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Halloween Spice by aly grace
Chapter 1 : Blacking out and punching some you-know-what hole..twice.
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Halloween has always been a bit…different, in the Potter household. Dad’s eyes never truly shine like they do every other day. My brothers and I don't really know how to react to this kind of thing, so they just brush it off and attack each other with their licorice wands. Me, on the other hand? I give Daddy more hugs and kisses than any other day of the year. Even before I knew why he was so sad on this day, October 31, I pampered him with attention.

Now, my brother’s and I finally understand. Halloween is the day everything changed for my wonderful Daddy. Sure, it’s been 42 years since then, but Halloween night always opens up that wound for Daddy. But he puts on his brave face and makes this a great day for his kids.

Like right now, Daddy is handing out candy to the little Muggle children at the door. We made sure to buy Muggle candy (their chocolate is absolutely disgusting, but whatever), Daddy and Mum dress up in costumes, and they have a great time! They used to take us out trick-or-treating when we were little, but that ship sailed away once James “accidentally” hexed some poor little boy in a black cape pretending to be the Muggle version of a Dementor. Nowadays, we go to a party at Malfoy’s house. Yes, as in Draco Malfoy. But really, it’s his son, Scorpius’s party. He and Al are best friends! Yay! (see my enthusiasm.)

For as pompous of a kid he is, I have to admit that he throws a damn good party. As much Firewhisky you can drink, music, and everyone comes. My first year at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall decided that everyone who could Apparate could go home for Halloween but must be back by classes the next morning. This opened a whole new opportunities for parties. Scorpius and Al were only 3rd years at the time, so they had 2 years to plan their “Party of all parties”. I couldn't go to the first 2, obviously. But I went when I turned 15 and got absolutely trashed. It wasn’t the first time I got drunk, but I got blacked out that night. I blame my boyfriend at the time, Ben. He and I got into a huge fight in front of everyone. He accused me of using him to make someone else jealous (me, never!). I got pissed off and punched him in the nose. Then I blacked out, but Chloe told me that he cried and when he Apparated he splinched his pinky finger. Good riddance.

The year after that wasn’t much better. I went in promising myself, and my best friends and my cousins, to only have 2 drinks, dance the night away, and hopefully get laid. Things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Al and Scorpius were graduated, so there were a shit load of people who I didn’t know. I thought this would be a great thing! More guys! But it also meant more douchebag arseholes who wanted to take advantage of young girls, meaning me. Whoppee. Once again, the night ended with me getting piss drunk and punching some guy my brother know from his Quidditch team. But this one totally deserved it! He had been groping me for hours and when I tried to push him off, he came at me stronger. A few days later, I read about the kid quitting the team because he “fell off his broom and broke his ribs and got a concussion”. But I suspect darling Al had something to do with it.

But not this year! I am strong! I am independent! And I am hopelessly in love with my brother’s best friend. This should be fun.

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