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On the Brink of Insanity by AlAndAl
Chapter 8 : Again and Again and Again
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You know what sucks more than getting mauled by an angry hippogriff? Losing. And right now, I’m losing badly. Ever since I got dumped by Ben Insertlastnamehere, the hopes of me winning this challenge are very low. Robyn has already completed 25 items on her list and you know how many I’ve completed? Just guess…no guess. Just guess a number. Do it. Ok, fine. I’ve done one. Literally one. I’ve tried out for Quidditch. I haven’t gotten a date, I haven’t been normal for a day, I haven’t gotten a makeover, and I haven’t made a new friend. I would’ve gotten two of those out of the way, but Ben decided to spaz out like a fish out of water, so I’m left flapping around just like that. And I’m losing. Robyn’s never going to let this go. Ever. Never ever ever (getting baaaack together!). I have to get my moves on. Super awesome Alicia powers…ACTIVATE!


                “THIS QUIDDITCH GAME IS EVERTHING! IT IS YOUR HEART! IT IS YOUR SOUL! YOU WILL TREASURE IT FOREVER AND TELL YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT IT!” Albus roared. He had been trying to motivate up, but really I’m just getting distracted. I bet Al’s children are going to be glorious. They’ll sure get the good genes. I have decent genes too. The crazy one’s anyway. My kids will be funny at least. Hey, if I marry Albus, my children will be beautiful and hilarious! ALBUS PLEASE PROPOSE! “I WANT ALL OF YOU TO TRY YOUR BEST AND IF YOU SUCK OUT THERE, THEN I GUESS YOUR BEST ISN’T ENOUGH! I WANT BLOOD! I WANT TEARS! I WANT FURY!” At this point the keeper was about to burst into tears. Al was really scaring the crap out of everyone. Even I wasn’t attracted to this psycho bag of carbon right now. One of the beaters was laughing quietly to himself as Al screamed, “MURDER!” I hadn’t really noticed him before. Well, since Albus was on the team, I didn’t really notice anyone. A few days ago one of the chasers asked me if I could tell Al she was going to miss practice. I didn’t even know what she was talking about until I realized it was Thalia McIver, Quidditch Nazi II. I guess I only have eyes for Al…or I’m just a little obsessed. Either one. Giggle.

                I didn’t realize I was staring at Beater Guy until he gave me a weird look and waved. I waved back a little too enthusiastically. He did this awkward laugh and went back to listening to Al. I was preparing to avoid him forever and pretend that he no longer exists, but then I remembered my list and how terribly I was losing to Robyn. Maybe he could be my new friend! Ok, how do I go about this? Just start calling him bestie? No, I don’t even know his name. Is it Ricky? Don? Simon? No those are dumb…it’s…er…Tim! Timmy? Johnny? Ugh! I have no idea. But I’ll find out eventually…I always do. *Creepy look*

                Albus finished his war-driven monologue and we hit the field. It was time to kill Gryffindor. My heart was beating furiously. The snitch was released and the game begun. I saw the other seeker, Rose Weasley, circling the pitch and tried to give her a death stare, but she wasn’t really looking at me, so I probably just looked constipated.

                “TEN POINTS TO SLYTHERIN!”

                Woooo! We’re winning! I hope Slytherin catches the snitch soon! Oh, right. I’m supposed to be catching the snitch. I decided I better use my gymnast skills and win this shit right now. Rose was near the bottom, but I highly doubted it was flying amongst the players. It rarely ever did, but if loitering near Scorpius Malfoy was her game plan, then I guess Slytherin was going to get an easy win tonight. I flew up into the air and scanned the pitch. C’mon…gold…shiny…wings…flying…my eyes kept scanning the pitch and I heard another cheer from below, “ANOTHER TEN POINTS! SLYTHERIN LEADS TWENTY TO NOTHING!” I heard the beaters bat crack and the bludger whipped across the pitch. Scorpius looked a little terrified, he was lucky that they had got it before it cracked his skull in. Oh, mental images.

                Another twenty minutes passed and another four goals scored by Slytherin and neither me nor Rose had found the glittery ball of fun. Stupid thing, it’s doing this on purpose! Hiding and being tricksy. I flew around some more, so I didn’t look like a total chump and finally I saw it. The snitch was floating undetected by the top of one of the stands. I decided to be nonchalant about it, since Rose was still creepily motioning Scorpius’ movements. Good thing he’s not our seeker, we would’ve been screwed having Ginger there stalking our main boy. Once I got within 100 meters of the snitch I dove after it. The commentator, Lily Potter, pointed my dive out quickly, “REMINGTON HAS SPOTTED THE SNITCH!” Rose snapped out of her day dream and started following me quickly. The snitch continued to speed away from me, just like the little bitch it was, but I knew that there’s no way Rose could catch it. I could tell that she didn’t even see it herself; she was just mimicking my flight pattern in hopes that I’ll fall or choke on a floating leaf or something.

                I was within an arm’s reach of the stupid little thing and took one final jerk forward and my fingers enveloped it smoothly. I WON! I WON THE GAME! ALBUS WILL LOVE ME AND I WILL HAVE HIS CHILDREN!

                The Slytherins screamed with pride as the game came to a close. I was so proud of myself. I’M BETTER THAN GRYFFINDOR! NEINER NEINER NEEEEINEEER!

                Our godly captain announced that we were going to have a meeting in the change rooms, but after that we were free to go.

                We all filed into the cramped quarters and I ended up standing beside Beater Guy again. His shoulder brushed up against my face (because he was as tall as a damn building) and I inhaled some of his man sweat.

                “Ew!” I coughed and he turned to look at me.

                “Oh, sorry!” he laughed. “Is my manliness bothering you?”

                “No, but your nasty sweat is…” I mumbled.

                “Hey! This isn’t sweat. It’s my performance juice!”

                I tried to keep a straight face as he defended himself, but I burst out laughing, “Pre-ahahaha-preformance…ahahahaha!”

                He began laughing too, “Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best choice of words.”

                When I calmed down I replied, “Yeah, probably not. Try to think before splurging your genius words everwhere.”

                “Hey! Remington! Shut your hole!” Thalia yelled and I zipped my lip before she found another reason to yell at me. Beater Guy snickered as I got scolded. What a jerk!

                “So, I would like to congratulate all of you on an amazing game! Especially our seeker, Alicia, who won the game for us! Let’s give her a hand.” Albus announced.

                The team clapped and cheered and I may or may not have blushed a little bit.

                “Also, let’s give a round of applause for Seb, who saved Scorpius from a perilous bludger!”

                Another round of claps and a few whistles and Al dismissed us like a group of schoolchildren. Seb. Sebastian. So, that was Beater Guy’s name. He seemed cool, not stupid like Kerfinator 3000. As I was walking away from the pitch in the cool night, I heard a voice call my name. My breath caught in my throat. Not again.



A/N: Hey! I made this update a quick one! Do you like Seb? What do you think will happen next? Who's calling her name? Is it Kerf dressed up as a cucumber? Let me know what you think in a nice review :) I want to let you know that during the month of November, it is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I've decided that I'm going to participate this year. There's good news and bad news. The good news is, there will a brand new novel for you to enjoy done by December! The bad news is, that I will be writing on average 1667 words a day for this novel, so it might be hard to get a chapter of this craziness up! I'm really sorry to make you guys wait so long again...but I think you guys will really like the new story. It's a comedy like this one. I will try my bestest to get Chapter 9 up this month, but I can't really promise anything!

& OMG 1100 READS? Thank you so much! I want to thank all of you who have read this and left reviews, it honestly motivates me so much. I see a review and it makes me what to write even more. I love you guys.

Allie xx

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On the Brink of Insanity: Again and Again and Again


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