“Hello Gargoyle, going to let me in?”

He shook his head.

“You know why I’m here, I got in trouble again and had to be sent to see Dumbledore.”

Still no movement. 

“Is it Acid Pops?”

No movement.

“Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans?”

Still completely still.

“Pumpkin Pastie?”

Stupid Gargoyle.


“Calm down Ivy-Lee, it’s Cauldron Cake,” a voice called from down the hall.



The worst part was that the Gargoyle nodded and moved out the way.

Cauldron Cake? Really?

Why hadn’t I bloody thought of that?

“Come on ILOC,” Black called from the first step.

“ILOC?” I asked.

“Ivy- Lee Olivia Collins,” Black said simply.

“Shut up,” I cried, pushing past him and up into the office.

“No need to get cranky,”

“Shut up,”

“Cranky pants,”

“Shut your face,”

“Cranky butt,”

“Shut it, or I’ll shut it for you,”

“Cranky face,”

“I SAID SHUT UP!” I yelled.

“Someone’s on their time of the month…”


“Whatever Ivy- Lee,”

I grumbled and knocked on the door, I wanted to get this over with.

“Come in,” a voice called.

I opened the door and stantered in, seeing the glorious Professor Dumbledore.

“Why, hello Miss Collins!” Dumbledore greeted, “And Mr Black, I didn’t expect to see you here so soon!”

“I know Professor! It’s a new record!” Black grinned.

“Well then, you better tell me why you two are here. I hope it includes why Mr Black has blood dripping out of his nose.”

I hadn’t even noticed the blood.

I must have hit him real hard.



“It does Professor! You would have been so proud of me if you were there!” I grinned.

“I see…” Dumbledore sighed.

Oh this meeting is going to be just great.



A/N: Hello darlings! What did you think of the next chapter in Passion? Like or dislike? Sorry it took so long for the this chapter to come out but I've been really busy lately and then I got really sick :S 

Anywayssss, question time!

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