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Running by TimeSeer
Chapter 5 : The Trip
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 Since I do not have a date and Sophie agreed with me; we decide to sleep in on the morning of Hogsmeade. Unfortunately Rose does not agree with us.


“GET UP!” Rose screams at the top of her lungs right by my ear.


I just groan and turn over.


This bed is far too warm to get out of.


“COME ON OLIVIA! I NEED YOUR HELP!” Rose continues to screech.


I open my eyes and look around. The entire dorm is covered in clothes that were not there the night before.


I am not even sure that I could make it to the bathroom if I wanted to.


“What time is it?” I ask no one in particular. Although I say that, the only person I can see is Rose. I am not even sure our other roommates are up in the dorm.


“SEVEN O’CLOCK!” Rose screeches as she goes through the mountain of clothes by her bed.


I just stare at her horrified. We cannot even leave the castle until ten. I can sleep for at least another two hours.


Don’t look at me like that. I don’t have a date so I have no one to impress.


I just turn over in my bed and try to ignore Rose’s screeching and yelling. Suddenly something heavy lands on my bed and pushes me off the bed. I fall on my arse after squealing in horror for the fall and push my unruly hair out of my eyes. I glare up at Rose with as much venom as I can.


“I said to get up,” Rose says while smiling sweetly at me. Evil woman.


“Why do I need to be up now? I don't even have a date,” I mumble trying to get comfy on the ground because I am so lazy that I do not feel like even getting back into my bed.


“You still have to dress up! Plus I have no idea what to wear! I need help,” Rose states.


“Aren’t you going on a date with Scorpius?” I ask.


“Yes,” Rose answers.


“Then why do you have to dress up?” I question again. “It shouldn’t matter what you wear because you don’t like him anyway.”


Rose blushes and says, “I don’t like him. I just want to look good. Is that an issue?”




“Good. Now come on we have to start getting ready,” Rose states while picking me up off of the ground.


And to think, I had just gotten comfy.


We look around the room trying to figure out where to start our hunt for clothes when Rose says, “Let’s start over there.” She says this while pointing over to the corner of the dorm by the window.


We attempt to get over there but end up tripping and falling multiple times on the piles of clothes.


“How about we just start here?” I ask after we fall for the second time.


“Good idea,” Rose says.


“So what type of clothes are you looking for?” I ask as I start sorting through the clothes around where I am sitting.


“I want something comfy yet fashionable. And something that will keep me warm but not too thick. Also something colorful but not too bright,” Rose lists off while sorting through clothes as well.


I stare at her in disbelief.


“You do know that all of those contradict each other?” I ask.


“I know. I just have no idea what to wear. WHY ME?” Rose screams to the sky.


I just laugh at her melodramatic performance.


“SHUT IT! SOME OF US ACTUALLY HAVE TO SLEEP BECAUSE WE HAVE A DATE!” Morgan screeches from across the room.


“I have a date you know,” Rose answers.


“With who, the giant squid? That's the only living creature that will ever want to take you out on a date,” Morgan sneers.


Rose starts to get up with a look of murder on her face so I quickly grab her and attempt to pull her back.


“Calm down Rose,” I tell her.


“Oh and you don’t have a date either do you? You are just the new, loser girl,” Morgan sneers at me.


I turn to her and ask, “I doubt you even have a date. Who is it with?”


“Albus Potter.”


The room goes silent, partly because our other roommate is asleep.


And then we start staring at each other.


I stare at Morgan in disbelief.


Rose glares at Morgan with so much venom that even I am scared and it is not even pointed at me.


Morgan smirks at the two of us.


This happens for a few more minutes and then Sophie’s voice rings out.


“Why are you all staring at each other?”


We all turn to face her at the same time and mutter, “Nothing.”


“Now if you don’t mind, I have a date to get ready for,” Morgan says as she turns back to me and Rose.


We both just glare at her.


I turn to Rose and ask, “Is he seriously taking Morgan on a date?”


Rose nods her head.


“Why?” I ask.


“I don’t know. He just told me he was,” Rose mumbles as she looks around and I know that she is lying.


“Okay,” I say and decide not to question her about it anymore. I will just ask Al later on.


“Let’s finish getting ready,” Rose says in happy normal voice again.



The three of us, Rose, Sophie and I, walk down to the Great Hall together to grab a quick breakfast before we head off to Hogsmeade.


Rose and I take our normal seats and Sophie sits next to me.


We are there eating and making small talk for a few minutes before Al joins us.


“Hey guys,” Al says as he sits down and grabs some toast.


“Hi,” we all say back.


“Rose, James is going to be in Hogsmeade today so make sure you see him,” Al states.


Rose’s eyes go wide and she splutters, “Wh-What?”


“James is going to be in Hogsmeade to visit everyone,” Al says again while giving Rose a questioning look.


Rose just starts mumbling something that none us can hear.


“Who is James?” I ask.


“He is my older brother but only by a year,” Al answers while smiling at me.


I smile back.


And then I frown.




I am guessing this is what I had seen last night.


It looks like James is going to get to meet Scorpius today.


I turn to Sophie and ask, “Are you ready to go? I really want to see the village.”


“Yeah. Let’s go,” Sophie answers and then the two of us stand up and say our goodbyes to the other two.


As Sophie and I leave the Hall we see Morgan running in and over to Al who does not look that excited.



I have to say that this trip is not as awkward as I thought it would be. I mean, I have not really talked to Sophie much before but we have not had any awkward silences.


I think that is because we are okay with silence while Rose would freak out if there is silence when she is around someone.


So far we have gone to Honeydukes and Weasley Wizard Wheezes.


I bought so much chocolate that if I don't gain at least twenty pounds from it than there is something wrong with me. Sophie bought some cauldron cakes.


Sophie also showed me a place called Madam Puddifoot’s which is apparently where all the couples go.


I think I would barf if I ever went in there.


I would probably have to be pink to match everything else though.


Right now Sophie and I are heading to the Three Broomsticks which is apparently where all the cool people go.


Let me just say that I can tell because this place is packed.


We go and find a table in the far corner after getting some Butterbeer and sit down to have a break from walking.


I have no idea whose smart idea it was to make students have to walk to Hogsmeade but for some reason it stuck.


Sophie and I have only been sitting for a little while when Rose shows up with Scorpius and asks to sit with us. We both nod our heads and Rose sits down while Scorpius goes to get drinks.


“So how has your date been going?” I ask Rose with a smirk.


Rose glares at me but answers, “It has not been going as bad as I had predicted. Scorpius is actually being civil.”


“Scorpius?” I question her word choice.


Rose blushes but before she can answer Scorpius comes back with two Butterbeers.


“So how has your day been?” Scorpius asks me and Sophie.


“Great!” Sophie exclaims.


“I thought I was going to puke at one point,” I answer in a monotone.


Sophie snorts while the other two look at me questioningly.


“Sophie showed me Madam Puddifoot’s,” I answer their unasked question.


Rose snorts while Scorpius nods understandingly.


“How about you guys? Where have you guys gone?” I ask before taking a sip of my drink.


“We went to the Shrieking Shack and Tomes and Scrolls,” Scorpius answers. We then make some small talk while drinking our Butterbeers.


All of a sudden everyone quiets down because someone yells, “ROSE WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT SLIMY GIT!”


People create a path from the door, which is where I am assuming this person was standing before, to our table.


I look at Rose and see that she has gone pale.


I shot her a questioning look which she either ignores or did not see.


I look back up and see James Potter storming over to us and AL and Morgan following behind.


“ARE YOU GOING TO ANSWER ME?!?!?” James yells again.


I look at Rose and see that she is in no state to answer so I turn to James and ask, “What do you think she is doing?”


He turns to look at me and then asks, “Who are you?”


“Olivia Thompson.”


“So you are THE Olivia,” James says while smirking at me.


No idea what that is supposed to mean considering I just told him that was my name.


“Yes?” I ask unsure.


“I have heard so much about you from-“ James says before being cut off.


“Shouldn’t we get back to the problem at hand? Why is Rose with Malfoy?” Al questions anxiously.


No idea why he is anxious.


The four of us, Sophie, Rose, Scorpius, and I, look at each other trying to come up with an excuse because we do not really want Scorpius to die.


“Um, I am on a date with him?” I say except it sounds more like a question.


Everything looks at me strangely.


“I thought you said you did not have a date.” Al mentions.


I shrug helplessly.


It was worth a shot.


“Um it is a double date?” I say again even though it still sounds like a question.


“So you are telling me that Rose is on a date with Sophie,” James asks.


Morgan mumbles something that sounds like, “Not surprising.”


We all glare at Morgan for a few seconds before getting back to the topic at hand.


“No, not like that. It is just four people randomly sitting at a table.” I say more confidently this time.


James and Al still look unconvinced but something catches my eye which makes my eyes widen.


“Rose, are you on a date with Malfoy?” James asks.


I see a glance of something I have not seen in nine years.


Rose just stares at James and mumbles a yes.


I just saw my sister’s hair.


James punches Scorpius in the face.



Author's Note: NEW CHAPTER! YAY! This wait wasn't that long was it? Anyway lots of drama throughout the chapter! How exciting!

Please review! Thanks!

Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize.

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