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Awoooo! by Beautiful Soul
Chapter 1 : Let The Spooks Begin
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Hey there. I'm back! Sorry I've been so busy as many exams have been thrust at me already in school! Though I must say I did very well. Considering I got 100% in my english and French! And now I'm back and ready to write! Ciao for now!

Luna Lovegood smiled. Halloween was most definitely her favourite time of year. Sure, Christmas was great, but at Halloween, you were allowed to be afraid! You hear that, allowed to be afraid! That didn’t really happen much in most young witch’s or wizard’s lives. There was no time to hide away and scream when faced with a magical creature. Though Luna had never felt like it, she found things like a Basilisk or Dragon beautiful creatures, filled to the brim with magic; she could almost feel the bright sparks of energy coming off them when close. That fascinated Luna. Therefore anything that was scary fascinated Luna, now that she had finished Hogwarts, she studied the effortless magic inside the creatures that seemed scary on the outside, but the magic made them look better on the inside. If you got what she meant, which as Luna had discovered that wasn’t very often.

 Luna scooped out the insides of one of her fresh pumpkins, or bumpkins, as she liked to call her specially grown ones, they danced when carved! Apparently, they were good for keeping away the snargles. Snargles were like nargles, but only they preferred to chew out the brain. They were most common at Halloween. She was always ready. They must have gotten to Ron, she mused, his brain had appeared to have been chewed out a while ago. She had tried to tell him this; he was a very stubborn person, considering his small amount of brain power.

 When she had carved all of her bumpkins, Luna decorated them with icing sugar, which was what was needed to do when trying to keep away the snargles and the nargles. It was a very exhausting progress, for her. No one else seemed to agree, but it was probably because they had never tried it themselves, silly people.

 Before she knew it, Luna had decorated the whole house with bumpkins, and a single pumpkin, just to keep up the tradition; the Lovegoods were sticklers for traditions.

 Waving her wand, Luna walked outside and smiled as her eerie green lights lit up around the house. Soon darkness would fall, and the lights would show their true purpose. Luna couldn’t help but giggle.


That was it; the house was decorated and ready for the party. Luna grinned and with a swish of her wand the final touch was added, the howl of a werewolf.

No sooner had she walked inside the spooked-up house to hide on her guests than the first person had arrived.

 Ron Weasley slouched in. Luna had always liked Ron. She couldn’t resist coming out to meet his dark form and at his brooding shoulders saying.

“Hello, Ronald.”

 “Um, hey Luna.” He smiled uncertainly.

 “Do you like me?”

“Err, no?” He looked taken aback by her boldness.

“OK then.” She smiled dreamily and slunk away into the shadows. Ron looked frightened now that he was all alone in a house that was constantly howling.

Next up arrived Harry and Ginny Potter. Ginny’s baby bump was beginning form. Luna sincerely hoped that she didn’t scare the baby too much.

 Then came Lavender Brown, she squealed when saw Ron, he looked even more terrified than before. Neville Longbottom was being towed behind his muggle wife Angelica. She was ready for some 'magical action', as she liked to put it.

 Lastly arrived the most unexpected couple around. Draco and Hermione Malfoy. Ron scowled when he saw them. He still had a giant crush on Hermione.

 “Welcome.” Luna stifled a giggle at how spooky her voice sounded in her microphone as she hid away in her hiding place. “Your host appears to have been stolen away by the wolves of her own party. It is up to you to save her. Please, do hurry, the wolves are getting hungry.”


Everyone stared at each other. It was silent, and then Lavender broke the silence with a squeal, and then there was a howl.

Ron yelped.

“OK, so let’s split up.” Hermione spoke first. “We can all go to different parts of the house and search for Luna. Harry, Ginny you stay on the bottom floor. Neville, Angelica you got to the second floor and Ron, Lavender, Draco and I will go to the top floor.

 Ron gulped as Lavender screamed in his ear. This was going to be a very long Halloween party. Thanks a lot, Luna.

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