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He's My WHAT?!?!?!? by Slygrifflepuffclaw
Chapter 1 : Prolouge
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He’s my WHAT?!??!?!?!?


Fleur POV

I looked out of the window onto the Yard in front of the Burrow. All the women were on the kitchen with Molly yelling at them to ‘GET OUT AND STOP HELPING!!!!!’

I badly needed some air, so I walked quickly towards the back door. I could see all the children playing qudditch; Well you could hardly call them children anymore Teddy and Victoire were going off to Hogwarts for their final year soon…

Victoire, she was what was troubling me. She had grown up into a beautiful young woman/veela. She had her long silvery blond hair, her tall hourglass figure and looks that made nearly half the male population of Hogwarts (Only half because the other half either weren’t affected by her Veela side or were related to her except James) follow her around like lost little puppy dogs. Thank God she has Teddy to keep her grounded, not that snogging sessions in every broom cupboard/dark corner was necessarily  what I would have meant when I told him to ‘look out for her’ I was happy for them. Just then Vic’ turned around and I remembered why I was worried, why for the past sixteen going on seventeen years I had been worried that someone (mainly Hermione, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO BE SO SMART!) would figure out my deep, dark secret.

As she turned around she turned around her eyes lit up and she came running up towards me “Maman, Papa” Her brilliantly piercing GREEN eyes I turned ‘round to see the shocking Weasley blue eyes of my husband Bill staring down at me.

“Maman is diner nearly ready we’ve been out here for ages.” Vic’ moaned as Bill wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the top of my head. He spoke first “Victoire, you know how stubborn your grandmother can be.  Every time someone tries to help her they get a ten minute lecture and are expelled from the kitchen. Me and your mother have already been kicked out four times!” But ‘Toire wasn’t having any of it even at seventeen she was the stubborn nest of all the Wotter clan, bar rose or Lilly. Just as she opened her mouth to argue Mrs Weasley shouted “Dinners ready!!!!!” and all the kids ran or flew straight to the door. I turned to walk in to the house when Bill grabbed my arm.

“Is everything alright Fleur? You seem a bit tense.” He asked a worried expression on his face. “Oui, mon amour. Je me suis bien” [1] Shit! He knows I only speak in French around him when I’m really worried or really angry. I thought but sure enough he let it drop, but I knew we would have a talk about this later.

As we entered the kitchen Hermione passed me a note, and quickly walked down the opposite end of the table. I decided to chance a glance at it before sitting down. There inscribed on the delicately torn piece of parchment in Hermione’s beautiful handwriting was the message I’d been dreading since Victoire was born.

I Know.

Merde” [2] I muttered to myself as I looked up the only seat left at the table, between Bill and Harry. This was going to be a long night.




[1] Yes, my love. I’m fine/ I’m very well


[2] Shit


A/N 1: This is my first Fanfic and all reviews are appreciated. Good, bad or indifferent.

A/N 2: the next (and much longer, hopefully) chapter will be up next week at the earliest. However I will try to stick to some sort of schedule with the updates.

A/N 3: What is this dark secret Fleur has? Why is she so frightened that Hermione figured it out?

Thanks again



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He's My WHAT?!?!?!?: Prolouge


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