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Abandon by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 5 : What the Heart Wants
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A/N: Hello, all! I'm updating rather quickly for this story because I thought I'd just get it out of the way. So, enjoy. And much love of course.

Sensations were spiraling out of control.

Roxanne felt her entire body suffused with unbearable heat and a strange tension that made her feel constrained and bound. She wanted to pull away but her body betrayed her as her own mouth parted, welcoming more of his kiss until the feel and flavor of him became something almost sinfully addictive, like firewhiskey or hot chocolate.

Benjamin’s kisses…she’d imagined and wondered despite herself what they would feel like but she had never expected this. This was…she couldn’t even describe it.

It was as if her entire mind had suddenly gone blank but she could hear her heart hammering and pounding, the blood rushing to her ears and flooding her cheeks. There had been plenty of kisses before this, Roxanne’s mind desperately tried to reason. Over the past year, she had had kisses from her boyfriends but none of them had been this…dangerous.

That was the only word for it.

Roxanne tried to fight it, hating that it felt too good. She tore her mouth away, panting, needing to say something that would make him stop, “What do you think you—”

Whatever she had been about to say was swallowed entirely as Benjamin turned her face back to his insistently and captured her mouth again. Roxanne thought she heard him groan but was distracted completely as he deepened their kiss, turning it into something that she could barely understand and the power that was there, a sort of control that terrified her and made it difficult to think.

Her hands rose in a feeble attempt to push him away and demand to know what he thought he was doing but Benjamin merely cursed against her mouth, removed his hand from her flushed cheek and forced both of her arms around his neck. The position forced her higher against him, away from the cool shelter of the wall and she desperately fought for some sense to save herself but he’d pressed one large hand on her waist, anchoring her to him.

More sensations spiraled and Roxanne heard herself whimper, the most embarrassing sound that she could have ever made but only caused Benjamin to kiss her harder, deeper and with the skill of someone who knew exactly what to do to make her weaken.

How many other girls had fallen victim to this, Roxanne’s mind tried to ask but the burning indignation and shock were fading farther and farther away until she sank completely.  She wasn’t certain how long they stood together that way with her body pressed so closely to his but by the time he released her mouth in a series of soft bites and licks that nearly made her dissolve, she felt numb with shock.

Her lips stung and she couldn’t catch her breath without her clothes snagging uncomfortably against her oversensitive skin. It took far too long for her to pull away but she couldn’t quite meet his eyes, which were hooded and secretive, “W…why did you do that?” Roxanne managed to ask, hating that her voice sounded so disturbingly husky.

Benjamin was still holding her, content to skim his lips along her throat and when she shivered, a smile started to form. Her pulse was rapid and she heard his own breathing steadying, “Maybe you shouldn’t wear such short skirts and have your tits hanging out.” Was his reply and Roxanne gasped in outrage, trying to disentangle herself from him. She knew he was smiling smugly and as soon as she was able to get her arms free, she would smack it right off, “what’s got you so mad?”

“As if you don’t know—stop that!” Roxanne hissed warningly as he turned his head and kissed her again, this time with more heat and need than she could handle. When she managed to turn her aching lips away, he merely angled her head for more but she didn’t think she could stand it, “Why do you keep—Ben!” she snapped as he pulled her squirming body closer and smothered her with more kisses.

The more she seemed to try and fight; the harder and closer he pulled her until Roxanne was forced to give up with a mental curse. Benjamin let out a soft laugh before distracting her with more kisses, more bites and delicious pressure until she was curled around him like a silly little cat and as angry and confused as she was; her fingers were digging into his shoulders.

There was nothing on earth like this and her skin was aching everywhere, wanting kisses and bites— “Mmm, Weasley, you taste like sugar.” He said after lifting his mouth and finally allowing them to breathe.

Roxanne managed to loosen her grip to glare up at him, flustered and angry. Her body was plastered against his and nearly caused her not to think at all but she fought it down, “I-I had some tea before I snuck out and—would you stop it?” she hissed as he bent his head again.

“You’re just so sweet—hold still, would you?” Benjamin snapped as she tried to wriggle out of his hold, despite her fingers clinging to his shoulders. Roxanne unclenched them and started to pull away just as he said with a trace of dark humor, “if you keep wriggling, I’m just going to have to strip you, Weasley.”

Roxanne felt a bolt of panic and finally managing to unlock her weak arms from around his neck and pinch him hard against his cheek. “You are such a fucking prat!” she cried, her mouth hanging open in surprise at his arrogance.

Benjamin let out a foul curse and touched his cheek, scowling down at her. “What the hell was that for?” he growled and Roxanne turned her face away, frowning. She heard him chuckle without amusement as his gaze skimmed hungrily over her form, “don’t tell me you’re mad because I gave you your first kiss?”

“My first—you prat, that was not my first kiss!” Roxanne found herself fuming, glaring around to stare into his laughing eyes. There was no telling how many other girls that he had kissed and she felt as if he had just added her to a very long scroll of parchment, “ooh, I hate you!” she snapped.

Benjamin laughed, but it sounded strange. As if he were imagining things that involved her doing the sort of acts that she was positive had been banned in separate parts of the country, “No you don’t. You just hate that I gave you a kiss and that you liked it.”

Roxanne fumed at the truth. “I did not like it!”

“Keep telling yourself that, Weasley.” Benjamin whispered, his voice wrapping around her so stealthily that she shuddered. While she tried to come up with something to say, he seemed to run his eyes over her in a completely self-interested way, “you look like pink candy Weasley…” he crooned.

Roxanne, not understanding what he meant glanced down at herself,  mortified to see that he’d somehow unzipped her pink jacket and pushed her tank top aside, revealing a shocking amount of her cleavage. Letting out a silent moan of despair, she closed it, growling, “Ben, you—you are such a piece of work, you know that?”

Benjamin flicked his eyes up at her, looking unperturbed. He was still towering over her even when she tried to move away and he made escape impossible as he reached out and touched her arm, a lightly warning pressure that made Roxanne nearly flinch. “Come on, Weasley. It couldn’t have been that bad.”

Roxanne felt her cheeks heating as she righted her tank top and zipped her jacket back, wondering if he’d been copping a feel while she’d been distracted. Something about his darkly intent gaze confirmed this fear and her heart nearly stopped with the misery and embarrassment of it, “You can’t just snog someone after threatening them!” she snapped, reminding him of  the strange few minutes before he’d kissed her.

Benjamin rolled his eyes a little but he didn’t appear at all sorry. Roxanne felt a flash of irritation and dislike for him, knowing that he was even more of an enigma than he’d been when the two of them had been at Hogwarts together, “I just had to shut you up. You’re still mad about something that happened ages ago and you shouldn’t be.”

For just a moment, Roxanne felt her eyes flashing over with red. She had inherited her temper from her father and had been known to go into little rampages when she’d been a kid and it wasn’t something that had particularly faded away, “I shouldn’t be? Ben, you are such a piece of shit!” she found herself practically shouting, causing his eyes to widen, “what you said about me wasn’t something that I’ll ever forget! I thought we were friends, I thought—”

“That I cared about you?” Benjamin asked coldly, filling in the words for her. Roxanne felt a guilty flush coming into her cheeks and he barked a laugh, “Weasley, don’t get cocky, all right? I don’t care about any of you— you’re not anyone different or special.”

Roxanne knew that the words couldn’t be true. This couldn’t be the same Benjamin that had helped her with her Transfiguration homework, the same Benjamin that had mended a few scraped knees after a rowdy game of Muggle baseball at Hogwarts. The same, strangely kind Benjamin that always gave her white daisies on her birthday— “Then why did you come and get me if that’s the truth?” she hated that the words were tight, that she couldn’t meet his eyes.

Benjamin opened his mouth to say something but he eventually said nothing at all and Roxanne felt her heart nearly explode with disbelief. He hadn’t missed her at all—was she just some sort of joke to him? Of course she was. She shouldn’t have been so stupid thinking that he had missed her while he had been in Italy, “Weasley,” his tone startled her.

It was startlingly warm and Roxanne glanced at him, wanting nothing more than to go back to the Burrow and pretend that this had never happened. Benjamin was holding out a few daisies for her, his wand clutched in his other hand and giving off a faint glow as the magic faded away, “What are those for?” Roxanne asked him, cheeks flushing.

“They’re for you. They’re your favorite aren’t they?” Benjamin asked in a whisper. His shoulders had sagged a little and she scanned his face, the harsh lines and planes of it and saw that he appeared regretful, “I’m really not in a good mood, Weasley and I suppose I really shouldn’t take it out on you.”

Roxanne didn’t reach for the flowers when he tried to hand them to her and instead, she considered telling him to leave her alone for good. But something hurt when she tried to form the words and her tongue felt too heavy, lips still stinging from his kisses, “You shouldn’t. I’ve never been anything but a friend to you. I’m not everyone else,” she managed to mutter.

Benjamin stepped closer to her and she moved away, glaring at him. “Why are you always so moody?” he demanded with genuine irritation. “You’re like a little kid. I swear that you need to grow up,” Roxanne felt a sting at the words that everyone told her at some point but he was tucking daisies in her hair, twining them around her curls with gentle care.

Roxanne had heard her mother telling her father the same thing on more than one occasion when he was getting on her nerves. “Georgia!” she’d heard her mother hissing to her father when he’d been complaining about nothing in particular, “if you don’t shut your mouth, I swear to Merlin I’ll make you read cauldron rates for an hour before bed!”

“Angie you monster!” Roxanne’s father had replied, looking truly frightened. They’d been in the kitchen at the time and she’d been on her way past to her bedroom, which had once been her Uncle Fred’s, “why don’t you kiss me instead?”

Roxanne’s mother had softened almost immediately by whatever she’d seen in his face and she’d sickeningly watched her father pull her into his lap and kiss her senseless. Her parents were very affectionate and very in love on a worse day and she and her brother had stopped wondering where they vanished to during the afternoons.  “Shut up,” Roxanne muttered now, wondering why she couldn’t seem to find someone like her father instead of being the sort of friend of a Malfoy.

“Nice comeback, Weasley.” Benjamin replied dryly, surveying her with blatant annoyance before he turned away and started down the corridor without her. Roxanne gawped at his nerve and felt her legs moving after him before she could really think of a better alternative, like going back to the Burrow and pretending that she had never seen him in her grandfather’s shed. “What, so you’re staying?” he asked snidely over his shoulder.

Roxanne barely caught a daisy in her hands, preventing it from falling and gently tucking it behind her ear distractedly. Her fingers felt stiff, “I want to know why you’re acting like this—why don’t you ever tell me what’s going on with you?”

Benjamin flinched a little and angled his head back at her a little, blue-brown eyes flashing. He looked even more like some terrible thief or pirate and Roxanne’s feet came to an unsure halt before she stared defiantly at him and his lips flicked up in a wry smile. “Merlin, you’re annoying as hell. I don’t bother telling people my problems when they won’t care, Weasley.”

“But—” Roxanne started.

“And you heard more than enough from me and my dad’s fight.” Benjamin said and his tone of voice suggested that if she ever mentioned it to anyone or even asked more about it, he would make her regret it.

Roxanne had a feeling that kisses wouldn’t be necessarily involved this time and she felt her cheeks flush again with anger, why had he done it? Just to shut her up or to make fun of her? He was such a hard person to understand and she would rather not know all that went on in his mind when he was like this. “I’m not going to tell anyone, Ben. Would you stop threatening me?” she found herself asking angrily.

Benjamin opened his mouth to say something but then thought better of it and ran his hand down his face, looking suddenly tired. Roxanne had no idea how long he had even been up and what had even really possessed him to come to the Burrow to get her, “I’m a Malfoy, Weasley. Threatening is how we communicate,” he said after lowering his hand and giving her a level look.

Roxanne ignored the remark but had a strange feeling that it might be true. “When you came to get me, how did you know I’d be at my grandparent’s house?” when Benjamin said nothing, his lips tightening a little with what she sensed was embarrassment, she asked dryly. “Were you throwing rocks at my window again after stopping by the shop?”

The truth was written all over his suddenly blank face and Roxanne felt herself giggling. Benjamin frowned in annoyance, his cheeks a little pink, “When you didn’t answer I figured you and your lot weren’t home so I just thought of the next best place. You’ve told me so much about the Burrow that I didn’t even need to ask around.”

Roxanne wasn’t sure who he would have asked but she had a feeling that he had resources in every single place in Diagon Alley. When they’d been younger, he’d snuck in to Knockturn Alley to have a peak at some of the dangerous shops that they weren’t supposed to be looking at and his father had been furious when he’d been caught by Hagrid of all people.

Her family friend had been getting flesh-eating slug repellant when he’d snagged Benjamin by the collar and dragged him away from some shrunken skulls, (Benjamin had reluctantly related this to her later on since she hadn’t gone with him) and her parents had contacted Mr. Malfoy.

It seemed that Benjamin was always getting into trouble and she wondered if some part of him enjoyed it, “So you came to get me because….?” Roxanne asked questionably, wanting him to admit something. “You missed me didn’t you?”

“No,” Benjamin grunted too quickly and she laughed, triumphant. Their nasty words just a few minutes ago seemed to vanish entirely and she stared at him smugly, “shut up.” He snapped, his cheeks turning just the faintest bit red before he motioned for her to follow, “come in my room with me and sit for a while. Merlin knows I can’t argue with you in the middle of the bloody house.”

Feeling as if she had won for the time being, Roxanne sidled up beside him, grinning into his face. Benjamin glared down at her warningly but wound up wrapping his arm loosely around her shoulders like he had a few times before and pulling her close. It would only be later that she would realize how much of a mistake it had been to come at all.


Roxanne found herself stretching her arms high above her head an hour and a half later. She was sitting on the edge of Benjamin’s bed, finding it just a tad bit odd that she would even want to be there after the kisses that he had subjected them to, “I really should be going you know.” Her voice fell upon Benjamin as he lounged lazily on the floor with a deck of Exploding Snap that they’d just finished playing. Roxanne had won of course and had hopped on his black coverlet in her stockings for a celebratory dance and he’d watched her in amusement and indignation, not used to losing. “My parents and brother should be getting up in a few.”

“Stay for a while longer, Weasley. It’s not going to kill you,” Benjamin remarked dryly as he wiped a bit of soot from the tip of his nose. Roxanne honestly thought it might be better to get home, she had been a bit nervous about being in his bedroom after what had happened even though she’d been inside of it more than once over the last few years. “You want me to tell you about Italy don’t you?”

Roxanne knew that he was tugging on her curiosity and she said dryly. “You haven’t said anything about it since we’ve been in here.” And that was the truth and she hadn’t really expected him to. All they had done for the past half an hour was play a few games of Wizard chess, Exploding Snap and he’d destroyed her in Gobstones as the Manor had settled around them with silent grace.

Benjamin’s entire room was done in dark shades that were rather intimidating and a few of his personal things were still in boxes or leaning against dressers and chairs. Everything here; from the large bed that Roxanne sat on to the personal bathroom was large, expensive and reeked of his careless view of his surroundings, “I’ve been trying to think about what to tell you.”

“Why does it even matter? I just want to know what it’s like.” Roxanne replied crossly, annoyed with him and the fact that he had treasures lurking like mocking toys in his room. He’d collected pottery and some scrolls that she’d been told not to touch, for fear that they’d fall apart since they were so old, “I’ve never even been out of the country.”

“Well, why not?” Benjamin asked her blandly. Roxanne knew that her family was rich but her parents were always so busy that they never had the time to go anywhere exotic, even though Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was nearly all over the Wizarding world.

Roxanne ignored him and her eyes strayed to the fallen daisies on the floor where she’d been sitting with him only a few minutes before. They looked like the neglected remains of some bouquet, “I just can’t right now. My mom almost moved to Ireland to play for the Hollyhead’s when she was a little older than me.”

Benjamin was instantly curious about this because he had, even though he wouldn’t admit it, a little crush on her mother. He’d never admitted it on those rare times when Roxanne had introduced them but she saw that age-old infatuation strike his face for a brief second before he asked, “How come?”

Roxanne smiled a little as she replied. “She decided to marry my dad.”

“She didn’t join the Hollyhead Harpies because she wanted to marry your dad?” Benjamin asked with apparent horror. He shook his head with distaste, “I can’t ever do something like that.” He was the Slytherin Quidditch captain and probably one of the best Beaters that they’d ever had, though Roxanne snorted mentally when she knew that her father could display far more skill.

Roxanne thought briefly of her laughing, sometimes depressed father fondly for a while longer before asking her strange companion. “You don’t want to get married, Ben?”

Benjamin recoiled. “Hell, no,”

“Why not?” Roxanne asked him curiously. She hadn’t really thought about whether or not she wanted to get married herself but she had never disliked the idea of being with someone forever. “There’s not anything wrong with loving someone and wanting to be with them forever and ever.”

Benjamin laughed at the words and then said, his tone sobering until she could barely hear him. “Yes there is. You’re just too naïve to understand it,” and Roxanne gawped, feeling a spark of anger. “Being with someone and being with someone are two different things, Weasley.”

Roxanne was confused. “What do you mean?”

“What do you think I mean?” Benjamin asked her huskily, his eyes running over her and resting in a not so subtle place on her chest. She’d mistakenly discarded her jacket, which was lying on the floor like a pink blanket and she crossed her arms, “I’d rather fuck than marry. Ever,”

The room seemed to heat exponentially and Roxanne flushed deeply and swallowed hard. “That can’t be the only good thing about being with someone. What about sharing your problems and actually getting to know each other instead of just wiping body fluids?” she asked dryly.

Benjamin roared with laughter before picking up the Exploding Snap deck and shuffling them expertly with his long fingers. Roxanne was distracted, wondering what they would feel like on her skin and instantly regretted the thought as he sent her a sly look from beneath his lashes, “There are some things that two people can do better than just talking, sweet.”

“W-whatever,” Roxanne replied uncomfortably.

Benjamin smirked to himself, the silent pressure and demand in the room making it hard to draw in an even breath. Roxanne rubbed her arms, wishing that he would stop staring at her, “You say that now Weasley. I bet none of your so-called boyfriends ever did much than hold your hand.”

Roxanne glared at him for his nerve to even assume something like that. Even if it was true, “That’s none of your business okay? Not all girls just so happen to blurt out their secrets.”

“Uh-huh.” Benjamin said with a smirk playing across his stupid full mouth. Roxanne’s lips tingled in recollection of how they’d felt on hers and she scowled, annoyed, “so I bet you’re all grown up now, huh, lump?”

Roxanne wanted to tell him that she knew a thing or two but she didn’t. Victoire was the only one out of her cousins who had even lost her virginity and she’d told her in that off-hand way of hers that it hadn’t exactly been bringing the planets together. “I am grown up,” she found herself saying defiantly.

Benjamin smirked even wider. “Aren’t you cute?” he asked with blatant disbelief. Roxanne glared at him and crossed her legs and his blue-brown eyes hooded as he openly stared. “You’ve got great legs, Weasley. Anyone ever tell you that?”

Roxanne pushed her skirt down a bit and tightened her legs a little. “Thanks, I guess. But that doesn’t have anything to do with Italy.” She said dryly, reminding him of what he wouldn’t tell her and he barked a laugh.

“I guess not,” was his bland reply.

There was a slight silence before she asked him. “Are you afraid of telling me because of your dad being home?” she questioned.

Benjamin looked startled and instantly wary that she’d asked. She’d been careful not to mention his father at all because of what she’d heard but the shift of his face was enough to have her wondering if he would rise from the floor and threaten her with more than kisses. “I’ve got a Silencing Charm in here, Weasley. My dad won’t hear shit.”

“Why do you have that?” Roxanne asked him and then she blushed. “Oh, right.”

Benjamin laughed. “It’s not just for when I’m fucking random girls in here.” Roxanne looked down at his bed with apparent revulsion and his face brimmed with renewed amusement. “Jealous?” when she glared at him warningly, he went on to explain. “I just don’t like hearing my parents arguing all right? Things have been pretty intense lately.”

Roxanne found herself pressing. “Where are your mum and siblings?”

“With my mum’s parents,” Benjamin said stiffly, surprising her. “My grandparents are out on vacation with some of their stupid, ignorant friends from back in the olden days.” He said dryly and Roxanne knew that they’d been avid supporters for Voldemort back in the day and felt supremely sorry for him.

Desperately trying to change the subject, Roxanne rushed on with a hopeful grin.  “Just tell me what Italy was like. Did you go to another Wizarding school there?” she didn’t know much about foreign schools, only that every country had at least one or two. Aunt Fleur had graduated from Beuxbatons when she had been a girl and still talk about it fondly, comparing Hogwarts more to a dungeon than the fine palace where she’d traipsed in.

Benjamin saw her spark of interest and nodded as he sat up, having been lounging there on his Persian carpet like some sort of gigantic cat. “Yeah, I did.” Roxanne’s eyes lit up, wanting more information and he started to smile smugly, “it’s a lot nicer than Hogwarts and classes were always outside. The sun was always shining and I got to visit a lot of Roman temples during break.”

“So what are the lessons like? What sort of uniforms did you all have to wear?” Roxanne asked eagerly, nearly hopping off the bed as she felt excitement going through her. “What sort of food di you all get? Are there house-elves in the kitchens?”

Benjamin laughed. “Weasley, you’re asking a million questions at once. It’d take me all day to go through everything with you.” Roxanne pouted a little, “and you said you wanted to go home, right?” he asked slyly and she shook her head firmly, “there’s that Weasley spirit.”

Roxanne glowered at him. “Don’t make fun of me.”

“I’m not.” Benjamin said with a careless shrug. “And I really can’t tell you too much about the school itself because they like to keep things a secret. We still don’t even know where Durmstrang is, do we?” he pointed out and Roxanne nodded with a little annoyance. “It’s just a nice place. I liked it there.”

Roxanne didn’t like that he’d manipulated her without giving any other hint of what it had been like to live in Italy. She had a feeling that he was teasing, “Well. If you’re not going to say anything, I’m going to go home.” Her tone was rather crisp as she hopped off his bed and started looking for her boots, which she’d kicked off the instant she’d stepped inside.

Benjamin eventually stood up as she spotted them lurking behind a bookshelf. It was filled with tomes of nearly every magical animal known to the Wizarding world and Roxanne knew that though he wouldn’t admit it, he really loved working with animals and would probably get along with her Aunt Luna. “Aw, Weasley, I really can’t tell you too much. And anyway, you’ll be finding out for yourself soon enough.”

This caught Roxanne’s attention immediately and she stood up, unsettled that his eyes had been raking her backside as she’d bent over. “What do you mean?” her voice sounded tight.

“I mean that you’ll be getting a surprise once we get back to Hogwarts, sweet. I already know everything about it.” Benjamin replied smugly, obviously having been waiting for this chance to brag to her. Roxanne glared at him, wanting to know more but he simply said, shrugging, “it pays to have friends in the right places.”

Roxanne didn’t exactly like the way he’d said that and she felt a flush deepening on her face. Had he had some sort of girlfriend back in Italy? She was probably a lot better looking than her and most likely not the first he’d been messing around with.

Hogwarts had lost its variety for him, she figured when he’d slept his way through nearly every House since she’d known him (Miranda Patil gossiped quite a bit and she’d learned this unwillingly when she’d been eavesdropping once again), “You are such a prat. Why do you keep lying and saying you’ll tell me stuff and not do it?” She demanded.

Benjamin thought about it as he watched her slipping forcefully into her boots. “I really just like it when you pout like that. It’s really cute,” there was a wolfish smile on his face and Roxanne glared at him, not enjoying that he was having more fun than she was. The bottles of butterbeer that they’d drunk together and all the treats he’d given her in the last half an hour were finally wearing off, “just makes me want to kiss you again.”

Roxanne glanced over her shoulder at his bedroom door. She knew that all it would take was a quick and sly walk around the Manor to one of their sitting rooms towards a fireplace, which of course would have a decent supply of Floo powder, “I’m sure everything makes you want to kiss again,” she spat.

Benjamin was running his eyes over her in a predatory swoop that caused Roxanne to realize the sort of danger that she’d put herself into.

He had changed a lot from the person that she had known during Hogwarts and had been gone a year in a strange place, probably shifting into someone that she shouldn’t have been making eye contact with in the first place. But it was still Ben…still the boy that she’d known as a child, “Not everything has to be a kiss Weasley.”

Roxanne felt as if he’d dumped her in a pool of hot liquid and she flushed. Hastily, she looked around for her jacket and was mortified when she saw that it was near his feet, which meant that she would have to get closer to him in order to retrieve it. “I need my jacket.”

Benjamin bent and snatched it up, holding out for her. A sly cast to his eyes greeted her as he met her eyes, the pull between them pulsing and crackling, “Come and get it then.”

“No.” Roxanne gritted warily.

“I’ll give it back if you kiss me.” Benjamin whispered with velvet softness.

It was of course, like making a deal with the Devil himself and Roxanne’s lips parted wordlessly but she couldn’t quite force the words out. He looked too tempting and sure of himself, “Y-you’re just going to have to get over it then,” she snapped irritably.

Benjamin moved closer and she stepped back. A playful gleam had entered his eyes and Roxanne wondered if he had even been intending on letting her leave without getting something more from her, “Come on, Weasley. Are you scared?” he held her jacket in front of her, taunting and sneering.

Roxanne felt a bolt of challenge go through her. “I am not scared of you,” even though it was a lie, it felt good to say it out loud but only caused him to raise his black brows mockingly. Forcing her legs forward, she crossed the small space between them and reached for her jacket imperiously, “give it to me.”

The double meaning didn’t fly by him and Benjamin started to smile before it faded away at the defiant expression on her face. “Take it, Weasley.” He whispered gently and she felt a shiver. “After you kiss me, of course. A deal is a deal,”

Roxanne felt her fingers balling into a tight fist at his nerve. But some part of her wanted to play, even though the end result would be something she would more than likely regret, “I think you’ve had enough kisses for the morning, Ben. Are you drunk or something?”

“I’m not drunk. I just don’t want you to leave and if you’re not going to kiss me, then I’m just going to kiss you,” Benjamin replied warningly, his voice darker than midnight. Roxanne’s heart stuttered and she tried to think of something to say before he invaded her space, his intent becoming clearer and clearer, “stay with me for a little while longer, sweet.”

Roxanne swallowed hard and shakily reached for her jacket right as he pulled her closer to him, finding absolutely no resistance, “Ben, I can’t—” she said firmly but he’d bent his head and his mouth was on her throat, making her entire body burn.

The words seemed to be forced back as the kisses trailed from her throat, her jaw, the soft shell of her ear and when he finally took her mouth in a searing, deceiving kiss, there was no part in her that wanted to leave.

Until I come back to this, be patient! D': I have to update for Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince!


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