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All the Things She'll Never Know by TheSortingHat
Chapter 1 : Prologue: A Last Farewell
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Hi!  I'm TheSortingHat!  This is my very first fanfiction, and furthermore it's the very first chapter (well, actually, it's a prologue)!  Since I am, after all, only a newbie at this, I would very much appreciate any and all critiques that you would like to give me!  Also, I know that this prologue is incredibly short- not to worry, my good friend!  Following chapters will be much longer, but I wanted this prologue to be short and (bitter)sweet!  So stick with me, and enjoy!

I'd like to thank my lovely friend MadiMalfoy for not only editing this, but for also introducing me to fanfiction in the first place!

Also, this story is in no way associated with or endorsed by JK Rowling, Warner Bros, Scholastic Books, or Bloomsbury Publishing.




It was a broken man that knelt beside the coffin, in a room that was much too large for just one person.  Thoughts flashed quickly through his mind, disconnected memories crowding his conscience of the only two people that he had ever loved.  One was dead, and the other was lost to him forever.

His ashy blonde hair fell into his eyes as a single tear traced its way down his cheek.  The coffin stood before a large picture window through which, if the man had happened to look outside, he would have seen that dusk was falling on the house.  As the sun began to slip below the horizon the man slipped something into the coffin, his breath catching.  This tiny keepsake, which could have fit into the palm of a child’s hand, was his most important possession by far.  It meant much more than any of the costly frivolities that adorned every corner of his house.  Those he had only to try and distract himself from remembering (not that they had ever worked).  This small memento was one of the only belongings that had ever really mattered to him.

A teardrop fell gracelessly on the token as he slowly closed the coffin’s lid.  The day’s last sunbeams shifted across the dark room, skimming across a face that seemed far too old.  Although he was still handsome and appeared to still be quite young, the man’s eyes held a far different truth, if any had the courage to seek it.  This was a man, though he was but in the prime of life, that had already carried far more burdens than most would be so cursed to bear their entire lives.  His eyes reflected a lifetime of sorrow.  They seemed to say just one thing- life was hard, and life was painful.  At his age, he should have been excited for a future that loomed ahead, full of bright and limitless possibilities.  Instead, the man sometimes felt like someone three times his own age.  The expression on his face suggested that he had seen all the cruelty that the world had to offer, and that some days he found it difficult to believe that there was much good left at all.  Especially on this day.

With a soft sigh, the man turned away to leave the terrible room, though he knew he could not leave the memories behind so easily.  His footsteps echoed on the floorboards until he suddenly pulled up short at the doorway.  A final tear glistened in his stormy grey eyes as he turned swiftly on his heel.  Possessed by every bit of the emotions that had overtaken him, he blew a tender kiss in the direction of the coffin, and then another.  One kiss each for the two people that he loved most, though he would never see either of them again.


Then, his throat swelling up, the man left the room, never to enter it again.  And as the sun set at last, seceding to the darkness of the night, so it set on the saddest day in the incredibly troubled life of the man they called Draco Malfoy.



Now that I've (with any luck) given you the chills, leave a review!  Do it at this very moment!  Imperio!  I command it!

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