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The Mermaid's Curse by thefuturedp27
Chapter 9 : The Halloween Ball
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The week went by as Serena walked through her normal routine in a numb state. During potions she sat alone and only made eye contact with her books and professors. At breakfast, lunch, and dinner she would only look at her food and make small talk with fellow Gryffindors. At even the smallest sight of blonde hair, she would turn the other way scared of confrontation. On the outside, she acted as if everything were normal but on the inside she was screaming.


Finally the evening of the Halloween Ball had arrived and everyone was excited, except for Serena. She was mulling over her thoughts as she lazily lay in front of the Gryffindor common room fire. Noticing that she was alone, Harry took this opportunity to sit next to her.


“Hey Serena!” he said cheerfully as he put his arm around her. Serena was unaffected by this and continued to stare into the fire.


“Um, are you excited for tonight? I'm really looking forward to it.” he continued. Serena nodded her head in agreement and Harry noticed her attitude.


“Hey, what's going on? I know you haven't really been yourself lately. Are you alright?” he said as he turned his face towards hers. She stared into his emerald eyes. She wanted to tell him. He was one of her best friends. She wanted to tell any of them. About her secret. About her past. About her feelings for Draco and how he was now a Death Eater. But she couldn't. She had to deal with this herself.


“I'm fine, Harry.” she smiled unconvincingly. Harry frowned.


“I know you're not. You can tell me anything, Serena. I really...I really care about you.” he whispered. Serena began to tear up and leaned into Harry. He kissed her forehead and held her tightly.


“It's okay.” he cooed as the tears came pouring from her eyes.


“It's just that, life's so different now. My father was killed by You Know Who and now I live everyday trying to act like nothing happened. But it did, Harry. And I'm so scared that I may be next.” she said surprised at what she was telling him. Harry wiped away her tears and looked at her understandingly.


“I know what it's like. He killed my parents too and I fear the same thing. But I don't let that get me down. I've got to live everyday like it's my last, doing the things I want and being around the people I love. And so do you. Because in the end, nothing else matters.” he said. Serena felt comforted by his words and felt a new connection with him. Hermione was right. He was a really good guy. Maybe I should give him a chance. She thought to herself. Harry leaned in closer to her and parted his lips. Serena leaned in as well but saw Draco's face in her head and pulled back.


“I've got to get ready for the dance. I'll see you soon Harry.” she smiled and quickly walked up the stairs towards her room. Harry sighed but was happy that they had collected on a new level. As Hermione got ready into her victorian gown, Serena stared at herself in the mirror trying to decide what to be. Hermione was all ready to go while Serena was not even close to deciding on what she would be.


“Serena! Get dressed already. The boys are waiting.” she persisted.


“I will meet you guys there. My costume will take me a little bit. Hermione you look absolutely gorgeous!” she said. Hermione smiled and agreed to tell the boys that Serena would meet them there.


Serena thought back to Harry's words from earlier about how she needed to live everyday like it were her last. She smiled at herself in the full length mirror as she decided what she was going to be. She grabbed her wand, dropped her towel, and began performing a spell on her naked body.


“Let them see what is within.” she chanted as she pointed the wand at herself. A beautiful aqua gown began forming over her pale skin. It's see through material sparkled with glitter as it clung to every curve of her body barely covering any of her naughty parts. Shimmering scales formed towards the bottom of the dress as two glittering seashells formed over her large breasts. Her long red hair was pulled off to the side into a fish tail braid with starfish and sparkle scattered throughout. Shimmering blue and gold eyeshadow covered her eyelids forming little scales on both sides. Her lips were a dark red that matched her hair. She looked at herself in the mirror and was extremely impressed at the mythological reflection she had staring back at her. She was stunning. Satisfied with the turn out of her costume, she walked down the empty halls of the castle towards the thumping of the music.


She barely entered the room, not trying to be seen yet and saw Ron and Hermione, dressed as nearly headless Nick and his Victorian bride spinning on the dance floor as Harry waited patiently on the sidelines. He was dressed as a knight in shining armor and looked very handsome. The Great Hall was decorated with pumpkins, flashing lights, floating candles. It looked truly spectacular. She soon spotted Draco on the dance with Pansy grinding away in a group of Slytherins. Serena's heart stopped when she saw them together. Draco was dressed as the Dark Prince of Slytherin and looked so handsome, Serena almost turned back. While Pansy was basically wearing lingerie with little bunny ears on top. Blaise was dressed as an evil genie revealing his bare toned torso making him look devilishly handsome. Serena took in a deep breath regaining her confidence and walked to the top of the staircase where she could be seen. All eyes immediately fell on her and everyone stopped dancing. Serena smiled with confidence as she strutted down the staircase. Her gown left little to the imagination and was absolutely captivating. Her eyes shifted over the room from a shocked and blushing Harry Potter, to an absolutely stunned Draco Malfoy. Let the games begin. She thought to herself as she was greeted at the bottom of the staircase by Harry Potter.


“Serena. You look... so gorgeous.” he said as he glanced her up and down.


“Thank you, Harry.” she smiled as she took his hand and was led over to a group of Gryffindors. As she walked towards them she glanced back to see Draco and found him now dancing with Pansy again with a look of hate in his eyes. Serena rolled her eyes and joined the group only to be flooded with admirers.


“Serena, you look beautiful! Nice job, Harry! Will you save a dance for me?” They all shouted.


Serena smiled and was offered a drink by Harry.


“Want some firewhiskey? Apparently some Slytherins cast an alcohol spell and now all of the drinks are alcoholic without the professors knowing.” he said matter of fact.


“Brilliant.” she smiled as she tossed it back asking for another. Harry was impressed at her drinking abilities are fetched her another. After four drinks Harry pulled her to the dance floor and began spinning her around. They were both drunk and having a lot of fun. A song called “Killer” by the Hoosiers came on and Serena screamed.


“Ah! I love this song!” she screamed with excitement. She pushed herself against Harry and began singing along.


“I'm fearless now, but it cost my soul. Save yourselves, the moon is full. Under it's power, gravitational pull...” she sang seductively as her eyes began glowing gold. She felt alive as her body grinded against him. Harry responded by grinding against her and letting his hands slither up and down her hips. She looked up and saw Draco staring at her with confusion, anger, and want as Pansy grinded against him. Most of the male's of Hogwarts were staring at her with lust and some of the girls too. Serena closed her eyes trying to get Draco's face out of her head forgetting that she was singing aloud as she ran her fingers through Harry's hair.


“Hey, do you want to get out of here?” he whispered in her ear as he nibbled against it. Serena drunkenly spun around to face him and nodded her head as she bit her lip. Harry pulled her into an abandoned corridor and began snogging her hard. His kiss was warm and a little fidgety yet comforting, unlike Draco's passionate kiss that made her melt. But she didn't care, he was still a good kisser. Fuck it! She thought as she kissed him back and let him explore her body with his hands.  He pushed her against a wall and pressed himself against her harder. She opened her eyes and caught sight of herself in a mirror. She gasped at the reflection as she realized that her eyes were golden. Oh my God. I sang! No wonder he was being so forward. She thought to herself in shock. She calmed herself down until her eyes were back to normal and began to try to push Harry off.


“Harry, please stop.” she said as she held his face in her hands. He looked hornier than ever and started kissing her lips again.


“But I want you so badly. I care about you, Serena. I really like you.” he said as he kissed her neck.


“I know, Harry. And I care about you too which is why I want you to stop.” she shouted. He continued kissing her and had her pinned against the wall.


“Let me make love to you.” he said as he lifted up her dress and pushed himself against her.


“Stop!” she said as she slapped him across the face. Harry snapped out of it and looked so embarrassed at his actions.


“Serena, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I just care about you so much!” he apologized as she began to tear up at what she had caused.


“No, this is my fault. If I hadn't led you on...” she started to say as Malfoy walked over.


“Oye! Potter get away from her!” he shouted angrily threatening him with his wand.


“Draco, leave us alone!” Serena shouted back. Harry grabbed his wand and pointed it at Malfoy.


“Why? So you two can have sex right here in the hallway? Your moans could be heard from inside the Great Hall. I'm surprised the Professors haven't come out yet.” Malfoy snapped narrowing his eyes at her.


“Why is what we do any concern of yours, Malfoy? She's mine and we'll do what we like.” Harry shouted grabbing her hand. Serena was mortified at what was happening and pulled away from Harry.


“First of all, I'm not yours! I'm not anyone's! I'm my own person and belong to myself!” She shouted at Harry. She advanced towards Draco and narrowed her eyes.


“Secondly, if I want to have sex with Harry or anyone else then I bloody will! So stop acting like you care and leave me alone!” she shouted in his face before she stormed back into the Great Hall. The boys were both taken back by her words and stood there for a moment before going there separate ways.


As she entered she was immediately greeted by Blaise Zabini. He wrapped his arm around her waste and pulled her close to him.


“You know what the problem is with costumes, Ms. Merrow? However hard you try to disguise yourself, it's always a self-potrait.” he whispered into her ear. Serena tried to get out of his grip, but he held her firmly.


“There's Harry, the brave knight who always wants to save the day. Draco, the dark prince who wants so badly to be good but is doomed for darkness, and then there's you... the siren, seductively calling out to men and only leering them to their death.” he said biting at her ear. She pulled away in disgust.


“And what about you? The devilishly charming genie who promises to grant your wishes and only turns them into death and destruction.” she spat back.


“Exactly.” he said smiling. “It would be better just to give into me now before anyone gets hurt. The Dark Lord will be coming for you. I will have you either way.”


“Not without a fight.” she said smiling back as she kneed him in the balls and made a run for it. Blaise keeled over in pain and regained his composure as everyone stared at him.


Serena ran through the halls with tears in her eyes. What a mess she had created. And for what? Draco didn't care for her, she had ruined things with Harry, and now Blaise said that the Dark Lord was coming for her. She ran and ran until she bumped into something hard.

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