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Albus Potter: The Journey Begins by Phoenix_feather123
Chapter 7 : Mysteries everywhere.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Albus sat down with Rose, Mike and Luke at the Gryffindor table for breakfast. He was about to pour himself a cup of orange juice when James shoved at piece of paper under his nose.

“Wha- Arhh!” Albus spluttered, sending his juice flying. Juice splattered on the white table cloth and his robes. “James! What did you do that for? Look what you done!” he said, while Rose cleaned everything up with her wand.

“Look at what is says!” James hissed before leaving to go 'Studying' with his friend Zack, which is practically saying they are working on another prank. “Oh, and don't go near the third floor corridor, unless if you want to get sprayed with pressurized bubotuber pus.” He winked and left.

“What do you think will happen?” asked Rose worriedly.

“Doesn't matter! Look!” Albus was staring at the piece of paper, which was that day's Daily Prophet. “It is about Professor Jackson! The one who has gone missing!”

Mike and Luke also turned their full attention to Albus, Mike unaware of the egg that just fell off his fork and on his pants.

“Read it!” Luke urged.

“Okay!” Albus read aloud:

Missing Hogwarts Professor Found Dead Near Hogsmead
42 year old Mason Jackson, former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts went missing a few months ago in late August. He was rumored to be kidnapped in his house.
He was at his house one day, visitors came, then gone!” Sally Tibbit, neighbor of Jackson said to the reporters.
St-strange men in black robes knocked on the door, August 27, the night Mas-master Jackson disappeared. I asked them... I asked them, 'Who are you?' And they said 'We are friends of p-professor Ja-ackson. Move aside.' But when I- when I didn't, they put a full body b-bind on me and threw me in the cupboard. When the curse wore off, the kitchen was a- a mess, and n-no sign of M-m-master Jacks-son was left.” Mason Jackson's distressed house elf, Ella also told the reporters.

Albus looked up. “So that is what they where talking about when they said the old DADA teacher was missing!”

Rose nodded. She looked at the rest of the article. “Hey! I think our dads are mentioned! Read this part.”

[...] Harry Potter, head auror, said reluctantly “We knew about his 'kidnap' the night it happened and we were investigating since. It was my partner, Ron Weasley, who found his body, hidden behind some rocks in the outskirts of Hogsmead. Besides a few scrapes and bruises, no major injuries was found. Though it looked like he put up a good fight, it seemed that he was finished off with the killing curse.”

The famous killing curse, Avada Kedavra is the worst of the un-forgivable curses, and wasn't used since the fall of You-Know-Who....
“Seriously! He's been dead for almost 20 years now and they are still afraid to say Voldemort's name!” Albus cried. Rose nodded while Luke flinched.

“Continue!” Mike urged.

Where do the signs lead us? What does this all mean? Aurors and Ministry officials are still investigating for more clues...

Under the long article was a picture of Professor Jackson at his last birthday, and a picture of his house the night he was kidnapped. The door was ripped off and one window was broken.

Mike gave a long whistle. “So I guess Professor Jackson isn't coming back.”

Luke nodded. “That is for sure.”

Albus was lost in thought, words of the article still popping out at him. What could it mean? Was this some kind of cruel joke to get people scared? He thought. He looked up at the teachers table. The Headmaster, Professor Henderson, was talking to Professor Longbottom. Both were looking grim. If fact, all the teachers were looking grim and sad.

Professor Henderson got up. The whispering around the hall fell silent immediately. He cleared his throat and said. “We have suffered a very sad loss. Our fomer DADA teacher, before Professor Yoki, has left us. Let us take a moment of silence for him.” The Headmaster waved his wand and black drapes replaced where the house banners was. Then he bowed down his head, with everyone following his lead.

“Well, it is weird. There are so many questions. And the Daily Prophet didn't exactly give us many answers.” Rose said. They were in the common room. After they finished dinner in the dinning hall, (The black drapes where up the whole day, and probably the whole week.) they had wanted to go see Hagrid, but of course, with all the commotion going on about the professor, Hagrid sent them back immediately. So now they were sitting at their favorite spot in the common room, talking.

“Well, we did skim through it. We only read the beginning and the last section. What if they said something in between?” Mike asked. Rose shook her head.

“I re-read the whole thing. A load of dragon dung if you ask me. All they said was something about not having good security for the teachers... And how the aurors can't even keep people safe. I mean, he was the only one! I wonder why him though?”

“Don't we all wonder why?” Albus replied. He wasn't in his happiest mood. In the daily prophet it showed a interview about aurors. And they didn't exactly make his dad look good. All they talked about is how “The famous Harry Potter”Couldn't even solve this crime.” And “It seems the head auror has lost some of his skills.” Those words from the article kept on popping back out at him. But that wasn't what was bothering him. His dad had suffered a lot of teasing when he was at school, being “The chosen one” and all.

No, what was really bothering him is the fact that they still don't know who did it. This kind of stuff hadn't happened for about 20 years, and his dad had solved even the most difficult crimes in between, which is how he became head auror. So why is this one such a mystery? Who would want to do something like this? The penalty would of been a life time sentence in Azkaban, which is even worst than death. Unless.... No, that is impossible. But what if? The nagging voice kept on, well, nagging him. What if they were not afraid of Azkaban? What if they where like.... Voldemort? Or supporting Voldemort? Albus shuddered at the thought. He was being silly. No one would support Voldemort 19 years after he died, right?

“Harry, what do you reckon? I mean, this hasn't happened since the fall of you-Know-Who.” Ron and Harry was sitting in the Three Broomsticks. It was around midday, so the pub was full with people having a drink before there lunch hour was up.

“First of Ron, please stop saying “You-Know-Who.” He is gone. Dead. Not coming back. So why are you still afraid to say him name?” Harry asked. Ron just shrugged, and Harry was about to continue before a pile of bushy brown hair blocked his view. “Hermionewhatareyoudoinghere?” Harry said, his voice muffled and rushed. When Hermione sat down next to them Harry repeated his question, “Hermione what are you doing here? I never thought you would take a minute off work, even if it is your lunch break!”

Hermione looked a little offended, and she glared at Harry for a complete 2.43 seconds, before replying. “Because I found this!” She opened her purse and pulled out a piece of charred paper. “Read it!” She said, her voice now a whisper. “But keep it quiet.”

Ron and Harry looked at each other before reading the brittle piece of paper.

Jade, the work is done. I hope you are satisfied, because the job will cost you. But I'm guessing you think it is worth it don't you? Now that that Jackson is out of the wa-

The rest was charred and impossible to read. Harry and Ron looked up at Hermione.

“Where did you find this?” Ron whispered.

Hermione looked around to make sure no one was looking. “Last night, when I was taking a stoll. I decided to take a hike and visited the cave that Sirius-” She looked at Harry briefly “-used to hide. It looked like somone stayed there a few days. There was ashes from an old fire and I found this near the fire.”

Ron looked like a fish out of water, his mouth gaping. Harry and the other hand, was thinking hard. Jade... Jade? It sounded familiar.... No, it can't be...

“Guys, I think we have got an mystery on our hands. Concerning this year's DADA teacher...”

Hermione looked... almost terrified? Excited? Anxious? All three?

Ron,well he looked like Christmas had come 5 months early. “It would be just like it was when we were in Hogwarts!” Ron said excitedly.

“No Al! It is Mars, not Mercury. Honestly, what would you do without me?” Rose sighed as she looked over Albus's astronomy homework.

“I would jump off the astronomy tower in irritation.” Albus replied. This week's homework was the most they had all year, and all Albus wanted to do is chuck his homework out the window and tell the teachers that a cat ate it. Of course, Rose wouldn't hear of it, so she agreed to help the three boys to check over their homework. They had so much to do that Albus almost forgot about Professor Jackson.


But every night, before Al fell to sleep, he always thought about the crime, and always fell into a restless sleep. Which of course made him irritated and grumpy, which is another reason why he was doing so badly in classes and with his homework.

“C'mon Rose! Give Al a break! I wonder how is Luke? Where is he anyways?” Mike said.

“First off, his homework is due tomorrow, and Luke went to visit his sick uncle again!” Rose said, saying each word with more force then before.

“Still frustrated about the 'Luke Mystery' ?” Mike teased. Rose just glared at him. “Seriously! Cut him some slack. He hasn't been looking good lately. I think he is sick. With worry.” Mike finished. But Rose didn't pay attention after he said sick. She was staring at the window, at the moon, which will be full tomorrow or the day after. The window was covered with frost from the late November air. It looked like she had a idea. An almost scary look in her eye, which suggested that she will not rest till she proved her idea right. And with that, she rushed out of the common room, muttering something about 'Going to the library'.

Mike looked at Albus like he couldn't believe his eyes. “She is freaky. Remind me why am I friends with you guys.”

Albus laughed. “Because we are the weirdest and awesomest friends in all of Hogwarts.”

Mikes laughed and nodded too. And for once in that week, Albus completly forgot about the mystery that lurked right outside the Hogwarts ground.

Okay! First off, sorry for the long wait... And is it just me, or are my chapters getting shorter and shorter? Hmm....XD I don't think that is a good deal is it? Well, don't be too mad at me! Something exciting is going to happen in one of the next few chapters!

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