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The Mermaid's Curse by thefuturedp27
Chapter 10 : The Love Prophecy
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Serena fell to the ground and looked up to find Draco's stormy eyes looking down into hers. He swiftly helped her up and stood there staring at her.

“Why did you snog Harry Potter?” he snapped. Serena was furious that he was still going on with this.


“Ugh! Oh my God! Really? Let me tell you why! Because I saw you and Pansy together! Because you always push me away! Because Harry's a nice guy! Because he actually tells me that he likes me instead of playing games! Because you are an arrogant son of a bitch who thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants and not worry about other people! Because you drive me crazy and all I can ever do is think about you! Because you...” she shouted at him but was interrupted by his lips crashing onto hers. She immediately kissed back and ran her fingers through his hair. She moaned with pleasure at his every touch and only wanted more. Draco led her around the corner to his room and quickly led her inside where he continued kissing her. She felt his tongue enter her mouth and massaged it with her tongue making him moan. He parted for a moment and held her face in his hands looking at her with so much love that she wanted to burst.


“I don't care that your a death eater. I don't care that Slytherins and Gryffindors aren't supposed to be together.” she said as her eyes teared up. He brushed her tears aside kissing every spot where they had landed.


“But I do care that I'm a death eater. You're too important to me. I just want to keep you safe. Even if that means being away from me.” he said with pain. Serena looked at him and began kissing every inch of his face.


“No, I don't care. We will be safe together. This isn't your fault. You were forced to do this.” she said reassuringly. Draco was about to protest but Serena crashed his lips hard into his and began tugging at his shirt. She ripped it off over his head and let her hands explore his toned torso once again. He began kissing her so passionately that she wanted nothing more than to be one with him. She pulled away for a moment and held his face.


“Draco, I... I love you.” she whispered. Draco's eyes filled with slight tears and he looked overwhelmed with emotion as he stared into her big brown eyes.


“I love you too, Serena. So much.” he whispered making Serena's heart skip a beat. He began kissing her more intensely as he unzipped her skin tight dress. She let it fall to the floor and unbuttoned his pants. He picked her up still kissing her and flung her on the bed. He ripped off his pants and lay himself on top of her. The warmth of his body was intoxicating as he kissed up and down her flat pale stomach. His hands made his way to her black strapless bra and he quickly unhooked it throwing it aside. She quickly took off her matching black thong and flung it on the ground. Draco took a moment to gaze over the most beautiful woman he had ever seen laying naked on his bed. Serena smiled up at him and watched him take off his boxers. He laid on top of her until they became one as they rolled around in pleasure and love. 


Serena opened her eyes and caught sight of the flames lightly burning in the fire. She lay naked wrapped in Draco's arms and smiled at the magic that happened between them. Draco sensed her stirring and began kissing her back. Serena turned to him and was greeted warmly with beautiful blue gray eyes. She smiled and kissed him softly.


“Good morning, my love.” he whispered with a smile.


“Good morning.” she smiled back. Suddenly her smile turned into a frown. “It's morning. Time for classes soon.” Draco frowned at this but refused for it to damper the mood.

“You're skipping your first few classes. Last night was a lot for you and you woke up not feeling well.” he said matter of fact.


“Draco, I can't...” she began to protest but was silenced by his finger. He got on top of her and pushed his naked body against hers, restraining her.


“You woke up not feeling well and you're skipping classes.” he insisted. Serena smiled and began kissing him.


The hours passed by as they spent the day naked wrapped in each other’s arms talking about themselves and kissing in between among other things. Finally, a letter was sent to Draco’s room from Albus Dumbledore.


“It’s addressed to you, love.” He said handing it over to her. Serena opened the letter and read it aloud.


Ms. Merrow,


I understand that you were indisposed today and I wish you well. Regardless, I need to see you in my office to speak of the events in which have taken place last night. Come straight away. Alone.


Albus Dumbledore


“Great.” Serena said not wanting to go. She leaped out of bed and headed straight towards Draco’s wardrobe where a nicely pressed Gryffindor uniform was waiting for her. Draco watched her dress and came up behind her.


“Love, I’ve been meaning to ask you.” Draco said as he kissed her neck gently. He spun her around to face him and looked into her eyes.


“Last night, I… I saw your eyes turn gold.” He said. Serena gulped and looked away.


“And I’ve seen them like that before. That day when I walked in on your bath.” He continued. Serena tried to shrug it off and started pulling up her hair.


“Yeah, so.” She said nonchalantly.


“So, there’s something you’re not telling me.” He bugged her. “I saw the way everyone looked at you. They all seemed like they were in a trance. What is going on, Serena?”


Serena sighed not wanting to tell him. She wasn’t ready, especially since he was a Death Eater. She trusted him, but was scared. She walked towards the door and turned to face him.


“Draco, I want to tell you. I really do. And I will. Just… just not yet.” She sighed. Draco started to get angry and grabbed on to her wrist.


“What? Do you not trust me?” he shouted.


“Draco, no! I do trust you. It’s just… I’m not ready to tell you. I just need to figure this out.” She said.


“Figure what out? I love you and you love me! We trust each other. There is nothing to figure out! It’s that simple!” he shouted getting angrier. Serena was becoming impatient and started to snap.


“No! It’s NOT that simple! You’re a Death Eater and I’m exactly what the Dark Lord is looking for so excuse me for being cautious and not telling the man who is now bending a knee to him!” She shouted in his face immediately regretting it. Draco looked hurt and backed off.


“You know that this wasn’t my choice.” He whispered.


“Draco, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…” she said grabbing his arm. He pulled away immediately.


“Just go. You clearly don’t trust me and my love for you isn’t enough. Just stay away from me. You were right. I’m a Death Eater and we don’t belong together. The Professor is waiting.” He spat.


Serena felt upset at what she had said and how Draco was being cold towards her.  She felt a loss for words and left the room bursting into tears as she slammed the door behind her. She did love him very much, so why couldn’t she trust him? To protect him? To protect herself? Serena mused over their conversation as she made her way towards Dumbledore’s office. She entered his office feeling very guilty and approached him. Serena cleared her throat.


“You wanted to see me Professor?” she spoke softly.


“Ah, Ms. Merrow.” He said with a stern yet gentle voice. “I wanted to speak to you about last night’s events.”


“Professor, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize that I was singing and when I did it was too late!” she shouted with sorrow. Dumbledore smiled and shushed her.


“It’s quite alright, Ms. Merrow. Just please try to be more cautious in the future and the staff will also be on guard in case this happens again.” He said smiley. Serena felt a little better knowing that he was not mad at her.


“The odd thing is, Ms. Merrow is that it didn’t have effect on everyone.” He continued as he approached her.


“Mr. Malfoy was unaffected by your song.” He smiled. Serena looked confused at what he was saying.


“What do you mean?” she questioned puzzled.


“It means that he is your soul mate, Ms. Merrow.” He explained. Serena’s jaw dropped at his comment.


“Here is your prophecy.” He said handing her a glass ball that was filled with swirling clouds. Serena held the ball in her hand confused out of her mind. A creepy and broken voice coming from the ball whispered to her.


“The man that resists her song will determine her fate. She will be presented to the Dark Lord and she will be forced to choose. All will be lost if there love does not persevere. They will be tested, be warned…”


Serena was really taken back and confused by what was happening.

 "What the hell?" she said a little too loud. "OH, sorry Professor. It's just that I'm really confused. How can this be? I mean, Draco's a..."  



"Death eater. Yes, Ms. Merrow I am aware. He came to me that evening and told me everything. Now I need you to understand, whatever the prophecy has told you is true." Dumbledore said with sincerity. Serena felt as if her head was going to explode and stormed out of the office in frustration. 




"I'm sorry Professor, but I need to take this all in!" She said as she ran out of his office. 




She ran past Draco's room, tempted to go in but too overwhelmed to handle it. There was only one place she wanted to be right now; in the water. As she arrived at the abandoned girl's lavatory she didn't even bother to take off her clothes. She just dove in head first, becoming one with the water. 



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The Mermaid's Curse : The Love Prophecy


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