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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 6 : How It Starts
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  By dinner time Nasty Matt had already proclaimed his undying love for Jacky about nine times, broke into song every time he saw her walk by, and even attempted to kiss her on his way to dinner. The teachers saw it was a fit punishment for her and refused to give him the antidote until the next day or unless he became a danger to himself or others needless to say Jacky was very upset by this whole ordeal. Now that the four of them were sitting in the Gryffindor table did they realized that Anthony would be arriving sometime soon; Rose was anxiously waiting wondering if she looked alright and if he would still think she was beautiful or if he would change his mind and choose someone else. Alex and Al were excited about meeting Viktor Krum's son, but worried about how Scorpius would react to seeing Rose and Anthony together and if it would cause him to stay away from her. Scorpius was dreading his arrival knowing that any moment the bloke that had won her heart would be sitting next to her and holding her hand and... no he didn't want to think about the both of them together.


        The Great Hall was suddenly quiet and every head turned to what was going on and that's when she saw him standing there at the door dressed in Ravenclaw robes looking around the Hall for her and ignoring the eyes of everyone else. She called his name and he turned to where she was a smile appearing on his handsome face as he walked towards where she sat. He bent down and placed a soft kiss on her lips then sat in the empty seat to her left for a moment she had forgotten about everyone around her, she only had eyes for him.


  "Er... right then go back to your food nothing to see here." Al said and everyone went back to eating and whispering about what had just happened. Rose Weasley finally had a boyfriend who didn't run away at the sight of her friends and wasn't being chased away either. "So you must be Anthony Krum? I'm Albus Potter, this here is Alex Dursley," Al said pointing to a smiling Alex who just nodded in recognition. " and the one sitting on the other side of Rosie is Scorpius Malfoy. Welcome to Hogwarts."


   "Nice meeting you. So Rosa vant to go valk around the halls?" Asked Anthony who plainly had no interest in the three boys. Rose looked down at her plate that remained empty her heart told her to forget her food and leave but her stomach protested that it was starving and preferred to stay and eat. Her heart won. She got up and said goodbye to her friends and headed off with Krum.


    Her friends just stared after her bewildered by the fact that Rose a girl who loved to eat had left to be with her boyfriend. They decided that it was nothing that they should worry about if she was hungry she would just call Dinky later to bring her food. They ate in silence not used to eating without Rose there with them and thinking if this would be a one time thing or something they would have to get use to from now on.


   As the days passed by they found that they had less and less time to talk to Rose as she was spending every moment she could with Krum. The only time they seem to be able to talk to her was in class or during their prefect duties and sometimes in the morning as she grabbed a piece of toast before hurrying of to find Krum. Their plan to tell their parents was still in motion since that was the only thing they were able to talk about in the few moments Rose spent with them anymore. Saturday they would each separately head to The Three Broomsticks and meet each other there with their parents and force them to stay and listen to what they had to say about them not being able to be friend with Scorpius.


   Saturday morning was warm and breezy a perfect day to be out playing quiddich thought Scorpius but no there were more important things to do at the moment. He was the first  to head out to Hogsmeade to meet his dad then Al would leave after him it would Rose then finally Alex would meet them there. Even though they could have all gone together they thought it would be best if they didn't see them together so soon.




   Rose was walking towards the door when she felt a hand on her shoulder she whipped out her wand as she turned to face the person which was none other then her boyfriend.


   "Woah it's just me amor so put that wand back. Come on let's go get breakfast I'm hungry." said Krum holding his hand out for her, Rose smiled and shook her head.




   "Sorry I'm meeting the guys in Hogsmeade we have something important to do today." she said and moved in for a hug but Anthony just shrugged her off and grabbed her arm.


   "So you prefer them over me? If that's the case I think we-"


   "No! No, I want to be with you! I'm sure it won't matter if I'm late a few minutes! Please just don't end this..." She begged him. He looked at for her a moment thinking her eyes were starting to tear up with the thought of him leaving her.


    "Fine but I don't want you talking to them anymore." She was torn apart from wanting to be with her friends and wanting to stay with Anthony. How would they react to her ignoring them?


  "Not even Al? He's my cousin!" At least if she could talk to Al it wouldn't be that bad, but the glare in his eyes and the pain shoting up her arm made her change her mind. "Nevermind I won't talk to them anymore, but please just let me do this one last thing! After that I won't talk to them! Just let me meet them today and... Don't leave me." She couldn't believe she was agreeing to this but if it was the only way to stay with him she didn't care.


   "Just today go have your fun and vhen you come back," he said while holding her arm even tighter  that she thought he might leave a bruise. "You vill only be mine. Now go." He pushed her out of his way and headed up the staircase, as she made her way to The Three Broomsticks she made up her mind to never make him angry anymore after all the bruise on her arm would serve as a reminder.


   When she arrived she saw a group of people sitting down at the largest table in the pub. The adults all had their arms crossed and had a look of anger on their faces. Alex looked up and flashed an angry look at Rose as she made her way to her seat she apologized for being late and sat down as Al began talking.


  "Well as we were saying before Rose arrived twenty minutes late, we need you to listen to what we have to say and we hope you will be understanding."


  "Yeah as you know Al, Rose and I are great friends but what you don't know is that Scorpius is also our best friend he is like a brother to the three of us." Alex said turning away from Rose to face the six parents.


   "We know that when you were younger you had you differences, but Mr. Potter you were able to forgive Mr. Dursley so why can't you four set aside your differences for us? Mr. Dursley has met my dad and they got along just fine before he was told about his past." Spoke Scorpius trying to keep the anger out of his voice.


  The adults turned to look at each other for a while before the shouting began. They were screaming about how much of a git the other person was and how no Potter or Weasley would ever be friends with a Malfoy. Draco kept shouting that he changed and that they were to stupid to realize it even though he had proved himself to be a good man. Dudley just sat back looking disappointed he knew that the kids were right and that somethings should just be forgotten but he didn't comprehend why his cousin hated Malfoy and he didn't want to lose his friendship he had gained with him. Al, Alex, and Scorpius were shouting at everyone that they needed to quit being so dumb and that no matter what they decided they were still going to friends. Many shouts later Rose got fed up with it and decided she had spent too much time in the pub and if she didn't get back soon Anthony might get mad again something Rose didn't want to happen.


  "SHUT UP! Now the four of us don't care what you have to say about our friendship. If you can't put your damn differences aside don't expect us to make the same mistakes as you! What good is it to be the Golden Trio if you can't be forgiving of someone who has changed and you Mr. Dudley you shouldn't have stopped talking to Mr. Malfoy just because my parents and Uncle told you he was a bad guy! Now if you excuse me I have to go.." With that she left letting them figure out what would happen next for their sake she hoped it would work out great since it no longer made a difference in her life.


  Later that day Alex said goodbye to his friends and headed to the room of requirement to meet with Isabella. His mind was full with things that he might need to say or do to convince her that he does want the baby but he wasn’t sure if the relationship between them would work out. She was standing there wearing a baggy shirt and some shorts with her favorite blue converse she seemed to be holding herself in a protective manner. When she heard him approach she gave him a feeble smile turned back to face the ground  instead. He didn’t know what made him do it but he held her in his arms and told her it was going to be okay as she cried on his chest soaking his shirt but he didn’t care about that at the moment.


 “Hey it’s going to be ok don’t worry I’m going to be here for you and the baby. I’m terrified as well I’m not going to lie but I’m not going to run away and leave you to fend for yourself.” He reassured her.


  “What about us? We don’t love each other and you know that’s true! I don’t want my baby to grow up with just one parent or having to go back and fourth between the both of us! " She had a point he knew that they didn't love each other but splitting up wouldn't be good for the baby. 


  "Do you want this? I'm willing to try if you are if a year after he or her is born we still don't feel right about being together we'll talk about it then. Lets just get through this together. If you need anything don't be afraid of asking me." She seemed cheer up at that and hugged him back they stayed like that for a while before speaking again.


  "We need to tell our parents Alex." Damn the one thing he had been fearing since he found out she was pregnant. Her dad would kill him. His dad would disown him. Her mom well he wasn't sure what she would do but it wouldn't be pretty. "We can't wait until i'm at St. Mungos having the baby to tell them." He remained quiet thinking how his dad would be disappointed in him and it was killing him. 


 "Give me until Christmas to tell my dad, we can tell your parents whenever you want but just give me time to tell my dad please?" She looked at him in the eyes nodded then left him standing there wondering if he had just screwed up by asking her that. 


 Ehh I didn't really like this chapter but I was in a rush. I promise the next one will be better and there will be more Scorpius & Al


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Family Encounters : How It Starts


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