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Royal Patience by heartjily4ever
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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amazing chapter image by the hanged man @ TDA


SuperMegaFoxyCord6:  Sooo what are we supposed to do now?

SexyBeastAl16 : Chat I think.

SuperMegaFoxyCord6 : Why did we have to log on to a computer to chat?

EagleCar123 : Because this way we don't make noise and we get to learn how to use a computer if we didn't already.

SexyBeastAl16: Err who is this sorry?

(Aww he is so polite)

EagleCar123: Carson Edgar.

SuperMegaFoxyCord6 : Oh wow Carson it's been ages. How are you?

EagleCar123: Yeah sure has, I'm good.

SexyBeastAl16 : Sorry to break up this little girl chat but I still don't really know who you are sorry.

EagleCar123 : Ravenclaw in your year.

SuperMegaFoxyCord6 : Blonde hair, blue eyes, Keeper on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team?

SexyBeastAl16: Wave at me.

SexyBeastAl16: Oh yeah sorry I do know who you are, I just wasn't sure of your name.

EagleCar123: It's fine.

EagleCar123 : Nice names by the way.

"Okay guys the bell is away to go so everyone please log off and shut down your laptops," shouts Professor Cole. We slam the lids down and pass them into a corner. Picking up our bags, me and Albus head towards the door.

"Cordelia! Wait!"

It's Carson. She runs towards us, skidding to a stop in front of me.  I wait for her to catch her breath before she begins.

"We should catch up sometime," she begins.

"Yeah that would be great."

She smiles up at me, she is such a small person. "Cool."

She turns to Albus and says," Nice to meet you Albus." She smiles shyly before walking slowly down the corridor, her short blonde hair bouncing as she goes. Was Albus staring at her as she walked away?

"Hey Al, what class do you have now," I ask, resisting the urge to click my fingers in front of his face. God, now I am  kind of annoyed with Carter. And she didn't even do anything. It really sucks being in love with such an amazing, beautiful guy, you know. And knowing pretty girls can sometimes suck as well.

"Oh, I have Double Potions."

I grin up at him, "Same." We make our way down into the musty dungeons, and stop outside our classroom.

"Hey Cord," I hear a sly voice say from beside me. "How was your class, with.....Al? You had a class with him. Were you sitting beside him?"

It was Rose, with her hair flying everywhere and her multiple books spilling out of her arms, a big sneaky grin plastered over her freckled face. She was so crazy sometimes, moving between prude and crafty freak at the blink of an eye.  She could notice things that no-one else saw, especially with her perfect vision and she noticed small facial expressions that gave away any pain or love you were feeling. She was the best to go to with your thoughts, probably because she didn't get bored halfway through your rants. But she also had the most annoying photographic memory, which meant that she would be sure to mention this to Chelsea later.

I turned around to check Albus hadn't heard, but he was off talking to his Quidditch pals.

"Yes Rose," I begin and an excited look appears on her face as she darts around me, glancing for Chelsea, I assume.

"Is there anything you wanna tell me Cord?" A smirk grows on her face, and I have to make a retort back at her, just because it will wipe it off.  And I know it's not a very friend like thing to do, but Rose hardly cares, she does it often enough to us.

"Is there anything you wanna say? Something about you and Scorpius and a broom cupboard perhaps?" It was a good choice, because it caused the smile to plop down onto the floor. Rose hates when we say things like this about Scorpius and her, because she stubbornly refuses to realise he likes her and refuses to admit she likes him, which is stupid really. But it's a good choice to infuriate her, and you need that option a lot when you are dealing with Rose.

"Shut up Cordelia, that's not true," she stutters, a flaming red blush creeping up her neck and making her way up to cover her whole face. She claims she never does this but, since she can't see it, how the hell does she know?

Suddenly her face lights up and the evil smirk returns, whilst she stares behind my head.

"Hey Chelsea, guess what!" she half - shouts, whilst my face drops when I realise what evil she is planning. She just flips her ginger hair behind her and waves at Chelsea, who is approaching behind me. Rose is the head of evil, truly. The head of the evil ginger company. With Fred as second in command.

"Rose if you dare-" I mutter through my teeth, but she just stuffs her hand over my mouth and continues.

"Rose sat beside Albus in a class and will be for the rest of the year!"

Chelsea rushes up to me just as I yank Roses hand off my mouth. She is bouncy and giggly and dancing around. Rose is so going to pay for this.

"Really. Oh that's so great Cord!......."

Chelsea continues like this for a while, whilst Rose slowly backs behind Chelsea as my face narrows and focuses on hers. Luckily for Rose, Professor Hinson called us all in at that moment, so I couldn't attack her.  Rose tries to drag us to a table at the front, but there is no way in hell me and Chelsea are going to sit there, so we compromise with the middle. As the other students take their places, no-one has yet taken the spare seat beside Rose. Suddenly Scorpius slides into the room, before Professor Hinson can shut the door. I quickly look around and notice that Albus's table is all full and at that moment my plan for revenge just suddenly appears in my mind. Looking back at Scorpius I manage to catch his eye and I motion to the seat beside Rose as I feel the a big sneaky grin appear on my face. He looks towards Rose and smiles and heads towards us, winking at me and mouthing "Thank You". He gets to almost beside Rose when she looks up from her massive pile of notes and notices him. She turns to me pointing and doing fish impressions when he slides in beside her, flashing her a grin and saying "Hey Rosie." Now since Rose is such a cow to only her friends, she can't complain about the injustice of my revenge. Because now Scorpius has to sit beside Rose for the rest of the year. Yay!

Sometimes I think I should be crowned Queen. Because I would just kick all the evil guys butts with my awesome revenges.  Instead of my cousins. Or is it second cousins? Whatever they are. I should be Queen instead of them.

I smirk at Chelsea and she high fives me under the table.  We have been planning to get the two of them together since, I don't know, 4th year? Wow has it been that long? Well Scorp has liked her that long. We just have to prove Rose likes him back.

Professor Hinson starts to babble on about different potions but I'm not really listening. I'm watching Scorpius and Rose. Every few seconds he shifts in his seat slightly, so that each time he is slightly closer to Rose. To others it might seem creepy but to me it seems romantic. I start to doodle a picture of Rose and Scorpius holding hands, with little chubby faces and mad hair, when I smell the most amazing thing ever.

Looking up I see that Hinson has placed 3 small cauldrons on a desk at the start and that everyone else is standing up, after he had obviously asked them to. He was staring down at me with a small frown, his arms crossed. Blushing I drop my textbook and parchment and join the others around his desk.

I am immediately drawn to the third cauldron, which has a mother of pearl  sheen to it and smoke rising out of it, in small spirals, that float up to the ceiling curling this way and that. I step around Scorpius and go beside Chelsea who is right in front of the cauldron. We step closer to it, with all the other girls and smell the spirals. I can smell the fresh print when you get a new magazine, the smell of freshly baked pancakes, and surprisingly lemons for some reason. The cauldron top is slammed down and we jump backwards, looking up into Hinson's knowing smirk. Chelsea and I step back with Rose, who seemed to have been unaffected by the potion.

"Right can anyone tell me what these potions are," barks Hinson, gesturing around at the three cauldrons. Unsurprisingly Rose's hand burst into the air.

"Yes my dear," sighs Hinson who had probably been hoping for someone other than Rose.

"This one is Veritaserum," she starts, pointing to the first cauldron which had a clear and colourless liquid in it, " That's Polyjuice Potion," she continues, referring to the bubbling liquid in the second cauldron," And the last one is Amortentia."

"Very good," nods Hinson, taking his place behind his table, "20 points to Gryffindor."

Rose swells with pride, like she does almost every time she gets points. You would have thought she would have been used to it by now, being the over the top genius she is, but she seems to have too much Gryffindor pride. I mean, I have pride and protect the Gryffindor with all my heart, but getting 20 points isn't that amazing. Although the reason Gryffindor has won for almost 6 years in a row is probably from all the points Rose adds up over the year. I notice Scorpius smiling fondly at Rose and when he looks over I wink at him, causing him to blush, something I thought I would never see.

"So yes Veritaserum, the truth potion. It's a .... blah blah blah "

So okay, I stop listening. But you know I could just ask Rose about it. So instead I stare at Albus's hair, the way the light hits it and the shine. He must use an excellent conditioner. Actually do guys use conditioner? I really should ask someone that. Preferably a guy. You can't always trust Chelsea with delicate things like this.

Suddenly I get a sharp jab in the face and turn to see Rose gesturing to the front.  Professor Hinson is raising eyebrows at me, tapping his foot. Damn, he must have asked me a question.

"Err....What?" I ask, really rather stupidly whilst Rose rolls her eyes and the rest of the class laugh at my cleverness, cough.

He frowns and says sternly, " I said, Miss Walston, what does Veritaserum smell like to you?"

I lean forward towards the strange colourless liquid.

"I can't smell anything!" I exclaim, frowning. That was probably something stupid. Or no what if my nose has stopped working?

Oh My God has something gone wrong with my nose.

Oh, no Professor Hinson just said, whilst I wasn't really listening to in panic about my nose, that I was right and Veritaserum is an odourless liquid.


I was right for once .

Professor Hinson doesn't pick on me again, but I can feel him sending evil glares for the rest of the lesson. He drones on about the different and I almost miss him saying the potion we are making, The Draught of Living Peace. 

I basically copy Rose's every move, no matter how much she tries to hide her work. My work actually turns out okay, and I'm almost as surprised as Professor Hinson is when he comes around, looking at the potions.

Rose and Chelsea hurry out, ditching me. Probably talking about something stupid and secret. I swing my books into my bag and step out of the door. Chelsea and Rose are whispering up the hall, not looking at anyone.  I begin to make my way towards them when Scorpius steps in front of me.

"Hey Cord," he begins, twiddling his thumbs and grinning, " Thank you, for earlier, by the way. I don't think I have many classes with her, and being a Slytherin I don't see her that often."

"It's fine I get it Scorpius. We are all rooting for you," I say, ruffling his hair and stepping towards the others. I see Rose eyeing me and Scorpius, but when she sees me coming towards her she switched into a smiley, un Rose like grin. Something definitely wrong here.

"Let's go to lunch guys, I'm starving,"" I say and we head up to the Great Hall.

"So Rosie, did you have fun with Scorpius today," says Chelsea, slyly grinning sideways at me.

"Mmmm, I want to talk about that later Cordy," Rose starts, pursing her lips like my mum, "But did you guys see Professor Hinson today? Cute as ever!"

So here it goes again. Professor Hinson joined two years ago, and was and still is the youngest teacher here. Quite a lot of the girls  thought he was really cute, and I guess I can see the appeal, but he isn't cute to me. But apparently to Rose he is and we have this question after almost every class. Yes Rose, we have seen the teacher like every lesson, and no I don't think he is cute, same as every time you ask.

Just then I hear a strange snarky voice coming from behind us saying, " He's like 20 something. Way too old for stupid 6th years." and my shoulder is jolted as Scorpius storms past, through the doors to the Great Hall.

"Wonder what was up with him," Rose asks stupidly, gazing after him.


Okay hope you guys likey :) Enjoy and I hope you like the Rose/Scorpius stuff. There will be more, and some more Alus/Cordelia actoin. Yay.  

I had to write down Cordelia's timetable on Word, because I couldn't figure out what to put. Took me ages to figure it all out, but now I should be able to do all the classes better :D

I hope I can update soon :D

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