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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 25 : Clear the Air
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Dominique... pregnant... making the same mistakes as Molly... ending up with a baby! Oh my Merlin, how the hell did this happen?

Ok well I know how it happened... I don’t need to fill you in on all the birds and the bees but apparently you cannot trust Dominique with boys on a Hogsmeade Weekend because things like this happen. And now we were on the way home and Dom was fretting about how she was going to tell her mother... and how she was going to tell Molly (II) who had told us over and over again to not end up like her, jobless, boyfriendless and with a baby.

‘What am I going to do?’ Dom cried, predicting the approach to Kings Cross station. She hadn’t replied to Victoire’s message for the past three weeks, since it had arrived back then and now she knew Victoire was taking us to the Burrow for Christmas.

We were already changed into Muggle clothing, Charla, who was coming home with us for a bit, was wearing Jeans and one of my jackets. Sisi was wearing leggings and a skirt, she looked like she had put on a bit of weight over the term, but I was worried that us not seeing her all holiday would mean she would lose that.

The train pulled into the station and creaked to a halt. I dragged the trunks down from the luggage rack, alongside Freddie, and levitated them outside to the crowded station, only to realise I had left Dom behind. Sticking the trunks on a trolley, I told Char to guard them and look out for family members before turning back for Dom.

‘Sisi if I don’t see you after I find Dom, I’ll meet up with you as soon as I can!’ I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead.

‘See you soon, Jam!’ 

‘Domi,’ I wheedled, re-entering  the compartment I had just left. ‘You can’t live in here forever.’

‘I can try,’ Dom muttered, staring out the window, I could tell she had seen Victoire, who was standing with Louis and Char, looking around for the rest of the Weasley/Potters.

‘Come on, you can get an abortion if it’s really that bad but think about it, you might like having a kid!’ I tried, holding out a hand to her. She took it but didn’t stand up.

‘What will people think of me, James, I’m a complete slut!

‘You aren’t a slut!’ I protested, she only raised an eyebrow.

‘We can work this out with your mum, and Victoire, and Molly, they all know what it’s like to have kids, they love you Niks,’ I bribed her with an old nickname I hadn’t used in ages, ‘come on.’

She walked very slowly beside me, down the train, not looking at anyone. Then I thought of something, ‘Dom... how pregnant are you, exactly...?’

‘I don’t know... four months...?’

Four? She would begin to show soon enough, it would be harder to hide it for much longer. Actually, thinking about it, she was starting to show a tiny bit now.  

‘Hey Dominique,’ Teddy greeted her, wrapping an arm round my shoulder and ruffled my hair like I was a kid. I stuck my tongue out at him. Victoire said nothing to her sister.

‘I’m taking you lot to the Burrow, Dom, Vic’s taking you home with Lou to get your mum, so we’ll see you later.’

Dom paled a little but followed her siblings into the bustling crowds. Teddy managed to fish Roxanne and Lucy out of the sea of people while Fred summoned up Albus, Rose, Lily and Hugo, so together with Aurora and Charla, we bid Sisi goodbye and headed towards Teddy’s magically extended car.

Beside it was a smaller car, which I knew belonged to yet another Weasley. Molly was leaning against the hood, her daughter balanced on her hip and a smile upon her face.

‘Molls,’ Teddy cried, ‘I didn’t expect to see you here.’

‘You weren’t expecting to fit everyone in that were you?’ Molly squinted, as though reminding Teddy how strange it would look if a ton of children got into one car.


‘Lucy it’s good to see you sweetie,’ Molly wrapped an arm around her sister and beckoned for Roxy , Lily, Aurora and Rosie to go over to her car. Meanwhile Fred, Char, Hugo, Albus and I piled into Teddy’s.

‘You girls ok?’ Ted leant threw the passenger seat window of Molly’s car and looked at Molls sceptically. Roxy, Lily, Aurora and Lucy were squashed in the back, quite comfortably, with Micaela on Rose’s lap in the front seat.

‘You just concentrate on not killing any of your lot,’ Molly grinned and patted Teddy’s cheek across Micaela and Rose. Micaela was already nattering on about her school and the likes.

‘Yeah yeah, Molls, we’ll see you back at the Burrow,’ he pulled out a pair of keys. ‘See you girlies, see you Caela.’

~ ~ ~

It took around an hour to get to the Burrow, using back roads to avoid being seen with a ton of people in the car and avoiding traffic jams. We arrived to a house full of Aunts and Uncles, all trying to help prepare lunch in the back garden, resulting in more mess than necessary. Nana Molly was beginning to look particularly stressed.

‘Teddy!’ Nana Andromeda was the first to notice our arrival, ‘and look at you, my, you children have all grown up.’ She pinched Albus’s cheeks which made me snicker behind her back, and didn’t impress Albus, and then proceeded to hug her grandson.

‘Hello James,’ my mother appeared before me and wrapped her arms around me, ‘I’ve missed you darling.’

‘That’s lovely mum,’ I scrambled out of her arms, much to Char’s apparent amusement. Mum rolled her eyes.

‘Hello Charla dear,’ mum embraced Charlie and then spotted Albus and Lily and went to fawn over them.

‘Have you seen Dom anywhere?’ I whispered, grabbing Charla’s wrist and dragging her over to me. Char’s eyes glanced towards the house but behind the windows, everything was still, and one subdivision of the Weasley family was missing.

‘I cannot believe that girl got herself into a mess like this,’ Char shook her head, ‘I thought she had a little more sense...’

‘You aren’t the only one?’ Fred joined us, looking around anxiously.

‘DOMINIQUE WEASLEY, GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!’ There is was mistaking the voice of a furious Victoire Weasley, if you ever do hear it, be sure to run, very fast, in the opposite direction.

‘I must go... dibs the best bed!’ Lily made a quick excuse and dashed inside, not waiting to greet her Aunt and Uncle. And most other family members followed suit... see, we learnt the hard way. Leaving me, Charla and Freddie standing alone outside. The garden gate burst open Victoire stormed in, looking dishevelled and disapproving.

‘You three! How could you have let this happen-!’ But before she could continue, Fred clamped a hand over her mouth.

‘Don’t you dare blame Charla,’ I said, just as Fred said, ‘Don’t you dare blame us!’

‘Ok... you’re right, this is her own fault and she will have to stick with it!’

‘Vic please!’ Dominique finally caught up with us, red faced and begging, ‘please don’t say anything just yet!’

‘I’ll say what I please Dominique,’ she spat, and flounced inside.

‘You might want to leave.’ Dom muttered, as she turned back, I caught a glimpse of Aunty Fleur’s silvery blonde hair and nodded.

‘See you Domi darling!’

‘Good luck sweetie,’ Charla gave her a quick hug and the three of us parted, leaving Dominique to the trials of her mother.

~ ~ ~

Reaching the room that I knew I would share with every male cousin I have, and Albus, I found a letter on the bed with my name on it.

‘It came to Godric’s Hollow,’ Teddy explained, midway through asking Louis about his term, ‘Aunty Ginny said to bring it for you.’ It was Muggle looking, with a stamp an everything, addressed to Godric’s Hollow.

Realization hit me. It was from Holly.

Hey James,

Long time, no see. How’s boarding school? You never told me the name of your school by the way, so I couldn’t look up the address, I sent this letter to your house, hope that’s ok.

I was so relieved to hear you on the phone in September, you don’t know how worried I was when I heard you were in hospital, hope you are all ok now. I bet your girlfriend is relieved too, did she tell you we met? Not playing any dangerous sports are you? –

At that I snorted.

Anyways, everything’s all ok my end, maybe we could meet up at Christmas! Can’t wait to see you!

Holly x

I didn’t bother scribbling out a reply, I dug deep in a rucksack from home and pulled out my phone, in the presence of most of my cousins, and Charla, and dialled Holly’s number.

‘Hello?’ she answered.

‘Hey Holly it’s me,’ I walked over to the window for better signal, ‘sorry I didn’t reply sooner, only just got home.’

Char was wearing a look that was midway between jealous and guilt (?).

‘Hey, James, no it’s fine, how’ve you been?’

‘I have time to catch up today or tomorrow, but after that I’ll probably be really busy with family stuff,’ I nodded to Char, getting her approval and she sighed, mouthing something about me dropping her at Sisi’s.

Holly and I arranged a meeting at the park we had first met, in an hour, Charla and I arranged I would apparated to Roisia’s and leave her there for an hour or two, then we’d come back together. We would be avoiding the wrath of Fleur and meeting a friend.

And Charla didn’t look too unhappy.

‘Who’s Holly?’ Albus started.

And then the whole room exploded in an elongated version of twenty questions, so it was like two hundred and twenty questions. I only just managed to slip out, hand in hand with Charla, unscathed.

‘You don’t mind do you?’

‘You’d see her if I did mind!’ Charla leant against me, pressing her head against my chest, ‘but no, she’s nice I suppose.’

‘Give her a chance!’ I whined.

~ ~ ~

We apparated to a spot near Sisi’s house, and hand in hand made our way up her drive. It looked deserted an empty but I knew for a fact it wouldn’t be, Roisia rarely left home when she was on holiday, her sister Sophie often stayed with her.

Char reached up to ring the doorbell and we could both hear it buzz.

There were footsteps and sounds of laughter and the door cracked open, Roisia’s head appeared in the gap, along with her sisters. In the background, there was another girl, I could see her jeans, but couldn’t tell who it was.

‘Sisi!’ Charla yelped, throwing her arms around Roisia’s neck.

‘Hey Soph,’ I greeted the younger girl, ruffling her hair, ‘hey Sisi,’ it was my turn to hug my friend and that was when I caught sight of the second girl, medium sized with blonde hair and twinkling eyes, there was no mistaking her.

‘You?’ Charla seemed to have caught on and there was no hiding the surprise in her voice.

‘James?’ the girl laughed.


‘You two know each other?’ Roisia wrinkled her brow and Sophie shrugged, disappearing inside.

‘Yeah, I told you I met Holly, how do you know her?’

‘Holly’s my cousin...’

‘How come you never mentioned you were related?’

‘There are hundreds of Hollys?’ Sisi pointed out.

‘Wait,’ Charla paused and raised an eyebrow. ‘So... uh... she knows?’

‘About what?’

‘You’re magical too?’ Holly squealed, finally running forward to give me a hug.

‘I guess that clears that up?’ Char sighed.

‘Can someone please explain what is going on!’ Roisia and I spat out at the same time.

‘I met James in the park,’ Holly started, ‘he came here after, I didn’t realise the anorexic friend you were talking about was Sisi,-’

‘And when you said you’d met Holly I didn’t realise... that Holly...’

‘And you know about Magic?’ I turned to Holly.

‘I’m a squib!’ she giggled. ‘I probably should have realised when you said you went to boarding school that you meant Hogwarts.’

‘Well you said you knew James was hiding something?’ Char pointed out, ‘what did you think it was?’

‘I dunno, maybe his dad was a mass murderer or something!’ Char and I snorted simultaneously at Holly’s comment.

‘Well you couldn’t have come to the easiest solution?’ Charla laughed, ‘I was beginning to wonder about this mysterious Muggle girl!’

‘Of course,’ Sisi giggled too, ‘and don’t worry, Holly is very well behaved,’ she winked at Char and then turned to me again, ‘now the only question is, who’s Dom’s baby’s father?’

I hadn’t even thought about that.



Again, bit of a filler and I don’t like this chapter but it needed to be put in, I needed a way of revealing Holly is in fact a Squib and the cousin of dear Sisi. Glad that’s all cleared up, now she and James can continue being friends without problems.

Please, Please, Please, Please leave a review and I own nothing.



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