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Harry Potter and the life after the war. by scottieclark
Chapter 3 : The new leader of the Order of the Phoenix
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Hermione Granger

"RON!" bellowed Hermione from the main floor of the Burrow "Hurry your arse up, we are going to be late! Your entire family is already there and they will begin any minute"

Hermione and Ron were on the way to an Order of the Phoenix meeting the would explain what they were up to for the past ten months. Harry had requested the meeting so the group could explain it all once to the selected group the three of them had come up with. Over the last two days life had slowly gotten back to normal, Bill and Fleur had returned to Shell Cottage, Charlie to Romania, Percy has still been quite upset but has gone back to working in the Ministry. George has not yet gone back to Weasley Wizards Wheezes, but everyone believes that he is just waiting for the new school year to reopen the shop. Ron and Harry have been doing relatively well, as have Hermione and Ginny. Arthur has been at the Ministry as much as possible, as he was still helping the new  Minister of Magic Kingsley Shackobolt. The rebuilding of the Ministry is going to take a lot of effort and time, so many high level positions still need to be filled. Molly on the other hand has taking to grieving in a completely different way, all she does is cook and clean, there has never been so much food in the burrow in all of the time anyone had ever lived there.

"They can't start without us can they? We were the ones that were with him" Yelled Ron "Besides I am ready to go, come on" Ron and Hermione made their way past the very well protected Burrow's wards, and aparated away to Shell Cottage, the place where the meeting was being held.

When they arrived beyond the wards of Shell Cottage they made their way into the main dining room of the small cottage, which seemed to be magically extended to allow for all of the many extra people who were not usually at the cottage. Instead of inviting the entire Order, Harry asked that only certain members be allowed to attend as the knowledge that was going to be shared was best not to be shared to everyone, as it was very sensitive information. At the head of the table sat Bill with his wife Fleur to his right. Arthur and Molly sat to their right, with George, Percy, Charlie, sat beside their parents, with Neville Longbottom and Harry taking up the end of one side of the table. Across the table from Harry sat Ginny, Luna Lovegood, Filuis Flitwick, Hermione, Ron, Kingsley, Hagrid and finally Minerva McGonagall.

After several long minutes of awkward silence Hermione decided to begin things. "So, you are all probably curious to exactly why we decided to have this meeting. The three of us know everyone here would like to know why exactly we were gone for close to a year, and where and why we were doing in that time, and as well as why we decided to take on Voldemort. Yes his name is indeed Voldemort" Hermione reiterated to the few members who still flinched at the sight of his name. "And why we took him on at Hogwarts of all places. Some of this information we will be discussing for obvious reasons must be kept 100% confidential, as we have some information that we would really enjoy not having the rest of the Death Eaters or really anyone whom are interested in the Dark Arts knowing" And the three friends began retelling their life for the past year to the selected Order members and for the most part the Members sat quietly listening, with only a few questions and gasps of horror, from Molly and Ginny.

"And that about sums up everything up until we got to Hogwarts" Ron stopped at this letting the others try come to grips with what has been said, and because he knew that this part would be the hardest part, this was the part where so many of his friend, and his older brother had died.

"Let me get this straight, Albus Dumbledore. Headmaster of Hogwarts School sent the three of you on a hunt for these horocruxs all across the country and didn't let anyone else hear know. No offense, but there really are far more qualified witches and wizards here in the Order." Newly appointed Headmistress of Hogwarts exclaimed angrily.

"I agree with Minerva" Molly said, also quite angrily. "He had no right to ask so much out of such young children, I am disgusted with his decision."

"I believe there is a logical reason, and it will be explained by time we finish the story" Harry said quietly while looking directly across the table to Ginny.

"After Voldemort claimed he was going to give us one hour to give me up..." and Harry began the story yet again, and ended where he finished seeing Snape's memory.

"HARRY!" screamed Hermione "You never told us that!"

"Oh my Harry, I could.. I can't even...I'm.. I'm truly at a loss of words" McGonagall stuttered out. "To know you are truly walking into your own death, to save everyone else...Thank you. Thank you very much Mr. Potter"

Harry stared at his old Professor and stumbled out a quick response, and listened to Hermione finish off the rest of the story.


"So to once again sum it up Voldemort made six horocruxs on purpose, them being the Diary, Gaunt's Ring, Slytherin's Locket, Huffelpuffs Goblet, Ravenclaws Diadem, and Nagini; and finally by accident You. In doing so it may his death much harder to achieve, but you needed to get one of the last few from Hogwarts, which made Voldemort follow you to the castle and thus creating one of the worst battles of our history, and finally ending the reign of the worst Dark Wizard ever to be known." Kingsley summed up.

"Pretty much sums it up" Harry whispered "and..I'm really sorry for everything, and for everyo-"

"Harry James Potter! Shut your mouth!" Molly admonished "What you did was beyond brave, and we are very thankful, I do not ever want to hear you say sorry on this subject again. Understood?!"

"Yes Mrs Weasley" Harry quietly whispered

"Well I would like to thank the three of you, and also would like to extend my personal thanks to three others, Ginny, Luna, and Neville. Your outstanding bravery to the school and fellow students will not be forgotten. We will be having a memorial at the school in a couple weeks time, after repairs are finished" McGonagall stated "also I know that we finally have a decent, and honest Minister that I feel will bring what is needed to the Ministry Of Magic, but I would like to continue to have Order meetings, and to bring on new member periodically to ensure we have another body of power that can help defend the Wizarding world, I think the obvious choice is you Minister."

"While I thank you for the compliments, and words of high praise, and I am in agreement with you on continuing the Order, I feel like it would be a great conflict of interested if I ran it. I believe yourself or Arthur should be the Order's new head, I can't speak for Arthur but I believe he will be too busy with his new post, so I cannot think of anyone else other than you to be in charge"

Arthur, Molly, and McGonagall all tried to speak at the same time but McGonagall beat them all, saying she would be honoured to run the historic Order of the Phoenix, and that she believes that we should continue to have meetings every second Sunday of every month.

Arthur and Molly both now wanted to know what his new job was, and all they could get out of him was 'Wait until Monday, and everyone will find out'

"I would like to remind everyone here that several Death Eaters, and dozens of Voldemort supporters are still out there, and to quote and old friend please continue to give "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!", and with that I think that is all for this meeting, we will meet at..." McGonagall trailed off thinking of a new place the order meeting could be held.

"At Grimauld Place, we can give it new enchantments and secure it again, I guarantee I do not want it, and would be happy to give it completely to the Order of the Phoenix." Harry quickly said.

"Well then its settled we will meet the second Sunday of July, which will give us June off to rest, and rebuild. Thank you all for coming" McGonagall said.


Harry Potter

"Thank you for letting me know everything"

"I promise never to keep secrets from you every again Ginny, I promise I learned my lesson"

With that they sat together at the Burrow, again by the pond which was become a favourite place to hang out.


Hermione Granger

The owls are here everyone, plus breakfast is ready" Molly Weasley called upstairs, and slowly the five teenagers/young adults came downstairs leading the pack was Hermione as she was waiting for a letter, behind her were Ron, Harry and Ginny, and taking up the rear was George whom was temporarily staying at the Burrow until the end of August.

"Finally it's here" Hermione had been waiting for a letter from the Australian Ministry of Magic in regards to the where about of her parents.

        Ms. Hermione Granger;

As per the request submitted by the British Minister of Magic Kingsley Shackobolt, and four requests we have received from yourself, we began to search for your parents, under the name of WILKINS, and we are happy to inform you that we have indeed found both of your parents alive and well working in a 'dentist office', apparently a muggle job. We have removed the memory charm that you placed on them sometime last year, and both seem anxious to get back to Great Britain. Unfortunately due to our Ministry regulations we are unable to let them travel by Muggle means, as they are now under the safety of the Australian Ministry. Please contact your Minister to set up an international port key to come to Australia and pick your parents up personally.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation

Jennifer Reid
        Head of International Magic Co-operation
        Ministry of Magic


"THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND!" Hermione screamed at the table. No one other then Ron and Ginny know what Hermione had been going through, she has been feeling terrible for three weeks since the final battle ended knowing her parents have no knowledge of her at all, and they could be anywhere in Australia safe or unsafe, she didn't even know if by any chance that Death Eaters have gotten to them. Five days after the Final Battle ended Ron had suggested that she talk to the Minister and see if he could talk to his counterpart in Australia. She had been thrilled with Ron's clearly empathetic nature after the battle, and she could not think of her life without him now.

After she had talked to Kingsley he said he would get on it immediately and every time she had seen him since then he had no new information, so this letter is the first thing she has heard.

"I have go to write to Kingsley immediately to set up a port key. Ron can I borrow Errol to send my letter?"

With that Hermione wrote the letter and sent it off to Kingsley, and began to open the other mail.

"We got letters from Hogwarts" Harry said and began reading the letter


        Mr. Harry James Potter

I would like to inform you of decisions made by myself and the school Board of Governors. We have decided that once repairs are finished, which should take another two weeks that firstly a Memorial will be made for all victims that fell through Voldemort's reign of terror from both wars. This memorial will be erected beside Albus Dumbledore's tomb. That being said I would like to request your presence on the day of the Memorial to say a few short words to help give closure to the Wizarding community.

Secondly the school and its governors have decided that we shall allow all students who missed their seventh year to come back and finish of their studies and complete all necessary N.E.W.T level course so they can proceed to whatever job that each student may want to pursue.

I wait for your response no later than August 1st 1998.

Minerva McGonagall
Headmistress of Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry

After reading the letter, and realizing that both Ron and Hermione had received one as well, a conversation erupted about what their future plans will be. "Well obviously we will all be going back to Hogwarts to finish our N.E.W.T's" Stated Hermione clearly.

"Of course you all are, what else would you do" Mrs. Weasley confirmed.

"Uh, well Kingsley kind of offered to take me into the Auror program right away" Harry hesitantly offered.

"I - I think me as well, Kingsley offered me that job to, and George has been hinting that he is going to need a lot of help with the store this year until he hires more permanent help" Ron added quietly

"I DO NO THINK SO!" Snapped Mrs. Weasley "You both can attend Auror training after you finish you schooling and as for the shop I am sure I can help George with it"

"I agree with Mrs. Weasley, you have to go back"

"Mum George is planning on opening a Hogsmeade branch, that what he has been working on lately and is why he hasn't reopened his shop in Diagan Alley, he is building it in recognition of Fred, and I am sorry but I fully intend to help him out" Ron added firmly

"Ron.." Hermione started but realized it may be futile to argue with him, she had never seen him stand up to his mother so firmly, and she thought he never really had much interest in school, and if he was already offered an Auror position she really shouldn't stand in his way, she loved him too much to stand in the way of his dreams. Truthfully she thought of not re-attending school, to many bad memories. Kingsley had also offered her any job within the Ministry of Magic, but she thought long and hard of it and decided that she wanted to go back to Hogwarts."..I think I agree with you" she added.

"Exactly listen to Hermio..What?! Hermione!" snapped Mrs. Weasley

"I agree with him to Mum, although I would love to be in all the same classes as Ron, and Harry they deserve to be Aurors', they are clearly more competent then most of the current Aurors anyways. Plus George needs brotherly bonding time as well" Ginny spoke out in defence of Harry and Ron.

"Thanks Gin" Harry murmured

"Well I do not agree with this decision, but I can promise you Ginny that you are indeed going back with Hermione. Understood?"

"Yes Mum, I intended to anyways"

With that they continued to talk about what they wanted to do with their lives, Harry wanted to be an Auror and really couldn't think of anything else he wanted to do. Ron wanted to help George with his shop and work as an Auror, he wasn't sure what he would end up doing without talking to Kingsley. Hermione was also not sure what she wanted to do, she wanted to ensure what happened to Muggleborns during the war could never happen again, but at the same time she wanted to do something to help improve the life of House Elves, Centaurs, and Werewolves, she figured that since she was going back to school she would have a lot more time to come up with a more concrete idea. Ginny was also not sure what she wanted to do, she was quite interested in becoming a Healer, as she helped Madam Pomfrey quite a bit during her last year at Hogwarts, but she also had her childhood dream of playing with the Holyhead Harpies.

The four had their conversation interrupted when the fireplace erupted in green flames, and out popped Andromeda Tonks, and little Teddy Lupin.

"Teddy!" Ginny and Hermione screamed in delight, and ran over to Andromeda to take Teddy and play with him. Harry was also quite happy with the surprise visit, he got up and went and sat down in between Ginny and Hermione.

"Harry what is that" asked Hermione when she noticed him putting an unopened letter in his pocket.

"Nothing" Harry quickly added "Hey Gin give that back" he said after Ginny grabbed the letter from him and opened it and passed it to Hermione.


        Mr. Potter

You are required to present yourself at Gringotts on Monday May 18th. The reason for this meeting is to explain the attack on Gringotts Bank on May 1st.

Gringotts Bank Manager

"This is ridiculous Harry, me and Ron were there as well, we are just as much responsible, we of course will be coming along with you... Do not even think of it" She snapped before Harry could respond

"Ok. Ok fine you two can come, it's a week today"

And with that they all went back to playing with Teddy, and watching him change his hair to different colours to help make his new friends laugh.


"Teddy is a real lucky boy to have such amazing kids to look after him, it get so tiring to be constantly running after him. I am not as young as I use to be"

"Nonsense Meda, you are only a few years older than me and Arthur"

"How is Arthur these days"

"Well since Kingsley promoted him to head of Magical Law Enforcement he has been terribly busy, but he loves his job. Kingsley is making so many changes that strongly need to be made, but it is a slow process everything has to go through the Wizagmont" Molly told her long time friend. "I have been asked to take a seat on the Wizagmont, so many members were killed during the war when they openly opposed Voldemort"

"Molly that is awesome! Have you told the children yet. No one could find a more honest person to serve the council"

The two old friends talked for hours, while watching over her children playing with Teddy, and made a mental note to talk to the four children about their new found relationships.


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