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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 19 : Scots and Blueberries
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The party was a hit amongst the 7th years and was talked about throughout the next week; as was the lingerie Ginny had bought the two of us, well that was just discussed amongst our friends thank Merlin.

Draco was pleased to say the least when I emerged from the bathroom one night in the full get up. He didn’t want to take it off at first, but soon realized it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to be wearing when trying to make love, for either of us. And so the laces were undone as quickly as his hands could manage and the garter belt torn off. He did however request that I kept on the thigh highs and heels I was wearing with it. I obliged and we had an amazing night in bed.

The next weekend after the party was the first quidditch match.

Hufflepuff vs Slytherin.

“He better appreciate this.” I grumbled to Ginny as she, Pansy, Luna and I painted half our faces green, the other half silver and wore the same colors in our clothing.

“Don’t worry, he will.” Pansy reassured me as she wrote ‘MALFOY’ in silver letters with her wand on the back of my new green cloak from Harry.

“That will come off right?” Apprehension shown in my eyes. What if it doesn’t, then I’ll be a blasted walking advertisement for the Malfoy family. I put it on when she was done and looked in the mirror. “I look like a superhero!”

“Yes of course it will come off. I may play dumb, but I’m really not. And what’s a superhero?” Pansy shot me a glare then burst out laughing with the rest of us. I shook my head at her question.

The four of us headed down to the quidditch pitch to find seats. I hung behind outside of the Slytherin change rooms to give Draco a good luck kiss.

“Ok team, what are we guna do?” Draco’s voice seemed menacing but filled with excitement.

“Kill them!” I heard a group of guys chorus, and then they were filing out of the room to head off to the pitch. Draco was last. He didn’t recognize me and did a double take.

“Hermione?” He took in my painted face and green cloak then looked into my eyes and kissed me while trying not to smug my makeup. “You look awesome. Did you do this for me?” I nodded as his arms wrapped around my waist. “Thank you… I love you.” He leaned in for another kiss, deeper this time. I ran my hands in his hair and sucked on his tongue causing him to moan.

“Oi! As touching as this moment is, we have a game to play.” Goyle said. I hate being interrupted; doesn’t everyone know this by now?

“You fancy another bout of being a slug Goyle?” I asked him sweetly. His face turned green and I felt Draco shudder in my arms.

“That’s right… you were turned into one too weren’t you? Aww, poor baby.” I smiled and kissed him again before sending him on his way.

“Kick some Hufflepuff ass boys!” I shouted as they walked to the team entrance to the pitch and Draco turned around to wink at me.

Finding my friends was an easy task. They were the only green people in the Gryffindor section. Many questioning stares were sent our way, but I smiled brightly at them.

“FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!” I screamed before the game started and more stares were thrown at me, but a few, what I assumed to be Muggleborns, started chanting:

“WALLACE WALLACE WALLACE” Eventually all students that had seen ‘Braveheart’ joined in until Madame Hooch quieted us down. After trying to explain to my friends what William Wallace did for Scotland we began to pay attention to the game.

We were on our feet cheering for Draco and his team the whole time. Slytherin was down by 10 points when Draco caught the snitch. I was jumping up and down in the stands screaming and yelling “That’s my man!!!!”

Ginny was trying to rein in my excitement, but I didn’t stop until Draco came flying over to the stands on his broom.

“Excuse me… pardon me…” I tried to get to the edge of the stands as fast as I could. “Congratulations baby!” He pulled me into a loving kiss and the girls around us ‘awed’ while the guys of Gryffindor playfully called me a traitor. “Oh bugger off!”

His eyes were shining with delight when he pulled away. “Slytherin party in our dorm. 30 minutes!” He said then took off.

“Shit!” I ran through the stands pulling my friends with me.

“Mione what’s wrong you’re acting like a mental patient!” Ginny tried to stop me but I just pulled them up to my dorm portrait, muttered ‘coconut’ and started cleaning up the common room when we got in.

“Party… here… 20 minutes… Slytherins.” I could hardly breathe from all the running and panicked cleaning I was doing. The girls quickly understood and helped me straighten up and order food from Winky.

Then we hurried to my room, washed off the face paint, did our makeup and hair and picked out outfits from my closet.

“I’ll be right back!” I have the best idea, he’s guna love it!

Exactly 5 minutes before the Slytherin team and most of the 6th and 7th year Slytherins showed up, Winky, with the help of the other house elves, brought up a spread fit for a king. Well, in this case a Slytherin Prince.

When the 5 minutes were up there was a knock at the portrait hole. I opened it to see a very clean, thank Merlin, and happy Draco. I gave him a questioning look as to why he didn’t just open the portrait himself, and then realized he didn’t want everyone behind him to hear our password. He looked me up and down and smiled even wider.

“You look so sexy in my old jersey. I can’t wait to take it off in victory later.” He said out loud and my face flushed in embarrassment. I had gone in his room to retrieve one of his old quidditch jerseys to wear half tucked into a pair of tight jeans and Converse.

“Draco! Everyone heard you, you prat!” I hit him on the arm and walked into the common room with him and the rest of the Slytherins following.

“I know. By the way, thank you for making sure the place was ready for a party. I appreciate it love.” He hugged me and started kissing the shoulder that the jersey had fallen off of from being a couple sizes to big for me.

“You’re welcome, congrats again. You were brilliant. Now go have a good time with the team.” I tried to push him towards his teammates but he grabbed my hand and dragged me with him.

Actually the boy wouldn’t let me go all night. I don’t know if it was because he didn’t trust his friends or he wanted to be near me. I stayed by his side whatever the reason was and played my part of the loving girlfriend.


“Ok, Draco and I want to propose the idea of a Halloween costume ball for 5th years and above. I’m going to see if McGonagall will give us Thursday and Friday off so we can have the ball on Halloween instead of November 1st. And have a long weekend to recover. After all, it’s supposedly a witches holiday. All in favor?”

It was Monday October 14th and we were having a Prefect meeting aka ‘hanging with our friends’ in the Heads dorm. Hot chocolate was passed around by Draco; he makes a wicked cup of hot cocoa. I took a sip after everyone agreed on the plans for the ball.

“Mmm… I’d marry you for your hot chocolate alone.” Everyone laughed before they agreed with me.

“Ok, so if I need another wife, or husband, I will inform you all in due time. Oh and this Saturday is going to be a Hogsmeade visit so we can all get costumes.” Draco and I finished the meeting and everyone headed off to bed.

“So what are you going to be for the ball?” I asked as I cuddled up to him in bed. He stroked my hair while thinking.

“I’m thinking, vampire. Fits right?”

“Certainly does Mister I’m too pale I can’t stay out in the sun long.” Teasing him about his complexion always got me in trouble, probably because I was just as fair or fairer than him.

“Well then what are you going to go as, a bottle of sunblock? You know that yours and Blaise’s skin is even whiter than mine. That’s not an easy task to accomplish. Do you take baths in milk when I’m not here? Or maybe you’re a ghost that hasn’t passed on yet. You know that might be a feasible explanation because you were actually tan in your other body.” He was laughing now and rolling around on the bed with me tickling him. Eventually I gave up and rolled on my back. One kiss goodnight and I fell asleep in his arms.


On Tuesday Draco and I spoke to McGonagall about the Halloween ball and requested Thursday and Friday off so it could take place on All Hallows Eve.

“Absolutely not Miss Zabini.”

“Professor please. This is our last year here; we don’t want to have the ball on any day but Halloween, what would be the point? I’m sure I could get the teachers to agree and even attend the party.” I tried to persuade her and could see her faltering.

Draco reached over to grab my hand, it felt clammy. I looked to him and noticed his face flashed a number of emotions. Fear, pain, helplessness, anguish, sadness and many others.

He wasn’t focused on McGonagall so I followed his eye line. He was looking back and forth between the portraits of Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape. They were both staring at him as well. Dumbledore had a kind smile upon his face while Snape seemed indifferent. Merlin, even in death that man has a stick up his ass. Maybe I should throw eggs at him, at least get him yelling or doing something. I can’t believe he’s stayed quiet this long.

“Oh let them Minerva. It is their last year after all.” Professor Dumbledore was on our side yes! “On one condition. You move mine and Severus’ portraits to the Great Hall so we can join in the festivities.” I smiled up at Dumbledore.

“Bloody hell I don’t want to be there! See all the students that hated me, and most that I wasn’t too fond of. No, I refuse.” Snape finally burst through his silence. I smiled and laughed at his apparent loathing of the student body and he shot me a curious glare.

“Oh, very well. But I will have no nonsense on Friday. Everyone must be well behaved.” We both nodded and we all started to plan out the food for the ball. When we were done I took Professor McGonagall to the side while Draco was still glued to his seat.

“Yes my dear?” She asked.

“I… well I was wondering, I mean I don’t want to kick you out of your own office or anything, but can Draco and I maybe have a little time alone with Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape? I know it would mean a lot to him, he’s been blaming himself for what happened ever since...” Understanding and compassion crossed her features as she nodded then left her office.

I walked back to the Headmistress’ desk and took a seat behind it. Draco looked at me like I was crazy.

“The Headmaster’s chair suits you… Miss Granger.” Dumbledore said with a knowing smile.

“Granger?” Snape sneered at me and I smiled in response.

“Thank you Professor.” I addressed Dumbledore.

“Yes Severus, this young lady is Miss Hermione Granger, now known as Miss Mia Zabini. She is Mister Blaise Zabini’s twin. How are you my dear?”

“I’m doing very well Professor. Thank you for helping us with the ball.”

“Zabini…twins? I- I… I knew about you.” Snape looked at me in awe. I snapped my wide eyes over to him and stood up.

“You knew about me? How? No one knew about me except Mother and my parents. Not even Blaise I don’t think.” I walked toward his portrait and gazed questioningly at him.

“The Dark Lord knew your mother was pregnant. He knew she was having twins, but you disappeared. We all thought you died at birth. You’re…Hermione Granger?” He looked like he was going to be sick.

“The one and only.” I scoffed.

“I’m going to be sick.” He fell back into the chair in his portrait and started to turn green.

“Severus, what’s the matter, are you alright?” Dumbledore questioned him worriedly.

I looked at Draco to see his eyes wide in surprise. He came to stand behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“It’s just… I- I was an ass to her. To Granger. And now I find out she’s a Zabini, and one I thought to be dead. It’s too much to deal with.”

“It’s alright Headmaster, I forgive you. I forgave you months ago.” I spoke quietly to him. I could see Dumbledore smiling at me out of the corner of my eye.

Snape’s head snapped up to look at me again. “What did you just call me?” He asked in a disbelieving tone.

“You were after all a Headmaster to this school, were you not? You tried to protect the students as well as you could… I know.” Snape’s face turned solemn as my words reached him. I suppose his memories weren’t meant for anyone but Harry. Too bad.

“What?” Draco turned me around to look at him.

“Um…I think you need to hear a little story, from both of our Headmasters here.” I stroked his cheek and gave him a kiss to which he flushed in embarrassment because of our audience. I then turned back to address the two men.

“Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape, I think it’s time Draco learned about what really happened that night on the astronomy tower.”

Dumbledore nodded and Snape’s look turned melancholy. Draco tightened his arms around me and leaned his head on my shoulder.

“I think you should all talk alone. I’ll see you in our dorm.” I tried to pull away but he held on tighter.

“Please don’t go. I need you, I can’t do this alone.”

I once again turned in his arms to look into his eyes. “Of course.” Draco pulled up one of the chairs in front of the desk and sat down with me on his lap. Dumbledore started the discussion.

“Where to begin. First I would like to offer my congratulations to the two of you; I am glad things finally worked out. As for our “story” I think perhaps Professor Snape should start with a vital piece of information.”

Snape sighed heavily but started to tell Draco about his childhood love Lily Evans and that he went to Dumbledore for help when he realized Voldemort was targeting the Potter family after he relayed the prophesy. Draco nearly had a heart attack when he was told Snape was a spy. He stood up, dumping me onto the floor then proceeded to pace around the office.

“Draco… there’s more to be heard.” Dumbledore calmed Draco down enough to get him sitting again. With his head in his hands Draco told them to continue.

“I was dying Draco, that night on the astronomy tower. Do you know what a horcrux is?” Dumbledore asked and Draco shook his head so he continued. “They are a common day object in which someone has hidden a piece of their soul, so they can not die. Voldemort made 7. Well, he didn’t mean to make a 7th, but that night in Godric's Hollow when his curse rebounded he stored a piece of himself within Harry.”

Draco was at a loss for words. He continued to stare at the floor soaking in all of the new information.

“I tried to destroy one of them, a ring. It cursed my hand; I had less than a year to live. I asked Severus to kill me that night Draco.” Draco’s head snapped up. “Yes… I knew about your task before that night. I asked him to fulfill it so you would not have my blood on your hands. You needed to be protected.”

Draco had tears streaming down his face now. My heart broke for him. I walked over to his seat to comfort him but he pushed me away and stood up.

“You knew.” He stated; his voice was just a whisper. Oh god…


“You knew and you didn’t tell me! You let me go on for months wallowing in grief for what I did. Did you ever think that news like this would let me rest a little easier at night, knowing what I did, what I caused? How could you not tell me?” I winced when he screamed at me.

Then he pointed at the Professors. “And you two! You lied to me as well. The three of you, my father, the Dark Lord, has everyone just been lying to me my entire life!?”

He fell to the floor and broke into gut wrenching sobs. Try again Hermione, just hold him and don’t let him push you away.

I kneeled down beside him and pushed his hair out of his face. He looked up from his hands and pulled me into his arms, holding me as tight as he could while sobbing into my shoulder.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… for everything…” He cried out his words which were directed at our Professors.

“It’s going to be alright Draco… I’m here. It’s alright love…” I continued to stroke his hair and held him against me.

That night I held Draco in my arms, caressing his cheek softly while he cried himself to sleep.


“Yes Saturday! No school, Hogsmeade, butterbeer and chocolates!” I was bouncing on the bed trying to get Draco up. He had a problem when it came to Saturdays and waking up. “Lazy ass get up! Ginny and Ernie are helping Filch today but I don’t want to be late.”

I know… pull the sheets and… “Oomph!” Gota remember, rolling him out of the bed works wonders.

“You could have broken my arm, or worse my nose. I’ll see you in the common room.”

“Fine Mister Cranky Pants.” I huffed and walked down to our common room. “Hmm, blueberry pancakes.” I set the pancakes on the table just when Draco came down the stairs. “FOOD!” I shouted at him.

He smiled as he rounded the corner. “Why are you in such a good mood today?”

“Today is costume pick out day. And I good sir have the perfect costume in mind.” I replied happily while slathering my pancakes in syrup.

Yum, I love syrup. Actually I love anything sweet. It always makes everything taste better, except eggplant parm. That kicks ass any day.

“It’s fun to see you like this again.” Draco told me between gulping down his pumpkin juice and destroying his mound of pancakes.

I looked back at him puzzled. “What do you mean? Like what?”

“All spunky. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s how you were over the summer and at the beginning of school. I guess our duties and the shit that’s been going on with some people has taken its toll on you. But, now you’re back.” He finished with a bright smile. My eyes narrowed and his smile fell.

“So what are you saying Mister Malfoy that I’ve been cranky and boring the past few weeks?” I got up from my seat and walked towards him. His eyes widened and he slid his chair back getting ready to run.

“N- no. I just meant that you were under a lot of stress and things just changed a bit… that’s all.” Draco’s voice quavered as he looked into my eyes.

“Well… you might want to change some things too.”

“Oh? Like what?” He stood up nervously because I had picked up my glass of pumpkin juice.

“Like those clothes you’re wearing.”

He looked down at his shirt in question. “Why?” I threw my juice on him while he was still looking down.

“That’s why.” I tried to hold in my laughter but when he growled and pulled me against him soaking my shirt through with the juice. “Ahh! My pants too, really?” We slipped in the juice on the floor and fell.

“Oh Merlin, now I need another shower. Join me?” He raised his eyebrows, trying to be seductive but it wasn’t working. It just made me laugh again.

“Oh you silly, silly man. Race ya!” I yelled as I got up and sprinted to the bathroom, Draco hot on my heels.

We made it to the carriages with 5 minutes to spare and Ginny, Blaise, Pansy and Ernie joined us for the ride. I was bouncing on Draco’s lap the whole way there from excitement. I was either making him aroused or very uncomfortable because he kept asking me to sit still.

“I love Halloween don’t you? Costumes, free candy, candy apples and pumpkins. It’s probably my favorite holiday. Well, besides Thanksgiving.” I said to no one in particular. They all gave me questioning looks.

“What’s Thanksgiving?” Pansy asked.

“It’s an American holiday during November. It was when the Native Americans got together with the pilgrims and said ‘hey let’s be buddies and have a big feast.’ Well, that’s sort of how it happened, more or less. So now it’s a holiday where Americans all get together with their families and eat turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing until they feel fat. Oh and apple and pumpkin pie. My aunt makes a kick ass pumpkin pie.” I looked off into space dreaming about her pies. Damn they are delicious I could eat a dozen right now.

“How do you know about it if it’s an American holiday?” Blaise questioned.

“I have family in the states. My dad’s sister married an American and moved there. So we go there every year for Thanksgiving. Well, except last year… but hey that reminds me. Draco, my parents wanted to know if you would like to come with us this year.” I smiled at him and saw the shock written across his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Um… well do they know you’re a witch, cuz they’ll get one hell of a surprise when you show up looking like you do now.”

“Yeah they know, well my whole family doesn’t, just my aunt, uncle and cousins that we’ll be going to see. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to explain… hopefully. So what ya say? You guna grace us with your magnificent presence and eat till you pop?” I wound my arms around his neck and smiled widely at him.

“Of course, I would love to.” He said then gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh Blaise, you and Mother are invited too. It might be easier to explain my appearance if I have my biological family there. Plus, I want all my family together.” Blaise gave me a huge smile and said he couldn’t wait to stuff his face with all sorts of traditional Thanksgiving foods I told him about. I shook my head… men and food.

A/N: I do NOT own Harry Potter, the movie ‘Braveheart’ or the lines from it: FREEDOM and Wallace, Wallace, Wallace

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